Social Media Marketing – Guidelines for newbies

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					Social Media Marketing – Guidelines for beginners for the first 4 weeks

Online marketing requires you to work in a wide range of portals. Besides Search Engine
Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), you should take care of Social
Media side. This is an important channel which will support your Search Engine
Optimization also. However, there are many ways to work on Social Media Marketing
such as blogging, social networking, ect. As a newbie to this area, you may find confused
about which methods are the best for you. Here are some steps you should do.

Blogging maintains your network

If you find yourself comfortable with blogging, you should go for it. This is the best way
to have people getting along with you for a long time. Make sure your blog will direct
readers to your website. The bottom line is to get more traffic. If you can create a blog on
your website, this must be the best way to take advantage of blogging effects.

Social bookmarking your blog!

If you creating a blog already, never leave it standing alone there without popularizing it.
The best way must be social bookmarking. or are some popular
example for you. Remember to get followers from those sites to magnify the impact.

Social networking – How to be popular

If your blog is ready with quality content, you should not forget to popularize it with your
Facebook fan page and twitter. People love informative and interesting content. You may
want to update your blog on both Facebook and Twitter to increase fans and followers.
Sometimes, some good offers and funny news or videos should be shared to be active in
those platforms. Joining groups of those platforms to share is another way. You should
take advantage of any function to increase the results.

Commenting on forums is never outdated!

Joining your business related forums will increase the chance to getting more traffic into
your site. The first thing you may want to work in details is your profile. You may want
to put your link inside signature or any option such as website info. Try to comment
everyday or every 2 days for on at least 3 forums. Whenever you comment, your link is
there in your signature.

These are very basic steps for newbies to start their Social Media Marketing. Let’s try
them in your first 4 weeks of Social Media Marketing and see how it works! For more
tips about Online Marketing, visit our blog!

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