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									                            LEAH DIPLACIDO, PHD
37 Rivermead • Avon, CT 06001 • (203) 915-7577 • leah@placidmedicalwriting.com

Leah DiPlacido, Ph.D. brings over 10 years of experience in biomedical research, writing, and
editing when managing each new project. She is a meticulous and enthusiastic researcher, writer,
and editor with a firm foundation in and broad knowledge of the molecular and cellular
mechanisms of disease.

  PhD in Immunology                                                                         2009
   Yale University, New Haven, CT
 BA in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology                                       2001
   University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.

                            PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT

Writing and Editing Skills:
 Abstracts, posters, tables, figures, research manuscripts, grants, reviews, editorials, health
  interest articles, newsletters
Areas of Expertise:
 Autoimmune disorders: Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), rheumatoid arthritis, multiple
  sclerosis, diabetes
 Infectious diseases: Mechanisms of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections, and associated
  immune responses
 Allergy: Asthma, indoor/outdoor allergies, food allergies
 Vaccines: Design and development
 Drugs: Mechanism of action, and side effects
 Cancer: Development of, immune response to, and treatment of cancer.
Technology Skills:
   Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel
   Endnote citation software
   GraphPad Prism (statistics software)
   Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, InDesign
   Literature searches both in library and online. (e.g. pubmed search engine).
   Generally skilled with computers, and proficient in learning and mastering new software

                              PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Science Review Officer
SRA International, Inc.                                                    February 2009-Present
Duties: Facilitate expert peer review of grants
for medical research for SRA International, Inc.
clients. Recruit expert panel members, summarize
grant critiques.

Biomedical Health Writer                                                   November 2009- Present
LIVESTRONG.com (LS Health)
              LEAH DIPLACIDO, PHD • (203) 915-7577 • leah@placidmedicalwriting.com

Duties: Write feature articles targeted towards
a general audience interested in health. Topics include
health, disease, vaccines, and drugs.

Biomedical Health Writer                                            January 2010-Present
Duties: Write a weekly feature article on various topics
within type 2 diabetes.

Editor                                                              January 2010-Present
Bioscience Writers (www.biosciencewriters.com)
Duties: Edit biomedical research manuscripts in preparation
for submission to scientific peer-reviewed medical journals. Edit
with a focus on correct use of grammar, clarity, and flow.

Postdoctoral Research Associate                                     Sept. 2009- Jan. 2010
Laboratory of Zihai Li, MD, PhD
Department of Immunology
University of Connecticut Health Center
Farmington, CT
Project: Managed an independent research project by
investigating both intrinsic and extrinsic roles of the heat
shock protein gp96 in the activation and differentiation of
effector T cell subsets.

Postdoctoral Research Associate                                     Jan. 2009 – Aug. 2009
Laboratory of Joseph Craft, MD
Department of Immunology
Yale University
New Haven, CT
Project: Investigated novel human follicular helper
T cell markers in collaboration with medical doctors
in the pediatric surgery department at Yale/New Haven hospital.

Doctoral Graduate Student                                           Sept. 2002- Jan. 2009
Laboratory of Joseph Craft, MD
Department of Immunology
Yale University
New Haven, CT
Project: Lead an independent research project investigating
follicular helper and pro-inflammatory T cell development
and their roles in disease using a murine model of lupus.
Yale University
New Haven, CT

Laboratory Technician                                               May 2000-May 2001
Laboratory of Brian Staskowicz, PhD
Department of Plant and Microbial Biology
University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
Project: Performed an independent research project with
            LEAH DIPLACIDO, PHD • (203) 915-7577 • leah@placidmedicalwriting.com

guidance and completed goal of creating site-directed
mutations in the Xanthamonas AvrXv4 avirulence gene.

                             SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS

      DiPlacido LD, Craft J. Upregulation of CXCR4 and Downregulation of PSGL-1 define
       Follicular Helper T cells in Systemic Autoimmunity. (Manuscript in preparation.)

      DiPlacido LD, and Craft J. Emerging from the Shadows: Follicular Helper T Cells in
       Autoimmunity. Arthritis and Rheumatism. 2010; 62(1):6-8.

      DiPlacido LD*, Odegard JM*, Greenwald L, Kashgarian M, Kono DH, Dong C, Flavell
       RA, Craft J.ICOS controls effector function but not trafficking receptor expression of
       kidney-infiltrating effector T cells in murine lupus. J Immunol. 200; 182(7):4076-84.
       (*These authors contributed equally to this work.)

      Odegard JM, Marks BR*, DiPlacido LD*, Poholek AC, Kono DH, Dong C, Flavell RA,
       Craft J. ICOS-dependent extrafollicular helper T cells elicit IgG production via IL-21 in
       systemic autoimmunity. J Exp Med. 2008. 205(12):2873-86. (*These authors contributed
       equally to this work.)
      Roden J, Eardley LD, Hotson A, Cao Y, Mudgett MB. Characterization of the
       Xanthomonas AvrXv4 effector, a SUMO protease translocated into plant cells. Mol Plant
       Microbe Interact. 2004;17(6):633-43 (Eardley is LD DiPlacido’s maiden name).
      Kong PL, Odegard JM, Bouzahzah F, Choi JY, Eardley LD, Zielinski CE, Craft JE.
       Intrinsic T cell defects in systemic autoimmunity. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 2003; 987:60-67.
       (Eardley is LD DiPlacido’s maiden name).

                            ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP

      American Association of Medical Writers (AMWA)                           2009-Present
      American Association of Immunology (AAI)                                 2004-Present

                                OTHER INFORMATION

      Placid Medical Writing: Leah DiPlacido, PhD is sole proprietor of Placid Medical
       Writing, located at www.placidmedicalwriting.com. This website offers more
       information about her background, skills, and available services.
      “Outstanding Research Award,” awarded to one student researcher in the Immunology
       department at University of California, Berkeley, 2001.
      Volunteer, Science Education and Outreach Program (SEOP): a program associated
       with Yale University. Taught basic genetics to elementary school students in New Haven
       Public Schools, 2005.

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