hernia hernia Hernia occurs in an individual when part of the

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Hernia occurs in an individual when part of the intestines pushes through the wall of the
abdomen and appears as a bulge at the site. There are many sites where hernia can
occur,although the commonly encountered type is that found in the groin.this type is
known as femoral or inguinia hernia.hernia may occur in the naver or near it.the hernia
that occurs on the navel is called umbilical hernia,why that which occurs close it is called
para-umbilical hernia. This two hernia are less common than the femoral type.sometime
hernia occurs at the former sides of operation on the abdomen.
Groin hernia occurs more commonly in males,but can also occur in females in a few
cases. In this kind of hernia,there is a weakness in the abdominal wall in the groin region
about midway across the may appear on either side or,some times,on both sides
the early signs are swelling in the groins which initially may not be noticed but,later
on,the bulge starts to grow in size. A good check is to give a deep cough and the swelling
will increase in size. In some cases especially in males,the protrusion may move into the
As the swelling increases,initially,it can be pushed back manually into the body. Later on
it gets bigger still and lies outside the body.this complication will later leads to pain,in
some cases the patient wriggles in pain and may vomit.such cases become emergencies
which must be promptly attended to in hospitals by surgeons.
Children also suffer from groin hernia. Groin hernia in children is usually due to a hole in
the abdomen which aught to closed at birth but did such cases the intestines
protrude into the scrotum
the only effective treatment for all cases of hernia is surgical operation.

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