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For Homeowners:

Talk to us before letting payments get delinquent. Foreclosure may not be necessary!

There are literally thousands of homeowners in our area who are currently “upside down” on their
mortgage. With a changing economy, home loans which are set to reset higher, flat or declining
property values, and the cost of settlement upon sale, many have given up hope of being able to
extract any equity from their homes. In many cases, this is creating a fear to discuss the problem, a
hesitation to continue to make mortgage payments, and an apparent emotional paralysis. If you are in
this situation, things may not be as dire as you believe.

At no time in our memory have banks and lenders been more willing to renegotiate payment terms or
allow a home to be sold for less than the amount due on the mortgage and forgive the difference. This
practice, known as a “short sale,” is more common than many realize. It is usually not in anyone’s
best interests to go through foreclosure.

Lawanda Swope possesses a unique combination of real estate and finance experience. She works
with many lenders to allow short sales or renegotiated payment terms. It may be possible for you to
sell your home, rather than lose it to foreclosure, without financial ruin or severe damage to your
credit report.

Lawanda is open to calls on this very important issue. We respect your confidentiality.

For Lenders:

In most cases, foreclosures make little sense. We can market properties quickly, efficiently, and at
less loss than your other alternatives.

There are enough fingers pointing at the recent “subprime” problem. Finger pointing and looking back
is not going to solve any problems. Looking forward, we all realize the cost of foreclosure versus
forbearance, short sale, or other alternatives. We work with lenders to provide accurate market
analysis of problem loans, focusing on true market value, which gives you an accurate read on
potential future exposure.

It is common these days to do short sales. We all know the downside to taking on excessive REO, of
non-payments, of legal costs. With some help from mortgage insurance and aggressive sales, it is
possible to minimize the damage from lengthy delinquencies, foreclosures, and REO.

Lawanda Swope provides significant real estate experience which can market problem properties
efficiently. We also have the unique ability to discuss the financial issues involved with homeowners
who are currently strapped, and do so in a way that makes us the facilitator in this messy process.

Call us for an open, frank, and intelligent discussion on how we can help minimize your problem
For Investors:

We prefer to see homeowners work out problems. However, the REO portfolios of banks, and
forced short sales, are rising. This may present investment opportunities.

The facts are simple. Banks despise REO, not only because of potential financial losses on the
property, but because of regulatory impediments REO can create. Lenders are quicker to settle
problem loans and prevent taking properties into REO than in the past. However, opportunities are

Your opportunities are at least twofold: 1) Buying properties directly out of REO; 2) More commonly,
buying a property which is offered as a short sale. We can show you exceptional properties which are
available at excellent prices, especially if financing is lined up and settlement can occur quickly. In
many cases, a fast settlement and elimination of the property from a lender’s portfolio, is more
important to the seller than receiving the highest possible price.

We encourage potential homeowners and investors to call us to discuss these opportunities.

Lawanda Swope