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									101 Writing Links for Authors and Writers
I tweet these links found on the blogosphere daily - follow me on Twitter to get them as they happen!

1) As economy tanks, ‘escapist’ reading increaseshttp://is.gd/rZVB 2) on book advances http://short.to/4e1c 3)This is Europeana - a place for inspiration and ideas http://short.to/4bkt 4) How do you become a game writer? http://jijr.com/h9h9 5) cross platform writing podcasts http://short.to/4bkh 6) What has stopped you from writing your book? http://short.to/1v17 7) podcast interview with cross media and podcast novel star JCHutchins http://is.gd/rHtW drop everything and read http://snipr.com/fnq4j 9) write for a niche and be a rock star http://jijr.com/hfHW 10) Booklert lets you keep track of the Amazon rank of your (or anyone else’s) books. http://bit.ly/3PUpEq 11) The Religion of Writing and Getting Published http://snipr.com/fleme 12) The Neverending Story: The Highs and Woes of Writing a Series http://short.to/44ad 13) Top Gobbledygook phrases used in 2008 and how to avoid them http://snipr.com/fleia 14) brilliant cross-media resources http://bit.ly/4CB9fD 15) Storyworld Authoring Tool http://bit.ly/2XkfPm 16) Romance novels are BIG in the e-book world, says New York Times http://short.to/4525 17) The Twitterization of Santos Dumont Numero 8 http://snipr.com/fle7w 18) #writing #gaming crossover http://jijr.com/h8zA 19) A chocolate reading list http://bit.ly/n4WPw 20)all about the front bit of the book (before the text) Impt to know! http://jijr.com/h8zJ 21) Why The Recession Won’t Kill Poetry http://snipr.com/flddz 22) on Writing Her Own Sex Scene http://snipr.com/fldc0 23) First Glimpse of Stephen King’s Next Novel http://jijr.com/h8zs 24) 10 best books for writers (what do you think?) http://jijr.com/h8zr 25) Who are your (writing) experts? http://short.to/4517 26) The butler’s job in fiction http://short.to/448r 27) How To: Build Your Own Letterpress http://jijr.com/h8nk 28) During a recession more readers turning to the happy steamy romance ending:http://bit.ly/1Wsj7p 29) Drink to thine creative mind: http://bit.ly/sh6t (not strictly writing, but impt anyway!) 1 http://www.TheCreativePenn.com Writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing…for your book

30) Why we make typos, and how to avoid them: http://tinyurl.com/dftwd8 31) Make your writing flow like a good album - Pro Writing Tips” http://tinyurl.com/c6uuae 32) Why good writing is like good cooking: http://bit.ly/JfCO0 33) Your First Draft Is Always Going To Suck http://jijr.com/h8dB 34) Pen Names - The Inside Scoop http://short.to/448d 35) lessons from Creative Drinks http://bit.ly/nsB 36) Three-Dimensional Villains: Finding Your Character’s Shadow http://jijr.com/h8nw 37) Zany collection of tech-absurd short stories http://jijr.com/h8zZ 38) Using Body Language in Writing http://bit.ly/Jj3Y 39) The Life Counted in Pages Meme http://bit.ly/iKKfH 40) Spreadsheet Story Downloaded 10,000 Times http://jijr.com/h4K0 41) How To Get Started As A Freelance Writer http://short.to/3y4a 42) The parts of the poem and how to recognize them http://jijr.com/h4JJ 43) in praise of public libraries http://jijr.com/h4JW 44) Death of Microsoft Word? http://snipr.com/fh8h5 45) digitisation of William Blake http://bit.ly/lIyVy 46) How to Use Second Life to Support Your Writing Schedule http://jijr.com/hxjE 47) 12 edits every manuscript needs http://is.gd/rmpj 48) Tips for sending review copies of your book http://short.to/3y44 49) The Paradox of Becoming an Author http://is.gd/rka5 50) Agents and Rejection http://is.gd/raNr 51) Fantasy (writing) in Asia http://snipr.com/fej93 52) Get the genre correct when pitching your book - http://bit.ly/LdjDu 53) Fascinating Twitter book experiment by Brazilian novelist, Claudio Soareshttp://tinyurl.com/cbt8wd 54) Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide is now available —http://kindleformatting.com/book/ 55) Editors, freelance writers, copyediting: Where to find the best resourceshttp://snipr.com/ct50z 56) Ebooks with text, video and social networking: The Vook http://tinyurl.com/cb4fo7 57) learning poetry by heart? http://short.to/3v2z 58) Attractive authors get more reviews? (thx MediaBistro): http://tinyurl.com/c5hcut 59) Five Reasons Good Authors Fail http://jijr.com/hxHz 60) Why story structure is inescapable http://snipr.com/fbj5q 61) book covers galore - lots of ideas here http://bookcoverarchive.com/ 62) book crossing genres - knit your own adventure (brilliant!) http://short.to/3v3w 63) Authors - Good source for #book ISBN/barcodes http://bit.ly/gtqAn 64) excellent street lit resources: http://www.streetfiction.org/ 65) lessons in writing learnt from skiing! http://bit.ly/30fVz 66) a great honest review of an authors rejection http://jijr.com/h1qg 67) check out the top 50 Australian writing blogs http://short.to/3ruq 68) People reading news for free on the web’ that’s got to change http://short.to/3rqz 69) literary spaces http://is.gd/qXfR (from @LiteraryMinded ) and mine http://short.to/3rfq 2 http://www.TheCreativePenn.com Writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing…for your book

70) What Defines A Writer? http://is.gd/qXde 71) followers like www.livescribe.com for handwritten notes (and this is my Livescribe post http://bit.ly/UDryW ) 72) The Authors Guild And Big Publishers Are Working Hard To Reduce Your Readershiphttp://jijr.com/h1nS 73) Could the Kindle and similar e-readers revive interest in the American short story?http://snipr.com/fayep 74) Music mashups for the right brain: An amazing use of Youtube and creativity. http://bit.ly/nLe2p 75) widgets to cure writers block http://www.languageisavirus.com/ 76) Some authors use www.enthusem.com : mail cover art and message to reviewers: code links to book on amazon. 77) writing with your feet http://bit.ly/11Tp7P 78) followup to the writing/depression discussion is up at http://is.gd/qN66 79) Collaborative proofreading program in development http://short.to/3lvg 80) the naked writer - How much do you reveal in your writing? http://jijr.com/hhxV 81) The World Digital Library will launch on April 21, 2009 http://short.to/3ltm 82) How authors create decades of profits from a single authoritative bookhttp://jijr.com/hhxS 83) So You Want to Write a Star Trek Novel . . . http://short.to/3jql 84) How Gary Vaynerchuk got a 10 book deal without asking for it http://bit.ly/eWWu 85) For Whom Do We Write? http://is.gd/qBSB 86) writing your book and publishing it - now available on Kindle store for under $1 Wow!http://bit.ly/tX9v 87) Tips for improving your handwriting. Anyone remember what that is?http://paperpenalia.com/handwriting.html 88) Science fiction: A study of ethics and morals http://snipr.com/f6ck3 89) poems being read out loud #poetry http://poemsoutloud.net/ 90) Books voted most essential travel item | Travel Daily News http://ow.ly/1OIN 91) Healing art: The long partnership of medicine and literature http://snipr.com/f6c6d 92) more on the @garyvee 10 book, 7 figure deal http://bit.ly/6xg1e 93) Top 10 blogs for indie authors http://bit.ly/SyZF1 94) 10 literary terms you might not know (clerihew anyone?): http://is.gd/qchV 95) Ten Mistakes Writers Don’t See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do) http://jijr.com/Z7H 96) Three Steps to Finishing Your First Novel: Left brained solutions for a right brained problem. http://is.gd/qdXc 97) improving your language and style in writing http://snipr.com/f1vk4 98) more Moleskine notebook love http://jijr.com/Z7F 99) Adverbidly Yours http://is.gd/qdUK

100) Writing For A Living: A Joy Or A Chore? http://is.gd/qdRK 101) On Writing with Depression http://short.to/3e3o
3 http://www.TheCreativePenn.com Writing, self-publishing, print-on-demand, internet sales and marketing…for your book

Free Author 2.0 Blueprint on using Web 2.0 tools for writing, publishing, sales and promotion http://author2zero.com/

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