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					AGFC Lesson Plans (Alphabetical) 
166 Lesson Plans                             Elk Communication (Ponca)
Adopt an Acre (Crooked Creek)                Erosion – Where’s the Bank? (ARVNC)
Air Rifling (Crooked Creek)                  Eyes on the Skies (WSJCANC)
American Alligator, The (DRNC)               Fallen Log, The (Cook’s Lake)
Amphibian Amigos (CRNC)                      Feathers and Nests (Crooked Creek)
Anatomy of an Elk - elementary (Ponca)       Field and Forests Trail (ARVNC)
Aquatic Forensics (Grandview)                Fill the Bill (Cook’s Lake/)
Archery (Crooked Creek) (ARVNC)              Fire in the Landscape (ARVNC)
Arkansas Black Bear (Crooked Creek)          Fish Biology (WSJCANC)
Arkansas Mammals (WSJCANC) (CRNC)            Fishing (Crooked Creek)
(ARVNC)                                      Fishing 101 (WSJCANC) (ARVNC) (CRNC)
Arkansas’ Owls/ (Crooked Creek)              Flint Knapping (DRNC)
Backyard Birding (ARVNC) (CRNC)              Fossils - Digging in the Dirt (ARVNC)
Barn Owls (Cook’s Lake)                      Frog Philharmonic (Crooked Creek)
Bats of the Ozarks (Crooked Creek)           Frog Philharmonic (Crooked Creek)
Beaks ‘n’ Seeds (Crooked Creek)              Froggy Friends (Cook’s Lake)
Beaver Creek Trail (ARVNC)                   Frogs Jump, Toads Hop, Salamanders Crawl!
Beavers and Their “Kin” (Crooked Creek)      (DRNC)
Birding (Cook’s Lake)                        Geocaching (Crooked Creek)
Birds Beak (ARVNC)                           Go Fish! (DRNC)
Birds of Prey (DRNC) (CRNC)                  GPS Basics (Cook’s Lake)
Birds of the Prairie (Grandview)             Grandpa Tree (Crooked Creek)
Black Bears (WSJCANC) (ARVNC)                Grandview at a Glance (Grandview)
Blackland Biography (Grandview)              Habitat Cache with Compass (Crooked Creek)
Blending In (ARVNC)                          Habitat for Me, A Habitat for Elk, A (Ponca) 
Call of the Wild (WSJCANC)                   Habitats Trail (CRNC)
Canoeing and Kayaking (Crooked Creek)        Herptiles (Cook’s Lake)
Central Arkansas Fish (WSJCANC)              Hiking for Habitat (Crooked Creek)
Come High Water (Crooked Creek)              Hook, Line, and Sinker (Grandview)
Comeback Specials (WSJCANC)                  How Animals Prepare for Winter (DRNC)
Compass and Map Reading (Cook’s Lake)        How Hunting Helps (WSJCANC)
Conservation Careers (WSJCANC)               How Many Elk? (Ponca)
Critter Crunch (ARVNC)                       Imperative Riparian Zones (Crooked Creek)
Crooked Creek Chemistry (Crooked Creek)      Incredible Journey, The (Cook’s Lake)
Crooked Creek’s Turtles (Crooked Creek)      Insect Investigations (ARVNC)
Crowley’s Ridge Film (CRNC)                  Insect Olympics (Crooked Creek)
Danger Zone, The (Grandview)                 Introduction to Canoes and Kayaks (ARVNC)
Day in the Life of a Predator, A (ARVNC)     Invasive Species (WSJCANC)
Deer Aging (WSJCANC)                         Kickin’-n-Pickin’ (Crooked Creek)
Deer Biology (WSJCANC)                       Leaf it to Me (Cook’s Lake)
Deer Management (WSJCANC)                    Let’s Make Elk Tracks (Ponca)
Digital Nature Photography (Crooked Creek)   Let’s Take a Ride (Grandview)
Ecology 101 (ARVNC)                          Litter Critters (Cook’s Lake) (Crooked Creek)
Elk Anatomy (Ponca)                          Making Tracks (Crooked Creek)
Elk Communication – elementary (Ponca)       Mapping Crooked Creek (Crooked Creek)

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AGFC Lesson Plans (Alphabetical) 
Microcritters (Crooked Creek)                    Snorkeling (Crooked Creek)
Misunderstood Bat, The (Cook’s Lake)             Soils – A Dirty Business, But Someone Has To
Native Plants (ARVNC)                            Do It (Cook’s Lake)
Nature Hiking (Crooked Creek)                    Target Tactics (Grandview)
Nature Mapping (Crooked Creek)                   Things That (Don’t) Go Bump in the Night
Nature Scavenger Hunt (Crooked Creek)            (DRNC)
Nature Trails (DRNC)                             Treasure Trekking (Crooked Creek)
No Bugs About It (DRNC)                          Tree Investigations (ARVNC)
Oh, Elk! (Ponca)                                 Tree’s Life, A (PLT) (Crooked Creek)
Oh, Opossums! (DRNC)                             Trees and Keys (Cook’s Lake)
Outdoor Dangers (Crooked Creek)                  Trees of Arkansas – Identification (Crooked
Outdoor Photography (DRNC)                       Creek)
Outdoor Safety (WSJCANC)                         Under the Surface (Crooked Creek)
Owl Puke (CRNC)                                  Un-Nature Trail and Birds and Worms (Crooked
Ozarks and Ouachitas – the Changing              Creek)
Mountains (ARVNC)                                Watchable Wildlife (ARVNC)
PEEC Scavenger Hunt – elementary (Ponca)         Water Off a Duck’s Back (Crooked Creek)
PEEC Scavenger Hunt - older students (Ponca)     Water Play – (Cook’s Lake)
PEEC Sound Off (Ponca)                           Watershed – A Stream Table Model (Crooked
PEEC Wildflower Habitat (Ponca)                  Creek)
Pick a Wildflower (Crooked Creek)                Watershed (Cook’s Lake)
Piscine Populations (WSJCANC)                    We’re All Downstream (Crooked Creek)
Predator, Prey and the Food Chain (Cook’s        Web of Life, The (Crooked Creek)
Lake)                                            Wells Lake Trail (ARVNC)
Reading the Outdoors (Crooked Creek)             What is Soil? (Crooked Creek)
Regions of Diversity (ARVNC)                     What’s in the Lake? (ARVNC)
Regulations and Ethics (WSJCANC)                 What’s in the Water? (ARVNC)
Say it with Scents (Crooked Creek)               Which Animal Goes There? (ARVNC)
Scaly Critters (Crooked Creek)                   Which Tree Am I (Crooked Creek)
Scat and Tracks (CRNC) (ARVNC)                   White-tailed Deer – Aging and Scoring
Scavenger Hunt (Cook’s Lake)                     (Crooked Creek)
Scientific Fish and Wildlife Management 101      White-tailed Deer in Arkansas (Crooked Creek)
(WSJCANC)                                        Who Eats Whom (Cook’s Lake)
Seldom Seen Criters of Cook’s Lake (Cook’s       Who’s There (Cook’s Lake)
Lake)                                            Wiggle Worms (Crooked Creek)
Signs of Wildlife (ARVNC)                        Wild Turkey (WSJCANC)
Skins, Skulls, Tracks and Scat (Crooked Creek)   Wildflowers of the Prairie (Grandview)
Skullduggery (Cook’s Lake)                       Wildlife Management (ARVNC)
Skullduggery (mastodon) (Cook’s Lake)            Wings over Arkansas - 4 – 12 (Crooked Creek)
Slithering Snakes (DRNC) (ARVNC)                 Wings over Arkansas - Pre K-3 (Crooked
Slithery, Scaly, Reptiles (CRNC) (ARVNC)         Creek)
(DRNC)                                           Wings over Arkansas - Pre K-3 (Crooked
Snake-ology (Cook’s Lake)                        Creek)
Sneak Peek at Game and Fish, A (Crooked          Winter Botany (Crooked Creek)
Creek) (Grandview)                                

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