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									iiNet Business

 Getting Naked is good for business
 Ok, naked jokes aside, this product can do seriously great things for your business.
 If your business loves using the net, why waste money delivering it down the big telephone companies’
 phone lines? iiNet Naked DSL is full speed ADSL2+ broadband, requires no landline and has its own
 built-in phone service called iiTalk.

  No line rental                                                 Speed
 Save on unnecessary fees.                                     We built our own national high-speed ADSL2+
                                                               network delivering the fastest broadband speeds
  Priority support                                             up to 24,000k – as fast as your line can handle.
 From our dedicated Business team
 (6am to 6pm WST Mon-Fri).                                       Static IP
                                                               Host anything from VPN, web or FTP servers
  Free local & national calls                                  plus we’ll throw in additional block for 4 IP’s if
 As well as great international and mobile rates.              you need them.
  Complimentary computer support                                 Anytime quota
 Covering software troubleshooting plus fault                  Forget about peak/offpeak times for downloads –
 resolution for Windows and Apple Mac systems.                 use your full quota at any time.
  20 email addresses & 1GB of web space                          No excess usage fees
 That’s enough for your website and email needs                We won’t charge you if you go over your monthly
 now and down the track.                                       quota, we’ll just shape your speed to 128/56kbps
                                                               (twice as fast as residential plans).
  Massive downloads
 Our Naked DSL plans have the biggest download                   Keep your existing phone number
 quota of any iiNet broadband plans – lucky you.               Changing numbers can be a hassle, so we give you
                                                               the options of transferring your existing number
  Free email virus and spam protection
                                                               directly to iiTalk.
 Included with all iiNet email addresses.

  Plans                                             What’s best for my business?
                                                    Small & Home Office
  Naked Business 1 - $84.90         10GB
                                                     1-3 users
                                                     Basic usage and looking to keep phone and internet costs at a
  Naked Business 2 - $104.90        50GB

  Naked Business 3 - $124.90        100GB
                                                    Medium Office
                                                     3-10 users
  Naked Business 4 - $154.90        150GB
                                                     Capacity to manage increased traffic across your internal
  Naked Business 5 - $184.90        200GB

                                                    Large Office
  Naked Business 6 - $324.90        350GB
                                                     10+ users
                                                     Heavy internet/phone use. Peace of mind that you’ll have
  Naked Business 7 - $624.90        500GB            the quota to cover your usage.
iiNet Business

 Every Naked DSL Business package comes with our free broadband phone service built in. It’s called iiTalk
 and gives you all your local and national calls and cheap calls to pretty much everywhere else on the planet.

    Call type                                         iiTalk Rates

    Local calls                                       Included

    National calls                                    included

    Mobile                                            29c per minute

    International                                     International rates from 5c a minute

    13 and 1300 numbers                               30c untimed

 Extra features included with iiTalk:
  Call waiting
  Voice mail
  Voicemail forwarding to email
  Three way calling
  And many more

 What else should I know?
  Connection & hardware discounts
 Sign up for our optional 24 month agreement and not only will you save close to 50% on your connection
 fee, you’ll also save up to $80 on our broadband modem/routers.

  All about your quota
 Both downloads and uploads are counted towards your Naked DSL monthly quota. If you use up your
 quota before the end of the month, you can upgrade your plan with no admin fee.

 Get Naked
 To sign up or find out more information on our
 Naked Business plans, check
 or give our priority business support tem a call on 13 24 49.         You’re picturing me naked aren’t you.

                                                                                            13 24 49

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