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                             My TN Digital Phone
                            Broadband Phone (VoIP)

VoIP – Monthly Plan           $19.95 MRC
                              Unlimited Calling to the U.S. & Canada
                              PLUS 300 minutes to 22 Int’l Destinations Included
                              Call Waiting
                              Caller ID
                              3 Way Calling
                              Call Forwarding
                              Web Portal

                         What is My TN Digital Phone?

        My TN Digital Phone is the complete Digital Phone Service for your busy
lifestyle. With My TN Digital Phone, you get all the calling features you need to run
your home with ease and efficiency for one, low monthly fee. VoIP (meaning Voice
over Internet Protocol) transmits calls over Broadband Internet connections unlike
traditional phone services that route calls over wires buried in the ground. Calls are
made and received as they would be with traditional phones, however, VoIP service
can also be used when traveling, allowing calls to be made from anywhere in the

                             Requirements for VoIP

 •   Broadband Internet Service (DSL or Cable)

 •   My TN Digital Phone Device (ATA VoIP Analog Telephone Adaptor)

 •   A Phone (Recommended: Analog Cordless Phone system with base station
     and multiple handsets.

                                Program Details

Service Type                             VoIP (Broadband Phone)
Customer Service E-Mail        
Customer Service Phone                   1-866-520-5708
Customer Service Fax                     1-805-693-1200
Customer Service Hours                   Monday-Friday 7:30am – 5:30pm PST
                                       Long Distance

Long Distance Only                 3.9¢ per minute plus a $3.95 MRC
                                   Make State-to-State Long Distance calls 24/7
                                   No Minimum usage requirement

                                  Local & Long Distance

Call to Connect – Simple           Unlimited local calling
                                   30 Long Distance Minutes (in the US) Included

Call to Connect                    Unlimited Local Calling
                                   120 Long Distance Minutes (in the US) Included

Call to Connect – Plus             Unlimited Local Calling
                                   120 Long Distance Minutes (in the US) Included
                                   Caller ID, Call Waiting, & Call Waiting ID Included

                                     Program Details

Service Type                                     Long Distance & All-Distance
Billing Options                                  Monthly
Customer Service E-Mail                
Customer Service Hours                           Monday-Friday 8am-5pm PST

                           Additional Customer Care Issues

If you have any problems with your service, please call Power Net Global
Toll-free at 1-800-860-9495, press 3 for customer service
1-800-860-9496, press 3
Web site:
                          Unified Messaging

Message Center           $4.95 Per Month
                         Stay in touch 24/7
                         Get up-to-date news, events, promotions, contests
                         & more with your organization
                         Receive content direct from leadership
Go800 Plus               $8.95 Per Month
                         Personal Toll-Free Number
                         Answering Service
                         Phone/Web Inbox
                         Find Me
                         Call Screening
                         Call Forwarding
                         Online Storage
                         Personal Greeting
GoOffice Plus            $15.95 Per Month
                         Personal Toll-Free Number
                         Virtual Office (voicemail, fax, email)
                         Phone/Web Inbox
                         Find Me
                         Inbound / Outbound Fax
                         Speech Recognition
                         Personal Greeting

                           Program Details

Service Type                        Unified Messaging
Customer Service Phone              1-866-2-GOSOLO
Customer Service Hours              8am-12am EST, 7 days a week
                           Dial-Up Internet

VISP Dial-Up Internet    $9.95 Per Month
                         5 Personal Email Accounts
                         100 MB of Storage Per Email Account (500 MB)
                         Customizable Home Page
                         40,000 local dial-up access numbers
                         Optional Content Filtering available
                         Free 24/7 Support

                          Program Details

Service Type                        Dial-Up Internet
Customer Service Phone              877-530-1690
Customer Service Hours              24 Hours a day 7 Days a week

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