Minutes by wulinqing


10 November 2008
Postgraduate Room, 46 Kelburn Parade, Kelburn, Wellington

Present: Albert Tibble (Tumuaki, NT); Tai Ahu (Tumuaki Tuarua, NT); Pania Lee (Tumuaki Tuarua,NT); Matt
Gifford (NT); Mahina-a-rangi Baker (Kaituhi, NT); Arama Rata (Apiha, NT); Te Hiwi Preston (Apiha, NT);
Tahu Wilson (Apiha, NT); Haimona Waititi (Apiha, NT)
Apologies : Sarah McCann (NTU) ; Jessica Smith (NTU)

1    Introductions: 4:
2    Minutes from the last meeting; 6 October
     Motion: The minutes are a true and correct record of the meeting held on the 6
     Resolved: Tahu/A. Tibble
3    Matters Arising:

          a.   Changes to minutes
               Tahu supports initiative of Paul’s scholarship initiative
               Tahu asked whether it is right to know details of students applying for
               Tahu’s views on Ngai Tauira Te Ao Marama publication, Tahu raised the
               point that he feels there is the need for there to be a translation of Te Ao
          b.   Discretionary Funding

          Matt pointed out that discretionary funding was new for Ngai Tauira, important
          for members to have ability to access funds quickly. Questioned whether there
          needs to be a pool of money set aside for discretionary funding.
          Albert and Matt looking at setting up a business credit card but deciding how
          many cards would be needed. Application forms to be brought in the next
          meeting. Look to setting up at Strategic Planning Hui

          c.   Undergraduate Award
               No response to Paul but Mahina to talk to him at Study Noho hui, letters
               sent by albert

          d.   Grad Ball
               Pania to do the cruise as it is the easiest to manage. No other suggestions.
               (Check my work email)
               To be held on Tuesday, sails at 8:30, comes back at 10.
               Organised the same as last year. Suggestion that we have a dinner instead
               of what happened last time. Projected cost with wine and cheese platters;
               $4160, DJ $150. Committee meeting. Barry to be contacted about taonga
               and costing sought. Pania suggested that we give something new.
        e.   Matatini
             Te Hiwi and Mahina are doing t-shirts
             Costing for accommodation and travel. Pania to find out if Paul’s bus is
             going ahead. Pania to be in touch with Delicia about it.
        f.   Study Noho
        g.   VUWSA
             Guaranteed 8% percentage of Maori students at Vic, final meeting is to
             justify 2 or 3%. To argue how activities of NGai Tauira permeate into the
             wider university community. To be rapped up tomorrow
              (Te Hiwi leaves)
             Tai’s position
             Albert suggested Arama
             Motion: Arama as VP Matauranga
             Resolved: M. Baker
             Arama said that she did not feel she was ready to take on more work
4   Reports
       1. Financial –
            00: $20,522.45
            01: $23,968.54
            Tabled Account Transactions
            Tabled Bank Register
            Tabled GST Returns
            Tabled Job Activity of Te Wiki o Te Reo
            Tabled Job Activity of Powhakangahau
            Matt explained the process of a Financial Status Report
            Return due at the end of October still to be sent in, waiting on Accountant
            to reconcile accounts.
            Matt suggested that anyone can contact him if they need clarification on
            those documents tabled.
            VUWSA $1667.01
                  Accommodation charges for NZUSA $852.00 This one not ratified

                  Office Max $152.90
                  Taxi Charges for $465.85
                  Residue from IRD $286.30
    Motion: Ratified those invoices
    Resolved: A.Tibble/ M. Gifford

    Laptops to be done at the end of this month

        2.   Faculty of Science – Didn’t attend hui but met with Stefan
        3.   Faculty of Commerce and Administration - absent

5   Hangi

    Motion: Ngai Tauira supports in principle the sustainable hangi
    Resolved; M.Baker/P.Lee
6    Planning for next year

     Once the MOU’s are signed off we need to start tentative budget planning
     Last weekend of January NZUSA conference
     Hangover Hangi, if people have ideas for acts let Albert know and he can pass those
                      suggestions on, Will provide estimate of a budget
     Maori Orientation Week, to get back with dates
     Be conscious of putting your names forward for positions next year
     Need to have another Strategic Planning Hui sometime early next before the next
                      AGM, date to be set


                                                                                           Te Hiwi




     8 December                                                                            Tai

12   Signed:                           Name:

     True and Correct record of the above minutes.

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