ALPHABETICAL LIST OF VENDORS (PDF download) by gyvwpsjkko


									                  ALPHABETICAL LIST OF VENDORS

Name                    Sex Sire                          Dam                    Lot Stable
                                     AMBIANCE STUD
                              PO Box 5533,Worcester West, 6862
                                     Dr Marianne Thomson
                  Tel: (023)347 7577 - Fax: (023)347 7577 - Cell: 082 557 1442
09lovely Jubbly         c.   Casey Tibbs (IRE)           Lovely Jubbly            60   B30
Whacky World            f.   Lundy's Liability (BRZ)     World News              139   A32
Slot In                 c.   Lundy's Liability (BRZ)     Zloty                   141   B29
09angelique             c.   Lundy's Liability (BRZ)     Angelique (SNL)         145   B28
                              AMBIANCE STUD (AGENT)
09magic Poise           c. National Emblem               Magic Poise              61   B27
09quick Class           f. Tiger Ridge (USA)             Quick Class              90   A31
                                   CONNEMARA STUD
                                   P.O. Box 128,Brackenfell, 7561
                                       Paul and Lindi Garlicki
                              Tel: (082)920 8112 - Cell: 084 527 1257
Irish Storm             f.   Black Minnaloushe (USA)     Erin Cottage             19   B3
Flying In               f.   Albert Hall (GB)            Flying Home              25   B2
09iconicus              c.   Go Deputy (USA)             Iconicus (USA)           37   B6
Arctic Fox              c.   Miesque's Approval (USA)    Polarmink                85   B5
Punta Chica             f.   Dynasty                     Printemp (ARG)           87   B1
                                       DIGTEBY STUD
                                  PO Box 430,Robertson 6705
                                    Hans & Judy Stegeman
                  Tel: (023)616 2944 - Fax: (086)554 8347 - Cell: 073 460 4497
09dancing Sioux         f.   Casey Tibbs (IRE)           Dancing Sioux            13   C49
09mille D'or            f.   Spectrum (IRE)              Mille D'or               64   C48
09sports Issue          f.   Miesque's Approval (USA)    Sports Issue            109   C47
09twin Spin             f.   Albert Hall (GB)            Twin Spin               124   C46
                                  P.O.Box 354,Kimberley, 8300
                                         Gavin Schafer
                  Tel: (053)833 7095 - Fax: (053)833 7096 - Cell: 083 308 4002
Snow Garland            f. Kabool (GB)                   Snow Cap                104   A29
Name                      Sex        Sire      Dam                                  Lot Stable
                                       GUILLAUME STUD
                                     P.O. Box 84,Robertson, 6705
                                            Jurie Giliomee
                     Tel: (023)615 1538 - Fax: (023)615 2315 - Cell: 082 606 0670
Bombalurina                f. Tiger Dance (USA)           Nimiety                    74   B21
Untamed                    f. Black Minnaloushe (USA)     Spanish Vixen             107   B22
                                         HYJO STUD CC
                             Le Mist,Norton Dingle Close,Constantia, 7806
                                              H.E Maisel
                     Tel: (021)794 5441 - Fax: (021)794 7172 - Cell: 082 658 3159
Long Arm O'the Law         f. Strike Smartly (CAN)        Legal Wise                 55   C52
Gently Does It             f. Right Approach (GB)         Shee's Mine               101   C51
                                  HYJO STUD CC (AGENT)
Scarlet Witch              f. Go Deputy (USA)             Big Mona (USA)            152   C50
                            KLAWERVLEI STUD (PTY) LTD
                                    P.O.Box 266,Bonnievale, 6730
                                              John Koster
                     Tel: (023)616 2980 - Fax: (023)616 2548 - Cell: 082 880 7943
Emblem's Crown             f.   National Emblem           Corning Claim               9   A60
Countess Dalia             f.   Lithuanian (AUS)          Countess Corlia            10   A59
Java Moon                  f.   Albert Hall (GB)          Dakota Moon                11   A58
Festive Family             f.   Casey Tibbs (IRE)         Dame Quickly               12   A57
Metaphysical               f.   National Emblem           For The Soul               26   A56
New Rituals                c.   Latino Magic (IRE)        Immortality                38   B7
Fleur Secure               f.   Casey Tibbs (IRE)         Indian Dove (IRE)          39   A55
Litas                      f.   Lithuanian (AUS)          Juvenescent (USA)          43   A54
Kate's Emblem              f.   National Emblem           Katore                     48   A53
Unsolicited                f.   Count Dubois (GB)         Lady Diesis (IRE)          51   A35
Emblem's Veil              f.   National Emblem           Secret Bride               99   A52
Albert's Song              f.   Albert Hall (GB)          Star Magic                110   A51
Tibbsagain                 f.   Casey Tibbs (IRE)         Against The Spirit        143   B10
Captain Matthew            c.   Captain Al                Beyond                    151   B8
                                 KLIPDRIF STUD (AGENT)
                                    P.O. Box 122,Robertson, 6705
                                             Bennie Marais
                     Tel: (023)626 2385 - Fax: (023)626 1152 - Cell: 082 808 8181
Rainbow Cat                c. Var (USA)                   Colour Burst                6   B33
Miss Rodeo                 f. Casey Tibbs (IRE)           Miss Deville               66   C28
River Of Wealth            c. Spectrum (IRE)              Wealth                    131   B34
Name                      Sex        Sire       Dam                                  Lot Stable
                                        LUTANAMI STUD
                                     49 Rivier Street,Christiana, 2680
                                   Jacques de Hill - Cell: 082 759 6316
09pipe Opener              c. Victory Moon                   Pipe Opener              83   B32
09winter's Day             c. Var (USA)                      Winter's Day            137   B31
                         MAINE CHANCE FARMS (PTY) LTD
                                     P.O.Box 259,Robertson, 6705
                                               John Slade
                     Tel: (023)626 2342 - Fax: (023)626 2585 - Cell: 083 630 0433
Forest Red                 c.   Strike Smartly (CAN)         Flowering Peach (USA)    23   C22
Microstate                 c.   National Emblem              Monaco                   68   C23
Foreigner                  c.   Dupont (GB)                  Plisetskaya              84   C24
Straight Set               f.   Victory Moon                 Sublime Surge           113   C26
Sugar Free                 f.   Imperial Stride (GB)         Sweet Suzy (GB)         119   C27
                                      NETHERFIELD STUD
                                PO Box 172,Greyton,Western Cape 7233
                                            Carole Doggrell
                                Tel: (028)254 9566 - Cell: 082 397 6206
Sumptuous                  f. Right Approach (GB)            Delectable              16    C18
                                P.O.Box 781778,The Strand,Sandton 2146

Valentin                   c. Var (USA)                      Evening Attire          20    C21
                                NETHERFIELD STUD (AGENT)
June Rose                  f. Strike Smartly (CAN)           Hellebore               35    C19
                                       NORMANDY STUD
                                        PO Box 161,Ashton, 6715
                                            Veronica Foulkes
                                 Fax: (023)615 3015 - Cell: 082 772 1165
09glowing Model            c.   Dupont (GB)                  Glowing Model            33   A50
09hard Lady                c.   Eyeofthetiger (BRZ)          Hard Lady                34   A49
09mind Over Matter         c.   Lithuanian (AUS)             Mind Over Matter         65   A48
09one-liner                f.   Lundy's Liability (BRZ)      One-liner                79   A40
09parisian Fancy           c.   Albert Hall (GB)             Parisian Fancy           81   A47
09second Thought           c.   Albert Hall (GB)             Second Thought           98   A46
09simone                   f.   Dupont (GB)                  Simone                  102   A39
09sumatra                  c.   Dupont (GB)                  Sumatra                 114   A45
09sunny 'n Fine            c.   Var (USA)                    Sunny 'n Fine           116   A44
09sunshine                 f.   Imperial Stride (GB)         Sunshine                117   A38
09akasha                   c.   Windrush (USA)               Akasha                  144   A43
Name                     Sex        Sire        Dam                                Lot Stable
                               NORMANDY STUD (AGENT)
                                     PO Box 161,Ashton, 6715
                                          Veronica Foulkes
                    Tel: (023)615 1806 - Fax: (023)615 3015 - Cell: 082 772 1165
Distinctly Dry            c.   Dupont (GB)               Day To Day                 15   B11
09ja Tette                f.   Dupont (GB)               Ja Tette                   40   A37
Due And Payable           c.   Dupont (GB)               Jet Danza                  41   B12
Waterfall                 f.   Kabool (GB)               La Fonteine                50   A36
09noble World             f.   Dupont (GB)               Noble World                77   A34
Diamond Strike            c.   Albert Hall (GB)          Protea Girl                88   B13
09rainbird                c.   Dupont (GB)               Rainbird                   93   B14
09that Darn Cat           c.   Count Dubois (GB)         That Darn Cat (NZ)        121   B15
Cellarmaster              c.   Dupont (GB)               Vintage Green             129   B16
09world's Best            c.   Victory Moon              World's Best              140   B17
09bound For Glory         c.   Albert Hall (GB)          Bound For Glory           153   B18
                                        NUTFIELD STUD
                         Postnet Suite 23,Private Bag X19,Franschhoek, 7690
                                        John & Beth Brandtner
                    Tel: (021)876 3502 - Fax: (021)876 4098 - Cell: 082 856 3456
Roman Dice                c.   Caesour (USA)             Dicey Mistress             17   C60
Manolete                  c.   Toreador (IRE)            Malaguena                  63   C59
Promisethemoon            c.   Victory Moon              Western Pride             132   C58
Castellane                c.   Var (USA)                 Wild Liasion              135   C57
                                 NUTFIELD STUD (AGENT)
Grey Scout                c. Greys Inn (USA)             Tinder Box                122   C56
Stride Out                f. Imperial Stride (GB)        Velvet's Image (ZIM)      125   C53
                                       OLDLANDS STUD
                                    PO Box 907,Hermanus, 7200
                                            Mrs B. Sanne
                    Tel: (028)312 3440 - Fax: (028)312 4097 - Cell: 082 566 3450
Handsome Dancer           c.   Alado (GB)                Maiko Dancer               62   C7
Maret                     f.   Ashaawes (USA)            Miss Marez                 67   C10
Lundys Hope               c.   Lundy's Liability (BRZ)   New Hope                   73   C6
Geolina                   f.   Kabool (GB)               Royal Habit                97   C9
Sanshaawes                c.   Ashaawes (USA)            Vicario                   127   C5
Victory Award             c.   Victory Moon              Vintage Award             128   C4
Miss Italy                f.   Caesour (USA)             Added Atraction           142   C11
Stage Artist              c.   Stagelight (IRE)          Arty Girl                 146   C3
Question Answered         c.   Tobe Or Nottobe           Berlita                   149   C2
Name                       Sex        Sire      Dam                                  Lot Stable
                                  OLDLANDS STUD (AGENT)
Southern Taste              c. Tiger Dance (USA)            Stately Bride            112   C1
                          PA LOWE (T/A EAGLETRACE STUD)
                                      P.O. Box 900,Robertson, 6705
                                              Pamela Lowe
                                 Fax: (086)655 3823 - Cell: 082 869 9990
The Stars Are Out           f. Daylami (IRE)                Move The Money           72    B24
                                        PANORAMA STUD
                                      P.O.Box 217,Klapmuts, 7625
                                                Harrer, S
                      Tel: (021)875 5273 - Fax: (021)875 5273 - Cell: 072 225 7404
Vegas Diva                  f. Windrush (USA)               Copper Kettle              7   B51
Ornella                     f. Tiger Dance (USA)            Original Resident         80   B52
Callahan                    c. Second Empire (IRE)          Sweet Blessing           118   B54
                                         RIVERTON STUD
                                      PO Box 168,Robertson 6705
                                            Mr Duncan Barry
                      Tel: (023)626 4309 - Fax: (023)626 5081 - Cell: 082 335 8951
Golden Slipper              f.   Dynasty                    Kadie                     45   C45
Scarlet Veil                f.   National Emblem            Kamille                   46   C44
Mystical Moon               f.   Victory Moon               Mount Airy                70   C43
Velvet Heat                 f.   Ashaawes (USA)             Noble Harvest             76   C42
Awesome Power               c.   Surging River (CAN)        Remarkable                95   C40
Intimate Connection         f.   Lake Coniston (IRE)        Serious Side             100   C41
Carnal Urge                 c.   Ashaawes (USA)             South Of France          106   C39
                                      RIVERWORLD STUD
                                     PO Box 177,Simondium, 7670
                                           Juan van Heerden
                      Tel: (021)863 4488 - Fax: (021)863 4477 - Cell: 082 444 2118
09faintly Super             c.   Lake Coniston (IRE)        Faintly Super             21   B56
Evariste                    c.   Windrush (USA)             French Dominion           27   C55
09moorea Atoll              f.   Kabool (GB)                Moorea Atoll              69   B58
09raggedy Ann               f.   Lake Coniston (IRE)        Raggedy Ann               92   B59
09six Nations               f.   Badger's Drift             Six Nations              103   B60
Name                      Sex        Sire       Dam                                 Lot Stable
                                       ROBERT PENROSE
                                PO Box 50534,Colleen Glen,Gillitts 6018
                     Tel: (041)372 1241 - Fax: (041)372 1241 - Cell: 082 323 9760
Rushmore                   f. Casey Tibbs (IRE)            Mount Cleo                71   C33
Eyematiger                 c. Eyeofthetiger (BRZ)          Asian Fields             147   C31
                                        STARSTON STUD
                                     PO Box 205,Colesberg, 9795
                                             Terry Silcock
                     Tel: (051)753 1351 - Fax: (051)753 1351 - Cell: 083 273 6261
09lily Of Damascus         c. Announce                     Lily Of Damascus         58    C38
                                 STARSTON STUD (AGENT)
                                     PO Box 205,Colesberg, 9795
                                             Terry Silcock
                     Tel: (051)753 1351 - Fax: (051)753 1351 - Cell: 083 273 6261
09rose Model               f. Mogok (USA)                  Rose Model                96   C35
09veronica                 c. Strike Smartly (CAN)         Veronica                 126   C37
09bunny Boiler             f. Strike Smartly (CAN)         Bunny Boiler             154   C34
                                          VANREE STUD
                                      PO Box 847,Wellington, 7654
                                           Brad Van der Riet
                                Fax: (021)873 4272 - Cell: 082 372 1570
Ever After                 f.   Victory Moon               Chosen Career              2   C17
Glam I Am                  f.   Whitechapel                Elegant Asset             18   C12
Gemma                      f.   Whitechapel                Gafieira (ARG)            30   C13
Maximo                     c.   Whitechapel                Glamour Queen             32   B50
Holy Trinity               c.   Whitechapel                Holy Smoke                36   B49
Just Dandy                 f.   Whitechapel                Just Jinger (AUS)         42   C14
09lalitha                  c.   Windrush (USA)             Lalitha                   53   B48
Iceman                     c.   Whitechapel                Ligera (ARG)              56   B47
Plum Fairy                 f.   Whitechapel                Quite A Miracle           91   C15
Special Effect             c.   Whitechapel                Visual Sign              130   B46
Black Magic Women          f.   Whitechapel                Best Black Silk          150   C16
                                     VARSFONTEIN STUD
                                       PO Box 239,Paarl, 7620
                                               Carl de Vos
                     Tel: (021)869 8238 - Fax: (021)869 8503 - Cell: 082 800 8490
Familiar Chat              c.   Caesour (USA)              Colombe D'or              5    A20
Darwin Cup                 f.   Imperial Stride (GB)       Darwin                   14    A26
Valberg                    c.   Var (USA)                  Frosty                   29    A19
Katsina                    f.   Caesour (USA)              Kachina                  44    A25
Name                     Sex        Sire      Dam                                  Lot Stable
Vestalia                  f. Caesour (USA)               Karukera                  47    A27
Hairy Mary                f. Caesour (USA)               Oak Fly (USA)             78    A23
Quincatria                c. Caesour (USA)               Princess Lisa             86    A18
                               VARSFONTEIN STUD (AGENT)
Double Bind               c.   Victory Moon              Frida                      28   A17
Sidecar                   c.   Caesour (USA)             Kite Runner                49   A16
Polly Porch               f.   Tamburlaine (IRE)         Queens Eyot                89   A22
Top Spec                  c.   Spectrum (IRE)            Top Draw                  123   A15
09while U Whistle         f.   Victory Moon              While U Whistle           133   A21
                          WATERFORD STUD (B.J. SAHD)
                                  P.O. Box 127,Queenstown, 5320
                                              Toy Sahd
                    Tel: (082)490 9641 - Fax: (045)839 6967 - Cell: 083 400 1537
Victorious Lady           f.   Victory Moon              Child Of London             1   B41
Classic Sensation         f.   King Of Kings (IRE)       Classy Lady                 3   B40
Coco's Lad                c.   Alami (USA)               Coconut Candy               4   B44
Flirtatious Light         f.   Alami (USA)               Light Fantastic            57   B39
Intimate Touch            f.   King Of Kings (IRE)       Lovely Bird                59   B38
Rapid Racer               c.   Alami (USA)               Penrose                    82   B45
Eternal Victory           f.   Victory Moon              Speciality                108   B37
Magnetic Glow             f.   Alami (USA)               Starbright                111   B36
Set The Scene             f.   King Of Kings (IRE)       Summer Mistress           115   B35
Hard To Believe           f.   Alami (USA)               Woodyoubelieveit          138   B42
                                      ZANDVLIET STUD
                                     PO Box 36,Ashton, 6715
                                            Dan De Wet
                    Tel: (023)615 1146 - Fax: (023)615 1147 - Cell: 083 256 0220
09corn Flower             c.   Var (USA)                 Corn Flower                 8   A14
09festive Fantasy         f.   Surging River (CAN)       Festive Fantasy            22   A1
09fly The Breeze          c.   Trippi (USA)              Fly The Breeze             24   A13
09gem Queen               f.   Trippi (USA)              Gem Queen                  31   A2
09real Speed              f.   Surging River (CAN)       Real Speed                 94   A3
09snug As A Bug           f.   Surging River (CAN)       Snug As A Bug             105   A4
09sweetveldt              f.   Black Minnaloushe (USA)   Sweetveldt                120   A5
09who's Your Daddy        f.   Right Approach (GB)       Who's Your Daddy          134   A6
09winter Kill             f.   Surging River (CAN)       Winter Kill               136   A7
09belle Sorciere          c.   Var (USA)                 Belle Sorciere            148   A12
Name          Sex     Sire      Dam                      Lot Stable
                 ZANDVLIET STUD (AGENT)
09ladyboro    f. Surging River (CAN)   Ladyboro          52   A8
09lamri       c. Surging River (CAN)   Lamri (IRE)       54   A11
09nivealize   f. Surging River (CAN)   Nivealize (ARG)   75   A9

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