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Sample Wedding Venue Marketing Plan
                (Atlanta area)

                Developed by:

           D. Wise / Wise Marketing

            Sample Marketing Plan
              Table of Contents

Section                   Description

One                       Overview
                          -   Overview
                          -   Marketing Goals
                          -   S.W.O.T.
                          -   Competition

Two                       Marketing Program Framework
                          -   Brand Positioning
                          -   Target Audience Profiles
                          -   High-Level Messaging
                          -   Marketing Tactics

Three                     Budget Estimate and ROI

Four                      Appendix
                          -   Relevant Links*
                          -   Source documents

                        Sample Marketing Plan
                        Section One - Overview

Wedding Industry Overview
With more than 2.5 million weddings per year in the U.S. and an average budget per
wedding of nearly $30,000, according to The Wedding Report, Inc., the wedding event
rental industry has always thrived. It is estimated that between $40 and $90 billion is
spent annually on American weddings. For reception site rentals, an average of $8,000
is spent per event, with rentals being much higher in major metropolitan areas of the
northeastern U.S., according to a study compiled by Jaeger Interactive Communications.
The average wedding cost in Atlanta, Georgia is $17,000, with the wedding and
reception venue costs averaging about 13.5%, or $2,295, of that cost.
Opinions vary on the effect of recent economic conditions on the U.S. wedding industry.
The wedding industry may be recession-proof, but wedding budgets are not. Some
analysts predict that wedding industry revenue will remain consistent year-over-year and
may even enjoy a spike due to marriages by the children of baby boomers. According to
the National Association of Catering Executives, however, 48% say they have seen a
decline in recent wedding spending. Experts agree that brides, grooms and planners
are concerned with saving money and getting the best value on their special day.
Understandably, brides, grooms and planners alike will look for more cost-effective event
venue options into the near future.
Brides and grooms may decide to move forward with the ceremony, but there is
increasing evidence of efforts to save:
      Haggling with wedding vendors
      Buying wedding supplies online
      Using discount merchants
      Doing more of the work themselves
According to, there were approximately 9,388 Atlanta, Georgia
weddings in 2008. Because of Atlanta‟s projected growth, that number is expected to
increase to 10,179 weddings by the year 2013. Average spending in Atlanta on the
rental of a reception facility varies by the number of planned guests.

Atlanta Area 2008 Spending on Reception Venues by Number of Guests
                        < 50            50 to 100        100 to 200           > 200
                       $841              $1,382            $2,142            $4,503

______________ enters the Atlanta wedding marketplace at a time when there are well
over 150 wedding venues in the metropolitan Atlanta area and competition is stiff.
According to the latest Census data, the home town of __________, Clarkston, Georgia
is a small diverse community comprised of approximately 2,500 households that are
56% African American, 20% White, 13% Asian and 5% Latino, with a median income of
about $38,500 annually. Known for being a refugee settlement community since the
1990s, the Clarkston community alone will not support the growth opportunity sought
by_____________ management team. A concerted effort to reach out to the larger
metropolitan Atlanta wedding community will be required for success.
While some affluent Atlanta suburbs are experiencing the highest growth in the U.S.,
nearing 13%, most of the metro area is as cautiously optimistic as the rest of the nation.

“Where it gets cruel is when the cycle completes itself. A combination of the bad times
and couples’ penny-pinching is driving many wedding companies and service providers
to the brink.”                                               Alex Johnson, MSNBC, 2008

Couples look to save on wedding expenses through creative cost-cutting dated September 15, 2008
A research focus group conducted in January of 2009 indicated that Atlanta area
wedding planners and brides to be would definitely consider ___________ as a viable
event rental facility. The strengths that were mentioned include the facility‟s charm and
elegance, spacious rooms and convenient location. The concerns mentioned include
landscaping, parking and the ability to have tables, chairs and linens included in the
cost. [See Focus Group Transcript in the Appendix for details.]
___________ would do well to enter the marketplace in a very calculated and focused
manner, slowly building client relationships that can be turned into advocates and
referral sources. The growth strategy should build upon small successes, especially
during this economic downturn. It will be much easier to turn up the volume once the
launch is successful than to reel it back in after a rocky start.

______________ Marketing Goals:
      Launch and position ______________ as a newly renovated, historic venue that
       is a premier mid-range event facility for outdoor and indoor weddings and other
       special occasions.
      Inform and engage key audience segments to learn more about
       ______________ and to consider it for their next function.
      Assess the marketing program at critical milestones to gauge initial interest and
       assess the hall booking pipeline. Success may be measured by;
          o Local and trade media activities
          o Responses or bookings driven by marketing communications
          o Hits to the website

Marketing Opportunities and Challenges
The present state of the economy presents a unique challenge for any newly launched

                        S.W.O.T. Analysis (fill in your own details)
                 Strengths                                      Weaknesses
      Beautifully renovated facility practically      Landscaping around the building
       sells itself                                     leaves much to be desired for a
                                                        memorable event image
      Manager‟s knowledge and expertise in
       floral design and decorating provides           Location, location, location – many are
       built-in benefit                                 unfamiliar or may be hesitant to
                                                        venture into Clarkston
      No in-house catering requirement
       allows for rare flexibility in event            Marketing budget limitations will require
       planning and a true competitive                  creative communications efforts

               Opportunities                                       Threats
      Clarkston is rich in history and charm          Competition from other nearby venues
       offering an unusual backdrop for                 such as the Conference Center @
       marketing story                                  Dekalb Tech offers affordable pricing,
                                                        more amenities and touts a stronger
      Alliance with Buds N‟ Bows and with
       local community may be leveraged to
       gain quicker traction                           Lack of customer testimonials –
                                                        requires time to build up clientele
      Previous publicity and awards received
                                                        needed for word of mouth marketing
       by the Clarkston Community Center
       lay a solid foundation upon which to            Lack of sizeable marketing budget may
       build.                                           weaken launch potential

Event Hall Competition
Following are select event facility rental alternatives in northern Atlanta, including all
facilities within five miles of ______________.
                                   Competitive Event Facilities
                                                     (based on 100
   Facility       Location        Description           person                           Website
                                                     reception Sat.
                                                        in May)
                                                        $1,200/ 5
                                   2-story glass
                                                       hours, event
                                  ballroom seats                                         www.the-
 The Atrium        Norcross                              planner,         Yes
                                   120 or 185 in                              
                                                     setup, clean up
                                                       $1,675 for
                                  Historic home
                                                        house or
                                    with wrap-
 Braselton-                                            $3,000 for                     www.braselton-
                   Braselton     around porch on                          No
Stover House                                            house &            
                                  2 acres, seats
                                                      banquet hall,
                                    75 inside
                                                     setup, clean up
                                 Grand ballroom,     $8,000 food &
 Brookstone                      covered veranda       beverage
Golf & Country     Acworth        and dance floor      minimum            Yes
     Club                        seats 150 or 300       includes
                                   for reception      everything
                                   1851 Greek
Brumby Hall &                     Revival Home
                   Marietta                               $350            Yes
  Gardens                        seats 65, 150 for
                                  1850 mansion
    Cedar                           on 4 acres,                                       www.weddings
                   Acworth                               $7,000           Yes
  Plantation                     seats 125 or 300                             
                                   for reception
Church Street                    home, seats 65
                  Cartersville                           Varies           Yes
 Tea Garden                         or 85 for
                                    Campus                                          http://www.dekalbt
  Center at
   Dekalb          Clarkston                         Atrium $1,200        Yes
                                 center seats up                                    arkston_facilities.p
                                     to 450                                                 hp
                                  Historic 1906
                                 farmhouse with                                       www.farmhouse
                  Dunwoody        gardens seats           $250            No
 Tea Shoppe
                                   85 or 200 for

                    Canton            Tavern         $2,400 includes      Yes
Featherstones                                                                        www.featherstone
                                  restaurant with       catering,

 at BridgeMill                     stone fireplace    chairs, tables, ,     
                                   and large lawn      china, linen,
                                  seats 150 or 200      setup and
                                    for reception        cleanup
                                  Museum seats                                  http://www.fernban
                                  up to 2,000 in a                    
 Museum of           Atlanta                                              Yes
                                     variety of                                 eum_info/event_re
Natural History
                                      settings                                          ntal/
                                                      $2,595 includes
                                                        catering, wait
                                  1835 home and
                                                       staff, catering,
                                  gardens, seats
   Flint Hill       Norcross                           tables, chairs,    Yes
                                   185 or 400 for
                                                         linen, china,
                                                           setup and
                                                      $2,500 includes
                                  Historic property    tables, chairs,
                                   with ballroom        linen, china,           www.roswellfound
Founder‟s Hall      Roswell                                               Yes
                                  seats 200 or 300    setup, cleanup    
                                    for reception         and event
                                   Historic 1842
                                     home with
The Gardens                                                                     www.historicgreat
                    Roswell        gardens seats          $3,000          No
at Great Oaks                                                            
                                   100 or 300 for
                                    Historic 1885
                                  courthouse with
                                     gazebo and                                 www.gwinnettpark
  Historic        Lawrenceville                                           No
                                  manicured lawn                           
                                  seats 150 or 200
                                    for reception
                                    1840s home
Historic Naylor                    with ballroom                                 www.naylorhall
                    Roswell                               $2,400          Yes
     Hall                         seats 120 or 300                                  .com
                                    for reception
 Houston Mill                     1920s Georgian                                www.houstonmillh
   House                             Mansion                             
                                   Grand Hall with
 Jacqueline                           sculpture
                                                      $3,000 includes
   Casey                               garden,
                                                       tables, chairs,          www.artsgwinnett.
  Hudgens            Duluth        reflecting pool                        No
                                                         setup and                    org
Center for the                      and fountain
    Arts                          seats 250 or 400
                                    for reception
                                  1930s Colonial      $1,000 includes
                                  style home on 3     catering, linens,
Little Gardens    Lawrenceville   acres seats 160       china, wait       Yes
                                      or 300 for      staff, setup and
                                      reception           cleanup

                                               $1,300 includes
  Marietta                                        food, bar
                            ballroom and
 Conference                                        service,              www.mariettaresor
                Marietta   hall seats 350 or                       Yes
  Center &                                       champagne          
                                 400 for
   Resort                                      toast & suite for
                                                wedding party
                            1852 restored
                              home with
   Marietta                                    $2,000 includes
                             gardens and                                 www.mariettagard
 Educational    Marietta                         tables and        No
                            gazebo seats                        
Garden Center                                      chairs
                            100 or 250 for
                           1887 Victorian
                              Home with
                           grand entrance
                                               Packages start            www.marlowhouse
Marlow House    Marietta     and winding                           No
                                                 at $2,200                    .com
                           staircase seats
                           125 or 250 for
                           1839 home with
                            ballroom and
  Primrose                                     receptions start          www.primrosecott
                Roswell     garden seats                           Yes
  Cottage                                         at $3,000                 age/com
                            120 or 300 for
                                                including food
                            1895 Victorian
                            with four guest    Packages start
Stanley House   Marietta   rooms seats 85        at $3,800         Yes
                               or 150 for      including food
                            1900 Victorian
                             Mansion with
                                               Packages start            www.whitlockinn.c
 Whitlock Inn   Marietta    grand ballroom
                                                 at $5,000                    om
                           seats 150 or 400
                             for reception

                Sample 2009 Marketing Plan
        Section Two – Marketing Program Framework

A conservative targeted marketing strategy designed to introduce ______________ to
key audiences and alliance partners is recommended. A phased approach beginning
with grass roots and viral awareness tactics then building to include more traditional
direct marketing and targeted public relations over a sustained 18 months is advised to
ensure revenue growth and success. While there are no guarantees, ______________
will build on proven practices, research and common sense to choose the most
productive path, develop a process that will get results and to execute the plan with
minimal mistakes.
Phase I: The initial plan will include the launch of the website, development of brochure,
public relations pitches, free and economical online directory listings, email, direct mail
and phone calls. A bridal show inviting well-connected players in the wedding industry is
recommended as early as possible. The ______________ logo has already been
developed. For best results, initial marketing should focus on bridal and corporate event
planners and coordinators as well as brides-to-be.
Phase II: Based on the success of Phase I marketing, additional budget should be
allocated to build on initial interest and to strengthen the ______________ brand.

Marketing Plan Timeline Overview
Phase I: February– January 2010

     Jan          Feb          Mar          Apr          May           Jun          Jul
Logo & Identity platform
Atlanta Weddings Magazine Ad              Show
               PR Pitches
               Website launch with SEO (search engine optimization)
               Email and direct mail
               Letters       Email    Letters     Email         Letters

    Aug           Sep          Oct          Nov           Dec          Jan         Feb
PR Pitches
Website launch with SEO (search engine optimization)
Email and direct mail
Letters       Email    Letters     Email         Letters

______________ Brand Positioning Statement
Branding is the process of determining your competitive advantages, developing a
strategy around those advantages then communicating it clearly and consistently until it
is remembered.
Brand positioning is identifying where a specific brand is placed within its marketplace
and its relationship to alternative brands. Positioning addresses differentiating brand
attributes, user benefits and target segments.
A brand positioning statement describes how the entity will be remembered in the minds
of a target audience. It serves as an internal document which guides Sample‟s marketing
communications strategies and tactics.

Draft Brand Positioning Statement

                   is the perfect setting for indoor or outdoor weddings,
                                 corporate or social events.
         Ours is a unique environment that supports the planner’s desire for
        creative, customized and economical rental space, flexible enough to
                       become the experience of your dreams.
       ______________ is managed by an experienced event design and floral
            professional committed to providing the ultimate in service
             to assist your event planning and help realize your vision.

Once refined and finalized, ______________ should ensure that all future marketing
communications are true to this brand positioning.

Target Audience Profiles
The purpose of profiling each segment of the target audience is to ensure that we
understand any nuances in their needs and interests so that we may vary messaging or
tactics for maximum effectiveness.
   Bridal Event Coordinators & Managers
       o   Many are highly specialized only in certain types of weddings
       o   They are influenced by referrals, references and testimonials
       o   They want assurances that their reputation will not be damaged
       o   They want to be able to offer their clients high end services for economical
   Brides-to-Be
       o   Are driven largely by emotion and intuition
       o   They need to make quick decisions
       o   They want to establish trust-based relationships with all suppliers

       o   Many are concerned with mounting expenses and may be open to cost
           saving measures
   Corporate event planners
       o   Some mid-sized business and non-profit organizations are open to
           community-centered facilities, while some are image conscious and prefer a
           facility that matches with their brand positioning
       o   They tend to plan several months in advance and are loyal year-after-year to
           the same facilities
       o   They have minimal to no tolerance for mistakes or lack of attention to detail

Example High Level Messaging
Umbrella messaging is the high level ideas ______________ wants to convey to
everyone they target. The ideas communicated in this messaging section are not actual
copy points. It is directional messaging that represents the spirit of what we want to
                                 (insert your own details)
______________ is an historic 1924 Craftsman style all brick event facility on more than
1 acre. It offers a dramatic main hall with architecturally exposed beams, classic vintage
ceiling to floor windows and newly renovated exposed hard wood floors. Two smaller
rooms are also available, each with its own unique charm. The recently re-sodded one
acre field boasts two gazebos, an enclosed Butler’s kitchen and restroom facilities.
Visit website or call to schedule a tour and to plan your special occasion.

                         Phase I Target Message Versions
               Foundation Message:           Supporting Messages:           Takeaway Goal:

               Delight your brides by        Historic charm yet flexible    I can give my clients
               being one of the first to     enough to choose our own       their dream day in an
               recommend Atlanta’s           caterer and all your other     affordable yet
               newest best kept secret,      important details.             charming space and
               ______________, for your                                     not sacrifice
               next indoor or outdoor                                       important details.

               Foundation Message:           Supporting Messages:           Takeaway Goal:

               Be one of the first to book   Historic charm yet flexible    I can have my dream
               Atlanta’s newest best kept    enough to choose our own       day in an affordable
               secret, ______________,       caterer and all your other     yet charming space
Brides to Be   for your next indoor or       important special day          and not sacrifice
               outdoor wedding.              details.                       important details.

               Foundation Message:           Supporting Messages:           Takeaway Goal:

               Be one of the first to book   Historic charm yet flexible    I can hold my
               Atlanta’s newest best kept    enough to choose our own       organization’s event
 Corporate     secret, ______________,       caterer, access the internet   in an affordable yet
 Planners      for your next indoor or       or conduct outdoor team        charming space and
               outdoor event.                building exercises.            not sacrifice
                                                                            important details.

                              Phase I Marketing Tactics
Marketing and Sales Materials
Logo – Initial logo design is complete and can be adapted to multiple formats for printing
in black and white, vertical, horizontal and on promotional products of all sizes.
Stationery package – For written communications, the new ______________ logo can
be copied and pasted onto letterhead, labels and envelopes (not produced within this
budget). In lieu of business cards, we are designing and printing 1,000 brochures with
photos and bullet points highlighting the benefits of ______________ and with the web
URL, email and phone number.
Media Kit – PR Kit including Initial press release, pitch letter and photos are complete
and can be provided electronically or printed for interested media contacts.

Online Resources

Website – It will be important for the website, a subset of the site, to be high quality in order to stand out and compete
with alternative venues. The site should be designed to collect email addresses to
facilitate direct email marketing. The site is in progress.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is critical in a competitive environment,
especially where creative leadership is important for success. Not only does SEO help
to create brand awareness and generate leads, but it is one of the most measurable and
adjustable tactics that can be implemented. Here is a sample list of potentially relevant
search phrases that can be used to optimize the website copy and headings so that
internet searching will result in hits to the site.
    New Atlanta wedding hall / site / venue
    New Atlanta reception hall / site / venue
    Meeting facility / room rental
    Outdoor festival / party / reception venue
Additional search phrases may be optimized as the website copy is finalized.

Venue Listings
Event planners and individuals often go online to gather data and compare amenities,
pricing, location, etc. ______________ should take advantage of the primary free and
low-cost online directories such as those listed below:
     ($10/month)
     (free)
     ($300/year)
     ($440/year)
     (free)

Social Networks and Wedding Blogs – There are an estimated 230 million users
currently on these sites. ______________ videos, photos and descriptions on these
sites are cost effective and may be an important and powerful tool.
     MySpace

      Facebook
      LinkedIn
      Twitter
      YouTube

Marketing Database
Atlanta Weddings has provided ______________ with a listing of approximately 1,000
attendees to their 2008 bridal show, including email addresses and phone numbers.
This will serve as the primary source of leads for ______________ in the short-term.

______________‟s target database will continue to grow as new contacts are made.
Efforts must be made to keep one central database of updated contact data and to
communicate with them frequently.
Potential alliance partners should include suppliers to the wedding and event planning
industry as they often have opportunities to influence the event hall rental decision.

Direct Marketing Framework
We recommend a series of direct communications using email, mail and phone to
generate awareness and interest in ______________. The first step is to create and
maintain an accurate, up-to-date database of potential renters and strategic alliance
partners and to maintain regular contact with them.
      Target quantity = The goal should be 10,000 contacts including all of the target
       groups mentioned previously
      Tactics will include a mix of business emails, postcards and letter packages with
       follow up phone calls to a select few. The communications should begin
       immediately and continue monthly through January 2010. Each marketing piece
       should point to website and the direct event rental phone number with an
       ______________ promotional voicemail.
           1. Introduction email and letter announcing the launch of ______________
              and including photos and testimonials.
           2. Series of emails and phone calls, each one focusing on a different aspect
              of the hall‟s value. ______________ will state a clear privacy policy at
              the bottom of each email and on the site, promising not to abuse any
              email addresses collected and outlining the circumstances under which
              „opt-in‟ email will be used.
           3. Invitations to a bridal show (date TBD) at ______________ featuring local
              industry suppliers. These should be sent at least two weeks prior to the
              launch party.
      Track and measure response from all communications, adding all collected
       contact information to the ______________ database

______________ Public Relations Plan

Overview: The purpose of PR is to create, build and sustain a favorable reputation for
______________. To create local media exposure for ______________, the multi-use
event facility located within the Clarkston Community Center, with the challenge of
getting the press to publicize feature stories that highlight the benefits provided by this
space and promote its awareness within the community.

Goals: As a result of online and offline media exposure, ______________ develops a
growing list of prospects who visit website or call __________ for a quote to use the
facility, and to find out more of what they have to offer.

Strategies: On-line press releases, off-line press releases, and feature article writing.
   1. On-line press releases are designed to add back links to your website so that you
       rank well in the search engines when people are looking for local event facilities
       and wedding halls.
   2. Off-line press releases are designed to invite reporters and editors to call for the
       full story and setup interviews.
   3. Articles written should be marketed online and offline as they work in the same
       way that on-line and off-line press releases do. These articles are designed to
       highlight feature stories that create awareness of the activities and positive
       outcomes of activities within ______________.

Target Audiences:
    Single women preparing for marriage
    Small social, civic or religious groups looking for meeting places
    Event planners and wedding planners
    Small to mid-sized business groups.

Key Target Media: Atlanta Bride, AJC, ABC, Atlanta Communities Magazine,
Crossroads News, Common Ground News, Google News, Yahoo News, and other
relevant online and offline media channels.

   1. Write and distribute one to two online press releases every month to promote
      your online presence. Online releases generate search engine listings, back
      links, and pickups by other blogs and websites.
   2. Write and distribute one to two offline press releases every month based on the
      activities going on at ______________/Clarkston Community Center. These
      releases are designed to get interviews from reporters.
   3. One feature article that highlights wedding trends, or human interest stories
      written quarterly and pitched to a local business, community, or wedding pub.

Next Steps:
   1. Submit initial press release along with PR Plan.
   2. Establish the ______________ budget for PR related work.

[See Appendix for a draft if the initial Press Release and pitch letter.]

              ______________ 2009 Marketing Plan
            Section Three – Budget Estimate and ROI

______________ is selling an “experience” and not just a packaged product and
service. The experience you are promoting is in a very competitive industry that
demands that each memorable experience be even more unique and flawless than the
previous one.

Just as in the real estate business, our recommendation is to ensure that
______________ is “show ready” at all times. Event planners have busy schedules that
typically require last minute decisions and late notices to come view the potential rental
facility. As the adage goes, since you only have one opportunity to make a first
impression, your total marketing package will include a perpetually well maintained and
“tour ready” facility. Landscaping and full-time building maintenance will become a
minimum requirement for successful marketing.

                            Pre-Invested Marketing Budget
Marketing Plan
Focus Group & Market Research
Print Ad in Atlanta Weddings Magazine
Logo Development, Web Development,
Graphic Design, Brochure Printing
Public Relations
Photo Shoot
Total Spent

Recommended 12-Month Marketing Budget

   Ongoing database marketing, web marketing and event marketing           $
   Bridal and Event Directory Listings                                     $

   Optional Ongoing Public Relations
    Estimate for offline press releases - $./month covers writing and offline
      distribution of one press release.
    Estimate for feature articles - $. per article

Return-on-Investment Projections
ROI Assumptions:
The ROI for ______________ will be based upon inquiries, requests for information, hits
to the website and bookings. ROI projections will be finalized once the tactical
marketing plan timeline and details are approved.

               ______________ 2009 Marketing Plan
                    Section Four – Appendix

Wedding Industry Statistics:

Wedding Industry Contacts:

Katy Nordstrom
(866) 469-9333 ext. 7006

Anne Frasure
Account Executive
Perfect Wedding Guide
C- 404-512-9900
O- 678-921-2911

Nicole Dupree
Account Executive
Atlanta Bridal

                        Public Relations Draft Pitch Letter
                               (insert your own details)

February 2009
Leon Stafford, Hospitality Editor
Atlanta Journal Constitution
72 Marietta Street, NW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Dear Mr. Stafford:
A group of brides-to-be and several wedding planners recently participated in a
focus group survey at a new wedding hall that brings affordable elegance to
Atlanta. One of the things the brides-to-be mentioned as most challenging when
it comes to planning a wedding is finding a good location that fits within their
______________ provides a viable solution to the most pressing concerns
mentioned during this focus group. The hall is a part of the Clarkston Community
Center just inside of 285 on the north side of town. These ladies also commented
on the nostalgic feel of the facility with the hall sitting inside of what used to be an
old school. All of those present agreed that they were surprised to see what the
facility had to offer after coming inside. While the outside of the building is nice,
many felt there was more to be appreciated once inside.
The amenities include new hardwood flooring, neutral colors that make for a wide
variety of color choices when planning for the wedding attire, a seating capacity
of 200, a butler‟s kitchen, clean and spacious restrooms, a wrap-around porch for
photo-shoots, a freshly sodded outside field for those opting for an outdoor
wedding, ample parking space, and 60” round tables and chairs that are
_____________, manages reservations for this facility. She has assisted with
hundreds of weddings in her career and makes her services available to brides-
to-be who might be interested in her assistance. Her expertise will be invaluable
when it comes to providing tips to your readers as they plan the day of their

If you would like to arrange an interview, please call our offices.


                                  Press Release
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                  Contact:

                        (Insert your own details)

    New Wedding Hall Brings Affordable
Elegance to a Convenient Location in Atlanta
     Brides-to-be say, “Old School Now Has a Nostalgic Feel” After Major
Atlanta, GA, date – Several brides-to-be along with half-a-dozen plus wedding
planners recently participated in a focus group survey at ______________ in the
northern part of Atlanta just inside 285. The ladies were pleasantly surprised at
all the facility had to offer.
One bride-to-be to be stated, “I think coming in it‟s a very good impression, but
you don‟t expect that from the outside. Because the colors are neutral, there is a
lot of room for creativity….”
If you‟re planning a wedding, you may be familiar with the difficulty in finding a
venue that is conveniently located, within your budget, and one that offers the
kind of elegance that will make your most special day as memorable as you‟ve
dreamed of. ______________ may be just the place you‟re looking for. It is a
newly renovated historic building that was originally built to be a high school. The
hall sits within the Clarkston Community Center on 1 acre in the heart of the
quaint city of Clarkston.
______________ is very well lit, and has brand new hardwood floors. Among
other things, the facility has multiple meeting rooms, a butlers‟ kitchen for those
who would like to employ the caterer of their choice, and a seating capacity of
200 or accommodates up to 400 reception-style. There is a spacious wrap-
around porch for those who may be interested in an outdoor photo-shoot. During
the warmer months, there is ample space for an outdoor wedding on
______________‟s adjacent newly sodded one acre field with two gazebos,
restroom facility and Butler‟s Kitchen. The rental package comes with 60” round
tables and chairs.
To check available dates for ______________, pricing information, or to get
directions to tour the facility please call ______________.


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