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					101 Writing Links for Authors and Writers
I tweet these links found on the blogosphere daily - follow me on Twitter to get them as they happen!

1) As economy tanks, ‘escapist’ reading increases 2) on book advances 3)This is Europeana - a place for inspiration and ideas 4) How do you become a game writer? 5) cross platform writing podcasts 6) What has stopped you from writing your book? 7) podcast interview with cross media and podcast novel star JCHutchins drop everything and read 9) write for a niche and be a rock star 10) Booklert lets you keep track of the Amazon rank of your (or anyone else’s) books. 11) The Religion of Writing and Getting Published 12) The Neverending Story: The Highs and Woes of Writing a Series 13) Top Gobbledygook phrases used in 2008 and how to avoid them 14) brilliant cross-media resources 15) Storyworld Authoring Tool 16) Romance novels are BIG in the e-book world, says New York Times 17) The Twitterization of Santos Dumont Numero 8 18) #writing #gaming crossover 19) A chocolate reading list 20)all about the front bit of the book (before the text) Impt to know! 21) Why The Recession Won’t Kill Poetry 22) on Writing Her Own Sex Scene 23) First Glimpse of Stephen King’s Next Novel 24) 10 best books for writers (what do you think?) 25) Who are your (writing) experts? 26) The butler’s job in fiction 27) How To: Build Your Own Letterpress 28) During a recession more readers turning to the happy steamy romance ending: 29) Drink to thine creative mind: (not strictly writing, but impt anyway!) 1 Writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing…for your book

30) Why we make typos, and how to avoid them: 31) Make your writing flow like a good album - Pro Writing Tips” 32) Why good writing is like good cooking: 33) Your First Draft Is Always Going To Suck 34) Pen Names - The Inside Scoop 35) lessons from Creative Drinks 36) Three-Dimensional Villains: Finding Your Character’s Shadow 37) Zany collection of tech-absurd short stories 38) Using Body Language in Writing 39) The Life Counted in Pages Meme 40) Spreadsheet Story Downloaded 10,000 Times 41) How To Get Started As A Freelance Writer 42) The parts of the poem and how to recognize them 43) in praise of public libraries 44) Death of Microsoft Word? 45) digitisation of William Blake 46) How to Use Second Life to Support Your Writing Schedule 47) 12 edits every manuscript needs 48) Tips for sending review copies of your book 49) The Paradox of Becoming an Author 50) Agents and Rejection 51) Fantasy (writing) in Asia 52) Get the genre correct when pitching your book - 53) Fascinating Twitter book experiment by Brazilian novelist, Claudio Soares 54) Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide is now available — 55) Editors, freelance writers, copyediting: Where to find the best resources 56) Ebooks with text, video and social networking: The Vook 57) learning poetry by heart? 58) Attractive authors get more reviews? (thx MediaBistro): 59) Five Reasons Good Authors Fail 60) Why story structure is inescapable 61) book covers galore - lots of ideas here 62) book crossing genres - knit your own adventure (brilliant!) 63) Authors - Good source for #book ISBN/barcodes 64) excellent street lit resources: 65) lessons in writing learnt from skiing! 66) a great honest review of an authors rejection 67) check out the top 50 Australian writing blogs 68) People reading news for free on the web’ that’s got to change 69) literary spaces (from @LiteraryMinded ) and mine 2 Writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing…for your book

70) What Defines A Writer? 71) followers like for handwritten notes (and this is my Livescribe post ) 72) The Authors Guild And Big Publishers Are Working Hard To Reduce Your Readership 73) Could the Kindle and similar e-readers revive interest in the American short story? 74) Music mashups for the right brain: An amazing use of Youtube and creativity. 75) widgets to cure writers block 76) Some authors use : mail cover art and message to reviewers: code links to book on amazon. 77) writing with your feet 78) followup to the writing/depression discussion is up at 79) Collaborative proofreading program in development 80) the naked writer - How much do you reveal in your writing? 81) The World Digital Library will launch on April 21, 2009 82) How authors create decades of profits from a single authoritative book 83) So You Want to Write a Star Trek Novel . . . 84) How Gary Vaynerchuk got a 10 book deal without asking for it 85) For Whom Do We Write? 86) writing your book and publishing it - now available on Kindle store for under $1 Wow! 87) Tips for improving your handwriting. Anyone remember what that is? 88) Science fiction: A study of ethics and morals 89) poems being read out loud #poetry 90) Books voted most essential travel item | Travel Daily News 91) Healing art: The long partnership of medicine and literature 92) more on the @garyvee 10 book, 7 figure deal 93) Top 10 blogs for indie authors 94) 10 literary terms you might not know (clerihew anyone?): 95) Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do) 96) Three Steps to Finishing Your First Novel: Left brained solutions for a right brained problem. 97) improving your language and style in writing 98) more Moleskine notebook love 99) Adverbidly Yours

100) Writing For A Living: A Joy Or A Chore? 101) On Writing with Depression
3 Writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing…for your book

Free Author 2.0 Blueprint on using Web 2.0 tools for writing, publishing, sales and promotion

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