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                                                     Currents                                                   June–July 2010

Are You Satisfied with Your co-op?
By Silvia Conger

                           o help us better
                     we mailed 1,029
                     surveys to randomly
                     selected member-
                     owner households
                     in October and
November of 2009. The response rate of
43% was significantly higher than the
national average of co-ops conducting
this type of survey. Your generous response
ensures a high rate of accuracy.
The following includes a synopsis of the
final, sixty-one page report.

Who Responded?
                                              While satisfaction was high with regard      their primary grocery store. This contrasts
To pare down a more diverse picture,          to Product Quality/Freshness (83%) and       greatly with the national survey database
here’s a basic demographic characteristics    Availability of Natural/Organic Foods        showing 35% of respondents spending the
list of the majority of respondents: female   (92%), we were rated relatively poorly       majority of their grocery dollars at their
(84%); age fifty-five and above (53%); at     with regard to meeting needs on Prices       particular co-op.
least a four-year college degree (70%+);      (32%).
live more than five miles from the co-op                                                                             Satisfication, to page 7
(56%); been members more than five            Member-owners report high satisfaction
years (58%); household income over            with the information they deem
$50,000 (75%+); and no children in the        important that the co-op delivers              Important Dates
household (60%).                              including store specials, locally produced
                                              products, the environment, and health
                                                                                             All month ...... 10% off bulk sale!
Are You Satisfied?                            and nutrition.
                                                                                             12 ................ Stillwater Farmers' Market
“Overall satisfaction,” at 88%, is high.                                                                          begins
                                              Do Your Shopping Patterns                      21–27 .......... Anniversary sales
Sixty-one percent said the co-op is           Reflect Your Satisfaction?
“meeting needs” either “well” or “very                                                       27 ................ Anniversary celebration/fire
                                              For most survey respondents the co-op is                            muster
well.” Eighty-nine percent said it was
                                              their secondary grocery store. Our main        July
likely they “Would Recommend River
                                              competitor is Cub Foods, the primary           6 .................. Summer Tuesday begins
Market Community Co-op to a Friend or
                                              grocery store of thirty-nine percent.          7 .................. Wellness Wednesday
                                              Fourteen percent view River Market as          17 ............... boomsite cleanup
June–July 2010                                                            2                                                        River Market

                                                     Tenth Anniversary at our
                                                     current location

                                                          une 21 is River Market’s tenth

             Currents                                     anniversary in our current
                                                          downtown location! It’s hard to
                 Mead Stone                          believe that it’s been that long since
               General Manager                       we were in the building on Williams
                                                     Street. To celebrate, we’re having a
              Andre Bessette                         week of special sales from Monday,
         Marketing and Membership
                      June 21 through Sunday, June 27.

            For change of address                    Then to cap off the celebration we are
      or to inquire about membership                 having a fire muster on Sunday, June
             Call 651-689-0125                       27. Don’t know what a fire muster is?
                                                     That’s alright, neither did we but it
     River Market Community Co-op
              221 N. Main St.                        sure sounds fun. It’s an event involving        More information will be posted in
           Stillwater, MN 55082                      fire trucks (both older and newer) and          the store and on our website as the
   For employment information visit our                                                              date gets closer. Look for specifics on
   website or check postings on our entry
                                                     will be held in Lowell Park. There
    doors. Equal Opportunity Employer                will be plenty of activities for kids           the anniversary sales as well, each day
                                                     and adults, demonstrations of various           of the week different items will be on
    All River Market Members are welcome to
     attend monthly board meetings. Meetings         functions of the fire trucks and much           sale. Thanks for helping us have fun
   are generally held the fourth Tuesday of each
                                                     more.                                           celebrating ten years in our present
      month from 6:30–8:30 p.m. in the River
    Market Loft space across Main Street. The                                                        location!
    Board of Directors welcome members at the

             River Market
           Board of Directors
          Matthew E. Ludt, President
                                                   Moonflower bags
          EvaLee Miller, Vice President
        651-439-0241 • 651-491-2289 cell           “It all started two years ago with a pair of my
                  jeans.” This is what Renee Lindquist, a yoga
              Barb Miller, Secretary               instructor, will tell you if you ask how she
             and Sue Hedin started their current business.
             Karl Diekman, Treasurer               Sue is a fabric artist who recently relocated
                  651-430-8182                     from her home studio to one she shares with
                                                   Renee in the Staples Mills building.
                 Dave Browne
     651-430-1979 •            Together they use quality, reclaimed
                Silvia Conger                      materials to make one-of-a-kind shopping
    651-275-1474 •
                                                   bags and slouches that somehow manage
                Jeanne Hamlin
                 612-616-6861                      to be hip, sophisticated and elegant all at

                                                   once. Together they hunt for fabric and
                  Chris Kohtz                      other materials, design the bags and Sue sews
       651-770-6792 •
               Maura Shuttleworth
                                                   them with expertise. The finished product
                   612-803-3481                    is something you would find at a high-end
                                                   boutique, and we’re excited to be carrying
                                                   them at our store. Buying these bags supports
                                                   two local artists and recycling, all at once!
River Market                                                          3	                                                  June–July 2010

investing in our co-op
By Mead Stone

                        n January, River
                        Market bought a
                        new (refurbished)
                    produce wet case.
                    This was the single
                    largest investment in
                    equipment we have
                    made since I’ve been
here and probably since we opened in the
Maple Island location 10 years ago this
coming June 21st. This was a pretty big
event for us. Then, after what seemed like
an excruciatingly long wait (a few weeks),
we got the racks for the case. The produce
stays fresher and the sprinklers seem to
keep the product moister—especially            most co-ops; indeed, we typically turn our      a local business, supporting your
on the top shelf—the light is brighter,        inventory (in dollars) more than twice a        community, and providing an alternative
and the product “pops”. Oh, and for last       week. That means our product is fresher,        form of business in which the residents
quarter, January through March, produce        and when our produce is local we also           of our community can freely chose to
sales were up 13.4%—the increase in sales      avoid a 1,500-mile trip across the country      get involved. Unlike most corporate
about twice the case cost. I think that was    transporting produce grown in other areas.      stockholders, you are member-owners
a good investment.                             Think of consuming all of your produce          who use the product you’ve invested in
                                               at home twice a week and realize that this      and democratically elect your board of
But this particular investment goes
                                               means fresher product for you and your          directors. Think about that: You can run
further. We are approaching the peak of
                                               friends and families.                           for our board!
our local produce season. If our produce
sales go up, sales by local farmers to us      In another direction, River Market              July 1st marks my 7th anniversary of
also increase. Their local purchases at        recently started a small scale, trial program   working for you. There’s a theory that
other St. Croix Valley businesses increase     of delivering River Market products to          says all of my body’s cells will have been
and help to sustain our community, in          the St. Croix Preparatory Academy in            replaced over that seven-year period.
turn helping River Market to continue          Bayport. I doubt if we will show the kind       (Maybe that explains a slight itchiness?)
to grow and play an ever-expanding role        of economic return at SCPA that we see          Many things have changed, but what I
in our local economy. Programs like Buy        with the new produce case, but here we’re       think has maintained over more than
Fresh Buy Local and Eat Local America          dealing with a different kind of return.        32 years is the role River Market (and
play important roles in helping all of us to   SCPA was willing to offer their students a      Valley Co-op) continues to play for you:
become more aware of the true benefits         “healthy alternative” in their cafeteria and    a source of healthy, nutritious food in our
of locally grown and produced products.        that is extremely important to us at River      community.
Now nearly half of River Market’s vendors      Market. If we can offer kids good food
                                                                                               As always, thank you for being both
are local. Our recent Health Fair gave         early and teach them to make healthy
                                                                                               supportive of our work and being such
you a chance to meet over 20 local             choices about their eating, that's another
                                                                                               fantastic people! Writing as an owner-
practitioners and vendors right in our         kind of strengthening of our community.
                                                                                               member, it’s a meaningful treat to shop at
                                               I hope you can see the relationship             River Market Community Co-op, where
Our produce department recently won            between your $80 investment in River            cheerful, energetic, and knowledgeable
an award for being one of the most             Market shares to create a better grocery        employees just might know your name
outstanding produce departments in all         store and positively influencing your           and enjoy both their work and talking
of the National Cooperative Grocers            community. While a member-owner can             with you. Some years ago another general
Association, made up of more than 100          save money through ownership in your            manager told me that co-ops are really in
cooperatives around the country. We            co-op, the “deal” is not entirely about         the business of relationships—now isn’t
“turn” our product more frequently than        money. It is very much about supporting         that true!
June–July 2010                                                       4                                                    River Market

news & notes
June bulk Sale
Everything in our bulk department
(excluding pre-bagged items) is 10% off
during the whole month of June. Our
member survey conducted at the end of
last year confirmed that our large, fresh
bulk department helps set us apart from
other grocery stores. This is a great chance
to stock up on summer spices.

Farmers’ Market
                   The Stillwater
                   Farmers’ Market begins                                                   re-arrange the bulk department as well.
                   on Saturday, June 12.                                                    The coffee has moved the end cap where
                   River Market will be                                                     the dried fruit was before. The dried
                   there again this year                                                    fruit is moving into the bins beneath
                   selling cheese. The                                                      the granolas. We are in the process of
                   Market is Saturdays                                                      converting the bottom row of bins to
from 7:30 am until noon, through                                                            items that are pre-bagged.
                                               co-op changes                                Stillwater Gardens Tour
Summer Tuesdays
                                               The conversion to our new front-end          Interested in seeing gardens grown by your
Every Tuesday evening from July 6              register system is moving along smoothly.    fellow co-op shoppers, or having people
through August 17 there is food, music         Thank you for your extra patience as we      tour your garden? We are organizing a tour
and movies in Lowell Park. River Market        continue to familiarize ourselves with the   of local gardens for Saturday, August 14. If
has been involved for many years, and          changes. Also, we apologize to some of       you are interested in opening your garden
will be again this year. We are proud to be    our newer member-owners whose member         up for viewing for a day, please email Ola
sponsoring the final night on August 17,       accounts took longer than usual to create.   at
which has a local theme.
                                               Thank you for your patience while we
                                                                                            boomsite cleanup Day
                                                                                            On Saturday, July 17 from 1 pm – 3pm we
                                                                                            are asking for volunteers to help us clean
                                                                                            up the boomsite along the river, just north
                                                                                            of the store. More information along with
                                                                                            a signup sheet will be at the customer
                                                                                            service desk in July.

                                                                                            Plastic #5 Recycling
                                                                                            We are accepting clean #5 plastic
                                                                                            containers to be recycled, but not lids
                                                                                            unless the lid itself is labeled as a #5.
                                                                                            Please bring them from 10 am – 5 pm on
                                                                                            Tuesdays and Saturdays.

                                                                                            Summer Hours
                                                                                            This is a reminder of our new hours for
                                                                                            summer: Monday through Friday 8 a.m.–9
                                                                                            p.m., Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m.–8 p.m.
River Market                                                        5	                                                June–July 2010

  New members
                                                GM Specials
  Sarah & Joel          Wendy Schultz           Preserve your picnic with PReseRve
  Jaycocks/Boblit       Joanne & Tom            RecycleD Plastic taBlewaRe
  Sue Kennedy           Kennedy
                                                This BPA-free, melamine-free tableware
  Antonious &           Laura & Scott
  Carolyn Theunissen    Shikawsky               is perfect for casual family meals or
  Mary Hauf             Holly & Lee Boyer/      outdoor dining. It is designed for ease
  Ron Lawrenz           Valsvik                 of use, shaped and weighted for stability
  Lacey & Will          Stephen & Heide         and resistance to spills.
  Mayavski              Parent
  Kimberly Pavek        Jean Hulbert            Sets of 4:
  George Gregory        Sandra Lutz             Plates – Sale $4.99, reg. $7.99             July:
  Eilers                Sally & Jeff Colwell/   Bowls – Sale $4.99, reg. $7.99
                                                                                            siP 2 Go, By Hues & BRews
  Eileen & Robert       Janacek                 Cups – Sale $4.99, reg. $7.99
  Weber                 Diane Iten              Cutlery (8 forks, knives & spoons):         These BPA-free plastic 16 oz. sip cups
  Kat & Spike           Sarah & Greg            Sale $4.99, reg. $6.49                      are perfect for taking an iced tea (or
  Carlsen               Hogan                                                               your favorite beverage) on the go.
  Julia & Kevin Kipka   Amy & Ryan Miller
                                                June MeMBeR sPecials:                       Decorated: Sale $8.99, reg. $12.95
  Kathleen & Tom        Tami & Eric
  Elbert                Swenson                 PRoDuce                                     Plain: Sale $7.89, reg. $10.25
  Rachel & Michael      Julie & Dean
                                                Bananas—79¢ / lb
  Squires               Newville                Celery—25¢ off each
  Jay & Carol           Linda Rasch             Bulk                                        July MeMBeR sPecials:
  Krafthefer            Cheryl & Scott          Roasted/salted almonds                      PRoDuce
  Gary & Nancy          Hale                    25¢ off / lb                                Local zucchini—25¢ off / lb
  Swanson               Jean Schalk             Regular rolled oats                         Bananas—79¢ off / lb
  St. Croix             Kirsten & Tracy         25¢ off / lb                                Bulk
                        Skoglund/Jones          GRoceRy                                     Great Harvest granola
                        Amy & David             Hope Butter                                 25¢ off / lb
  Rob & Kathy           Krattley
  Jorgensen                                     salted & unsalted (conventional only)       Brown flax seed
                        Donna & Hugh            50¢ off                                     25¢ off / lb
  Anne & Joel           Schoberg/Fitzgerald
  Hansen                                        June BuyeR’s sPecials:                      GRoceRy
                        Jack & Alna
  Dawn & Roger                                  Deli                                        Hope Butter
                                                Applegate sliced-to-order deli meats        salted & unsalted (conventional only)
                        Sue Macloud
  Kristin Stenborg                              50¢ off / lb                                50¢ off
                        Benjamin &
  Denise & Neil         Morgan Deneen/          HBc                                         July BuyeR’s sPecials
  Hauger                Lifto                   Select Nordic products                      Deli
  Jean & Jeff
                        Julie & Jason Reed/     15% off                                     Applegate hot dogs & sausages
                        Richter                 Eclectic Institute                          50¢ off / pack
  Brandie & Nathan
  Hart                                          25% off Line Drive
June–July 2010                                                                 6                                                              River Market

upcoming classes at River Market
The classes are held at the Loft,      The last Stress-Management              format (with photos!) to reveal the       Kombucha 101 – How to Make
unless otherwise specified. The        class You Will ever need                relationships and impact we can           the Divine Tea
Loft is located at 218 North Main                                              have with Fair Trade, indigenous
                                       Tuesday, June 8th, 7-9pm                                                          Wednesday, June 23rd, 7-8:30pm
Street, on the second floor above                                              peoples from around the world
Images of the Past and Present,        Increasingly so, research elucidates    and our local buying power. Please        Fermented foods have been used
directly across Main St. from River    why in response to stress, our          bring your questions to learn first-      for thousands of years to bring good
Market. Entrance is located on the     problem-solving ability goes down,      hand how you can make a global            health to those that use them.
south side of the building. The Loft   our memory is worse, and we             change. Fair Trade refreshments will      This class offers tastes of many
has a room capacity of 21 people.      have challenges with emotionally        be served. A Free Class!                  different variations of kombucha
Parking is not allowed in the space    calming down. This presentation                                                   and instructions on how to
next to the building, please use       is designed to effectively instruct     cloth Diapering class                     make it. Kombucha starters and
street parking or the River Market     the attendees with understanding,                                                 Kombucha Divine will be available
                                                                               Thursday, June 17th, 7-8pm
parking lot.                           awareness and skills related to                                                   for purchase the night of the class.
                                       preventing and managing stress          Disposable diapers are the third          Presented by Barb Bredesen, who
Please pre-register in-store at                                                largest single consumer item in
                                       of any kind. Our class goal is for                                                has been making Kombucha Divine
River Market, phone (651) 439-                                                 landfills; each baby diapered in
                                       everyone to walk out of the room                                                  for 5 years. She loves experimenting
0366 or email Ola at education@                                                disposables contributes about 1 ton
                                       fully mastering the skills, and                                                   with different teas, as well as The class fee                                                of garbage! In this class you will
                                       ready to use them when distressing                                                making “2nd ferments” with
is $10 for River Market Co-op                                                  learn the environmental and health
                                       situations might occur. Participants                                              different flavors.
members, $15 for non-members,                                                  benefits of cloth diapers and how
                                       will leave with tools that assist
unless otherwise specified. Payment                                            to navigate today’s choices in cloth
due at registration. We accept all
                                       themselves and others to deal                                                     Why We Must Return to
                                       with both day-to-day stressors, and     diapering. The instructor, Alicia
major credit cards.                                                                                                      nourishing, Traditional Foods
                                       with major life/death situations.       Engstrom, owner of The Natural
                                                                               Life Store, will show you what the        Thursday, June 24th, 7-8:30pm
                                       Presented by Jeffry Jeanetta-Wark,
nutrition for Runners                  MA.                                     cloth diapers look like, how to use       The past century has seen an
Thursday, June 3rd, 6-8pm                                                      them and how to launder them.             unprecedented rise in heart disease,
Get inspired with Maria Emmerich,      Why Fair Trade?                                                                   cancer, obesity, mental illness and
an award winning runner, who is        Wednesday, June 9th, 7-8pm
                                                                               learn lifesaving First Aid/cPR            other degenerative diseases. During
also a nutritionist and personal                                               Skills!                                   this same period, Father Technology
                                       If you woke up, got dressed, had                                                  divorced Mother Nature, resulting
trainer. This class is for a variety                                           Monday, June 21st, 6-9pm
                                       coffee with sugar, ate a banana                                                   in the standard American diet:
of runners. Are you a beginner
                                       and left for work this morning,         Become certified in CPR and First         foods that are low in nutrition as
aiming to run a 5K this summer
                                       you had the opportunity to make         Aid here at River Market! The             a result of factory farming and
or a veteran aiming to get a
                                       a global difference, even before        class will include: first aid basics,     factory food processing. Learn how
personal record on the Twin Cities
                                       noon. Jenn Posterick will discuss       medical emergencies (choking,             you can reclaim your birthright of
Marathon? This class will help you
                                       how purchasing food, clothing           heart attack, stroke, seizure, shock,     robust physical and mental health
better understand the differences
                                       and other items under Fair Trade        etc), injury emergencies, and CPR.        by returning to traditional nutrient
our bodies need depending on
                                       regulation can make the poor richer,    2-year American Heart Association         dense foods. Instructors Brian and
how and when we train. Find out
                                       human rights basic and life fair on     Certification. The class fee is $35       Lisa Roesler grow and eat nutrient
when to carbo-load and when to
                                       the other side of the globe. Jenn       for members, $40 for non-members.         dense foods as taught by the Weston
focus on proteins and fats. You will
                                       draws on her experiences traveling                                                A. Price Foundation and regularly
also find out what may be causing
                                       with TransFair representatives, and                                               share their passion for achieving
inflammation in your joints!
                                       from her time living as an expatriate                                             health through diet. The class fee
                                       in the developing nation of Peru.                                                 is $15 for members, $20 for non-
                                       The class will offer a discussion                                                 members.

                                                                                   Thank you to the following members who
                                                                                   recently increased their equity purchase:
                                                                                   Joyce Butcher          Susan Labno          Reminder: If you have not
                                                                                   Christine Cundall      Corene Lentz         yet increased your equity
                                                                                                                               purchase to $80, please do
                                                                                   Mary Emanuelson        John Munro
                                                                                                                               so by June 30 to ensure you
                                                                                   Harriet Klaas          Dawn Zepper          do not miss out on member
                                                                                                                               specials and our mailings.
River Market                                                         7	                                               June–July 2010

Satisfication, from page 1

Over 63% purchase the             “Promotes Environmental            sufficient. As a member-owner     articles on www.rivermarket.
majority of their Bulk Products   Stewardship.” Ninety-four          you have an economic stake in     coop, in issues June/July 2009
(65%) and Local Foods             percent state the co-op            the success of your co-op, and    and June/July 2008. I ask you
(64%) at River Market. These      “Works to Create a Sense           by shopping at River Market       to submit your response to the
are notable numbers for a         of Community” and 84%              you help ensure that success.     following question through
‘secondary’ grocery store, and    indicated River Market is                                            the survey in this newsletter,
                                                                     We are getting to know our
areas where River Market is       “Meaningful in My Life.”                                             or into the member suggestion
                                                                     membership better. This
meeting needs at 81% and                                                                               box at the store: Aside from
                                  our Shared Values                  information guides strategic
80%, respectively.                                                                                     price, what changes would
                                                                     planning at the board level,
                                  Most striking among our                                              encourage you to spend more
At least 60% (and as high                                            and operational planning by
                                  shared values are the interest                                       of your grocery dollars at River
as 81%) of the                                                       the general manager and staff.
                                                  in “supporting                                       Market?
survey sample
                           Ninety-four            local,             While we may not have
buy frozen                                                                                             Thank you to survey
                                                  sustainable        the flexibility of our larger
foods, meat,           percent state the                                                               respondents. We learned a
                                                  agriculture”       competitors with regard to
coffee/tea, dairy,      co-op “Works to                                                                lot from the time you took to
                                                  (81% believe       prices, I will point out that
bread/bakery           Create a Sense of                                                               thoughtfully respond. Thank
                                                  it is a social     Trista’s price comparison
and fresh fruits                                                                                       you, membership, for shopping
                        Community” and                               research has revealed some
and vegetables                                    issue “River                                         at your co-op!
                         84% indicated            Market should      pleasant surprises. I encourage
elsewhere, even
                        River Market is           champion”) and     you to look up her Currents
though for the
majority (55-            “Meaningful in           a belief in both
64%) we are                 My Life.”             the importance
meeting needs                                     of “quality/
“well” or “very well” in those    freshness of products” and the
categories (except frozen foods “availability of natural/organic
and meat/seafood, where only      foods,” both rated among the
42% of needs are being met        “top five [of twelve] factors
either “well” or “very well”).    when choosing a grocery store”
                                  (80% and 60%, respectively).
49% express needs being met
“well” or “very well” in the      In general, the commitment of
Deli/Ready to Eat categories,     our River Market community
and 22% purchase these            to these values appears strong.
items at River Market. In the     These are also areas where we
Grocery category (includes        have a distinct competitive
items—such as canned foods— advantage over more
not found in the other, self-     conventional grocers, mainly
explanatory categories) the       because our commitment to
figures are 42% needs being       these values is focused and
met either “well” or “very        runs true and deep.
well” and 16% purchased at
River Market.                     What Are We Doing with
                                  This information?
River Market’s impact             We ultimately hope that
Results suggest River Market      finding ways to encourage
has a positive impact on the      more River Market shopping
environment, community and        will result in a patronage
member-owners. Ninety-four        refund—at the end of a fiscal
percent of the survey sample      year—when both profit
indicated that River Market       and net income levels are
                                                                                                                                  U.S. Postage PAID
                                                                                                                                    Permit #623
                                                                                                                                   Stillwater, MN

                                                                      221 North Main Street, Suite 1
                                                                          Stillwater, MN 55082
                                                                      651-439-0366 • Mon.-Fri 9–9;
                                                                            Sat. 9–8; Sun. 9–7

Member Survey #10 Recap                                                 This issue’s Survey Topic (#11)
Thank you for all of your thoughtful responses to our last survey,      As one of our Board members, Silvia Conger asks at the
regarding the plastic vs. wax bags in the bulk department! We           end of her article on page 1: Aside from price, what changes
are still exploring our options, and your ideas and preferences are     would encourage you to spend more of your grocery dollars
extremely valuable.                                                     at River Market?

    River Market’s Tenth
    Anniversary Downtown
    Watch for great sales from June 21–27;
    different items will be on sale each day.
    Thank you to all our member-owners for your
    support and giving us a reason to celebrate!

                                                                        Please return this survey to any River Market cashier with your member
                                                                        number and receive $1 off your order. Expires 6/30/2010, limit one survey for
                                                                        each member number.
                                                                        PLU: 222                      Member Number:_______________

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