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					                                       THE WRITERS NETWORK
                                                                 16TH A NNUAL
                                          SCREENPLAY             A ND FICTION COMPETITION

                         Please read the following prior to submitting to the competition:

1) Application Form: Please complete, sign and date the application form located on the back of this page. Make sure
to indicate specifically where you heard about The Writers Network Competition.

2) Material: Two pieces of material (per application) may be submitted in one of the following categories:

    (A) Fiction/Non-Fiction: Submit two or more short stories and/or one novel or novel-in-progress.
    Attach a one-paragraph synopsis to the front of each submission.

    (B) Plays: Submit one or two stage plays. Attach a one-paragraph synopsis to the front of each

    (C) Screenplay/Teleplay: Submit one or two screen and/or teleplays. Attach a one-paragraph synopsis
    to the front of each submission. Bind each script with plain white cardstock and standard brads.

3) One business-size (#10), self-addressed stamped envelope. Online entries exempt.

4) One self-addressed stamped postcard for acknowledgment of receipt of material. Online entries will receive
email confirmation.

5) Early-bird: Your check or money order made payable to “The Writers Network” in the amount of $35 if
entering prior to May 1, or $37.50 if entering online prior to this date. Extended Deadline: Your check or money
order in the amount of $45, or $47.50 if entering online, after May 1 but prior to May 31. Online submissions must
be in Final Draft or PDF formats. Or, you can enter online and send a hard copy of your script (along with a copy of
your receipt) by mail. Please read instructions on the confirmation page after completing your online entry.

*No exceptions: If all of the above is not accompanying entry, contestant will be disqualified! Optioned or published
material will not be considered. All entrants retain the rights to their material.

                      DEADLINE TO ENTER: MAY 31, 2009
All finalists will be notified regarding their status by October 31, 2009. The Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction
Competition is based solely on storytelling talent.

                                  Submissions can be sent via mail or online:

                                    THE WRITERS NETWORK
                                  287 South Robertson Blvd., #467
                                      Beverly Hills, CA 90211

                           ON YOUR TITLE PAGE – Please remember to place
                     your name, your address and a contact number/email. Thank you.
         THE WRITERS NETWORK                                                                 U.S. POSTAGE

   287 SOUTH ROBERTSON BOULEVARD, SUITE 467                                                    PAID
        BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA 90211                                                     LOS ANGELES, CA
                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 33


                                              THE WRITERS NETWORK
                                                           16TH A NNUAL
                                              SCREENPLAY   A ND FICTION COMPETITION

                                                    Over $10,000 in cash and prizes!
                                               Plus Assistance in Securing Representation

                                         Our Winners Work!
                                                                    THE WRITERS NETWORK
                                                                                16TH A NNUAL
                                                                     SCREENPLAY A ND FICTION COMPETITION
                                                                             Over $10,000 in cash and prizes!

Dear Devoted Writer,

Entries for The Writers Network 16th Annual Screenplay & Fiction Competition are now being accepted.

The Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition is a unique program, co-sponsored by WGA Signatory
Literary Agencies in Los Angeles and New York, designed to give new and talented writers across the country the
chance to pursue careers in film, television and/or publishing.

Each year, up to ten winners in each category are chosen to participate by our panel of judges (this year including
agents from Gersh, ICM, APA, William Morris and CAA); each receiving our assistance in securing literary
representation during the course of one year!

Not one, but two of your original feature-length screenplays, half-hour teleplays or plays will be distributed to the
motion picture industry’s top agents and managers (manuscripts will be sent to top publishers). Throughout the
year, The Writers Network panel of credited writers will assist you with polishing both projects prior to them
being submitted.

This is your chance to begin your career as a working writer. • Matt Healy’s winning script Clay Pigeons debuted
in theatres nationwide in 1998! The film was produced by Ridley Scott and directed by David Dobkin (Wedding
Crashers). Since signing Healy with ICM, he’s finished two writing assignments (one for Richard Donner) and
landed a two-picture deal with Warner Bros. • Mike Walsh optioned two of his projects after we signed him with
Ken Sherman. • Jon Bokenkamp sold and directed his winning script, “Preston Tylk,” after we signed him with
ICM; landed a writing assignment with director William Friedkin; and has since written for Julia Roberts, Nicole
Kidman (Need), Halle Berry (Perfect Stranger) and Angelina Jolie (Taking Lives). • Haven Turleygood sold his pitch
to Joel Silver and landed a writing assignment with Arnold Kopelson at Fox after we signed him with Endeavor.
• Grant Jerkins’ winning manuscript, “An American Crime,” was adapted for the screen by Oscar-nominated
screenwriter Nicholas Kazan (Reversal of Fortune) and Terry Curtis Fox. It is currently in pre-production with
Barbet Schroeder (Reversal of Fortune) attached to direct. • Frank Baldwin signed with the William Morris Agency
in 2007, after we gave the tenpercentary his winning script, "Untitled Frank Baldwin." The screenwriter has since
completed studio assignments for directors Martin Scorsese, Sam Raimi, Philip Noyce and last week he began
working on a new project with Pierre Morel (Taken, District B13). Director Julian Farino is set to direct his
award-winning script. • Max Mayer directed his winning script Adam and this past January sold the film to Fox
Searchlight at the Sundance Film Festival. These are just some of our competition's success stories. You could be next!

Please find an application attached for The Writers Network 16th Annual Screenplay & Fiction Competition. You
may also submit online by visiting If you have ever dreamed of becoming
a credited screen or television writer, or best-selling author, we encourage you to participate in this one-of-a-kind

Applications must be postmarked or received no later than May 31, 2009 to qualify for this year’s program.
Good luck! And keep writing!

Sincerely yours,

Sarah Kelly
Program Director
                                           APPLICATION FORM
                                           THE WRITERS NETWORK
                                 16TH ANNUAL SCREENPLAY A ND FICTION COMPETITION
                                                                                    (      )
Name: _______________________________________________________________________ Tel: _________________________________E-mail: _______________________________________

Street:_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Apt./Suite No.: _______________________________

City:_________________________________________________________________________ State: _______________________________ Zip: _________________________________________

Education: (name & location of university(s) granting bachelor/graduate degree(s), date of graduation) ___________________________________________________________________


                                                           OTHER INFORMATION
Awards, Published Work, Productions: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


How did you learn about The Writers Network Competition?________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Do you subscribe to any magazines?   J Yes J No    They are:________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Literary Representation: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Title of Submission(s):                                                     Check One:      J Fiction/Non-Fiction         J Play                 J Screen/Teleplay

1. _________________________________________________________________________________       _________________________       _________________      ______________________

2. _________________________________________________________________________________       _________________________       _________________      ______________________

                                                 TO THE WRITERS NETWORK
            1) I request that you read and evaluate my material for the Screenplay & Fiction Competition, and I attest that I am the
            sole owner and author of all submitted materials. I further attest, the submitted material is not adapted from the work of
            another author.

            2) I recognize that you and your affiliates have wide access to ideas, stories and other literary materials, and that new ideas
            are constantly being submitted to you or being developed by you. I also recognize that many stories and ideas are similar,
            and often different stories and ideas relate to one or more common underlying themes. So: that if I see a similar idea (to mine)
            being promoted by you, I will not sue you for “infringement” on my idea or plagiarism.
            3) I understand that you will not use the submitted material or any part of the material except in connection with the
            screenplay and fiction competition unless you either: (a) enter into an agreement with me granting you right to use the
            material or (b) determine in good faith that I do not own or control the material, or any features or elements in the material
            because the material or features or elements were independently developed by someone other than I; are in the public
            domain or; are not new or novel.
            4) I have retained at least one copy of the submitted material, and I understand that the submitted material will not be
            returned to me.
            5) I understand The Writers Network may decide to increase or decrease the number of finalists at its sole discretion.
            6) I agree to follow the process as outlined by the competition.
            7) I agree to submit a W-9 tax form should I be chosen as a finalist.
            8) I have registered the submitted material with the Writers Guild of America and/or Library of Congress and/or by com-
            mon law copyright with the USPS.

            Signature: _____________________________________________________________________________ Date: _____________________________