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					Inspiration for writing
You can’t expect to just sit down and write an amazing book in one draft. That doesn’t happen in real life. You will need inspiration, either to get going or to keep yourself writing throughout the process. Find inspiration from external sources. Don’t try to work from a blank mind. Here are some ideas to refresh your mind:              Read books. Read what other people have written. Take notes. This will spark off ideas into new things. Reread your old notebooks and diaries Read fiction and completely unrelated topics. Write what you know. Start somewhere and write something. Be curious and open to opportunity. Ask questions. Change your scenery: go to another part of town or go to another country if you can. Open your mind and broaden your horizons. Get out of your comfort zone. Do something different and write about it using new vocabulary Get a friend to interview you and record it. Transcribe your words and see what you want to say. Interview someone on the topic of your book Surf the internet in your topic. Note down ideas and book titles that relate to your topic. Try StumbleUpon which is a great tool for finding new sites in your topic. Go to a library and browse. Buy all the weekend papers and cut out articles that interest you, or spark ideas. Go to a charity shop and get old magazines and do the same. Set up Google Alerts on your topic and then read online articles and blogs for inspiration.  Take your notebook and write down things that catch your eye. Notice what you might normally turn away from. What do you believe is the why behind that person’s behaviour?

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Walking in nature can also be a form of idea generation. I have discovered great ideas while driving and listening to loud music, or at the gym.

Once you have decided on your topic, then your mind is attuned to that material. You will find you notice more and ideas will come.

“Don’t wait passively for inspiration. Capture all ideas. Don’t censure or judge. Evaluate them later. Sacrifice nothing. Discard nothing.” Alan Axelrod, “Edison on Innovation”. Edison used lots of notebooks. He wrote everything down. Every “failure” was just another step to a discovery.

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