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Quinta da BelaVista


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									  Quinta da BelaVista

                                                                     view and balcony towards the bay and mountain rooms and, last
Welcome to Quinta da Bela Vista, where our attention to detail       but not least, a dream come true for our guests – the newer twenty
has made us so unique.                                               Deluxe guestrooms, built with our guests suggestions in mind.
Central to the “Quinta” is a dedication to excellence, evident in    Four guestrooms are suitable for wheelchair guests.
both the Quinta’s surroundings                                       Original paintings and antiques are to be seen throughout the
and the staff commitment to                                          Quinta da Bela Vista.
ensure every guests wishes are                                       Guestrooms at the “Quinta” have been furnished with meticulous
fulfilled, making you feel at                                        attention to detail, to create an atmosphere of quiet elegance,
home.                                                                comfort      and     charm.    All
We strive to give you the warm                                       bedrooms benefit from private
and genuine hospitality of the                                       marble bathrooms, have a
traditional Maderian Quinta’s.                                       hairdryer, color TV, cable
There are many moments to be                                         television, direct-dial telephone,
cherished at Quinta da Bela                                          safety deposit boxes, and are air-
Vista, one of the most select and                                    conditioned (except the 4 suites
exclusive family properties in                                       in the old house).
Madeira Island.                                                      Internet access at your service,
                                                                     please visit our sitting room -
                                                                     Reception wing.
                                                                     Room service and laundry
LOCATION:                                                            services are also available on
Quinta da Bela Vista is located on the outskirts of Funchal (5-10
minute drive away). Funchal is the main city of Madeira Island, a
lush green speck in the Atlantic, about 600 miles from Lisbon and
500 miles from the coast of Morocco.                                 ROOMS AND SUITES:
                                         Secluded        between     Total of Rooms – 89:
                                         mountains and sea,
                                         enveloped in luxurious        34 Twin Garden View
                                         gardens, with sweeping      (Room Size: 26.40m2)
                                         views of the bay of
                                         Funchal, this family           6 Twin Garden View/w Balcony -
                                         owned and managed           (Room Size: 29.15m2/Balcony 2.75m2)
                                         private     hotel   was
                                         formerly     a    lovely      22 Twin Superior View/w Balcony
                                         traditional mansion.        (Room Size: 32.40m2/Balcony 2.75m2)
                                         Recently restored and
                                         extended,            this     20 Deluxe W/Balcony
exclusive 150 years old “Quinta” offer guests a stylish and          (Room Size: 48.87m2/Balcony 7.27m2)
luxurious holiday, one you will remember with pleasure.
                                                                        7 Junior Suites
                                                                     (Room Size: ranging from 52m2 to 57m2)

If you seek beauty and solitude, up on arrival you will discover a
discreet heaven, tucked away for privacy and guarded by a
sentinel of towering trees (19.000sqm of old established beautiful
gardens), just the recipe to create a perfect place apart from the
Within, a total of 89 guestrooms (10 are interconnected): in the
old house, 4 stunningly luxurious suites, individually decorated
with antiques and fine prints, which have large bedrooms,
separate sitting room or sitting area; 3 junior suites in the new
wing, with sweeping views over the bay and sea of Funchal and
its majestic mountains.
Remaining guestrooms are situated in the new annexes: one with
twin garden view rooms (6 with balcony), the other with superior
  Quinta da BelaVista

FACILITIES AND SERVICES                                                 ISLAND CRUISING:

                                                                        With sea temperatures of 19ºc in winter, and 23ºc in summer, the
RESTAURANT AND BAR:                                                     sea is always a delight. Charter our boat and sail around. On board
                                                                        the “Gavião” you will enjoy the magnificence of the ocean and
 Comprised of the main house with two garden wings, the                 experience the wonders of the sea, as well the unique opportunity
                                 complex includes an elegant            of sipping a cocktail on the high sea at sunset.
                                 restaurant known in the region         Take advantage of the luxurious accommodation of a motor yacht
                                 for its first-class cuisine, as well   built especially with your comfort in mind, and visit the
                                 as a more casual dining area.          unforgettable golden sands of Porto Santo island, where you can
                                 The cuisine features the               stay at Hotel Porto Santo, also owned by Quinta da Bela Vista
                                 region’s plentiful fruits of the       family.
                                 land and sea, matched with the         If you wish to experience a night on board the “Gavião”, the boat
                                 best of Portugal wines,                is fully equipped with air-conditioned and hot water.
                                 personally selected.
                                 A full European breakfast is
                                 served in the table d’hôte             WATER SPORT FACILITIES:
Half board is available in restaurant Avista Navios, offering a         Snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba- diving (visit the “underwater
table d’hôte menu.                                                      zoo” at Garajau”) and deep-sea fishing can be arranged. Please
                                                                        contact the reception for details.
À La Carte is offered in restaurant
Casa Mãe (at the old house), were
authentic        antiques,      carved                                  TOURING:
woodwork, tapestries and valuable
paintings create a feast for eyes and                                   Touring the region is highly recommended. Nature walks - follow
palate.                                                                 the winding course of the “levadas” (irrigation channels built by
For an aperitif or the perfect ending                                   natives in the early days of Madeira’s island colonization). All
for an enchanting evening, ease                                         major levadas have maintenance paths running alongside them,
yourself into a chair in one of our                                     making them ideal hiking trails. Most guidebooks now include
three Bars.                                                             maps and directions for levada walks, including some that follow
The swimming pool Snack Bar provides not only light meals, but          channels laid out in the 16th century.
also a full collection of drinks from around the world, as well as      To get away from it all wander through valleys, hills, mountains,
superb views of Funchal bay and sea.                                    brooks and waterfalls, may it be through trekking, mountain
                                                                        climbing, mountain bike or canoeing.
                                                                        Head to Pico do Areiro, in the mountain, for a picnic (two
COURTESY MINI-BUS:                                                      different picnic menus are available, the reception staff will be
                                                                        pleased to be of assistant), and experience breath-taking views.
Daily, to and from Funchal. Please consult guestroom information        Take the hiking path into the clouds along a razor-sharp ridge, to
sheet.                                                                  the highest peak, Pico Ruivo, nearly four miles away. Pause every
                                                                        few minutes to snap pictures of clouds, share themselves on crags
                                                                        and green canyons rippling 2,000 feet below on both sides.
SPORTS AND LEISURE:                                                     Observe the rare “laurissilva”, 22 thousand hectares of the
                                                                        original forest of Madeira classified by UNESCO in December
Billiards room, card room, library, gymnasium, workout                  1999 as World Patrimony of Nature.
apparatus, heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, tennis court, a        Explore the town, the historic Churches and Museums (just a hint:
broad range of treatments designed to soothe and relax the mind         stop first at the small Museum of Sacred Art, which has an
and body.                                                               astounding collection of early Flemish altarpieces), the Botanic
                                                                        Garden, visit a Madeira Wine Cellar (the grapes for Madeira’s
                                                                        wine are grown in thousands of tiny plots, no larger than a tennis
GOLF:                                                                   court, but the wine is blended and stored in wooden casks, in the
                                                                        heart of Funchal, where it acquires the nuances of age and oak);
Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know that nearby there are two      head to Monte by telpher railway and visit the Monte Palace
superb golf courses. Also available to Quinta’s guests is a             tropical garden, dedicated to the flora of Madeira.
reduction in green fees.                                                As you can see, the range of pastimes here is astounding.
 Quinta da BelaVista


SOVEREIGN – “SUNSHINE” – GOLD CHOICE AWARD                  L`EVENTAIL, Juin, Juillet, Août, 1993 – pag.57;
For the best summer accommodation (SOVEREIGN is a member    GOURMET, December 1993 – pag.204;
                                                            COSMOPOLITAN, December 1996 – pag. 22;
STRELITZIA AWARD - presented by the Government of
Madeira in 1996.                                            AMERICAN IN BRITAIN, January/February 1996 - pág.31/33;
For services rendered to MADEIRA TOURISM;
                                                            VIAJAR, Maio de 1996, Nº135 – pág.72/73;
For very special achievements in the category FRIENDLIEST   MAISONS COTÉ SUD, Avril/May – 1997;
                                                            THE SUNDAY TIMES – 11 May 1997;
Award for BEST COUNTRYSIDE HOTEL, PORTUGAL IN               L`EST REPUBLICAN, Le Voyager - May 1997;
                                                            GALA, Nº209 Juin 1997 - pags.72/76;
MOST EXCELLENT EUROPEAN WATERSIDE HOTEL,                    TRAVEL, le journal Suisse du Tourism, Octobre 1998 - pag.5;
presented at the JOHANSENS awards dinner, The Dorchester,
London 13th November 2000.                                  TRAVEL, die shweizer fachzeitung fur touristik, Oktober 1998 -

                                                            THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 17, 1999;

                                                            NET RUNNER, a Japanese magazine, November 1999 –

                                                            ELLE, Japan, September 1999 – pág.187;

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                                                            VETERINARY TIMES, January, 2002 – Nick Hendersons
                                                            “Ripley Ramblings”;

                                                            WEINWELT, January, 2002 – Pág.68
  Quinta da BelaVista


   1844: It is the beginning of the construction of the Old House.
Since then the house is property of Ornelas Monteiro family.

   1989: Quinta da Bela Vista début as a small five-star private
hotel, family owned and managed. In those early days there was
only the Old House, with four Junior Suites, and the À La Carte

    1990: There was an urge for expansion, so the first
enlargement began – 34 Twin Garden View Guestrooms were

   1992: The second enlargement began and a new wing was built
in – 4 Twin Garden View; 22 Superior View and Balcony towards
the bay and mountain rooms; 3 Junior Suites were added.

   1995: Ornelas Monteiro family decides it is time for diversity
and bys Hotel do Porto Santo, situated on an endless beach of
golden sand.
The Island of Porto Santo is part of the Madeira Archipelago – a
quarter of an hour flight from Madeira; two and half hour by boat
- Guests are welcome to chart our boat “Gavião”.

   1997: Welcome aboard and sail around. Feel the sea and its
wonders on board the “Gavião”, the newest acquisition of Quinta
da Bela Vista.

  2000: A new annex is added – 20 Deluxe with Balcony
Guestrooms are now available

              Caminho do Avista Navios 4
                  9000-129 Funchal

                      Tel: 351 291 706 400
                      Fax: 351 291 706 401
                e-mail: qbvista@netmadeira.com
                   Internet: www.qbvista.pt

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