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Volume 1, Issue 1                                                        tri-school CLC             September - October 2010

Gaspe-Perce CLC „Fun-Fair‟
…big success for the tri-school Community Learning

Gaspe elementary school hosts fall “Fun-Fair”
Gaspe-Perce Community Learning Centre
On Saturday September 18th parents and partners along with                Thank You!!!
students and staff got together for some fun and light-hearted
discussion about the community we live in. Information booths were          Thank you one and all for working so hard in making
set up in the gym where CLC partners mingled and discussed with             this year's National School Run Day a huge success!
adults and children about some of the services that they offer in this
region. Close to 100 people came out to participate in activities for
                                                                            Your dedication, heart and encouragement are what
the young and young at heart. Lunch was served outside on a                 make it all possible, year after year. You have passed
beautiful sunny afternoon. A good time was had by all and everyone          Terry's message of hope, courage and determination to
agreed we should do this more often. Another “fun-fair” is in the           another generation of amazing kids, and for that we can
planning stages for next spring. Please plan to join us!
                                                                            never thank you enough.

CEDEC chair Brian Jackaman and school board commissioner Ron
Mundle share some fun. Photo by B.J.  continued on page 2

INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                                         Graduating class of 2020!

1        CLC “Fun-Fair, Terry Fox Foundation
         Activities, GES, GPS, BAS
3        Circus School, Quebec en forme
         CLC Activity nights
         Schedule, activity calendar
6        Odds and ends, contact information
7        Action Plan, sustainability
         Short term outcomes, student distribution

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                                                                  Newsletter 1
                                           continued from page 1

                                                                       Activity day at the Poly…building
Photo by B.J.
                                                                       pyramids. Below: Trampoline fun.
Having some fun with a parachute,
that‟s teamwork! Cat and mouse and
building a shelter… fun…wow!

Photo by B.J.                                                          Students learning to juggle.

We would like to thank all the people
who attended and in particular the
teachers and staff from all three
schools who participated.

Thank you to: Carla Shaw, Service Canada, Sylvia Aspirot, Gaspesian
CEDEC, Brian Jackaman, Vision Gaspe-Perce Now, Peter Ross,
Laura Paul, CASA, Roberta Billingsley, Wakeham Adult Ed., Debbie
Adams, Karen Briand, Cegep: English sector, Gaspe/M.I., Gaye
Wadham, Parks Canada, Bobby Carrier, Gaspe Circus School,
Christine Piercey, Colleen Drohan, Gaspe Bottling, Marquita Roberts,
Beryl Boyle, Angela Boyle, Jennifer Roy, Howard Miller, Sheryl
                                                             Newsletter 2
Miller, , and Paule Langevin, CLC director.
                                                                                                     continued from page 1

                                                            Our Students have a chance to

                                                            Be a Part of History!
                                                               This is our students' opportunity to describe what Terry

                                                             Fox means to them and to means to me
                                                            What Terry Fox contribute to an important
                   Gaspe-Perce                                 commemoration of his amazing legacy!
 The community learning centre in partnership                  Students living in Canada who are in Grade 12 or
 with the Gaspe Circus school and Quebec en                  …the tri-school CLC raised more than $3000 for the
                                                               under can participate in the challenge. They’ll get to
 Forme presents:
                                                             Terry Fox Fox Foundation….excellent!!! and/or a
                                                               use their creative talents to create a quote

                                                               design concept that will inspire the creators of the new
   CLC activity nights! Circus initiation!
                                                               Terry Fox Mile “0” Memorial Site in St. John's, NL.
 When? Starting October 15 (Friday night) from
 7:00 – 9:00pm. (See calendar for other dates).                The three authors/creators of the selected
                                                               quote and/or design concept will be brought
 Where? In the gym at the Gaspe Elementary
 school.                                                       to Ottawa, Ontario (accompanied by a
                                                               parent/legal guardian), to take part in a
 Who? All students, their parents, grandparents                ceremony in November 2010. In addition,
 and families.
                                                               each participant will receive a package of
 What? Circus activities for the young and young               inspirational items that commemorate
 at heart. Wear your gym clothes and running                   Terry’s legacy. Check it out on facebook at:
 shoes. Learn how to juggle, jump on a trampoline,
 dance, acrobatics, make pyramids, manipulate the
 ‘diablo’ and much more!

 Why? We would like to provide a safe place for
 people to move around and have some fun!!!

 How much? It’s free! (Voluntary contributions
 accepted)                  continued on page 5

Students from BAS have some fun in the CLC activity room.
                                                    Newsletter 3
 Type a description of your event here.
                  Vision: “our CLC is a partnership of 3 schools that opens its doors during the day,
                  beyond school hours and often on weekends, and works with partners; local
                  businesses, service providers, health and community organizations, to offer
                  activities in the school that are geared to students, parents and community
                  members. The purpose is to promote student success, lifelong learning and
                  community vitality.”

Activity night-Circus school- CLC activity centre. Above: building capacity (pyramids- trampoline and juggling)
Below: final stretches…everyone sleeps well tonight!

   Mission: “our CLC promotes the well being of the English speaking community of Gaspe-Perce through a
   focus on life-long learning and active cooperation with our francophone and aboriginal neighbors.”

                                                       Newsletter 4

September 17th ……………Open house, CLC activity room
September 18th ………… Fun-Fair
October 15th   ………… Circus night, activity room
November 19th ………… Circus night, activity room
December 3rd ………… Circus night, activity room
January 21st   ………… Circus night, activity room
February 11th …………… Circus night, activity room
February 25th …………… Circus night, activity room
March 11th …………… Circus night, activity room
March 18th …………… Circus night, activity room
April 8th    ……………….Volunteer appreciation night
May 6th    …………………Circus night, activity room
May 20th …………………Circus night, activity room
June 3rd ………………… Spring Fun-Fair

Friday night CLC activities:

       we need teenagers and adults to help supervise the
        younger children
       we need financial help if we are to provide juice
        and healthy snacks for these activities
       we need your input and support for these
        community based activities

We are preparing a ‘wish-list’ of things we would like to
have. For example, if we had exercise equipment in
reasonable condition, we might be able to set up a workout
room for those who are inclined…

                                                             Students from GES & BAS enjoy circus school activities
                                                             from their Cegep location. Below, the circus school
                                                             comes to the Poly during activity day.

 Our belief is: “that while we consider our action plan, the first question we ask ourselves: will this activity
 help our students/community achieve greater success and well-being in their lives? If yes, then we all

                                                       Newsletter 5
Odds and ends

             Video conference on October 13th at the Poly, 1-3pm (see community calendar on
             Grieving support group meeting at GES on October 20th (see community announcements on
             Meeting with Gaspe SPCA to develop ties with our schools
             Meeting with Quebec en forme to develop new ideas for the English speaking community
             Develop a wish list for things we need to run a community centre.
             Start up a fund raising campaign to support long term sustainability for the CLC.
             Grief support group meets on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30pm at GES
             Next CLC activity night on November 19th at GES
             CLC meetings in Montreal

            CLC Strength: Three principals joining forces with our partners to offer services in each of
            their schools… Caring and committed community partners… Parents and teachers getting on
            board… Improving communications…

                                                   Guitar lessons at the Poly

Exercising using video conference: students at the Poly work out with former middle-weight boxing champion Otis Grant.

Contact information:   Don Barclay, coordinator Telephone: (418)-368-2903
                       Beryl Boyle GES Principal – (418) 368-2259    ~         Jennifer Roy GPS Principal- (418) 368-6532
                                                   Howard Miller BAS Principal – (418) 645-2236

                                                  THE CLC JOURNAL 6
                                         Gaspé /Percé Community Learning Centre
                                                      Tri-school CLC
                                 Gaspé Elementary/ Gaspé Polyvalent/ Belle Anse Elementary

Vision “the CLC is a partnership of 3 schools that opens its doors during the day, beyond school
hours and often on weekends and works with community organizations to offer activities in
the school that are geared to students, parents and community members. The purpose is to
promote student success, lifelong learning, and community vitality.”

Mission: “The Community Learning Centre promotes the well being of the English speaking
community of Gaspe-Perce through a focus on life-long learning and inclusive collaboration of
all linguistic and cultural partners.”

Our belief is: “Whatever actions we undertake, we ask ourselves one simple question: Will this
activity help our students achieve greater success in their lives? If so, by extension we all

Strength: 3 Principals joining forces with their partners to offer services in each of their schools

                                           Action Plan: A work in progress
Long-term goal: To provide the necessary wrap around services to complement academic components by removing barriers to
      Meeting the basic needs of students and their families that remove impediments to student learning.
      CLC students succeed academically
      Students are healthy physically, socially and emotionally

Activities that are already taking place or are in the formative stage:

             o    Sexuality workshops
             o    Dental hygienist
             o    VCN workshops for parents
             o    Photo contest
             o    ESSB sponsored events
             o    Wellness activities
             o    Milk program
             o    Karate @ lunch
             o    Homework program
             o    Partnership for prevention (Vision – Laura Paul)
             o    School newspaper
             o    School nurse – vaccines
             o    Youth criminal justice system presentation, partnership with CASA
             o    Sexologist
             o    Noon hour: remediation, social clubs, yearbook, grad, art, jewelry making etc…
             o    Basketball
             o    Sport etudes (ex: hockey)
             o    After school program – tutoring, seniors, music, karate
             o    Partnering with local French schools
             o    Park Forillon visit
             o    Community Library
             o    CJE
             o    VCN workshops – schools
             o    Second/Third language instruction (French, English, Spanish…)

                                                      THE CLC JOURNAL 7
             o    Mother Goose – early literacy program
             o    CEGEP volunteers, VCN, recruitment …
             o    Tutoring: CEGEP, Poly, Adult Ed., elementary…

Long-term goal: CLC is a caring environment where students, parents and community partners come together to learn and share
    Re-Engage parents and wider community with the schools
    Our youth grow up in a stable and supportive environment
    Students live and learn in a stable environment

Activities that are already taking place or are in the formative stage:

    o    School activities – swimming, skating, visits to Park Forillon
    o    Art program
    o    Newspaper, newsletter.
    o    Christmas concert
    o    School activities: Wellness program, Circus, activity days etc…
    o    Christmas concert – meal Adult Ed. (French side)
    o    Remembrance Day activities
    o    Halloween party
    o    Belle Anse Cineplex (movie nights - popcorn)
    o    Theatre activity
    o    Thanksgiving dinner
    o    Valentine’s Day
    o    Renovating the residence
    o    Guitar lessons
    o    Fun-Fair
    o    Art Smarts
    o    Terry Fox
    o    Music group
    o    Secondary I – Grade 6 mentoring activity

Long-term goal: The Gaspé/Percé region has a vibrant, committed English population
    Addressing the needs as expressed by community members, both adults and youth alike. Providing a safe and healthy,
        long term facility for all to participate in a variety of fun activities that cross sports, cultural, and social domains
    Youth take ownership of their future
    Our community develops a sustainable active life style.

Activities that are already taking place or are in the formative stage:
              o Staff social club events
              o Fundraising campaigns
              o Motivational speakers – ex: Dwayne Morgan
              o Drug & Alcohol awareness
              o Self-esteem workshops
              o ESSB sponsored regional tournaments – soccer, track, basketball, softball…
              o Swimming program – Saturdays
              o Tubing at Pont Rouge – local snowshoeing
              o VCN community workshops
              o Volunteer centre – Vision, training for volunteers
              o Movie nights
              o Popcorn
              o Activity nights

                                                      THE CLC JOURNAL 8
Short-term outcomes and activities
      Instills greater confidence, develops better work habits, encourages social dynamic among fellow students,
            o team building., homework program, tutoring, mentoring
      Students and teachers will be more engaged in learning activities
            o Community Based Learning
      Encourages teachers and students to try a new modality of learning, profit from students’ interests and strengths in visual
       literacy, high level interactive learning with new teachers, and speakers, and students from other regions of the province,
       country and world
            o VCNwill help Students have a greater, holistic, world view beyond the confines of their regular classroom.
      Students will demonstrate a more worldly understanding of the vast array of valuable networks available to them through
       government, business and community organizations
            o Carefour Jeunesse Emploi
      Our youth and adults will adopt better behaviors
            o Reduction in local youth obesity levels; increased physical fitness and establishment of healthy eating habits
                 among youth and their families
            o Risky behaviors are addressed
            o New Knowledge on diet and exercise will be made available to help change attitudes toward health and
            o Youth and adult actively participate in a wide variety of physical activity, in their daily lives, making them more
                 physically fit
      Establishment of a workable and effective communication network between school and home such that families are well
       aware of the variety of goods and services available within the community – with the CLC acting as the hub or
       information provider
            o CLC Fun Fair
            o Parenting workshop
            o Health information sessions
      Community Members are empowered to express their wants and needs and are engaged in social and civic activities
            o CLC community has economic viability
            o Adults improve their skills through life long learning
            o Adults take the opportunity to learn a second or third language.
      Providing an efficient, effective and interactive communication service to our community such that all members would
       have easy access to a wider, more complete listing of activities that are occurring throughout our region
      Establishment of a vibrant youth and adult readership in a region like Gaspe, which is unaccustomed to quality, English
       reading materials.
            o Monthly CLC open house (activity nights)
            o Library
            o Book club

      Students and parents enjoy the CLC activity center for quiet reading or for playing pool, ping-pong or Wii games.

                                                    THE CLC JOURNAL 9
     Residential pattern of students in the tri-school CLC


11                                                           2

      18              37




                                           20                    23


                       THE CLC JOURNAL 10

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