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The fire pump, driver, controller, and accessories shall all be furnished by the pump manufacturer. The
pumping unit shall be listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. (UL) and/or Factory Mutual Research Corp.
(FM). The pumping unit shall also meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association, pamphlet
No. 20 (NFPA 20), and be acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.

                                                  FIRE PUMP
The fire pump shall be rated at           GPM, when operating at its rated differential head of
        PSI. The fire pump shall deliver not less than 150% of the rated capacity at a pressure not less than 65%
of the rated head. The shutoff head shall not exceed 140% of the rated head. Suction pressure at the pump inlet
is expected to be       PSI.

The pump shall be a horizontal split case, double suction, bronze fitted centrifugal pump mounted on a common
baseplate with the pump driver complete with coupling and coupling guard. The pump shall have a common
horizontal centerline between the suction and discharge connections. The suction and discharge connections are
also the same size, thus elimination the need for pipe increasers and decreasers. The pump shall be a R-B Pump
model           covered by a 5-year warranty.

                                            PUMP ACCESSORIES

The following accessories shall be furnished by the pump manufacturer. The fittings, which are subject to
pump discharge pressure, shall be rated for 125 PSI (250 PSI) ANSI B16.1 pressure operation.

       ____   Automatic Air Release Valve ½’            ____ Suction & Discharge Gauges with 3 ½” dials
       ____   Casing Relief Valve, ¾” Adjustable        ____ Eccentric Suction Reducer ___”x___”
       ____   Concentric Discharge Increaser ___”x___” ____ Ball Drip Valve ½”
       ____   Drip Rim Baseplate                        ____ Package Mounted
       ____   Hose Valve Header ___”, with ____ Hose Valve, Caps and Chains
       ____   R-B Venturi Flow Meter, UL or FM approved, Meter Reading in GPM, Flow Sensor, accessories
       ____   Main Relief Valve ___” with ___”x___” open or enclosed waste cone

                                             ELECTRIC MOTOR
The electric motor driver for the fire pump shall be a standard NEMA design B, open drip-proof, 1.15 service
factor, squirrel cage induction motor with grease lubricated ball bearings. The motor shall be UL listed for fire
pump service. The locked rotor current shall not exceed the values specified in NFPA 20. The motor shall be
____ Hp @ _            rpm wound for ___ volt, __ Phase, ___ cycle operation as required by the fire pump.

                                     ELECTRIC MOTOR CONTROLLER
The controller shall be UL listed and FM approved for fire pump service and shall meet or exceed all the
requirements of the latest edition of NFPA 20 and the National Electric Code (NFPA 70). The controller shall
be of the combined manual and automatic type designed for:
        ____ Across the Line Starting
        ____ Reduced Voltage Starting
        ____ Limited Service Starting
type operation having the same horsepower, voltage, phase, and frequency rating as the motor. The circuit
breaker interrupting capacity shall not be less than:
       ____ 42,000 AIC sym. (for 208-240V)
       ____ 30,000 AIC sym. (for 380-480V)
       ____ 22,000 AIC sym. (for 550-600V)
       ____ or special _________ AIC

The controller shall contain but not be limited to the following components:

Isolating switch (not provided on limited service controllers)
Circuit breaker, of appropriate size & rating
Motor starter, for automatic & manual starting
Power on pilot light, start & stop pushbuttons
Contacts for remote indication of “Pump Run”, “Loss of Power”, and “Phase Reversal”
0-300 PSI pressure switch with adjustable settings
Control relays & control circuit transformer
Running period timer set for 10 minutes (may be deleted)
Emergency run handle with mechanical latch

Optional features shall also be provided as listed below:

       ____ Automatic transfer switch for transfer to an alternate power source, assembled as part of the
       ____ Pressure recorder UL/FM with battery backup
       ____ Low suction pressure alarm & shutdown panel with automatic or (manual) reset
       ____ Special enclosure (standard NEMA 2) NEMA 3R ___, 12 ___, 4 ___, 4X ___
       ____ Extra auxiliary contacts
       ____ Space heater with thermostat or humidistat
       ____ 0-600 PSI pressure switch
       ____ Remote alarm panel, visual & audible
       ____ Built-in alarm panel
       ____ Sequential start
       ____ Package mounted. Controller mounted on pump base & wired to motor

                                               DIESEL DRIVEN
The diesel engine driver shall be a model _______ rated for _____ Hp @ ______ rpm and shall be UL listed &
FM approved for fire pump service & shall meet or exceed all the requirements of NFPA 20. The engine shall
have a HP rating equal to or greater than the maximum BHP requirement of the fire pump when operating at
any point on its performance curve.

The engine shall be equipped with the following standard features:

Governor to regulate engine speed within 10%
Over speed shutdown device with manual reset
Battery contactors
Alternator or generator for battery recharging
Heat exchanger cooling system
Raw water cooling line as per NFPA 20
Battery rack and cables
Instrument panel with tachometer, oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, and hour meter
Dual set batteries
Junction box with numbered terminals to correspond with terminals in controller
Fuel tank ____ Gallon         Single Wall ___       Double Wall ___
Fuel system
Exhaust silencer ___ Industrial ___ Residential ___ Critical Grade

                                      DIESEL ENGINE CONTROLLER
The engine controller shall be UL listed and FM approved for fire pump service and shall meet or exceed the
requirements of NFPA 20. The controller shall provide complete automatic and manual operation of the diesel
engine including automatic weekly testing. Standard features shall include the following items:

Dual battery chargers, Selector switch, 0-300 PSI pressure switch, Pressure recorder
Visual signals with common alarm for each of the following conditions: Low oil pressure, High water
temperature, Failure to start, Over speed shutdown, Battery 1 or 2 failure
Automatic cranking cycle with 6 cranking attempts alternating between both battery sets.
Separate terminals to signal the following conditions: Engine running, Selector Mis-set, Trouble on engine or

Options to be furnished as follows:
____ Remote start
____ AC power failure start
____ Sequential start
____ 0-600 PSI pressure switch
____ Special enclosures (NEMA 2 standard) NEMA 3R ___ 12 ___ 4 ___ 4X___
Additional visual & audible alarms in controller:
____ Low fuel level
____ Low pump house temperature
____ Low suction pressure (switch by others)
____ Reservoir low (switch by others)
Additional remote contacts to signal the following conditions:
____ Failure to start
____ Low oil pressure
____ High water temperature
____ Over speed
____ Battery 1 failure
____ Battery 2 failure
____ AC or charger failure
Remote alarm panel with “power on light” & visual & audible indication of: Engine running, Engine trouble,
Selector switch mis-set
____ Additional contacts for added alarms
                                                 JOCKEY PUMP
A jockey pump shall be furnished to provide           GPM at         PSI with a suitable electric motor wound
for     phase,    cycle,       volt operation. If the pump shutoff pressure exceeds the working pressure of the
system, or a regenerative turbine or positive displacement pump is supplied, a suitable casing relief valve shall
be supplied.

                                       JOCKEY PUMP CONTROLLER
The jockey pump controller shall incorporate a magnetic starter, H-O-A selector switch, fusible disconnect, and
a pressure switch having a range of 0-300 PSI minimum. The unit shall be completely wired and assembled in
a suitable enclosure with access door.

Accessory features are to be furnished as listed below:
____ Circuit breaker
____ Control transformer
____ 0-600 PSI pressure switch
____ Special enclosure (Standard NEMA 1 or NEMA 2 depending on manufacturer), NEMA 3R ____ 12 ___
     4 ___ 4X___

                                     FACTORY PERFORMANCE TEST
The fire pump shall be hydrostatically tested to one and a half times the shutoff pressure of the pump but in no
case less than 250 PSI. Each fire pump shall also be given a complete performance test. A certified
performance curve shall be prepared for each fire pump after testing is completed. All factory testing will be in
accordance with UL/FM and NFPA-20 requirements.
All controllers shall be completely tested before shipment from their manufacturer.

                                        FIELD ACCEPTANCE TEST
A field acceptance test shall be conducted upon completion of the fire pump installation. The test shall be
conducted as recommended in NFPA 20 in the presence of the authority having jurisdiction. A field
performance characteristic curve shall be produced and compared for verification to the factory performance