The FundamenTals OF PrivaTe equiTy and venTure CaPiTal by niusheng11


18 – 20 m
   The fundamentals of private equity and venture capital
   3-day training course covering core fundamentals and investor focus

   The FundamenTals
   OF PrivaTe equiTy
   and venTure CaPiTal

The Brazilian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (ABVCAP) and
PEI Media are proud to present The Fundamentals of Private Equity and Venture
Capital – Brazil. The three-day training course will be held in São Paulo between
18 – 20 May 2011.
  The Private Equity and Venture Capital community in Brazil and the rest
of Latin America continues to grow year after year. Investors are also more
attractive to investments in the region. This course will provide the tools
necessary for professionals active in private equity and venture capital to
expand their understanding about the industry and enhance their abilities
to develop more business relationships.
ABVCAP – The Brazillian Private Equity   PEI Media – Our training division is geared to deliver a high quality and practical
and Venture Capital Association is       learning experience. PEI Training draws on our deep expertise in alternative asset
a non-profit organisation founded in     classes – private equity, real estate and infrastructure. PEI training delivers several
2000. It represents the industry and     powerful reasons why leading institutions choose us as their training provider:
works to promote the development
of long-term investments.                u Expert faculty – Our trainers are seasoned        u Valuable collateral – All attendees receive
    Its mandate is also to improve         specialists coupled with highly regarded            substantial course material for ongoing
industry conditions for GPs and LPs,       industry practitioners, bringing you the            reference as well as discounts on our
advance understanding about the            latest in teaching techniques, thought              magazines, books, directories
industry and promote best practices        leadership and real-world application.              and databases.
that are aligned with international      u Optimal learning environments –                   u In-house – We also offer bespoke
industry standards.                        Our courses are strictly limited to small class     in-house training where you define
     ABVCAP´s membership includes          sizes to ensure a greater level of interaction      the course requirements and we provide
more than 120 members, representing        between our trainers and class members.             the right people and the right structure to
key active players in the Brazilian                                                            deliver a unique training experience.
private equity and venture capital
community. ABVCAP members                Delegates from the following companies have attended a PEI Training course:
comprise institutional investors
including Brazil´s major pension         u 3i                       u Cambridge              u EEA Fund               u Kenda Capital
funds, local and international           u Abraaj Capital             Associates               Management             u Lyceum Capital
general partners and service             u Abu Dhabi                u Canada Pension         u Finnfund               u MVision Private
providers among others.                    Investment                 Plan                   u Fondinvest               Equity Advisers
                                           Authority                u CLSA Capital             Capital                u NBK Capital
For more information please              u Actis                      Partners               u Gartmore               u Ontario Teachers'
contact Cristiane Nascimento,            u Brunei Investment        u Coller Capital         u Greenpark                Pension Plan
Project Manager                            Agency                   u Dunedin                  Capital                u Northern Trust                For more information please contact Kapriel Kasbarian, Head of Training:
Tel: +55-21-3970-2432           Tel: +44 207 566 5437
The FundamenTals OF PrivaTe equiTy and venTure CaPiTal

The Fundamentals of Private Equity and Venture Capital is a comprehensive and
intensive course, aimed at professionals who need to expand their understanding
of private equity and venture capital. The course is highly practical and
interactive, involving case studies, group work, exercises and presentations.

WhO                             u Private equity professionals
                                u Institutional and family office
                                                                                u Bankers and
                                                                                  corporate financiers
shOuld                            investors                                     u Corporate M&A teams
aTTend?                         u Accountants
                                u Consultants
                                                                                u Lawyers
                                                                                u Placement specialists

learning OuTCOmes
Attendees of this 3-day course will gain an understanding of:
u Key tools, concepts                       u Structuring a transaction               u Returns and reporting
  and techniques                            u Adding value to the                     u Building and managing
u Mechanics of the                            portfolio company                         a private equity program
  LBO process                               u Generating deal flow                    u Relationships with
u The investor/                               and identifying deals                     general partners
  management relationship                   u Different strategies                    u Limited partnerships and
u Financial and legal                       u Private equity and venture                key terms and conditions
  considerations of the buyout                capital in the portfolio                u Due diligence

abOuT The Trainer
                 Garry Sharp has 25 years’ experience            to the private equity industry. He sold Independent Direction
                 as a practitioner, consultant and adviser       in 2005 to concentrate on training and writing, although he
                 in the private equity and venture capital       continues to work in an advisory capacity in private equity.
                 markets, and has provided training              He is an independent director of a bank owned PE fund in
                 in the industry since 1990. He joined           Mauritius, Executive Editor of the UK Institute of Chartered
                 independent venture capital company             Accountants’ Corporate Finance manual, non-executive
                 Baronsmead in 1985, becoming a                  director of a privately owned recruitment company in the
                 director and shareholder following              UK and adviser to a PE fund manager in Cairo.
                 Baronsmead’s own Management Buy
                 Out in 1989. During the early 1990’s            Garry has delivered private equity and related courses in
the company grew to become one of the UK’s largest               Western and Eastern Europe, Dubai, Bahrain, South Africa,
independent private equity firms and was acquired by fund        Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Tanzania. He has
manager Ivory & Sime in 1996. Shortly thereafter Garry left to   also had 7 books published on the topics of private equity,
co-found Independent Direction, a specialist consultancy         management buy outs and mergers and acquisitions.

COurse COnTenT
São Paulo 18 – 20 May 2011
DAYS 1 AND 2 – COre FundamenTals   Due diligence                   u Term sheets
                                                                   u Venture vs buyouts
What is private equity                                             u Weeding out the Skypes from
                                   u Commercial/Strategic
and venture capital?               u Management                      the
                                   u Legal
The evolution of the               u Accounting
                                                                   Different strategies
asset class to present
                                   Adding value to the             u Distressed
u Origins                                                          u Real estate and infrastructure
u Types of private equity          portfolio company               u Cleantech
u Growth and evolution                                             u Mid-market vs mega deals
u Capital and deal flow            u Sector expertise
                                                                   u Mega funds and club deals
                                   u Cost efficiencies
                                   u Operational improvements
The key players                    u Economies of scale            Conclusions and review
and their roles                    u New markets and products
                                                                   u Market outlook
u General partners                 Generating deal flow
u Limited partners
u Placement agents                 and identifying deals           DAY 3 – PrivaTe equiTy and venTure CaPiTal
                                                                           in The POrTFOliO
u Advisors - legal and financial
                                   u Proprietary deal flow
                                                                   Asset allocation – Private
                                   u Building sector expertise
The fund cycle                     u Presenting the PE model to    equity and venture capital
                                     entrepreneurs                 in your portfolio
u Fundraising
u Deal flow                                                        u PE and VC vs other asset classes
u Deal selection and execution     Legal issues
u Managing the portfolio
u Exits                            u Key documentation             Accessing the market –
                                   u Contracts
                                                                   GP fundraising, placement
Structuring a deal                                                 agents and fund of funds
                                   Venture capital                 (gate keepers)
u Methods, tools and techniques
u Incentives and motivation        u Dot com bust to present day
                                                                   u Co-investments
u Use of leverage                  u Financing stages
                                                                   u Directs
                                                                              What past delegates say about PEI training courses:

u Secondaries - fund interests vs directs      How to be a good LP            What a wonderfully
u Valuing positions and making exits –
  active portfolio management                                                 insightful, timely and
                                               Due diligence
                                                                              comprehensive course.
How to build and manage                        u GP level
                                               u Fund level                   This fundamentals course
a private equity program
                                                                              was extremely valuable
u Focus/strategy                               Reporting and what to look     with excellent content
                                               out for                        and instruction.
What to look for in a GP
                                               Fees and carry
u Returns and relationships                                                   To book, visit www.
u Managing your GPs
u Analysing fund performance
                                               u Alignment of interests
u Communicating with your GPs,                                                or call +44 20 7566 5437
  the IR team                                  Advisory boards
                                                                                supported by:
Liquidity and returns                          The media and their interest
                                               in PE
u J-Curves
u Returns and cashflow analysis                u When deals go wrong
u Secondary markets                            u Post Walker report

Limited partnerships                           Exercises – review
                                               agreements / comparing
u Negotiating key terms and conditions
u Management fees and carry
                                               funds and case studies
u Tactics, pitfalls and what to look out for
                                               Current environment –
                                               LP influence, sovereign
                                               wealth funds
                                                                The FundamenTals OF PrivaTe
   To book, visit                                               equiTy and venTure CaPiTal
  www.peimedia.                                                 São Paulo 18 – 20 May 2011
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            London, EC1Y 0SG, UK                                                                                    Email

notes:                                                          Payment can be made by American Express, Visa, MasterCard or by wire transfer. Full payment must be
• The course fee does not include travel or
  accommodation expenses incurred by attendees.                 received prior to the event. If registering four weeks or less prior to the event, payment must be made by
• Each attendee will receive detailed instructions prior to     credit card.
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