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									Performance management group

Whale Done authored by Ken Blanchard is full of golden nuggets for Life and Business.

Mr Blanchard introduced us to a world renowned speaker, Anne Marie Butler. Mrs Butler
really new how to pull the audience into her speech.

Mrs Butlers topic that she went over is the A.B.C.'s of Performance Management. This
one topic helped me with my wife,family and employees. The key is to put into action
when you receive golden nuggets for life.

The A.B.C.'s of performance management are:




Activator is something that stimulates the behavior or performance that you are wanting
to achieve. As leaders of people or managers of people the most common Activator is a
set of GOALS.

See if this makes sense to you, ask yourself what are your goals for your business of for
the people you manage? Now you are clear on that, go and find out what the goals of
your group or the people you manage are. If your goals and theirs match then you have
successfully communicated your Activator.

Once you learn the skill of communicating the activator which triggers the desired
performance you will start to see a change in how people respond to you.

This flows into the second part of the ABC's and that is Behavior.

See after you have set clear goals for yourself and your team you will need to observe the
behavior that follows. This part is most often missed and over looked by most leaders and

Once the goals are set and the necessary training is over, for some reason the goals are
lost and they disappear. By observing the behavior part of the equation keeps the goals
and communications open in between leader and group.

If the behavior part is lost you will not take advantage of the last ingredient of the ABC's.
The last part is CONSEQUENCE, this is the most important part of all in the ABC's of
Performance Management. See all three parts need to be totally focused on for you to
have success as a leader.

Consequence in this system of ABC's is the response and how you praise the behavior of
your group. In the real world when you do something good as a
spouse,parent,boss,employee or business owner the response you normally receive is
nothing, right!

As a leader you need to always compliment your group for sticking with the goals that
were set. Tell your people that they are awesome and they can accomplish anything they
set their minds too.

In Summary: The ABC's of Performance Management is a great tool to implement into
your everyday lives. If you follow these three easy steps it will make your marriage better
and your connection with your kids better. As a leader there will be no stopping your
group if this system is implemented.

Just Remember: We are all on a journey towards our goals in life so live life to the fullest
and make sure you are having fun while you are doing it. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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