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					                                                                               Press release
                                                                               Cebit preliminary
                                                                               26 January 2011

Cebit preliminary report: AVM at Cebit 2011 – Hall 13, C48
Cebit premiere: FRITZ!Box for new LTE mobile communication
AVM now offering FRITZ!Box for DSL, cable and LTE

 New FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE for fast broadband access via LTE
 AVM focusing on performance features of current broadband routers for LTE
 Data throughput of 100 MBit/s or more with FRITZ!Box via LTE, VDSL and cable

Berlin. At Cebit 2011 (1 – 5 March), AVM is presenting a FRITZ!Box for the new
LTE mobile communication standard for the first time. In future, the Berlin-based
communications specialist will therefore be offering separate FRITZ!Box models
for the important access technologies of VDSL, cable and LTE. Regardless of the
type of connection, FRITZ!Box is designed for a data throughput of 100 MBit/s or
more. AVM, the market leader in broadband terminal devices, is focusing on the
successful FRITZ!Box concept for LTE. All performance features are therefore
also ready for action round the clock (24/7) in home networks with an LTE
connection. The new FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE and other trade fair innovations from
AVM will be live in action at Cebit 2011 in Hall 13, Stand C48.

High-performing terminal devices are a requirement for 100 MBit class broadband
Broadband connections via LTE, VDSL and cable are technologically designed for data
transfer rates of 100 Megabit/s or more. Terminal devices with a corresponding
processor performance are therefore a requirement for access with several computers
and for data traffic via WLAN in the home network. FRITZ!Box fulfils this function and is
ready for action round the clock. In addition to the Internet, FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE also

AVM GmbH, Communication                                           Press office
Alt-Moabit 95, 10559 Berlin                                       Samira Jordan
Germany                                                           Phone +49 30 39976-645,                                
integrates telephony for analogue and DECT handsets, thus completely replacing the old
copper cable.

FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE with top features including telephony
FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE offers the wide variety of functions which people have come to
expect from AVM. These functions include WLAN N and Gigabit Ethernet for fast
connections in the home network. The FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE makes photos, music,
videos and other files available throughout the network thanks to the integral NAS
(Network Attached Storage) functionality. Devices connected via USB 2.0, such as
storage media or printers, are also available in the home network via printer and media
servers. For digital telephony, the FRITZ!Box LTE models offer an integral DECT base
for up to six handsets and connectivity for an analogue telephone. Recognised ISDN
comfort features can easily be used in the same way as with the fixed-line network. The
new FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE supports both frequency bands – 800 MHz for more sparsely
populated, rural regions and 2.6 GHz for use in urban areas.

Broadband Internet for rural areas too
There are still many areas in Germany with no broadband connection or with transfer
rates of less than 1 MBit/s. These areas can receive broadband for fast Internet
connection via the LTE mobile communication network. The LTE network is based on
the current TV frequency around 800 MHz, among others. It is therefore also ideally
suited to supplying rural areas with fast Internet.

The new FRITZ!Box 6840 LTE and all other trade fair innovations from AVM can be
seen live at Cebit 2011 in Hall 13, Stand C48.

About AVM

Founded in 1986 in Berlin, AVM is one of the top two manufacturers of ADSL devices in Europe.
With over 50 percent of the market share, it is the leading manufacturer in Germany, Europe’s
largest market. AVM has 425 employees and generated a turnover of €200 million in the 2009
fiscal year. The Berlin-based communications specialist has received numerous awards for its
innovative FRITZ!Box product range, developed and produced in Germany. FRITZ!Box enables
fast, user-friendly Internet access, easy networking, inexpensive Internet telephony and versatile
multimedia applications

AVM GmbH, Communication                                                  Press office
Alt-Moabit 95, 10559 Berlin                                              Samira Jordan
Germany                                                                  Phone +49 30 39976-645,                                       

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