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					                                         Infomercial Speech Assignment

Assignment: Create an infomercial advertising a product to help a target audience overcome a barrier to
effective listening while focusing on a logical fallacy in your presentation.

Objective: explain the importance of effective and active listening for a target audience.

Time:   3-5 minutes

     Select a target audience and choose a barrier to effective listening that this target audience tends to
        struggle with. You need to create a product or service that will help your target audience
        overcome their barrier to effective listening.

     You will also choose a logical fallacy as your focus for delivery. This fallacy should be glaringly
      obvious. Try to avoid all other logical fallacies and only focus on yours.

     Create a minimum eight panel storyboard. A storyboard is a kind of visual outline of your
      presentation and graphically depicts the main points. There must be at least eight detailed,
      illustrated panels for the infomercial. The panels should be done neatly and carefully.

     Create a script. The script should include all of the information for the presentation, and should
      follow a basic speech structure with an introduction, body, and conclusion. Be sure to also
      verbally cite your sources.

     You must include at least four cited sources. You will need to include a works cited page.

     Your infomercial will be performed in front of the class. Be sure the infomercial is clearly

     Practice your presentation to ensure the presentation fits within the 3-5 minute range.

Technology may be used as an aid to your presentation, however, no presentation will be excused from
their scheduled performance if their technology is not working correctly. You should utilize before and
after school time to check your technology if you are choosing to use technology in your presentation.

Due dates:
Pitch (“pitch” your idea to the teacher which should include the product, barrier to listening, fallacy, and
target audience):
Storyboard and script check:
                                                      Infomercial Speech Rubric

     Name: ___________________________________ Product: ___________________________________

                           5 Points                   4 Points                   3 Points                  2 Points                    1 Point
      Time           Fits time requirements         5-10 seconds off         11-15 seconds off          16-20 seconds off          21-30 seconds off
                                                                            Attention-getter not
                     Great attention-getter,        Good attention-          connected to topic         Missing 1 or more         Missing 2 or more
  Introduction       thesis clear, preview        getter, thesis stated,     clearly, thesis too       components, unclear       components, no idea
                       given, very fluent            some preview          broad/narrow, little/no          on topic             what speech is about
                       Main points clearly         Main points stated,      Main points stated,         Missing 1 or more         Missing 2 more or
 Organization           stated, used clear         used organization            unclear on             components, unclear       components, no idea
                      organizational pattern            pattern             organization pattern       on purpose of speech      what speech is about
                      At least four original      At least four original
                       supporting materials       supporting materials       Missing one cited          Missing two cited         Missing three or all
    Evidence            provided with clear           with citations              source                    sources                    citations
                      verbally cited sources      difficult to decipher
                                                                           Summary out of order,
                    Summarized main points,          Summary given,                                     Missing 1 or more         Missing 2 more or
                                                                             thesis somewhat
   Conclusion       re-stated thesis statement,     thesis clear, okay
                                                                           unclear, closing needs
                                                                                                       components, unclear       components, no idea
                     strong closing statement       closing statement                                  on purpose of speech      what speech is about
                                                                                more work
                     Great posture and body       Decent posture body           Some restless            Moving without            Constant restless
    Posture          language, moving with           language, little          movement, not           purpose, not standing      movement purpose,
                            purpose                restless movement          standing straight              straight               poor posture
                                                    Good eye contact,        Partial eye contact,       Little eye contact,
     Facial          Excellent eye contact,                                                                                        No eye contact, no
                                                       good facial               some facial                little facial
                        excellent facial                                                                                         facial enthusiasm; No
 expression and       enthusiasm; Strong
                                                    enthusiasm; Good        enthusiasm; Average         enthusiasm; Poor
                                                                                                                                    or Inappropriate
                                                     Gestures, Little          Gestures, Some            Gestures, Much
    gestures         Gestures, No Fidgeting
                                                        Fidgeting                 Fidgeting                  Fidgeting
                                                    Most of Speech is          Parts of Speech         Needs More Energy,        Little to No Energy in
                     Strong and Animated
                                                  Strong, Good overall      Strong, Some Energy        But Some Evidence         Speech, Needs Work
                      Voice, Great use of
     Voice           Volume, Pitch, Rate,
                                                  use of Volume, Pitch,     and Use of Volume,          of Volume, Pitch,          on Volume Pitch,
                                                    Rate, Pauses, and        Pitch, Rate, Pauses,       Rate, Pauses, and          Rate, Pauses, and
                    Pauses, and Articulation
                                                       Articulation            and Articulation            Articulation                Articulation
                                                    Somewhat clear            confusing target            Unclear target
                      Clear target audience
                                                    target audience;          audience/product          audience; product          No obvious target
Target Audience     with product fitting target
                                                  product fitting target     unclearly fits target       doesn’t fit target            audience
                                                        audience                  audience                  audience

                                                   Effective listening     Effective listening skill
                    Effective Listening skill                                                                                       Product does not
    Effective       to be improved is clearly
                                                   skill to improve is     to improve is not clear      Effective listening
                                                                                                                                   target an effective
 Listening Skill                                  somewhat clear and           and somewhat            skill is not identified
                    identified and addressed                                                                                          listening skill
                                                        addressed                 addressed

    TOTAL             ____/50 points

Effective aspects of this speech were:                               In your next speech, try:

1. ________________________________________ 1. _______________________________________
2. ________________________________________ 2. _______________________________________
3. ________________________________________ 3. _______________________________________