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The Nutri-Therapy our clinic uses involves the administration of a substance normally found
in the body to enhance metabolic reactions within the cell. Of all the macronutrient minerals
in the human body, magnesium is the one found to be most deficient.

               Magnesium Orotate (MgOr) is more effective than other magnesium
               supplements. It penetrates cell membranes and delivers the magnesium ion
               inside the cell at the level of the mitochondria and the cell nucleus. Nieper
               states: “We know from S. Rubin's extraordinary studies in Berkeley that the
               magnesium ions freed at these locations are necessary to activate those
               enzymes, which are required to "read" the genetic information in the
               chromosomes.” Subsequently he extended this principle to include other
               orotates such as calcium, lithium and zinc.

As we shall see, MgOr has documented benefits in treating and improving outcomes of
cardiovascular disorders such as heart attacks, arrhythmias, blood vessel stiffness,
atherosclerosis, pacemaker function and high blood pressure. It is also used by competitive
athletes to increase endurance, and treat symptoms of other magnesium deficiencies,
including diabetes, dementia, and osteoporosis, as well as to treat migraines, asthma, chronic
lung disease and various types of cancer.

Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases are one of the Leading Causes of Death
Their prevention and therapy are very important. It is important to understand that free
radicals are highly cytotoxic to the heart and are involved in ischemia/reperfusion injury.

Deficient cellular nutrition created by metabolic abnormalities is an important consideration
in the pathogenesis of both skeletal and cardiac muscle dysfunction. (Sole, Mj 2003) Several
specific deficiencies have been found in the failing myocardium:
     The important myocardial energy producers L-carnitine, coenzyme Q10, creatine,
        thiamine and magnesium are reduced
     A relative deficiency of taurine, an amino acid that is integral to the modulation of
        intracellular calcium levels often coexists with an increase in myocardial oxidative
        stress (see more on Taurine below)
     A reduction of both endogenous and exogenous antioxidant defenses is present.
     In addition, these processes may negatively impact skeletal muscle metabolism and

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The good new is that each of these deficiencies is amenable to restoration through dietary
supplementation. For example
    Magnesium Orotate reduces serum cholesterol levels.
    It prevents hardening of the arteries restoring the cells of the arteries even more than
       calcium aspartate

Dr. Nieper generally combined magnesium orotate with other nutrients for optimal effect.
For example, it's known that potassium deficiency is closely linked with magnesium
deficiency. In addition, potassium orotate itself is thought to be beneficial for conditions such
as cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure.

Excess Acidity in the Heart Muscle as a Preparation for Cardiac Infarction
In preparation for cardiac infarction, initially the heart muscle's acidity increases strongly,
i.e., its pH decreases.

The physiology professor, Schmidt-Schönbein, from Aachen, Germany showed that during
excessive blood acidity, the red blood corpuscles become rigid and are no longer plastic
(pliable) enough. Normally, a red blood corpuscle can become so thin that it readily passes
through an opening much smaller than its normal diameter. However, when the red blood
corpuscles become rigid due to excessive blood acidity, then they can clog the end network
of fine capillary branches. They then cause renewed damage. For this reason, acidification of
the blood in the heart muscle must absolutely be avoided.

When potassium magnesium aspartate, magnesium orotate and carnitine are supplied the pH
becomes alkaline again. The intracellular delivery of these nutrients stimulates the production
of ATP, accelerating glucose entry into and acid flow out of the cell causing the danger of
heart muscle necrosis or cardiac infarction to recede.

Improving Blood Vessel Elasticity while Lowering Blood Pressure
The magnesium from the specifically-transported magnesium orotate activates enzymes
which then "clean" the organism of deposits, for example, of cholesterol layers in the vessels
In addition to its cholesterol-lowering and heart-energizing effects; magnesium orotate has
been reported to improve the elasticity of blood vessels. Using capillarographic recordings
Dr. Nieper was able to show that a daily dose of 380 mg magnesium orotate over 15 months
was sufficient to normalize or greatly improve the elasticity of peripheral blood vessels in 60
of 64 patients. Such an effect on vessel elasticity suggests the use of magnesium orotate for
lowering blood pressure as well as for inhibiting arteriosclerosis.

Unclogging Arteries and Inhibiting Arteriosclerosis
A Nieper combination designed for unclogging arteries involved magnesium orotate,
together with carnitine, selenium and bromelain. This combination of nutrients produced an
excellent cleansing effect on arterial deposits inhibiting platelet aggregation and dissolving
fibrin clots. The 2- and 4-year mortality rates for patients on this regimen were reportedly
reduced by 90% or more compared to patients in other studies who received conventional

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Improving the Heart’s Pacemaker Function
Dr. Nieper’s research indicated that ionic detergent residues (especially those used in dish
washers) impair the combustion process of neutral fats. He said, “They also exert their
damaging influence on the pentose-pathway tissue. This can be seen, for instance, in an acute
hearing loss, as well as in an abrupt disturbance of the heart's pacemaker system. It is thus
not unusual for an acute hearing loss to be the harbinger of a disturbance of failure in the
natural pacemaker system. These deleterious effects to the pacemaker system are fairly easy
to overcome if the substrates, which are necessary for the cell's proper functioning, are
supplied. These are vitamin C, potassium orotate, magnesium orotate, calcium orotate,
chromium and especially selenium. The orotates mentioned are important because the carrier
molecule, orotic acid, has an unusual ability to penetrate into the pacemaker system's cells.
Aspartates (aspartic acid) do not have this ability.”

The Lysosomal Connection
Magnesium orotate is effective in quelling the activity of lysosomal enzymes. During intense
acidity levels in the heart muscle, certain enzymes are activated, namely, the lysosomal
enzymes. These results in enzymatic destruction of the heart muscle and blood vessel tissue
called a "lysosomal chain reaction".

Dr. Nieper sternly points out: “One substantial injurious factor that leads to an increase in
lysosomal frequency in the heart muscle is the smoking of cigarettes. Thus, the consumption
of cigarettes leads to countless latent bombs, which can explode at any time, in the context of
a chain reaction in the heart muscle. It is thus quite understandable that the increase in
cardiac infarction frequency is particularly noted in the case of smokers, while they are not
particularly susceptible to a greater degree of coronary sclerosis, in comparison to
nonsmokers.” It’s especially important that these people do as much as possible to counteract
the tremendously detrimental effects of their insidious addiction. Cigarettes are a legal drug
of choice with terrible consequences that seem to have no impact on those addicted who will
even ignore the obviously fact that they are committing suicide and at the same time, through
second hand smoke, murdering others.

An Important Adjunct to Magnesium Orotate Nutri-Therapy
TAURINE: The neuroprotective effects of taking taurine for about six months include the
significant reductions of ventricular fibrillation. Taurine provides significant cardio-
protection against the deleterious effect of free radicals. In a 2004 study by the Hanna et al,
the authors conclude that taurine acts as a potent, but non-specific, scavenger of free radicals
that cause heart damage and protects against reperfusion-induced ventricular.

In Japan, taurine therapy us used in the treatment of ischemic heart disease with supplements
of 5-6 grams daily in three divided doses. Low taurine and magnesium levels were found in
patients after heart attacks or heart surgery. Taurine also treats arrhythmias, especially
arrhythmias secondary to ischemia. People with congestive heart failure have also responded
to a dosage of 2 grams three times daily with improved cardiac and respiratory function.
Other cardiovascular uses of taurine include hypertension, especially those related to effects
in rennin-angiotensin system of the kidneys, and in patients with high cholesterol levels.

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Healthy Athletes Benefit from Magnesium Orotate
Finally, it's worth pointing out that magnesium orotate isn't just for heart patients-it's also for
healthy athletes. In a double-blind, randomized study competitive triathletes had greater
endurance as a result of the magnesium orotate supplements. By contrast, a different study in
which athletes were supplemented with magnesium oxide (which is relatively poorly
absorbed) reported no improvement in exercise performance, attesting to the superior uptake
of magnesium in the orotate form compared to the oxide.

Ed Sharpe reports: With regard to the other orotates, I have previously mentioned that
magnesium orotate increases endurance in exercising athletes and that potassium orotate has
been shown to increase blood levels of reduced glutathione, the body’s natural antioxidant.
Since endurance depends critically on the levels of oxidative stress in exercising muscle, I
guessed that adding some potassium orotate to the magnesium orotate I was already taking
might yield even better results. In general I take one tablet of each of the orotates every
morning; on exercise days, I increase the dose by taking an extra tablet each of potassium
and magnesium orotate an hour or two before heading for the gym. It didn’t take long for the
results to become obvious. I’m now pushing heavier weights on the Nautilus machine than
I’ve ever done previously.

Magnesium Orotate and Cancer
“We have had a large number of patients under long-term magnesium orotate therapy
because of angina pectoris and other cardiac metabolism disturbances. This treatment has
such a positive effect that the patients themselves request renewed prescriptions once they
run out of tablets. Thus, long-term therapy necessarily results” reports Nieper.

“For some time we have observed, with some surprise, that hardly any new cancer
occurrences appear in this group of patients. The probability for this is so small, in fact, that
in cases of doubt and for acute complaints, a diagnosis of cancer is highly unlikely. The rate
of new cancerous diseases with long-term magnesium orotate therapy is perhaps less than
20% of the frequency otherwise expected, at least for the first 10 years of the observation
period.” Dr. Nieper quips, “Use of magnesium orotate would be a nightmare for any
government if it should turn out to be true that this substance is as effective in cancer
prevention as it is in the prevention of cardiac and circulatory diseases, this would severely
threaten the collapse of all retirement-financing plans.

Nieper states: “Today we know that cancer of the cervix is caused – or better yet "started" –
by a virus of the herpes family. The start of cervical cancer can be of a fairly aggressive
nature and is characterized by one peculiarity: the bodies own immunological defense
systems, especially those of the lymphocytes and of steroid surveillance, are quite ineffective
against this cancer from the very beginning, in contrast to many other tumors.”

He than warns us: “In this context, another peculiarity exists: the administration of sodium
fluoride in drinking water and, probably to the same extent, in tablets (also for children)
clearly increases the rate of cancer incidence. These investigations originated in the Canadian
province of Ontario.”

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“On the other hand, there is a peculiarity in connection with the occurrence of cervical
cancer, which has directly affected my work recently. This is the shortage of a certain
complement (C3c) which is a component of blood albumen, having a complex structure, and
which must be coupled to antibodies or defensive cells to render their action against viruses
effective. This finding allows the conclusion that the shortage of such a complement is
responsible for the fact that herpes virus can start its malignant activity on the skin cells of
the cervix. Incidentally, a complement deficiency can be eased by supplying magnesium
orotate and zinc aspartate, as well as selenium and molybdenum (from cauliflower), and

Meanwhile the strong suspicion has arisen that in many other organ tumors, viruses –
especially of the herpes group, as well as those of hepatitis-B and the so-called
cytomegalovirus– are more or less co-responsible for the initiation of the malignant process,
i.e., for the real cancer genesis in the cell. This suspicion applies to the following tumors:
ovaries; bladder; kidneys; prostate; all tumors in the nose, mouth and throat area; certain
tumors of the so-called adenocarcinoma type, of the windpipe and the bronchia in the lungs;
lymphomas; the so-called clear cell melanomas; melanomas in general; and pancreas, which
was repeatedly observed following acute shingles.

 It also applies to primary liver cancer after earlier viral hepatitis-B. Furthermore, apparently
viruses of the herpes group also play a role in Hodgkin's Disease. However, the latter must be
included among the immune diseases, which can also lead to – among other things – the
development of equally malignant primary tumors at several locations. Finally, there are
several originally tropical tumors, such as the so-called Burkitt lymphoma, caused by
Epstein-Barr viruses, which belong to the herpes group.

Thus the role of a virus in cancer, at least as a causative factor, is apparently much more
important than previously imagined.

Insomnia and Fatigue Fighter
Dr. Nieper found Magnesium Orotate especially effective against insomnia, fatigue. He
reports: “One of my private patients who had severe insomnia for 42 years, just responded to
magnesium orotate in a miraculous way.”

PubMed Studies: I found hundreds of research articles regarding the effectiveness of
Magnesium Orotate. In study after study MgOr has proven to be cardio protective. These
studies indicate that magnesium orotate is myocardial and neuronal protective too. MgOr is
indicated for the treatment of Mg depletion and also in coronary heart patients undergoing
e.g. aortocoronary bypass surgery. Here are just a couple of examples.

Metabolic supplementation with orotic acid and magnesium orotate.
Cardiovasc Drugs Ther. 1998 Sep;12 Suppl 2:147-52.
Rosenfeldt FL.

Orotic acid (OA), a naturally occurring substance, is a key intermediate in the biosynthetic pathway
of pyrimidines. Previous investigations in the heart suggest that orotate can protect recently infarcted
hearts against a further ischemic stress and may be beneficial in certain types of experimental

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cardiomyopathy. At the Hamburg symposium on magnesium orotate, a number of studies of this form
of metabolic supplementation were presented that indicate orotic acid and its magnesium salt have a
modest beneficial effect on the myocardium under conditions of stress ranging from myocardial
infarction to severe physical exercise. The following conclusions can be drawn: (1) Orotic acid can
improve the energy status of the recently infarcted myocardium (rat hearts). (2) Orotic acid may
improve myocardial purine and pyrimidine levels by stimulating hepatic release of uridine into the
bloodstream, which in turn augments depleted myocardial pyrimidines and purines (rat heart). (3)
Orotic acid improves the tolerance of the recently infarcted heart to global ischemia (rats). (4)
Magnesium orotate may reduce the severity of chronic myocardial dysfunction and structural damage
in cardiomyopathy (cardiomyopathic hamsters). (5) Magnesium orotate may improve exercise
tolerance in patients with coronary artery disease and in trained athletes (humans). (6) Magnesium
orotate has only a weak inotropic effect, if any, on normal hearts (rats). (7) Further clinical testing is
indicated to determine if the effects described could be of significant clinical benefit in the treatment
of heart disease.

Magnesium orotate in myocardial and neuronal protection.
    Rom J Intern Med. 1999 Jan-Mar;37(1):91-7.
    Zeana C.

 Department of Internal Medicine, Floreasca Emergency Hospital 8, Calea Floreasca, 71406
 Bucharest, Romania.
Magnesium orotate molecule includes two synergic protective components: orotic acid and
magnesium. Moreover, the orotic acid behaves as a transporter, carrying magnesium into the cells.
The antioxidative protective effect of the orotic acid is mainly due to the pirimidinic bases that favor
and increased synthesis of enzymes which act as free radical scavengers. The cell antioxidative
protective system is dramatically impaired following heavy aggressions such as the ischemia.
Magnesium orotate improves the survival of cells situated within the perinecrotic areas as well as of
the cells secondarily damaged during the so-called "second wind".

  1. We offer an efficient, objective in office test that quickly determines the free radical
     levels in your body – Fee $25.
  2. We also can perform a stress test that identifies whether your stores of Potassium and
     Magnesium are adequate. This is an in office procedure that takes aprx 15-20 minutes
     – Fee $35.
  3. These are only two of the numerous tests that comprise our Comprehensive
     Bioterrain Analysis – please inquire for further information.

We have established a comprehensive biomedical protocol to assist in the treatment of the
aforementioned conditions. Our biomedical approach is an attempt to provide clinically
proven methods that free the patient of pervasive symptoms in noninvasive manner that heals
the cell membranes, and ultimately the body and brain. It is vital to understand that Nutri-
Therapy alone is not enough to overcome many levels of dis-ease and often is supportive to
these CSK treatments.

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    1. Reprogram the DNA to clear heart muscle acidity, blood acidity and lysosomal
    2. Check and if needed reprogram DNA for defective Complement (C3c).
    3. In CSK we reprogram the DNA to clear the Herpes virus family, including
       cytomegalovirus and Epstein Barr. This often requires more than one treatment due to
       the insidious nature of and the many strains in the Herpes Family
    4. In light of Dr. Nieper’s observation that Liver Cancer is often associated with
       Hepatitis B we check for and treat for this virus if needed

  1. For Treating Angina and Coronary Heart Disease. Magnesium orotate plus
     Potassium orotate.
  2. Moving the pH from Acid to Alkaline: Potassium magnesium aspartate,
     Magnesium orotate, and Carnitine are supplied 2-3 times/day
  3. Unclogging arteries: Take magnesium orotate, together with carnitine, selenium and
  4. Improving Pacemaker Function by taking Vitamin C, potassium orotate,
     magnesium orotate, calcium orotate, and Vanachrom.
  5. Lysosomal Enzyme dysfunction and Free Radicals: Mg-orotate and K-Mg-
     Aspartate, Bromelain and Taurine
  6. Restoring Complement C3c: A complement deficiency can be eased by supplying
     magnesium orotate and zinc aspartate, as well as selenium and molybdenum, and

These products are available from: Edmonds Vitamins and Herbs Tel. 425-774-0747

IMPORTANCE NOTICE: The information disseminated herein, whether in print or through the internet, is not
intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other health care professional. Anyone who wishes
to embark on any dietary, drug, exercise, or other lifestyle change intended to prevent or treat a specific disease
of condition should first consult directly with and seek clearance from a qualified health care professional.

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