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									          Notice of major improvements or repairs

          Notice to
          Name of tenant or tenants
          Address of leased premises :

          You are hereby notified that major improvements or repairs will be make in your dwelling, the nature
          of the works are :

          Work will begin on :                                                                                                    and

          it will last :               days;                  weeks;                      months.

          Check one of the following boxes :
                Evacuation will not be necessary

                Evacuation of the premises will be necessary from

                                                                     to                                                       .

            Because of the evacuation, an indemnity of                                    $ is offered to you.
          Check if necessary
              If necessary, here are the other conditions relating to the execution of the work :

          Name of the landlord or landlords

          Signature of the landlord or landlords                                 (Date)
                                                                                                                 (see reverse)
          Notice given pursuant to articles 1922 and 1923 of the Civil Code of Québec                               RDL-808A-E (08-10)

(Use if given hand by hand)

          I, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of the notice of major improvements or repairs.

                           (Date)                        (Signature of the tenant)                   (Signature of the tenant)
                                 Importants informations

Major improvements or repairs include such work as renovating the bathroom, the kitchen or
replacing the carpets by a new wooden floor.

Necessary notice
Before any major improvements or repairs are to begin the landlord must give the tenant a written
ten (10) days notice. If the work require the tenant to leave the dwelling for more than a week, the
notice must be given at least three (3) months before work begins.

Temporary evacuation
In all cases where the tenant is asked to leave, he has ten (10) days from the date of receipt of the
notice to notify the landlord of whether he agrees to vacate the premises or not. Nota bene : If the
tenant does not reply to the notice, he is presumed to have refused to leave the premises.

If the tenant refuse to vacate the premises the landlord must introduce to the Régie du logement an
application to obtain the evacuation of the tenant to be able to make the work. This application must
be introduced within ten (10) days of the real or presumed tenant's refusal and the Régie du
logement will decide with the advisability of the evacuation.

Abusive conditions
When temporary evacuation is not requested or if the tenant agrees to leave the dwelling but wishes
to contest some of the conditions contained in the notice, the tenant must introduce to the Régie du
logement an application to change or remove those conditions. The tenant must introduce his
application within ten (10) days of receipt of the notice from the landlord.

Where the court is adjudicating upon an application respecting the conditions under which the work is
to be carried out, the landlord must show that such work and conditions are reasonable and that the
evacuation is necessary.

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