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									                                                        Imagine Durban Demonstration Fund
                                                        Planning and Design Competition
Introduction                                              Competition Overview                                       The prize money is awarded courtesy of the
                                                                                                                     Government of Canada provided through the
The purpose of the Imagine Durban                         Topic: Promoting the Use of Bulwer Park. Bulwer            Canadian International Development Agency
Demonstration Fund is to inspire action that aligns       Park has been selected as the case study area as it        (CIDA)”
with the Imagine Durban Plan. One of the core             is close to both the UKZN Howard College Campus
issues highlighted in numerous themes in the              and DUT Steve Biko Campus thus making it an                Content
Imagine Durban plan is the significant role of public     accessible site for students without transport to visit.
open space with regards to safety, recreation, arts,                                                                 Students should submit Planning Design Proposals
                                                          Submissions: Submissions are invited from
culture and economic opportunities. Since tertiary                                                                   for development of Bulwer Park for a range of uses
                                                          registered full-time students at UKZN or DUT from
students are the future professionals that will           any year of study up to and including masters level.       while sustaining the dominant use of the site as a
design, plan and consequently shape the future            While the competition is open to any student entries       park. The submission should include a minimum of
direction of eThekwini Municipality the Imagine           are specifically encouraged from students studying         the following elements in a written, diagrammatic
Durban Demonstration Fund has chosen to set               planning or architecture.                                  and plan form.
aside funds for a planning and design competition
that challenges students to think innovatively            Submissions can be made individually or in groups          n Develop a title for your submission that indicates
regarding the difficulties and opportunities that are     consisting of no more than four persons.                   your broad intentions.
presented by public open space. In particular the
purpose of this competition is to                         Deadline for Submissions: 30th June 2010.                  n Provide a contextual analysis of the site at an
                                                          Submissions should be made to Thomas Ferreira
                                                                                                                     appropriate scale.
n Raise awareness around promoting the use of             Imagine Durban, eThekwini Municipality , 2nd Floor,
                                                          Rennie House, 41 Margaret Mncadi Ave.
  public space.                                                                                                      n Demonstrate a spatial analysis of the site
                                                          (Esplanade Ave )
                                                          tel: 031 311 4271,                                         informants.
n Provide opportunities through partnerships to           email:
  develop new ideas around public space.                                                                             n Communicate a concept for the site that
                                                          Prizes: The winning entry will receive a prize of          introduces a range of uses that promote sensitive
                                                          R10,000. The second place entry will receive a prize       and multifunctional use of Bulwer Park, while
                                                          of R5,000.                                                 retaining a portion of the site(at least 60%) as an
                                                                                                                     open grassed/planted area.

Planning Design Competition Planning Design Competition
n Develop proposals for the site in a format that     Rules of the Competition                                     Judging Criteria
is readable on plan, realistic for implementation,
technically feasible and demonstrates innovation.     n The decision of the judges is final and no                 The following factors will be taken into
                                                        correspondence will be entered into.                       consideration when choosing the winning
n Provide the names of the student/s who                                                                           application:
participated in the submission.                       n Participants must be registered as full-time students at
                                                                                                                   n Alignment with the goals of the Imagine
                                                        either UKZN or DUT for any year up to and including          Durban Plan – in particular judges will be
n Provide the contact details of one of the             masters level.                                               looking for submissions that would promote
students.                                                                                                            the achievement of the goals of the Imagine
                                                      n Submissions to the competition become the property           Durban plan if they were implemented.
n Provide a full reference of all sources of            of Imagine Durban and by submitting an entry to the
information, including that of site photos.             competition, participating students give permission to     n Innovation – Judges will be looking for
                                                        Imagine Durban to publically display the competition         innovative submissions that would enhance
                                                        entry, publish on the Imagine Durban website and to          the use of public open space if they were to be
Format                                                                                                               implemented.
                                                        reproduce the entry.
The design competition should be submitted in                                                                      n Gender Equity– Judges will be looking for
poster format of no more than 8 x A4 slides. Any                                                                     submissions that enhance use of public open
two A4 slides could be replaced by an A3 slide.                                                                      space by both women and men, as well as
e.g                                                                                                                  children and the elderly.

                                                                                                                   More about Imagine Durban
                                                                                                                   Imagine Durban is a Council-led initiative for
                                                                                                                   integrated, long-term planning that was initiated
                                                                                                                   in 2007 and has culminated in June 2009 with the
                                                                                                                   public release of a draft long term plan for Durban.
                                                                                                                   The Imagine Durban project was implemented
                                                                                                                   by eThekwini Municipality in conjunction with
                                                                                                                   Sustainable Cities, an NGO from Vancouver,
                                                                                                                   Canada, and the PLUS Network, a network of
                                                                                                                   35 cities in 14 countries established to share
                                                                                                                   experiences in sustainability planning.
                                                                                                                   The Imagine Durban plan represents a vision
Submission format                                                                                                  for a better Durban that government, civil
                                                                                                                   society organizations, faith based groups, tertiary
Submit a laminated poster no larger than an A1                                                                     institutions, business organizations and ordinary
size, either in portrait or landscape format.                                                                      folk have identified through the Imagine Durban
Indicate your student numbers only on the poster.                                                                  consultation process. Now that the plan has been
Submit your name/s and student number/s in a                                                                       developed phase two of the Imagine Durban
sealed envelope. Indicate on the envelope the title                                                                project is to initiate action that helps us to achieve
of your submission only.                                                                                           the dream of a better Durban.

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