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NO. 9                                      1 AUGUST 2007                            ONE AND ALL
www.stithian.com        NEWS

                      Dear Parents
                      Our very busy second term has come to an end and the much anticipated holidays at
  HEADMASTER’S        the end of his w eek. As alw ays, the term has been notew orthy for the constant activity
                      taking place, both on and off campus, and I am constantly made aw are of how much
    FAREWELLS         commitment, energy and time so many staff, parents and boys give to the College.
    INDUCTION         These coming holidays the Dukes are going on tour to Namibia and I know they will
       SPORT          enthral and delight their audiences, as w ell as continue to be positive ambassadors for
      BEZANT          the school. On their return, the Dukes w ill then join the rest of the Choir for their
  PRESENTATION        annual camp. A number of senior boys are going to the GYLC in Washington, Global
    COMMUNITY         Young Leaders’ Conference, and based on the experiences of boys who have
      SERVICE         attended in past years, I am confident this w ill be an event they w ill both benefit from
   EFENG BACHA        and never forget. The Saints Trek is held during these holidays and w e look forward
    OSA NEWS          to hearing about the adventures from the boys on their return.

                      Also these holidays the Ubombo Project takes place, and delegates w ill be attending
                      the Africa Regional Round Square Conference in Cape Tow n. There are tw o
     V.I.P.           international sports’ tours: 1st XI Cricketers to England and a squad of our Waterpolo
                      boys are travelling to Netherlands and France, both accompanied by staff and
   REPORTS            coaches: we w is h them God speed and hope they enjoy good sport and a safe return.
                      At the moment some of our top Mathematicians, accompanied by Mr Sny man and Mrs
 WEDNESDAY            Marie Reynolds, are on tour in China w here they will be competing against top
  8 AUGUST            Mathematicians from around the w orld. The tour sounds like a spectacular experience
                      and w e aw ait their return w ith anticipation.
     THE              A reminder of the Grade 11 Camp and Job Shadow ing this w eek: we hope the boys
 REMAINDER            will enjoy both of these components of the Boys’ College Leadership Programme and
                      that they w ill benefit from them in a positive manner.
 POSTED ON            It has been w onderful to hear the sounds hammers as the roof trusses are being
 THURSDAY             installed at both Collins House and the new gym. Both are w ell on their w ay to
                      The Round Square Regional Conference takes place in Cape Tow n during the
                      holidays and Mrs Kerr and I w ill be accompanied by a group of boys. We look forward
                      to reporting back in the next Newsletter. The SAHISA Conference follow s in
                      Grahamstow n, and I shall be attending this as w ell.

                      On behalf of all at the College, I w ish our students and staff involved with all of these
                      tours, trips and conferences a safe journey, an enjoyable and positive experience, and
                      the best of luck.

                      Finally, I w ould like to thank you all for your continued support this ter m, and for all the
                      positive input you have made to so many areas of our w onderful school. I w ish you a
                      relaxing and w ell-deserved break a safe return in September.
                      Yours sincerely

                      DAV E KNOWL ES

                            A South African School M aking a World of Difference                                  1

                                                          Dave and Susannah Know les had the privilege
                                                          of entertaining Mr Steyn and Mrs Hazel Krige
                                                          to tea at their home. When Mr Krige w as
                                                          Headmaster of the Boys’ College, they lived in
  CULTURAL                                                the same house, w hich has been redesigned
  DATES TO                                                since those days, and they were interested to
   DIARISE:                                               see the changes. Mr Krige w as the second
                                                          Headmaster of the Boys’ College (1962-68).
Re(per)form –
 the Musical
  Tuesday 25
  September -
  Thursday 27
  September           John van der Ruit, author of the books Spud and Spud – the
                      Madness Continues, recently gave a talk to the Boys’ College
 Art Exhibition       which was hugely entertaining. Afterwards Mr van der Reit w as
                      mobbed for his autographs by the boys and staff! We all look
   Friday 26          forward to his next two books in the series.

                                                    Waldo du Plessis (now at Baylor School, USA) came
                                                    to support Saints against St John’s w hile home for his
                                                    long summer holidays. It w as good to see him and
                                                    catch up on his studies and athletics achievements.
                                                    He has settled w ell at Baylor but does miss SA
 FORT HCOMIG                                        occasionally.

                                                We said goodbye to Philipp Buhl and Matthew Dorning,
  FOR PAST &                                    tw o Exchange students visiting from Ger many and
   PRESENT                                      Australia respectively, w ho returned home after tw o
  PUPILS WHO                                    months w ith us. They took part in many aspects of
     HAV E                                      College life and we look forward to meeting them again in
  COMPLET ED                                    the future.
   GR 0-12 AT
                      Wiehan and Jurgen de Jager saying farewell to the
   FRIDAY 7           Headmaster. They have moved w ith their parents to
  SEPTEMBER           the Western Cape, and w ill be near their tw o older
 ALL WELCOME          brothers, Hennie and Prieur ( Matric ’03 & ’05).
     RSV P:

                           A South African School M aking a World of Difference                           2
                   INTERACT INDUCTION

                   Mr Know les and Mrs Kerr attended the recent Rotary Induction Dinner to w itness
                   Nicholas Haw inkels inducted as the Boys’ College Interact Chair man. Both Peter
                   Burge and Nicholas, made excellent speeches as outgoing and incoming chair men.
                   The boys w ere accompanied by their parents and Douglas Hoernle, outgoing Vice-
                   Chairman. Nicholas and his Committee are w ished everything of the best for the next
                   year. They have many exciting plans to raise funds for a number of charities and
                   have already show n entrepreneurial spirit by selling refreshments at the Science Expo
                   at Wits Education Campus last w eek.

                   SPORT – CONGRATULATIONS


                                             Ryan Willers represented Gauteng
    MORE                                     "B" U16 hockey team. ("B" denotes
 IMPORTANT                                   Southern Gauteng). This team w on the
   DATES :                                   recent Inter- Provincial Tournament held
                                             in Durban.
  11 October:                            Mr Moabi Malebye, w ho works in the IT
  Matric’s last                          Sept, coached the Gauteng "B" U18
  school day                             hockey team (Southern Gauteng). This team w on all its
                                         matches and the Tournament overall recently held in Port
  12 October:                            Elizabeth. The score w as 3 - 0 in the final vs Kw azulu-Natal "A"
 Matric’s Final    (Coastal). Tw elve players from the Gauteng team w ere selected for South Africa –
    Chapel         five in the U18 and seven in the U17 sides.

  15 October:
 Matric Dinner     The Boys’ College U14 Team has w on the U14 Squash League. The members of the
                   team are Zaahid Allie, Mikael Cloete, Duveshan Naidoo, Dean Rickelton and Mark
  17 October:      Winckler.
Bezant to Knight
  Prizegiving      Well done to all – you have made us all immensely proud!


                          A South African School M aking a World of Difference                                            3
  26 October:
 Grade 10 & 11          NEW BOYS BEZANT PRESENTATION
                        Bezants w ere presented to the sixteen boys w ho have joined the Boys’ College since
  2 November:           the beginning of the ter m. The ceremony, conducted on the Cheetah Slopes, included
                        each boy ringing the bell at the entrance to the Chapel.
  Grade 8 & 9



                        The Round Square is alive and w ell at the Boys’ College. During the year, many boys
                        have taken part in Community Service Projects, Round Square Conferences and
                        Exchanges, both locally and internationally.

                        By the end of the year tw enty Grade 10 boys will have taken part in International
                        Exchanges to Round Square schools in countries as diverse as Peru, Thailand and
 TERTIARY               Ger many. Six boys will have visited the Boys’ College from Round Square schools
                        around the w orld during the course of the year. The international flavour that is
 SUPPORT                created as our boys come back and share their experiences of exchange and w e
COMMITTEE               listen to the stories of incoming exchange students greatly enriches our community.
       One of the       Grade 9 boys w ent on the Junior Round Square Conference at Stanford Lake College
      goals of the      in February and boys w ill be representing the Boys’ College at the Round Square
  Tertiary Support      African Regional Conference in the Western Cape dur ing the August holidays. A
  Committee is to       delegation w ill also be representing the Boys’ College at the Round Square
     match Matric       International Conference at The Daly College, Indore, India, in October. The
scholars, wanting       Conferences are opportunities for the boys to extend their world views in a multi
    to further their    cultural environment – and to have lots of fun at the same time.
careers next year,
  with companies        Boys take part in many Community Service Projects during the year, for example the
    willing to offer    Ubombo Community Project and The Saints Trek, both of w hich take place during the
 learnerships. It is    August holidays. This is quite apart from the Community Service that is undertaken by
at this time of year    other groups, such as the Leeuw kop Prison Group, the Interact Club, the Houses and
    when we start       the Parents Samaritan Group. In addition, boys can volunteer to take part in Round
  arranging these       Square International Service (RSIS) Projects, w hich take place in different countries
    matches. Any        around the w orld. Tw o Grade 11 boys, David Brown and Alex Backwell, are
businesses willing      currently taking part in the RSIS Project in India, w hile Gareth Burton-Durham and
   to participate in    Wandile Mtoba w ill take part in the RSIS Project in Guatemala in August. The boys
     this initiative,   serve the community and also develop life long friendships and learn about foreign
    kindly contact      cultures and communities.
   Gary Carter at
0832262931 or at        For further information on the Boys’ College’s 2007 Round Square activities please
garyc@dac.co.za         visit the Boys’ College w ebsite and link to “ Photographs” – “Boys’ College Photo
                        Gallery 2007” – “Round Square Activities and Community Service”.

                        Mrs Wendy Kerr
                        Round Square Co-ordinator

                               A South African School M aking a World of Difference                                            4

                         ENVIRONM ENTAL PROJECT
Over the Half Term in June a group of six boys led by Rimon du Plessis, the Round
Square Prefect, and accompanied by Mrs Marie Reynolds w orked at the Ranch doing
voluntary environmental w ork. The group w orked tirelessly to clear a fire break around
the Nyala enclosure. This is the third time that a group of Boys' College boys has
worked at the Ranch. Their contribution to the w ork at the Ranch is alw ays greatly


After almost a w eek of birthday celebrations, Mr Nelson Mandela, w as overwhelmed
by the singing and messages of congratulations of the many young people invited to a
special birthday party at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund premises in Saxonw old.
The Efeng Bacha Group (Give It to the Youth) from the Nelson Mandela Children’s
Fund formed a children’s parliament, on the day, to br iefly discuss the new Children’s
Act. Musa Mbele is a member of Efeng Bacha and he and other teenagers
expressed their concerns about the Act. Mrs Graca Michel, as w ell as other Trustees
of the Fund, has encouraged the Efeng Bacha Group to discuss the Act with the youth
nationw ide. Once this has been done, they w ill be able to consolidate the concerns of
all and challenge Parliament to effect any changes where necessary. Karabo
Seoloane and Mrs Lynde Dicks attended the function w ith Musa and w ere privileged
to meet Mrs Graca Michel.

       A South African School M aking a World of Difference                                            5
                                            OLD STITHIAN ASSOCIATION NEWS
The excitement is almost palpable! Tw entieth Century Fox has announced that Gavin Hood is set to direc t the
upcoming “Wolverine” movie!

Gavin has achieved fame for his film, "Tsotsi," w hich won the Academy Aw ard for best foreign film in 2005.
His latest film, "Rendition," starring Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal, opens later this year.
"Wolverine," starring Hugh Jackman is scheduled for release in 2008. (Mar vel News).

Jean recently competed in the All Africa Games held in Algeria. As part of the SA Mens Relay team he won a
Gold Medal in the 4x100m freestyle final.

Rob completed veterinary training at Onderstepoort in 1977. Thereafter he practiced in Ladysmith and
Turffontein before working for a commercial company. Since then he has done tw o more spells at
Onderstepoort as Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor. At the University of Wisconsin in 1984, he
completed a residency in reproduction. He w as later recruited to join the faculty at Cornell in 1988, w here
currently he is professor of Reproductive Medicine. Although he is also Senior Associate Dean there, his
research program is grow ing and he needs to devote more time to it and so has taken a lesser roll in admin,
as Associate Dean for Clinical Programs.
Rob is married to Kathleen and they have tw o children David and Mary-Anne, aged 25 and 22.

(going on to earn a B.V.Sc. degree at the University of Pretoria and a
Ph.D. at Louisiana State University) has recently been appointed Dean of
the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University.

Born to Mark and his w ife Tamara, a son James, on 2 July; w eighed in at 4.5 kgs - future 1st XV flank?

                                                                 CHAPEL SERVICE
                                                        FOR PAST & PRESENT
                                                   PUPILS WHO HAVE COMPLET ED
                                                             GR 0-12 AT
                                                ST STITHIANS BOYS’ PREP & COLL EGE

                                                              FRIDAY 7 SEPT EMBER
                                                                 ALL WELCOM E


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