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									        Education Office Staff
• LTC Tyson, Education Officer (502) 607-1307

• Ms. Michele Kelley, Kentucky National Guard
  Tuition Award Program Manager (502) 607-1039

• Ms. Linda Wolverton, Federal Tuition Assistance
  Mgr (502) 607-1550

• 2LT Melissa Mattingly, MGIB Manager
  (502) 607-1342
   Education Services Office
      Boone NG Center
     Frankfort Kentucky
• Montgomery GI Bill / Kicker Benefits
   • Chapter 1606 and 1607
• Kentucky National Guard Tuition Award
  Program (state funds)
• Federal Tuition Assistance Program
• Testing (military and civilian exams)
• Student Loan Repayment Program
          Montgomery GI Bill
           Selected Reserve
• To be Eligible for MGIB-SR Chapter 1606,
  you must:
  –   Have a Six-Year Obligation
  –   Complete HS or GED prior to IADT
  –   Complete IADT
  –   Maintain Selected Reserve Status in Good
      Montgomery GI Bill-SR
• Benefits terminate if you become an
  unsatisfactory participant.
• Benefits terminate 10 years (changed to 14
  years if eligibility on or after 1 October
  1992) from your date of eligibility.
• Date of eligibility begins for a NPS soldier
  the day after completing IADT as long as
  other eligibility criteria is met.
              Montgomery GI
              Reserve Benefit
• To receive benefits the Education Office Issues
  DD Form 2384-1, Notice of Basic Eligibility
• Student Takes NOBE To School.
• Veterans Affairs School Representative Certifies
  Enrollment And Sends To Veterans Affairs
  Regional Office.
• Student Must Recertify Every Month Via
  Telephone 1-877-823-2378, Or Web:
      Montgomery GI Bill-SR
• Benefits:
  – 36 months at full-time rate
  – $317.00 per month (1 Oct 07)
      Montgomery GI Bill Kicker

• Basic Criteria: To qualify for MGIB Kicker you must be
  eligible to receive MGIB-SR or the MGIB-AD.
• ($200 unit) ($350 for OCS/SMP/WOC or College First)
• You must have a six-year obligation.
• You must be assigned to a valid Modified Table of
  Organization and Equipment (MTOE) position vacancy.
• Table of Distribution and Allowance (TDA) units are not
  authorized a Kicker.
• For specific criteria refer to NGB Policy Ltr.
              Chapter 1607
• Eligibility: Activated after Sep 11, 2001,
  for at least 90 consecutive days
• To Apply: Complete a VA Form 1990,
  Application for Benefits and submit to VA
• Rates VA pays depends on how many days
         Chapter 1607 Cont’d
• Activated for 90 Days but less than 1 year = 40%
  Rate ($413.60 per month if going to school full
• Activated for 1 year but less than 2 years = 60%
  rate ($620.40 per month if going to school full
• Activated for 2 consecutive years = 80% rate
  ($827.20 if going to school full time)
         Chapter 1607 Cont’d

• Cannot draw more than one Chapter of
  MGIB at a time.
• VA will not pay more than 48 months of
  full time benefits with a combination of the
  different chapters of MGIB.
      Student Loan Repayment
• The SLRP is an enlistment incentive.
• Amount will not exceed $20,000
• Maximum payment each year of 15% or $500 per
  year whichever is greater
• $3,000.00 cap per soldier per year
• SM must have existing, qualifying loans at time of
  enlistment which is based on date the loan was
  disbursed by the lending institute.
• SMs may incur additional loans during contract
                SLRP (cont’d)
• Process for payment:
   – Student must submit paperwork to loan holder each
     year (anniversary month of their enlistment contract)
   – Loan holder completes information and sends to KYNG
     Bonus/SLRP Office for processing of payment thru our
     United States Property and Fiscal Office
   – USP&FO will then authorize DFAS to make payment
   – (If loan goes into default, payment cannot be made.)
   – Payment based on principle and does not include
     Kentucky National Guard
      Tuition Award Program
• Funding is subject to availability.
• Must be attending a state-supported school
  or one of the few private schools approved.
• To apply submit an online application:
• Priority Basis - #1 is less than Bachelors.
• Soldier must have completed Basic
       KYNG TAP (cont’d)
• Complete one application per term per
• Rejects: Unsat/Weight/APFT
  Failure/Adverse Action
• Units are responsible for validating
• Application Deadlines: 1 October for
  Spring Term and 1 April for Summer and
  Fall Terms
        KYNGTAP (Cont’d)
Processing of payment to schools:
  School must have access to server site.
  Designated school rep confirms students are
  enrolled and cost of tuition.
  Designated School rep notifies Ms. Kelley
  that roster has been verified.
  Ms. Kelley then sends roster to KHEAA for
         KYNGTAP (Cont’d)
If student drops courses prior to drop/add
   date, school should not charge us for
If student is activated and has to drop out after
   drop/add date, any funds that may be
   returned must be returned to KHEAA, not
   the student.
            Federal Tuition
• 100% Tuition up to established caps per
  Fiscal Year to attend Accredited Institutions
  (subject to availability of funds).
• Caps $250 SH; $4500 FY
• Can be used in conjunction with MGIB-SR
  and Kicker.
• Complete online application prior to start
  date of courses by going to
          ARNG FTA Cont’d
To be considered for benefits, you cannot be flagged
   for any reason.
Funds are subject to availability and priority
   established by policy letter.
If funds are approved and you fail courses, funds
   will be recouped.
A grade report is required upon completion of
         ARNG FTA Payment
• Processing Payment:
  – SM is provided a DA Form 2171 authorizing school to
    send invoice to KYNG for payment that was obligated.
  – Ms. Wolverton can also send a roster of students to
    each school and request verifciation of their attendance
    and cost of courses, etc.
  – Upon receipt of invoice from school, Ms. Wolverton
    will either pay school by credit card or process request
    for payment thru our USP&FO who will then contact
    school and make payment.
Sample of DA Form 2171
• Website for enlisted soldiers who are
  activated or are in an Active Guard Reserve
  status to apply for tuition assistance.
• Site:
• If school is not one of the “upfront” schools,
  student must submit an online application,
  however, will have to pay for the course
  then get reimbursed after completion.
         Troops to Teachers
• Public law 107-110 “No Child Left Behind
  Act 2001”
• Provides Financial Assistance for Teacher
                Civilian Exams

•   CLEP (College Level Examination Program) –
•   Paper and Computer Based
•   CLEP Computer Based – must take at college
•   DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Test)
•   PRAXIS (required to be certified as teacher)
•   ACT/SAT (college entrance exams)
•   Excelsior (subject exams)
               Military Exams

• AFCT (Armed Forces Classification Test)
• AFAST (Alternate Flight Aptitude Selection Test)
• AP (Auditory Perception Test)
   – evaluates ability to use Morse Code
• DLAB (Defense Language Aptitude Battery)
• DLPT (Defense Language Proficiency Test)
  - most are computer based
         Education Support Center
• MGIB Team and Counselors for ARNG members

• Location: North Little Rock, AR.

• Web Site :

• Provides Degree Planning And Counseling
  Services To ARNG Soldiers/Spouses.
         Web Sites of Interest

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