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					Naked DSL
For Home

 If you love the Internet, why waste money on your landline phone? iiNet Naked DSL
 is full speed ADSL2+ broadband with no landline phone service required and a built-in
 broadband phone service called iiTalk.

 Naked DSL plans
                                                                                                           all naked DSL plans come with:
  plans                       down/up speed           peak + off peak quota       broadband cost
                                                                                                           • iiTalk broadband phone service
  naked home 1                ADSL2+ speeds           2GB + 2GB = 4GB             $49.95                     including free local and national calls
  naked home 2                ADSL2+ speeds                                       $59.95                   • Generous download quota and
                                                      8GB + 8GB = 16GB
                                                                                                             access to the iiNet freezone
  naked home 3                ADSL2+ speeds           15GB + 20GB = 35GB          $69.95                   • 24/7 service and support
  naked home 4                ADSL2+ speeds           30GB + 30GB = 60GB          $79.95                   • Flat rate monthly fee
  naked home 5                ADSL2+ speeds           40GB + 60GB = 100GB         $89.95                   • 10 free email addresses and 1GB
                                                                                                             web space
  naked home 6                ADSL2+ speeds           75GB + 75GB = 150GB         $119.95                  • Free virus & spam email protection

 ADSL2+ explained                                                             all about your quota
 As part of our commitment to providing better broadband and                  If your monthly Naked DSL quota is reached, your down/up
 phone services Australia-wide, we’ve built our own world class               speed is slowed to 64/128kbps for the rest of your billing month.
 ADSL2+ network - the iinetwork - which allows us to offer the                You wil not be charged excess fees for exceeding your monthly
 fastest speeds your line can handle (up to 24,000 kbps).                     quota. Both downloads and uploads count towards your Naked
                                                                              DSL monthly quota. Our peak period is 12noon to 2am, off peak
                                                                              is 2am to 12noon.

 can I get Naked?
 Naked DSL is only available in areas covered by the iinetwork. There are a few conditions that affect your ability to get Naked DSL at your
 home. Call us on 13 19 17 or visit for more information.

 Every Naked DSL includes a free broadband phone service called iiTalk giving you free local and national calls and cheap calls to pretty
 much everywhere else. Take your existing phone number over to iiTalk or start afresh. Your friends and family still call you the same way
 as usual, just plug your phone or wireless handset into your VOIP-enabled broadband modem instead of the wall.

                                                                                                           extra features included free
 plan type                                               iiTalk rates                                      with iiTalk:
 local calls                                             free                                              • Call Waiting
 national calls                                          free                                              • Voice Mail
                                                                                                           • Voicemail forwarding to email
 mobile                                                  29c per minute (billed 30 second blocks)
                                                                                                           • Three way calling
 international                                           international rates from 5¢ a minute              • And many more!
 1300 and 13 numbers                                     30c untimed

 iiTalk fair use policy                                                       fair contract guarantee
 A fair use policy applies to free local and national calls on iiTalk.        Our Naked DSL fair contract guarantee lets you change between
 This fair use policy allows us to offer free calls Australia-wide for        our Naked DSL plans at any time without breaking your contract.
 people who make normal amounts of phone calls. To do this we                 When upgrading, we will absorb the administration cost. When
 have to restrict people who use the service excessively.                     changing to a plan of equal or lesser value, a small administration
 What is an excessive user? Check out the fair use policy at                  fee applies. to                        If you end your contract early, you will only be required to pay
 find out more.                                                               back any promotional offer or hardware discount we applied for
                                                                              making a 24 month commitment.

                                                                              sign up today
                                                                              Online -
                                                                              or call 13 19 17
 For more information on Naked DSL hardware requirements and
 suitability, visit
 Prices are valid as of 25 May 2009 and are subject to change.

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