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                                                                                   March 2011

                                                                          2nd Ann &
        Jim Rhoden, Jr.
 East Cobb Citizen of the Year                                                        -19
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• Cooking demonstration with “Top Chef DC”                                                                                                                                 Ho
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  and Ray’s Killer Creek Chef, Tracey Bloom.
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        PuBLiSheR’S NOTe

                                         We’ve just endured a year where it seems            On the Cover
                                    everything from oil spills to snowstorms have
                                                                                             Last November, Jim Rhoden
                                    impacted our lives in some way. As I reflect on     was named Citizen of the Year by
                                                                                        the East Cobb Division of the Cobb
                                    some of these challenging conditions we have
                                                                                        County Chamber of Commerce. The
                                    encountered over the last several months, it        award is co-sponsored by the East
                                    makes me realize there will be times in our         Cobb Kiwanis, Civitans, Rotary and
                                                                                        Lions’ Clubs. Jim is Chairman of
                                    lives that we will be faced with unexpected,        Futren Corporation, and has been
                                    beyond-our-control situations which force us        active in real estate development
                                                                                        and management of income prop-
                                    to realize what is most important. For some,        erties since 1961. Having started
                                    it may be financial stress, the unexpected loss     Futren Corporation in 1971, Mr.
                                                                                        Rhoden has developed and managed
                                    of a loved one, or some other crisis. Times         major projects in Florida, Georgia,
                                    like these tend to get our attention once again     and North Carolina. Since 1978, he
                                                                                        has owned and managed the 242-acre
                                    and re-focus on the people in our lives and the     Indian Hills Country Club, a 1,500
little, everyday things that really make life special and worthwhile. I hope you will   member, 27-hole golf, tennis and
                                                                                        swim facility located in East Cobb.
find in this issue of the EAST COBBER magazine, stories which help you focus on         Currently, his company also owns
the special connections in our community and inspire you in your personal life.         and manages The Georgian Club,
                                                                                        The Ashford Club, and the Georgia
    From our front cover Citizen of the Year Jim Rhoden to Grandmother RayeLynn         Alliance of Private Clubs. Jim was
                                                                                        recognized for his 30+ years of ser-
Banks’ collaboration with her granddaughter to write a book (page 6) to Lara
                                                                                        vice as a leader in the Cobb Chamber
Shaw’s efforts to find a lost dog (page 29) they all embody the adage, “bloom           of Commerce. In addition to serv-
                                                                                        ing on the Cobb Chamber’s Board
where you’re planted.” We may not have the perfect circumstances --career, home
                                                                                        of Directors, he has also chaired a
or relationship. Few of us do. But if we have the gift of today, we have a chance       number of the Chamber’s divisions—
                                                                                        including Small Business, Education,
to re-create our circumstances and make them as perfect as possible with the
                                                                                        and Community Development. Mr.
resources we have. As the English playwright George Bernard Shaw, observed,             Rhoden believes in “giving back to
                                                                                        his community” in all possible ways.
“The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the
                                                                                        He also serves on the the Georgia
circumstances they want … And if they can’t find them, make them.” These fellow         Chamber of Commerce Board of
East Cobbers and all those featured in this issue have truly bloomed where they         Directors, the Civic League for
                                                                                        Regional Atlanta Board of Directors and
have been planted. Their attitude, like so many East Cobbers, makes our                 Executive Committee, and also founded
East Cobb community a better place.                                                     the Cobb Community Foundation. This
                                                                                        is just a sampling of Mr. Rhoden’s exten-
    May you bloom and grow.                                                             sive civic contributions.
                                                                                            He says his achievements are pos-
                                                                                        sible because, “I get whole lot of help
                                                                                        from a whole lot of people.”
                                                                                            Jim has lived in the Terrell Mill
                                                                                        Estates subdivision since 1972 and
                                                                                        has three grown children and six
                                                                                        grandchildren. In his spare time Jim
   Cynthia M. Rozzo
                                                                                        “loves to hunt, enjoys fine dining
                                                                                        and friendships.”

               find us. friend us. follow us.                                               EAST

4 March 2011                                            EAST COBBER                                 
                                                                                                   LIFE CHANGES.
                                                                                                   PROTECTING YOUR
                                                                                                 LIFE CHANGES
                                                                                                 LIFE CHANGES. . ..
                                                                                                  LIFE CHANGES
                                                                                                   FAMILY SHOULDN’T
                                                                                                  PROTECTING YOUR
                                                                                                 PROTECTING YOUR
                                                                                                 PROTECTING YOUR
                                                                                                         Making sure you have adequate life insurance coverage is
                                                                                                         Making sure you have adequate life insurance coverage is
                                                                                                         an ongoing process. When your priorities change, so do

                                                                                                 FAMILY SHOULDN’T. . .
                                                                                                         an ongoing process. When your priorities change, so do

                                                                                                 FAMILY SHOULDN’T
                                                                                                  FAMILY SHOULDN’T
                                                                                                         your insurance needs. An insurance review from Edward
                                                                                                         your insurance needs. An insurance review from Edward
                                                                                                         Jones can ensure that:
                                                                                                         Jones can ensure that:
                                                                                                     Making you have adequate life insurance coverage is
                                                                                                 Making suresure you have adequate life insurance coverage is
                                                                                                         � You have the appropriate life insurance coverage is
                                                                                                            You you When your priorities and type do
                                                                                                  Making� sure have have adequate amount and type of coverage.
                                                                                                 an ongoing process.the appropriate amountchange, soof coverage.
                                                                                                     an ongoing process. When your priorities change, so do
                                                                                                         � Your policies are performingpriorities change,
                                                                                                                          When your review from Edward
                                                                                                  an ongoing process.An An insuranceas expected;Edward so do
                                                                                                      insurance policies are performing as expected; your premiums
                                                                                                 youryour� insurance needs. insurance review from your premiums
                                                                                                            Your needs.
                                                                                                       insurance competitive.
                                                                                                  your canare still that: An insurance review from Edward
                                                                                                            can ensure that:
                                                                                                     Jones are still competitive.
                                                                                                 Jones      ensure
                                                                                                 Jones can ensure that:
                           W     hen your child isn’t getting the grades you think he
                                 or she should, call Huntington Learning Center.
                                                                                                         � Ownership is structured properly and beneficiary
                                                                                                         � have the appropriate amount and type and beneficiary
                                                                                                 � You You Ownership is structured properly coverage.
                                                                                                     � have the appropriate amount and type of of coverage.
                                                                                                           designations are current.
                                                                                                           designations are current.
                           Our certified teachers can find out what’s holding your                   � Your policies are performing as expected; type of coverage.
                                                                                                   You have the performing as expected; your premiums
                                                                                                 ��Your policies areappropriate amount and your premiums
                           child back and create an individualized program of                            � Your policy is designed to fit your current situation.
                                                                                                          � Your policy is designed to fit your current situation.
                                                                                                       are still competitive.
                                                                                                  �are still competitive.performing as expected; your premiums
                                                                                                    Your policies are
                           instruction designed to fix the problem.
                           Just a few hours a week at Huntington can improve your
                                                                                                                     is structured properly and beneficiary
                                                                                                    are Ownership structured properly and beneficiary ensure
                                                                                                      � still competitive.
                                                                                                           Call is
                                                                                                 � Ownership today for a complimentary review to help ensure
                                                                                                           Call today for a complimentary review to help
                           child’s learning skills, so your child can overcome frustration                           are current.
                                                                                                        designations current. meet your needs and those of your
                           with school and develop the confidence and motivation they
                                                                                                           your are structured your needs and beneficiary
                                                                                                  �designations policies still meet properly and those of your
                                                                                                           your is
                                                                                                    Ownershippolicies still
                  in                                                                                       loved ones.
                                                                                                      � Your policy is
                                                                                                           loved are current. fit your current situation.
                                                                                                 � Your policy isones.designedfit your current situation.
          Bringd to        need to succeed. Make this school year your child’s best ever!           designations designed to
          t his a $70      Call Huntington today.                                                                    Stephen A Teague
                                                                                                                     Stephen A Teague
         receivgnostic     We’re nearby and affordable.                                              Call today is designed to fit review to help ensure
                                                                                                  � Your policy forFinancial Advisor your current
                                                                                                 Call today for a complimentary review to helpsituation.
                                                                                                                     a complimentary
                                                                                                                    Financial Advisor                ensure
         off diasting      We know your child can
                                                                                                                    still Sandy your needs
                                                                                                     your policies 2440 meet Plains Road and those of your

               te          succeed in school, because                                                                meet your needs and those of your
                                                                                                 your policies still2440 Sandy Plains Road
                                                                                                     loved ones. Building Three Suite 110
                           we know your child can learn.                                          Call ones.
                                                                                                 loved today for a complimentary review to help ensure
                                                                                                                    Building Three Suite 110
                                                                                                                   Marietta, GA 30066
                                                                                                              Stephen A Teague
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                                                                                                  your policies still meet your needs and those of your
                                                                                                                  A Teague
                                                                                                             Financial Advisor
                                                                                                                                   Member SIPC

                                                                                                 loved ones. 2440Advisor

                                                                                                                  Sandy Plains Road
                                                                                                                Building A Teague
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                                                                                                           2440 Sandy Plains Suite 110
                                                                                                                          Suite 110
                                                                                                           Building ThreeGA 30066
                                                                                                            Financial 30066
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                                                                                                            .   770-977-0074
                                                                                                                        Member SIPC
                                                                                                           770-977-0074 Plains Road
                                                                                                            2440 Sandy
                                                                                                               Building Three Suite 110
                                                                                                               Marietta, GA 30066
                                                                                                                                Member SIPC

                                                                                                                                                          N ov
                                                                                                                                                           ew at

                                                                                                                                                             ly ed
                                          Walton at Columns Drive
                                                                     a pa rt m e nt             h o m e s

                                          The Perfect Address for East Cobb Living
     Walton Communities is now in East Cobb! Walton at Columns Drive offers 1,2, and 3 bedroom floorplans, loft and sunroom options,
       gas fireplaces, washer and dryer connections, covered parking in select homes, two lighted tennis courts, swimming pool with
      WIFI connection, fitness Center and a children’s playground. All of this, and the most sought-after school district in East Cobb
                                      — Walton High, Dickerson Middle and Sope Creek Elementary.

           3702 River Heights Crossing, Marietta, Georgia 30067                                      770-988-9319 phone /                                                                     EAST COBBER                                                           March 2011 5
                     East Cobb Girl and Grandma Write Book
                                                                        By Diana Schwartz

                                                                                          At Tritt Elementary in first grade, Haley realized that
                                                                                     some kids didn’t understand CP when a student told her she
                                                                                     was weird. Her grandmother, RayeRaye (RayeLynn Banks
                                                                                     is preschool Director at The Sunshine School in east Cobb)
                                                                                     helped her find the words to help kids understand that having
                                                                                     CP wasn’t weird and they put together a book.
                                                                                          “I Am Not Weird”, tells Haley’s story and after it was read
                                                                                     at her school it has helped her classmates learn about CP She
                                                                                     has a new book coming out about the surgery that helped her
                                                                                     walk and her fear and worry of being alone during the surgery.
                                                                                     Haley wants her books to help kids understand CP  .
                                                                                          Haley said that after meeting Dr. Janice Brundstrom
s haley Metzger and RayeLynn Banks                                                   at St. Louis Hospital and writing the books, she realized
                                                                                     that “it’s easy to achieve things even if you have CP”.
     Haley Metzger has cerebral palsy. She was born about 2                          Dr. Brundstrom has CP and walks with a cane. Haley
months early….a “preemie”. Her doctors told her family that                          said that her grand-
she would develop a little slower and might need a little help                       mother RayeRaye and Dr.
with physical therapy. At 6 months a neurologist determined                          Brundstrom are her heroes.
that Haley had cerebral palsy – CP .                                                 Haley’s Dad hopes that
     CP is caused by damage to the motor control centers                             stem cell surgery will help
of the developing brain and can occur during pregnancy or                            Haley in the future and he
childbirth, or after birth up to about age three. Although                           works with LetsCureCP   .
CP has many effects on the body, Haley’s two biggest chal-                           org to help CP medical
lenges are walking and her vision. She has worn glasses                              research. For more infor-
since she was one and needed therapy and surgery to                                  mation or to purchase
walk. Haley eventually walked with the help of braces and                            Haley’s books visit:
a walker.                                                                            www.LetsCureCP    .org.

         Preschool_Camp_EastCobbr_HI2.pdf          1       1/23/11   12:45 PM

                          Two Great Programs, One Exceptional Location

                                  For Ages 6 weeks - 4 years                                       For Ages 6 weeks - Pre-K
                Our preschool camp provides a safe, nurturing, and fun                At the MJCCA’s NAEYC-accredited preschools, our
                                                                                                                                                        Open Hou
                                                                                                                                                         2-11-11. se
                environment in which children can make new friends, enjoy             loving, highly-trained, and experienced teachers guide
                fun, interactive activities, create amazing works of art, and         your child through our exceptional program.
                experience age-appropriate independence. Camp Billi Marcus,                                                                            RSVP T
                                                                                      Age-appropriate programs for infants through Pre-K:
                held at Temple Kol Emeth, offers large, inviting classrooms
                and exciting, age-appropriate playgrounds. Pre-K campers will         • Preschool Garden              • Baby Sign Language
                swim at Shirley Blumenthal Park and all campers will enjoy            • Dramatic Arts                 • Zoo Phonics
                water play each day. Your little camper will enjoy:                   • Computer Play                 • Handwriting Without Tears
                                                                                      • Music                         • Ready, Set, Go...
                • Arts & Crafts     • Science Activities     • Singing & Dancing
                                                                                      • Judaics                         to Kindergarten
                • Cooking           • Nature Walks           • Swimming/Water Play
                • Games             • Stories                                         REGISTER NOW AND SAVE UP TO $250*!
                                                                                              *Restrictions apply. Visit our website for details.

                                     CAMP BILLI MARCUS • THE SUNSHINE SCHOOL                                                                        678.812.3714
                                                Temple Kol Emeth • 1415 Old Canton Road • Marietta                                        

6 March 2011                                                              EAST COBBER                                                     
       Special Sales Tax
     Referendum in March                                                       
     Cobb County residents will decide on March 15                   
whether to approve continuing a Special Local Option            Solid Financial 
                                                                Solid Financial Planning for a
                                                            Future a
Sales Tax designed to raise more than $492 million                    
                                                                              Sound Financial Future
                                                                   Sound Financial                 
                                                                     
in public improvements throughout Cobb County. The             ♦ Personal Financial Plans ♦Asset Protection ♦ Retirement Plan
                                                                           
                                                                           ♦ Investment
                                                           Management ♦College Planning
one-cent sales tax would provide for the immediate                             
                                                                                   
needs of parks and recreation, transportation, county          Karen Vining,, RFC ~ Parishioner
facilities, public safety and municipal improvements.         4994 Lower Roswell Road, Suite 4
                                                                                                    
                                                                                   
                                                                                      Marietta, GA 30068
If voters agree, the new SPLOST will focus on revi-       
                                                                                                            
                                                                                     
talizing and preserving the county’s infrastructure,                                  Securities offered through Triad Advisors, Inc.
                                                            
                                                                      
                                                                                                                        
                                                                                      Member FINRA/SIPC
                                                                                  
                                                                     
including existing parks, roads, bridges, school                                
                                                                     
zones, libraries, senior facilities and other essential                    
public features. Officials plan to leverage any SPLOST
funds, which would begin collection in January                                                                     Congratulations
2012, with other sources, including federal, state                                                                  to C2 perfect
and Community Improvement Districts. The current                                                                   SAT Scorers!!!

                                                                                                                       $50 Off
one-cent SPLOST expires on December 31. For more
information, go to
                                                                                                                     Diagnostic Test

                                                                                                                    Publix Shopping center
                                                                                                                    at Johnson Ferry. Rd.

                                                                     $25 OFF - Call NOW!
                                                                          Summer Swim Membership
                                                                             at Club Pinecrest
                                                                          Join by June 1st and receive
                                                                          $25 off the membership fee.
                                                                                    Best summer value
                                                                                    Convenient location
                                                                                    Lifeguard on duty
            FRee LeSSON aND iNTeRview
                                                                                    Open 11 am - 8 pm daily

              770-565-7177                                         Indian Hills Subdivision - 900 Audubon Drive
 east Cobb location: 1518 Blackwell Rd - Marietta 30066
                                                 Call 770-509-7946                                  EAST COBBER                                                               March 2011 7
               ECCC PTA Schools Get “Together” for the Arts
     The PTA believes all children deserve a quality arts   schools. These entries were judged by outside volunteer
education and encourages students to pursue artis-          judges in each category and 121 winners were named
tic expression through participation in its annual arts     at the Council level.
Reflections Program. For over 40 years, the Reflections          These artists and their families were invited to a
Program has encouraged millions of students across the      recognition ceremony and reception held at Simpson
nation and in American schools overseas to create works     Middle School on January 25. But that’s not all for these
of art. The program offers students the opportunity to      incredible artists! Their works of art were forwarded to
create works of art for fun and recognition. Students in    Georgia PTA for competition at the state level and ECCC
preschool through grade 12 are encouraged to create and     can boast 22 state winners and 8 Special Artist winners.
submit works of art in six areas: Dance Choreography,       These artists and their families will be honored at the
Film Production, Literature, Musical Composition,           High Museum in a special ceremony in March. Student
Photography, and Visual Arts.                               artwork remains on display at the High, so if you are
     Students participate in the Reflections Program by     visiting the High, take a moment to appreciate and cel-
submitting entries to their local PTA or PTSA. A theme      ebrate these works and their creators.
is selected each year to guide the art, and this year’s          The process has already begun to select the theme
theme was “Together We Can”. The popularity of the          for the 2011-2012 school year. Check back to http://
program is underscored by the participation rates - 30 and be one of the first to hear! Have
out of the 35 schools in the East Cobb County Council       an artistic talent in one of the categories that you can
(ECCC) of PTAs participated and there were 1,713            share? Please consider being a judge for the 2011-12
entries from those schools! Of these, 589 entries were      Reflections Program. Send an Email to reflections@
forwarded to Council as winners from the participating and join us in celebrating the arts!

                                                               “24 Years Experience in Real Estate Transaction”

                                                                                                 Jay Howard Givarz, MPA
                                                                                                   Executive Mortgage Loan Originator
                                                                                                     NMLS #203728 GRMA #27786

                                                                                                        Call for Pre-Approval
                                                                                                           (678) 522-2343
                                                            GA Residential Mortgage                  Also available on weekends
                                                            Licensee #6578 NMLS #103956                  and early evenings

                                                              1000 Johnson Ferry Rd., Suite F-150, Marietta, GA 30068

                                                                              Plan For
                                                                                       Your Future
                                                                                     AUTO   l   LIFE   l   HEALTH   l   HOME   l   BUSINESS

                                                                                       Don Johnson
                                                                              1230 Old Canton Rd. Marietta, GA 30062 Fax: 770-973-8550
                                                                                                   l                     l

                                                                        Cobb Chamber Small Business of the Year

8 March 2011                                        EAST COBBER                                           
          School Board
         Votes to Restore
       Traditional Calendar
     On February 17, the Cobb School Board voted to end the
balanced school calendar and revert to a more traditional cal-
endar. The 2011-12 school year will begin on August 15th,
instead of the previously scheduled August 1st start date. The
calendar allows for a one week break at Thanksgiving, a two
week break around Christmas and a one week Spring Break
in April. The last day of classes will be May 25, 2012.
      To gauge constituents’ feelings about the school calendar
options, The Cobb School Board had offered a survey February
11 on its website ( through Survey Monkey and
closed it Thursday, February 17 (the day of the calendar vote)
at 1 p.m. The Cobb County School District posted the results
of its online calendar survey, which showed that 72 percent of
the 82,000 respondents were in favor of the balanced calen-
dar, with 17.9 percent for the August 15 start date and 10.1
percent for the August 17 start date. Despite these findings,
the School Board voted to change to the August 15 start date.
Here is how the School Board voted:
Board Members Voting to Change to an August 15 Start Date:
• Tim Stultz - District 2
• Kathleen Angelucci - District 4 (Northeast Cobb)
• Scott Sweeney - District 6 (East Cobb)
• Alison Bartlett - District 7

Board Members Voting to Keep the Current Aug. 1 Start Date:
• Lynnda Eagle - District 1
• David Morgan - District 3
• David Banks - District 5 (East Cobb)

                                                  IN COO PER ATI ON WIT H

              the original
              r o c k m u s i c d Ay c A m p s
                                                       Ages 8 - 17
                             Write, record & perform your oWn music
                                        guitAr     BAss          Drums
                                        VocAls   KeyBoArD         Horns

                                           All levels Welcome

                             lilburn, gA           roswell, gA
                        june 13-17 & 20-24       july 11-15 & 18-22

  800-295-5956                                                               EAST COBBER   March 2011 9
Matchmaker, Matchmaker Make Me a Housemate Match
                                                             By Marlyn Patouillet

                                                                          tenants and homeowners—including criminal background
                                                                          checks, verification of income and reference checks. This was
                                                                          exactly what Sara hoped for. Beyond the preliminary screen-
                                                                          ing, both the tenant and the homeowner meet with a housing
                                                                          counselor for an in-depth confidential interview. When the
                                                                          staff visited her home for this interview, Sara had the oppor-
                                                                          tunity to describe her “perfect” tenant and to ask questions until
                                                                          she felt confident about the program.
                                                                               Her current tenant is David, who is an employee at a
                                                                          busy Buckhead restaurant and has been living with Sara since
                                                                          July 2006. He did not mind being checked out thoroughly
                                                                          by Housemate Match before his introduction to Sara and he
                                                                          appreciated that the homeowner was also screened and visited
s homeowner Sara enjoys chatting with her tenant/roommate                 as part of the process. “After talking to Sara on the phone and
David over coffee.                                                        then meeting her, I felt at home right away,” said David.

     Sara is originally from Tennessee, but has lived in                       “David was my answer to the ideal tenant”, Sara said. “He
Atlanta most of her life. She has four grown children who are             is employed, loves my dog Barney, and helps me out a lot. It
established and live in their own homes in various locations              is nice to have an extra car in the driveway. I feel safe knowing
throughout the country. Once her life circumstances changed               that David is here, even if we don’t see each other all the time.”
in such a way that she lived alone, Sara wanted to stay in                    Sara also stated that the extra income helps her to occa-
her home but she no longer felt safe or secure there. She                 sionally indulge in luxuries such as travel and special gifts for
began investigating ways in which she could share her home                her grandchildren.
with carefully selected tenants who could help her while she,                  Housemate Match is proud to have served the communi-
in turn, helped them. Fortunately, 25 years ago she found the             ty for more than 25 years. Participants need not be Jewish or
Housemate Match program at the Marcus Jewish Community                    members of the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta
Center of Atlanta (MJCCA), and she has been making beauti-                to participate. Two additional Housemate Match services are
ful matches ever since.                                                   Home But Not Alone, a home-sharing service for individuals
     Among those Sara has welcomed into her home since                    living with HIV/AIDS; and In-Home Caregiving, which pro-
the mid-1980s have been Russian, Chinese and Israeli indi-                vides non-medical services (cooking, cleaning, driving, shop-
viduals or couples. For Sara, several of the homeowner-ten-               ping) to homeowners in exchange for reduced rent. Another
ant relationships have blossomed into life-long friendships               excellent service provided by Housemate Match is the new
and she has stayed with former tenants who now have their                 Transportation Voucher program. This program reimburses
own homes all over the United States.                                     caregivers/tenants for car trips.
    Sara’s main goal when she found Housemate Match                           To learn more about Housemate Match in East Cobb,
was to feel truly safe in her own home. To support this goal,             please contact Lynne Dyckman, HMM housing counselor, at
Housemate Match does a meticulous job in screening both                   678.812.3729 or visit

                                                                           Making Life Less Taxing…..
                                     Cancer                                                      W. Robert McGoldrick, CPA,CFP
                                    Coverage                                                                 Certified Public Accountant
                                                                                                            CERTIFIED Financial Planner
      Protect your family from financial devastation from the                                                   770-992-7614
          number one Critical Illness in the United States
                                                                           ·Tax Planning & Preparation
  According to a recent Harvard Study      Other Coverages Available       ·Business / Individuals/ Non-Profit Organizations
      60%                  77%             Critical Illness
                                                                           ·Retirement Planning
                                                                           ·Estates & Trust
 Of all bankruptcies are   Had health      Hospital Confinement            ·Small Business Accounting
   from Medical Bills      Insurance
                                                                                         2866 Johnson Ferry Road, Ste 100
           Protecting families of Cobb County for 10 years                                      Marietta, GA 30062
                   Contact us for more information                                    Securities Offered Through Triad Advisors, Inc.
    Steven Railton 770.578.0343                                              Member FINRA/SIPC

10 March 2011                                                   EAST COBBER                                      
      Pope Horticultural Program Holds Annual Plant Sale
                              Pope High School is home to               This year marks the 10th anniversary of Pope High
                         the Mighty Greyhound Greenhouse.          School’s Horticulture Plant Sales. Thousands of annuals,
                         Students grow a wide range of             perennials, veggies, ferns, herbs, hanging baskets, house
                         plants for experimentation, personal      plants and more will be for sale. “Pope’s horticultural program
                         growing projects and plant sales          has established a strong customer base in the East Cobb com-
                         to the public. The class focuses on       munity. Our customers have come to expect new things each
                         plant culture, plant identification,      year from our greenhouse plant sales,” says Joe Green. Since
                         landscaping, business skills and          2000, over 1,300 high school students have passed through
                         teamwork to produce high quality          Pope’s greenhouse doors, learning valuable landscaping and
                         ornamental crops. But it doesn’t stop     sustainable gardening skills. As observed by Mr. Green, “We
s Joe Green              there. Students also learn to identify    provide them with hands on skills for when they become future
and operate a wide variety of tools related to the landscaping     homeowners and stewards of the environment.”
trade. They learn to incorporate technology into their research
and presentations. Students work as a team to grow, market
and sell a wide variety of plants for the community.
                                                                         Pope high School horticulture
     The instructor, Joe Green, is a horticulture graduate of
                                                                         11th annual Spring Plant Sale
the University of Georgia and has worked over 30 years in                         april 2 & 16 9am-1pm
the green industry. “Mr. Green” routinely incorporates music,
drama, the arts and technology with horticulture to enhance
                                                                               The Greyhound Greenhouse
student learning. Pope’s horticulture program offers students                        Pope high School
“hands-on” field experience while providing an excellent                  3001 hembree Road Marietta 30062
learning environment in the classroom. “It’s a great place for             More info: or
students to learn valuable gardening skills in our state of the      
art lab and greenhouse facility,” says Mr. Green.                                         EAST COBBER                                              March 2011 11
    hOMe & GaRDeN GuiDe

                                      why should i think about remodeling or adding onto my home in
                                      this present economy?
                                               Livability and Salability. Since home sales are more difficult now, we need to con-
                                          sider “recreating” portions of our homes to make them more suited to our family needs.
                                          At the same time, updating and making our spaces more useable will greatly enhance the
                                          salability in the future. Statistically speaking, we will enjoy a greater return on our invest-
     Clyde L. Clem, iii                   ment in renovating than on most other investments. But the return is far greater than just
         President                        monetary - it’s lifestyle and enjoyment!
Cornerstone Craftsmen, Inc.

              i have always heard that maintenance agreements are a waste of money.
              why should i purchase one for my heating and air conditioning system?
                   For many items, a maintenance agreement could be a waste of dollars. However,
              your HVAC system is a major investment and some component of your system is at
              work 24/7. Actually, your home climate system has more working hours than your
              automobile which you maintain regularly. A properly maintained system is more effi-
              cient and comfortable, has fewer breakdowns, and will last longer. In fact, according
              to a study at LSU, a properly maintained system can save an average                        Debbie abernathy
              of $50.00 per air conditioning month over a poorly maintained system.           E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

                                    what is the most common mistake people make when trying to furnish
                                    their homes without a design professional?
                                         The most common mistake I see when working with clients is the use of incorrectly scaled
                                    pieces. Either the elements (furniture, art, accessories) are too large or too small for the existing
                                    space. There is an immense difference in the perceived proportion of a sofa in a large furniture
                                    store versus how the sofa will actually fit in your room. To avoid the misuse of scale, I take mea-
      Kellie Clem                   surements at the beginning of every project and draft a floor plan that can be used as a road map
Elegantly Simple Interiors          for selecting the appropriate furnishings.

                 when it comes to landscaping, what areas should i concentrate on for the
                 greatest impact?
                     When talking about visual impact areas, I’d focus on two things. “Curb appeal” often
                 gets the greatest return on investment and is often the most important consideration when
                 you are thinking of selling a home. Also, privacy plantings usually involve eliminating
                 unwanted views of a neighboring property. Not only does this help to create a more pleasing             evan Rogers
                 environment but, properly designed, this can greatly increase the feeling of space.                       Owner

                                                                   is the work of your house cleaning service guaranteed?
                                                                        Daisy Cleaning Service backs all cleaning service work with
                                                                   a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with any area

  Daisy’s Cleaning Service                                         we’ve cleaned, just call within 24 hours and we’ll come back and
                                                                   reclean it free of charge.

12 March 2011                                             EAST COBBER                                      
                                                                                  hOMe & GaRDeN GuiDe

                                                                                 Daisy’s Cleaning Service
                                                                                  Residential · Commercial
                                                                                    Reliable · References
                Serving Metro                     8
                                Atlanta Since 199
                                                                                    All Work Guaranteed
                                                                                      Supervised Teams
                                       • Siding                                     404-957-0723
                                       • gutterS
                                       • Painting
                                       • roofing                                    Support Our
            770-971-1577                                                            Advertisers
                                         A division of Plus Services, Inc                                                 EAST COBBER                         March 2011 13
     hOMe & GaRDeN GuiDe

             what about getting pet stains out?
                  Pet urine odor in carpet is a problem that requires major restoration work, not just a simple
             carpet cleaning and treating. Urine deposited on carpet can penetrate the fibers and contami-
             nate both the backing of the carpet and the flooring material below the carpet. As the urine
             dries, the liquid evaporates but the urine crystals become even more concentrated and pun-
             gent. Simple cleaning will not remove this odor. Chem-Dry’s revolutionary P.U.R.T.® is specially
             formulated to eliminate urine odors and has shown excellent results on even the most severe
             urine damage. All-Star Chem-Dry® professionals will perform a FREE PET URINE ANALYSIS               Shelly Browne
             (with carpet cleaning service) using a black light (and their noses!) to identify the severity of        Owner
             the problem and recommend a solution that can permanently remove the odor.                         All-Star Chem Dry

                                                                   when is the best time to do a home improvement?
                                                                       Most construction should be done during warmer months.
                                                                   However, roofing and windows can be done year round. Siding,
                                                                   up until freezing temperatures reached is our recommendation.
                                                                   In-door remodeling can be done year round.

                                how do i verify if a contractor is licensed and their company history?
                                           I would recommend looking at the Georgia Secretary of State web site. You’ll want to dig
                                      deep to get an idea of his or her business history. This means requesting -- and duly verify-
                                      ing -- proof that he or she is currently state licensed, paying employees legally and carrying
                                      workers’ compensation, property damage and liability insurance. Membership with a reputa-
   Charlie Dallavalle                 ble professional association is also a good sign. On a similar note, find out if the contractor’s
Owner, Painting Plus, Inc.            ever declared bankruptcy or if anyone’s ever taken legal action against him or her.

                 we have new siding and windows. Should we spray or hand brush paint?
                     Whenever you have new siding such as hardy board, cedar or pine, you must hand
                 brush the first coat This ensures that the porous surface is sealed. Spraying will not get
                 paint into the grooves. Once you hand prime, then you can spray a heavy coat of paint
                 and your job will last for years. Never spray windows and scrape them. The window is left
                 unsealed and water will penetrate. Do your windows by hand brush.
                                                                                                                    Dan Parisi

                                                                                                Join us online every Friday for
                                                                                                a free giveaway!
                                                                                                FRieND uS NOw and try to win.

 14 March 2011                                            EAST COBBER                                     
        Local Nonprofit Makes Homes Safer in Cobb County
                                                                                         By Betsy Rhame-Minor
                                   In a previous job,                                                                 Church in Acworth and Mars Hill Community Church in
                              Marietta environmental                                                                  Powder Springs. As more churches are added to the orga-
                              engineer Sean Nicholl over-                                                             nization, more houses in a larger radius will be reached.
                              saw home repairs in Fulton                                                                   Nicholl has volunteers helping him on the organiza-
                              County through a program                                                                tional level, and so far he has participated in every work
                              funded by HUD. Later, after                                                             day since 2008. But, he can see how there may come a
                              Nicholl had founded his own                                                             day where he can’t be at every work site every Saturday.
                              company in Marietta, he
                                                                                                                          “I’m focusing on trying to build the organization and getting
                              saw that people in his com-
                                                                                                                      churches going,” he explained. “It’s really starting to take off.”
                              munity had a similar need
                              for help with home repairs                                                                   Each chapter works on between 4 and 12 home proj-
  s Sean Nicholl
                              and maintenance. One of the                                                             ects per year, and the range and scope of the projects vary
  things he enjoyed most was meeting the homeowners.                                                                  greatly. The number of volunteers needed for a project does
       In 2007 he founded House Angels, an organization                                                               too, as some only need a person or two, such as fixing a
  that makes homes safer for families experiencing hardships                                                          front door lock. Other work days of roofing, landscaping,
  at no cost to the homeowners. House Angels is a 501(c)3                                                             painting or a combination of projects have included up to
  organization that relies heavily on volunteers for funding,                                                         80 volunteers. No matter how many are involved, the vol-
  labor and administration.                                                                                           unteers get to know the homeowner that day.

       As an organization, House Angels takes on a corpo-                                                                 “An amazing bond forms on that day [between the] client
  rate headquarters kind of role. It relies on chapters or                                                            and volunteers,” says Nicholl. “They are extraordinarily grateful.”
  area churches to serve their own geographical areas and                                                                  For more information on forming a chapter or applying
  provide the volunteers to complete the work. Currently                                                              for home repairs, visit the House Angels website at
  two churches in Cobb County are chapters: Eagle Pointe                                                    
    Sales Center Open Daily
    906 River Vista Drive · Atlanta, GA 30339 · 770.952.0055

    It PAys tO lIve well.
     BUy NOw & ReCeIve A BONUs up to $15,000*

    1 BEDROOMS from $109,900                                                         •   24-hr. Attended Entry Gate
    2 BEDROOMS from $149,900                                                         •   Exclusive Resident Club & Spa
                                                                                     •   2 Swimming Pools & Concert Park
    3 BEDROOMS from $269,900
                                                                                     •   24-hr. Professional Health Club
    Price includes full appliance package with                                       •   Full-time Concierge
    stainless steel refrigerator, washer and dryer.†                                 •   Private Pet Park & Walking Trails

    *Bonus not to exceed 6% of the sales price. †Applies to units on floors 1-4 and is only for contracts written in the next 60 days. Subject
     to change or termination without notice. Subject to a maximum allowable seller concession based on mortgage guidelines and
     lender approval. See Agent for details. Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the seller.
     For correct representations reference should be made to the governing documents for One River Place Master Condominium
    Associations, Inc. To be furnished by the seller to a purchaser of a unit. All plans, specifications and prices are subject to change
     without notice. Views are subject to change with locations, views will vary depending on location within the community.                                                                             EAST COBBER                                                                  March 2011 15
   hOMe & GaRDeN GuiDe
             Staying on top of daily, monthly, and annual chores around your home is a big job. Maintenance and repair
             jobs are constants. To save time and money, plan for the seasonal needs of your home, yard, and garden.
             Here’s a spring checklist to keep your home humming.

         Home & Garden Checklist
      Get going on your spring cleaning. Pick one room to                 Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday, March 13.
   start in and make a list of what you want to do. Then              Spring forward by setting your clocks forward one hour.
   begin working off each item on your list. Do this with each        Ensure that all smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detec-
   room, and just progress through the house.                         tors, and fire extinguishers are in good working order.
      Take your vacuum and use the proper attachment to               Replace batteries in appropriate devices as needed, or at
   clean the exhaust fan in your bathroom. It will operate            least twice each year.
   much more efficiently and that can help prevent mildew,               Make room to store winter equipment and clothing by
   mold and paint problems.
                                                                      bringing out your spring and summer items.
      Install a programmable thermostat. It takes less than
                                                                         Do you clean out your coffeemaker regularly? Vinegar is
   30 minutes to hook up but can save up to 20 percent in
                                                                      a good way to clean it thoroughly and disinfect it as well.
   energy costs.
                                                                         Dig out and remove rotted or damaged fence posts,
       As spring starts, check your basement for cracks or
   leaks. If you see moisture, call a professional to check           mailbox posts and damaged shrubs from around your
   it out. Many homeowner´s insurance policies no longer              home. It is also a good time to remove winter worn
   cover fungus or mildew damage, so sealing basements is             branches from tree and shrubs.
   more important than ever.                                              Time to sharpen up shears, hoes and shovels and then
      If you are going to have a garden, it is time to start          pump up the wheelbarrow tire in anticipation of tending to
   planning what you want to plant and how much you need              this year’s garden and lawn. .
   to purchase for seeds, bulbs and other supplies.                       Get into the spring of things with fresh flowers like
      Build arbors and trellises before transplanting or sow-         potted pink tulips, yellow daffodils or purple irises. Even
   ing seeds for vines and gourds                                     if the weather is still wintry outside, you are reminded of
       Little air leaks add up to 10 percent or more on your ener-    what will be growing in your own garden.
   gy bill. Plug them to keep the hot air outside where it belongs.      Clean or replace filters on your air-conditioning sys-
   Caulk cracks and weather-strip doors and windows. Don’t            tem. Dirty filters cause the AC unit to work harder than
   like the look of caulk or weather stripping? Consider using a      necessary. You can save an estimated $100 a year on
   weather- resistant foam sealant. It resists moisture and can be
                                                                      energy costs by replacing filters every three months.
   sanded, painted and stained for a more appealing look.
                                                                      Write the installation date on paper filters and, as a
      Carpet cleaning is a must for any home. All winter              reminder, make a note on your calendar to do it again
   long, your windows and doors were mainly closed to keep            in October.
   out the cold. This prevented the fresh flow of air to air out
   your home’s contents. Now that the weather is getting                 Make sure your refrigerator door seals are airtight. Test
   warmer, it’s time to freshen up your carpets and rugs.             them by closing the door over a dollar bill. If you can pull
                                                                      the bill out easily, the latch may need to be adjusted or
      Go from room to room in your home and toss at least
                                                                      the seal may need to be replaced. In addition, if you have
   one thing from each room. OR do even better and try to
   toss 5 items!                                                      a coil-back refrigerator, vacuum the coils at least twice
                                                                      each year. Your refrigerator will run more efficiently with
      Dust will accumulate inside your smoke detector, possi-
                                                                      clean coils. Also, stock up! A full refrigerator uses less
   bly causing it to give a false alarm. After checking the bat-
                                                                      energy than an empty one.
   tery this month, take the top off and vacuum the inside.
   Also, batteries should be replaced once per year and the              The first day of Spring is March 20! Go outside and
   detector itself needs replacing about every 10 years.              breathe in the new season.

16 March 2011                                                 EAST COBBER                                
                                                                                     hOMe & GaRDeN GuiDe

         Making ideas                3 Remodeling                                                                          ABOUT
                                                                                                                         OUR 100%
                                     3 Additions
        become reality               3 Finishing a Basement

                                     3 Painting (Interior and Exterior)
                                     3 Tiling and Flooring
                                     3 Lawn Care and Maintenance
                                     3 Landscaping                                $59.00                              $50.00 Off
                                     3 Fencing                                Gutter Cleaning     $300.00 Off
               If you have an idea                                                                                     Any New
                                     3 Building a Deck, Driveway,                    +            Any New Roof
   concerning your home, let us at                                              FREE ROOF                             Roof Repair
      Green Construction help you      Patio or Walkway                                            Installation
                                                                               INSPECTION!                           over $300.00
         make it become a reality.   3 Pressure Washing

                                                                               Roofing • Gutters • Siding • Construction • Painting
                                                                                  Licensed & Insured • Residential/Commercial

 Call today for a free estimate.                                                          TWEET TWEET!
 Leonard Green Cell: 678-665-1326 • Fax: 770-642-1080                                     FOLLOW US ON TWITTER                                                   EAST COBBER                                         March 2011 17
    hOMe & GaRDeN GuiDe

Don’t Miss the Spring atlanta home Show!
     Mark your calendar for the 33rd Annual Spring Atlanta Home Show which will take
place April 1-3 at the Cobb Galleria Centre. Visitors will experience the season’s largest
marketplace for home improvement products and services, featuring everything from floor-
ing, window and door experts to home-cleaning products, lawn and garden specialists and
everything in between. More than 350 exhibitors will be on hand to answer questions and
give advice at this three-day event, and Tonya M. Williams, real estate expert on HGTV’s
Designed to Sell and Bang for Your Buck! will be presenting daily at 3pm. For more infor-
mation and to purchase tickets, visit

                                          4-h hosting annual Plant Sale
                                               Cobb 4-H Club is having its annual plant sale and prepaid orders will be accepted until
                                          Wednesday, March 9. This year’s assortment includes blackberries, blueberries, raspber-
                                          ries, Admiral Semmes azalea, crape myrtles, edgeworthia, hellebores, heuchere and Spring
                                          Bouquet Viburnum. The plant sale order form is available at or by
                                          calling 770-528-4076. Plants can be picked up at Miller Park, 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Saturday,
                                          March 19. Cobb Extension also has free brochures describing proper care for these plants.
                                          A free seminar on growing and caring for blueberries, blackberries and raspberries will
                                          be presented 6:30 p.m., Thursday, March 3, at Cobb Water Lab, 663 South Cobb Drive,
                                          Marietta. For more information, call 770-528-4070.

Roswell woman’s Club home Tour
Presents The Providence Brownstones
in historic Roswell
      Providence, a group of classic brownstone homes in Historic Roswell, will be the focus of The
Roswell Woman’s Club 2011 Showcase Home Tour. The club has selected three homes to be deco-
rated in three distinct styles: modern, contemporary, and elegant casual. Located just off Roswell’s
historic Canton Street and within walking distance of the Canton Street shops and restaurants,
developer Mike Walsh built Providence in a tranquil setting that is perfect for families with an active
lifestyle. The 2011 Showcase Tour will be open March 10 through March 27, 2011, from 10 am to
6 pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays, and 1pm to 6 pm on Sundays. Ticket and tour information is
available at

    Pope high School April 2 & 16 • 9am-1pm
         11th annual The Greyhound Greenhouse
                      Pope High School • 3001 Hembree Road Marietta 30062
    Spring Plant Sale More info: or

18 March 2011                                                EAST COBBER                                  
                                                                                                hOMe & GaRDeN GuiDe


                                              Serving Cobb, Paulding and Polk counties.
Pet urine smell & stains removed              Independently owned & operated.

Safe for Asthma & Allergies                   770.443.1800
90% Less Water
Rated “edible” by the FDA                     $25 off any cleaning job
Online Coupons:   *$150 minimum Offer expires 05/31/10

      EAST COBBER                                                                NEXT ISSUE: AprIl
                                                                                                  * cAll EAST cOBBEr 770-640-7070
                                                                         rESErVE YOUr AD SpAcE TODAY!
                                                                                                      DEADlINE: mArch 15                                                                EAST COBBER                              March 2011 19
                             Eastvalley Elementary Celebrates
                        Diversity at Tenth Annual International Night

     At Eastvalley Elementary, “celebrating diversity” is not just      including breaking boards! Indian students provided Kolli dancing.
a politically correct catch-phrase they throw around—Eastvalley         All this was complemented by the Wheeler Diversity Dance Team,
families come to International Night in throngs ready to have           showcasing several South American dances.
a good time and embrace each other’s various cultures! This                   Attendees were able to make an Anansi spider puppet, sword
year’s 10th annual event was no exception, with a record num-           fight with a real black belt, and play Homer Simpson chess
ber of volunteers and attendees. It was a great opportunity to          thanks to the Center for Puppetry Arts, Kids Chess, and Marietta
find out about almost 20 countries from four continents.                Martial Arts. The gymnasium also offered other fun and games,
     About 30 Eastvalley families served as “Cultural                   staffed by many school and parent volunteers as well as students
Ambassadors.” There were representatives from Algeria to                from the Wheeler Leadership Club. Visitors could also use com-
Venezuela and from Puerto Rico to Ukraine, with sizable contin-         puter stations to explore the world through multi-media resources
gents from both Brazil and India. The scents of French crepes,          located on the Cobb County Schools Virtual Library.
Indian Samosas, and Lebanese stuffed grape leaves co-mingled                  Eastvalley is not the only school that hosts an international
with Salvadorian quezadilla cake and good old American brown-           event. “East Cobb is really fortunate to have so many schools
ies. No one left hungry! Silk kimonos, Hungarian folk crafts,           that celebrate their diversity with wonderful international cel-
Indian saris, Slovakian pottery, and Brazilian toys and musical         ebrations. Fourteen of the 35 schools in the East Cobb County
instruments were a feast for the eyes.
                                                                        Council of PTAs, from elementary to high school, currently hold
     On the Eastvalley stage drums boomed, skirts swished, and          an international celebration. Aside from being fun and educa-
young voices shouted out aiy-ya! Japanese drummers moved with           tional, they are great “gateway” events for many of our inter-
grace and ease, while wielding huge drums. Dr Tony Bernard,             national families, offering them an easy, comfortable way to
Eastvalley’s music teacher, organized a Middle Eastern percus-          start to get involved at their school,” says Wendy Stewart, East
sion group and an Israeli dance group. Tiger Tae Kwon Do fea-           Cobb County Council of PTA’s Diversity and Inclusion chairper-
tured several Eastvalley students showing their martial arts skills,    son. For support and resources, check out the following web-

  Need a tutor?
                                                                             Located on Lower Roswell at the western terminus of Holt
                                                                        Road, Eastvalley Elementary serves just over 600 students and
                                                                        their families. The school is celebrating 50 years of providing
                                                                        award-winning education this year. International Night is one of
        One-On-One Tutoring in Your Home                                the most well-attended events of the school year at Eastvalley.
                       • All Subjects • Math • Science • Reading        Principal Karen Wacker believes that, “This sort of experience is
                   • Pre-K to Adult • LD/ADD • Flexible Schedules       invaluable in opening the hearts and broadening the minds of
                           • Foreign Languages • Study Skills           our students, which will lead to building stronger future citizens
                                                                        in our increasingly global village.”
                         • SAT/ACT Prep • Certified Teachers

                            770-350-2998                                                              East Cobb Cultural Summit
                                                                               Sponsored by East Cobb Council of PTAs Diversity & Inclusion Committee
                                                               Monday, March 21, 2011 • 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
                                                                                                    Wheeler High School Auditorium
                                        First session                                            375 Holt Road | Marietta, GA 30068
                                  R         Free!                                         Join us for an open and honest question & answer
                                            Call for details.                       panel discussion about the cultures & faiths of our community.
                                                                                                 For more info:

20 March 2011                                                   EAST COBBER                                              
East Cobber Cathy Finck Receives Prevention Pioneer Award
                                    Cobb Alcohol Taskforce is             families in substance abuse prevention, treatment and
                               proud to announce that Cobb                recovery systems and services. Cathy has consulted with
                               Alcohol Taskforce Coordinator              many organizations on substance abuse related issues for
                               and East Cobb resident,                    children and families, community mobilization and coali-
                               Cathy Finck, was awarded the               tion building, environmental system change, strategic plan-
                               Prevention Pioneer in Georgia              ning and public policy. Some of the organizations Cathy
                               Award. The award was given                 has worked with over the years are: Substance Abuse
                               by the Georgia Department                  Mental Health Services Administration, Pacific Institute for
                               of Behavioral Health,                      Research and Evaluation, Office of Juvenile Justice and
                               Developmental Disabilities                 Delinquency Prevention, Parent Resources & Information for
                               and Addictive Diseases at                  Drug Education, Georgia Department of Human Resources,
                               the Fourth Annual Georgia                  Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, Georgia Children
                               School of Addiction Studies at             and Youth Coordinating Council, The Council on Alcohol
                               a conference recently held in              and Drugs, Cobb County Safe and Drug-Free Schools’
                               Savannah, Georgia. The award               Prevention Intervention Center, National Families in Action
                               was given to Finck and five of             and Cobb Community Collaborative. Currently Cathy serves
                               her peers in acknowledgement               as Coordinator for the Cobb Alcohol Taskforce, as 2nd Vice
                               of their continual dedication              President for the Georgia Coalition to Prevent Underage
                               and contributions to prevention            Drinking, and as a SAMSHA Consultant for the Child and
s Cathy Finck                  in Georgia.                                Adolescent Mental Health and Substance Abuse State
    The award ceremony included a brief recap of Cathy                    Infrastructure Grants.”
Finck’s career in prevention:                                                  Cobb Alcohol Taskforce is an alliance of individuals and
     “Cathy Finck has worked in the substance abuse field                 organizations which mobilizes and challenges Cobb County
for 22 years and her experience mirrors the theme of                      adults to reduce underage drinking and youth binge drinking by
this year’s conference…from Prevention to Treatment to                    advancing strategic enforcement, policy and education goals. To
Recovery.CampAd_Jan2011_EastCobbr_HI1.pdf for involving Georgia
           Cathy has pioneered efforts 1 1/21/11 1:37 PM                  learn more, visit or call 770-861-5758.

             tradition al • sp ec ialt y • s p o r t s • dra m a • te e n s • a n d mo re !

                             at Shirley Blumenthal Park in East Cobb
                More Than 100 Day Camp Options for Campers of all Ages and Interests!

  No Membership Required!
  Discounts available for MJCCA or synagogue partner members

  New Indoor & Outdoor Camps
  Space Camp, Digital Experience, Science & Adventure Travel and More!

  Free Bus Transportation throughout Metro Atlanta
  Valuable Discounts
                                                  Schedule a Tour Today! 2509 Post Oak Tritt Road, Marietta
                                                   For more information: 678.812.4004

                        Thanks for reading the East Cobber! Be sure to support our advertisers!                                          EAST COBBER                                                     March 2011 21
    COMMuNiTy CaLeNDaR
 Free Mulch. Cobb EMC offers free mulch from the clearance         Decades in Review, a dining and dancing extravanganza benefiting
 maintenance of Cobb EMC power lines. It is available              the Etz Chaim Preschool. Silent auction, music and dancing as
 throughout the year and can be delivered when crews are in        well as a photographer to take your picture. 7:30-11:30pm. $25/
 your area. More info: 678-355-3413.                               person in advance or $30/person at door. Congregation Etz Chaim,
                                                                   1190 Indian Hills Parkway, Marietta. More info: 770-977-3384 or
every Saturday
 Free arts and Crafts at Lakeshore Learning Store. 11am-3pm.       Cobb Symphony Orchestra (CSO) Chamber Chorus brings Carol
 Ages 3 and up. Make a Mardi Gras mask, a show-your-colors         Barnett’s “Bluegrass Mass” to life, combining sophisticated choral
 peacock, rainbow wreath, and brilliant butterflies ! Lakeshore    sounds with the jubilant harmonies of a bluegrass string band.
 Learning Store, 4287 Roswell Road, Marietta. More info:           8pm. $8-$10. First United Methodist Church of Marietta, 56
 770-578-3100 or                        Whitlock Avenue, Marietta. More info: 770-429-7016
March 3-6
                                                                   2011 encore Series - Chubby Checker, one of the most notable
 24th annual Metro atlanta Jazz & Tap Dance Festival.
                                                                   performers of the 60s, will twist his way into the Jennie T. Anderson
 Performances: Friday: 7:30pm. Saturday: 2pm & 7pm.
                                                                   Theatre. 8pm. $40. Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, 548 South
 Sunday: 2pm. $16/adults. $11/students & children. Master
                                                                   Marietta Parkway, Marietta. More info/tickets: 770-528-8490.
 classes on Saturday and Sunday: $20/class. Southern
 Polytechnic State University, Joe Mack Wilson Student Center
 Theatre, 1100 South Marietta Parkway, Marietta. More info:       March 6
 770-516-7229 or                             First Sunday Family Day at the Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art. Free
                                                                   admission for an afternoon of fun activities for the family. 1-4pm.
                                                                   Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art, 30 Atlanta Street SE, Marietta. More
March 4-6                                                          info: 770-528-1444 or
 Cobb County Library Book Sale. Friday & Saturday: 9am-
 5pm. Sunday: 1-5pm. Jim Miller Park, 22245 Callaway Road,        March 6 – april 10
 Marietta. More info: 770-528-2342 or       The Little Foxes presented by Theatre in the Square.
                                                                   This American classic by Lillian Hellman portrays the
March 5                                                            envy, jealousy, greed and scheming of family members
 3rd annual Greyhound Gala, Pope High School’s annual              to get to the top. Recommended for ages 14 and up.
 fundraiser. Everyone is welcome to attend. 6pm: Cocktail          Tuesdays-Saturdays: 8pm. Sundays: 2:30pm & 7pm.
 reception. 7pm: Dinner. 9pm: Live auction. 9:30pm: Live           2:30pm matinee on Wednesday on April 6. $12 preview
 music and dancing. $75-$125. Waverly Renaissance Hotel,           performances on Sunday, March 6, at 7pm and Tuesday,
 2450 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta. More info: Dania Tarquinio,       March 8, at 8pm. $24-$33. Theatre in the Square, 1100
 770-642-8798 or Julie Pederson, 770-992-9619.                     Whitlock Avenue, Marietta. More info/tickets:
                                                                   770-422-8369 or

22 March 2011                                             EAST COBBER                                   
                                                                                                                                    COMMuNiTy CaLeNDaR

March 7                                                                                                         March 10
 Cobb Chamber First Monday Breakfast – Membership                                                                Town hall Meeting with State Senators Chip Rogers and Judson
 campaign kick-off. 7:30am. General admission: $50.                                                              Hill. Get an update on the upcoming legislative session as
 Members: $20 online (until noon, March 3); $35 at door.                                                         well as legislative developments happening during the session.
 Atlanta Marriott Northwest, 200 Interstate North Parkway,                                                       6:30-7:30pm. Mountain View Library, 3320 Sandy Plains
 Atlanta. More info: 770-980-2000 or                                                        Road, Marietta. More info: 404-463-1378.

                                                                                                                March 10-12
March 8                                                                                                          2nd annual hearts for heroes, a night at the Strand to
 Cobb’s Summer Camp expo 2011 sponsored by Cobb County                                                           celebrate, honor and remember Marietta’s aviation vision
 Parks, your one-stop shop for summer camp programs for your                                                     and our military presented by Marietta Museum of History.
 children. Get information about day camps, art camps, church                                                    Doors open at 5pm. $30/person for the Strand Event.
 camps, overnight camps, performing art programs and much                                                        $125/person for VIP seating at the Strand Event plus After
 more. Free. 11am-7:30m. Cobb Civic Center, 548 South                                                            Party at the home of Gov. & Mrs. Roy Barnes. Earl Smith
 Marietta Parkway, Marietta. More info: 770-528-8885.
                                                                                                                 Strand Theatre, 117 North Park Square, Marietta. More
                                                                                                                 info/tickets: 770-293-0080
March 8-10
 Shen yun Performing arts celebrates the excellence and                                                          You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown presented by the
 grandeur of classical Chinese dance and music, drawing                                                          Sprayberry High School Fine Arts Department. This Broadway
 inspiration from the legends, values, and spirit that defined                                                   musical takes you on a journey through an average day in the
 traditional Chinese culture for centuries. 8pm. $60-$200.                                                       life of Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally, Lucy, Schroder and Snoopy,
 Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, 2800 Cobb Galleria                                                          along with their friends. 7pm. $10/adults. $8/students.
 Parkway, Atlanta. More info: 770-916-2800 or                                                                    Sprayberry High School, 2525 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta.                                                                                       More info: 770-578-3200.

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   All prices include $595 dealer fee. Excludes tax, title, Tag and registration. Prices/Discounts net of all Factory Rebates/Incentives & Factory Value Package discounts. All offers with approved credit.                                                                       EAST COBBER                                                                                                                      March 2011 23
March 10-13                                                        March 11-13
 The Mouse That Roared presented by Curtain Call Youth              Peter Pan presented by the Ruth Mitchell Dance Theatre.
 Players. In an attempt to avoid bankruptcy, the sovereign of       Fantastic adventures await both adults and children as Peter
 a microscopic country decides to declare war on the U.S. in        Pan and Tinker Bell fly across the state. Friday: 7:30pm.
 the hopes of losing, thereby receiving aid and relief from the     Saturday: 2pm & 7:30m. Sunday: 2pm. $24/adults. $22/
 victorious nation. Things change when they win! Thursday-          seniors, students, & children. Jennie T. Anderson Theatre,
 Friday: 7:30pm. Saturday: 2pm & 7:30pm. Sunday: 2pm &              548 South Marietta Parkway, Marietta. More info/tickets:
 6pm. $9/adult. $7/child. The Art Place, 3330 Sandy Plains          770-528-8490 or
 Road, Marietta. More info: 770-509-2700 or
                                                                   March 12
                                                                    1st annual health Fair. Educational booths, kids activities,
March 11                                                            door prizes. Free. 10am-2pm. St. Ann’s Catholic Church,
 Cobb Chamber executive women Luncheon with speaker                 4905 Roswell Road, Marietta. More info: 770-552-6400 or
 Susan VanHemert, president and CEO, Harmony Computing    
 Services, Inc., who will speak on technology. Registration
 and general networking starts at 11am. Program begins at
 11:30am. $20 online (by noon, March 9); $35 at door. The          March 12-13
 Georgian Club, 100 Galleria Parkway, 17th floor, Atlanta. More     eastman Gun & Knife Show. Saturday: 9am-5pm. Sunday:
 info: 770-859-2320 or                         10am-5pm. $8/adults. Free/12 & under. Cobb Civic Center, 548
                                                                    South Marietta Parkway, Marietta. More info: 229-424-4555 or
 Cobb County Master Gardeners Lunch and Learn –
 “Lessons Learned from english Gardens” presented by Tim           March 12-20
 Martin with a virtual tour of 30 English gardens with ideas        The Great american Cover-up Quilt Show at Bulloch Hall.
 that can with borrowed to take to your own garden. Bring           This year’s theme is “Quilts, Full Circle.” A range of quilts from
 your lunch. Noon-1pm. Cobb County Central Library, 266             traditional to modern works will be on display. Many pieces
 Roswell Street, Marietta. More info: 770-528-4070 or               will be for sale as well. $8/adults. $7/seniors. $6/children,                                       6-18. Self-guided tours. Monday-Saturday: 10am-4pm.
                                                                    Sunday: 1-4pm. Bulloch Hall, 180 Bulloch Avenue, Roswell.
                                                                    More info: 770-992-1731 or
 Casual Friday with the Cobb Symphony Orchestra. Get a
 behind the scenes look at the Cobb Symphony Orchestra and
 meet the musicians, conductor and soloists in an informal,        March 13
 rehearsal setting. 6:30pm. $5/adults. $3/students. Dr.             A German Requiem by Brahms performed by The Michael
 Bobbie Bailey Performance Center, Kennesaw State University,       O’Neal Singers. This musical piece was designed for a concert
 1000 Chastain Road, Kennesaw. More info: 770-429-7016              hall more than for a worship service. It was also meant not
 or                                           so much as a prayer for the deceased but more of hope and
                                                                    consolation for the living. Brahms’ original intent was for
                                                                    the audience to understand the words so he set his music
March 11-13                                                         in German rather than the traditional Latin. In keeping with
 8th annual BalletFest atlanta with guest performer Derek           this original intent, this will be performed in English. 3pm.
 Dunn, bronze medalist in the Junior Men’s Division at the 2010     $20/adults. $15/students & seniors 60+. Roswell United
 USA International Ballet Competition, performing on Saturday.      Methodist Church, 814 Mimosa Boulevard, Roswell. More
 Saturday: 5pm & 8pm. Sunday: 2pm. $16/adults. $11/                 info/tickets: 770-594-7974 or
 students & children. Master classes available @ $20/class. See
 schedule on website. Southern Polytechnic State University,        a Race to empower a Bold Community presented by the
 Joe Mack Wilson Student Center Theatre, 1100 South Marietta        Atlanta Beat Soccer Foundation, Kennesaw State University
 Parkway, Marietta. More info: 770-516-7229 or                      Foundation and the YWCA of Northwest Georgia. Run                                              alongside Atlanta Beach Women’s Professional Soccer
                                                                    players in the 5K, 1 Mile, Dog Jog or as a phantom runner.
                                                                    Race begins and ends at BrandsMart USA at 3305 Busbee
                                                                    Drive in Kennesaw. 6:30am: Registration & Packet Pick Up.
          Tax and Accounting Services                               8am: 5K Run. 9am: 1 Mile Run/Walk. 9:15am: 1 Mile
      Business and Individual Tax Planning                          Dog Jog. $20-$35. More info/to register:

            Janet M. Bell                                          March 17
                                                                    Cobb Chamber human Resource Series: Turning i-9 &
                         CPA, PC                                    Compliance Problems into a+ Solutions. Join Dave Whitlock
                       Providence Park                              of Elarbee, Thompson, Sapp & Wilson for a hands-on look at
      3535 Roswell Road NE, Suite 19, Marietta, GA 30062            this timely topic. Learn how to implement steps to resolve
                 Across From East Cobb Park                         immigration compliance issues. 8-10am. General admission:
                                                                    $30. Members: $20 online (until noon, March 6); $25 at
     770-578-2855                    door. Cobb Chamber of Commerce, 240 Interstate North
                                                                    Parkway, Atlanta. More info: 770-980-2000.

24 March 2011                                              EAST COBBER                                  
                                                                              COMMuNiTy CaLeNDaR
March 17
 The Pirates of Penzance presented by the Atlanta Opera and
 sponsored by the Johnson Ferry Homeschool Support Group.
 This interactive adaptation of the classic Gilbert & Sullivan
 work will introduce children to opera in a fun and exciting way.
 10am. Doors open at 9am. Tickets: $6 in advance or $8 at
 door. Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, 955 Johnson Ferry Road,
 Marietta. More info:

March 17-19 and 24-26
 Teaching Children effectively (TCe™), offered by Child
 Evangelism Fellowship, the world’s largest mission agency
 ministering to children. This course is geared toward children
 directors, Sunday school teachers, parents, day care teachers
 and anyone who works with children. 30-hour course.
 Thursday-Saturday, 9:30am-3:30pm (2 weeks). $155.
 Welcome All Baptist Church, 460 Bourne Drive SE, Smyrna.
 More info: Fran Stokes, 770-596-7619 or

March 19
 19th annual walton Band Garage Sale. Two gymnasiums full
 of furniture, toys, electronics, garden tools, household items,
 clothing and more. Metal/electronics recycling during the
 garage sale in Lot D. All proceeds benefit the Walton Band
 program. 8am-3pm. Walton High School, 1590 Bill Murdock
 Road, Marietta. More info: Tony Consolo, 404-444-7671.

 Kennehoochee amateur Radio Club hamfest. Indoor building
 for equipment dealers and flea market. 116 acres for all types
 of tailgating. 8am-3pm. $6/adults. Free/under 12. Free
 parking. Jim Miller Park, 2245 Callaway Road, Marietta.                    NO COURT DIVORCE
 More info: 404-630-1249.                                                         P Divorce with dignity P
                                                                                    P Reduce legal fees P
 5th annual aJO4LaX Fest hosted by Pope High School in                              P Maintain privacy P
 memory of Andrew J. Oswald, a Pope lacrosse standout who died
 in 2005 from injuries sustained in a car accident. Ten top rated
                                                                                       K Wills K
 lacrosse teams including the 2 defending champions will play                     K Estate Planning K
 each other starting at 10am. Gates open at 9am. $7/adults.                      K Power of Attorney K
 $3/children under 12. Ticket is good for all 5 games. Proceeds
 will fund college scholarships, grants to youth and high school
 lacrosse programs, as well as a partnership with SafeAmerica in
 support of teen safe driving initiatives. Pope High School, 3001
 Hembree Road, Marietta. More info: 678-777-3041,, or

 Cobb County 4-h Plant Pick up. Orders will be available
 for pick-up from 9am-3pm. Plants not picked up will be
 considered as a donation to Cobb 4-H. Jim Miller Park, 2245
 Callaway Road, Marietta. More info: 770-528-4070.
                                                                            Paige Norwood Jennings, PC
 Beauty and the Beast Ballet and Repertoire – a classic story about                Collaborative Lawyer
 a beautiful girl named Belle who finds true love with the prince
 cursed as a beast presented by the Academy Dance Company.                       404•350•9092
 2pm & 7pm. $12/adults. $10/students & children. Joe Mack              
 Wilson Theatre, Southern Polytechnic University, 1100 South         
 Marietta Parkway, Marietta. More info/tickets: 770-578-8272.                                            EAST COBBER                                     March 2011 25
    COMMuNiTy CaLeNDaR
March 19                                                             March 20
 hearing Children’s voices, a dinner and auction to benefit           Spring Concerts presented by the Georgia Festival Chorus under
 SafePath Children’s Advicacy Center. 6pm Cocktail Reception.         the direction of Frank Boggs. 6:30pm. Free. First Baptist
 7pm Dinner and Program. $150. Sponsorships also available.           Church of Marietta, 148 Church Street, Marietta. More info:
 Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, 2800 Cobb Galleria               404-234-3581 or or
 Parkway, Atlanta. More info: 770-801-3469 or                                            March 21
                                                                      wine Tasting Gala sponsored by East Cobb Friends, one of
 2011 encore Series - Lorrie Morgan in concert. 8pm. $30.             over 35 Community Friends groups that support Children’s
 Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, 548 South Marietta Parkway,              Healthcare through fundraising events and special service
 Marietta. More info: 770-528-8490.                                   projects. There will be 40 wines to taste as well as a selection
                                                                      of appetizers to sample and a silent auction. $25. 7-9pm.
March 19-20                                                           Pico Autentico (formerly Relish), 590 Mimosa Boulevard,
 Model Train Show with over 250 vendors, club displays, raffle        Roswell. More info: Pat Iaffaldano, 678-371-3534 or
 and door prizes. Saturday: 10am-5pm. Sunday: 10am-4pm.     
 $8/adults. Free/ages 12 & under. Cobb Galleria Centre, 2
 Galleria Parkway, Atlanta. More info:
 www.themodeltrainshowcom.                                           March 21, 23, 25 & 27
                                                                      Kincaid elementary 5th annual Spring Musical: Disney’s
                                                                      Alice in Wonderland, presented by 4th and 5th grade Honor
March 19 – May 15
                                                                      Chorus. Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 7pm. Sunday: 2:30pm.
 The art of the Quilt: Best of the east Cobb Quilters’ Guild.
 The entire top floor of the Marietta-Cobb Museum of Art will         $6. Tickets must be pre-ordered. Kincaid Elementary School,
 be devoted to the exhibit of 35 to 40 of the guild’s best quilts.    1410 Kincaid Road, Marietta. More info: 678-560-6456 or
 Lecture and demonstration April 1 at 6:30. Design demos April
 1, 6-8pm. $5 suggested donation. Marietta-Cobb Museum of
 Art, 30 Atlanta Street SE, Marietta. More info: 770-528-1444        March 24
 or                                    5th annual Northeast Cobb Business association Golf
                                                                      Tournament. All golfers will receive a goodie bag with items
March 20                                                              from sponsors, a $20 PGA Tour Superstore gift card, breakfast
 Remembering Stravinsky with the Atlanta Wind Symphony                by Chick-Fil-A, lunch, and a BBQ dinner. Prizes for top 3
 under the direction of Dr. Patrick K. Carney. 3pm. Free.             teams, closest to the pin, longest drive and hole-in-one. Single
 Roswell Cultural Arts Center, 950 Forest Street, Roswell.            packages: $85-$95. Foursome packages: $335-$375.
 More info: 770-594-6232.                                             Cobblestone Golf Course, 4200 Nance Road, Acworth.
                                                                      More info: 678-229-2893 or
 Purim in the Shtetl. Celebrate an old world Purim with a
 festive meal, fun and games and more. Come in costume!              March 24-26
 5-7pm. $10/person, $36/family by March 14. $15/person,               St. ann’s Garage Sale. Donations accepted March 19-21.
 $48/family after March 14. Sponsorships available: $100.             Thursday: 9am-6pm; Friday: 9am-6pm; Saturday: 9am-1pm
 Chabad of Cobb, 4450 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta. More              St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 4905 Roswell Road, Marietta.
 info: 770-565-4412, ext. 300 or             More info: 770-552-6400, ext. 6116 or

                                                                      huge sale. Furniture, clothing, shoes, household items, TVs,
                                                                      CDs, sports equipment. Move Donations accepted after
                                                                      Saturday 9am-1pm.

                                                                     March 25-27
                                                                      Fusion: Lambarena and The Rite of Spring presented by Atlanta
                                                                      Ballet. Begin the evening with Lambarena, a blending of
                                                                      traditional African rhythms and dance with melodic passages
                                                                      from Bach. Then experience the expressive world premiere,
                                                                      The Rite of Spring by Christopher Hampson. Friday: 8pm.
                                                                      Saturday: 2pm & 8pm. Sunday: 2pm. $22-$122. Cobb
                                                                      Energy Performing Arts Centre, 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway,
                                                                      Atlanta. More info/tickets: or

                                                                     March 26
                                                                      The egg hunt plus lots of activities for the kids. 10am-2pm.
                                                                      Free. Jim Miller Park, 2245 Callaway Road, Marietta. More
                                                                      info: 70-528-8875.

26 March 2011                                                EAST COBBER                                 
                                                                                     COMMuNiTy CaLeNDaR
March 26                                                                april 2
 Bidding for Bright Futures auction sponsored by the Wheeler             Open house-Jean & elwood wright environmental education
 Center for Advanced Studies Foundation to benefit all magnet            Center. Bring the family and experience the outdoors. See
 students and teachers. Beach party luau, silent and live auctions,      the wonderful flowers the Wrights planted on their property.
 appetizers, desserts and a cash bar. $25 advanced purchase              The Mushroom Club of Georgia will have a display and be
 before 6:30pm, March 25. $30 at door. Adults only. 6:30-                available to answer questions. 12-3pm. Jean & Elwood Wright
 10:30pm. Holy Family Catholic Church, 3401 Lower Roswell                Environmental Education Center, 2661 Johnson Ferry Road,
 Road, Marietta. More info:                 Marietta. Parking lot is on Post Oak Tritt Road, adjacent to
                                                                         Chestnut Ridge Church. More info: Kay Wilson,
                                                                         770-528-8824 or
 Springtime in Paris, The Circle for Children Annual Ball to
 benefit the Center for Children and Young Adults. Cocktail
 reception, silent auction, Parisian cuisine food stations, music        2011 encore Series – Brenda Lee. Known as “Little Miss
                                                                         Dynamite,” Brenda Lee was born in Atlanta. She has sold more
 and dancing. $175. Black tie. 6pm-midnight. Atlanta
                                                                         than 100 million records and has charted in more categories
 Country Club, 500 Atlanta Country Club Drive, Marietta. More
                                                                         than any other woman in the history of recorded music. 8pm.
                                                                         $40. Jennie T. Anderson Theatre, 548 South Marietta Parkway,
                                                                         Marietta. More info: 770-528-8490.
March 26-27
 Paper Mill Market, a 2-day European-style tented event                  17th annual Georgia Street Rod association annual Swap
 featuring art, vintage furnishings, handcrafted jewelry and gifts       Meet. 8am-4pm. $5/adults. Free/children under 12 and
 and gourmet foods. Saturday: 10am-6pm. Sunday: 11am-                    women. Jim Miller Park, 2245 Callaway Road, Marietta. More
 5pm. Paper Mill Village, 255 Village Parkway, Marietta. More            info: Wayne Herubin, 770-517-6701 or
                                                                        april 9-10
March 27                                                                 Down The Street Bead Show. Materials, supplies and classes for
 Cobb wind Symphony young People’s Concert. Full                         all things bead. Saturday: 10am-6pm. Sunday: 10am-5pm.
 concert band as well as several smaller instrumental groups             $5 admission. Cobb Galleria Centre, Two Galleria Parkway,
 will demonstrate various instruments of the band in their               Atlanta. More info:
 performances. 3pm. Free. Dr. Bobbie Bailey & Family
 Performance Center, Kennesaw State University, 1000 Chastain           april 9-10
 Road, Kennesaw. More info: 770-977-0046.                                easter Pancake Breakfast hosted by East Cobb Lions Club. All
                                                                         you can eat for $5. Pay at the door. 7-11am. Powers Ferry
                                                                         Methodist Church, 245 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta. More
March 29                                                                 info:
 27th annual Peach of an athlete Role Model Banquet
 sponsored by the Boys Scouts of America. Peach of an Athlete            17th annual Georgia Street Rod association annual Swap
 recognizes amateur and professional athletes who live their lives       Meet. 8am-4pm. $5/adults. Free/children under 12 and
 with the same values as Scouting. This awards dinner honors             women. Jim Miller Park, 2245 Callaway Road, Marietta. More
 12 collegiate athletes, a professional athlete, and a community         info: Wayne Herubin, 770-517-6701 or
 leader. 7pm. $250/person. $2,000/table of 8. Cobb Energy
 Performing Arts Centre, 2800 Cobb Galleria Parkway, Atlanta.
 More info: 770-956-3177 or
                                                                                  Rethink • Revive • Revisit
april 1-3, 8-10, 15-17                                                            Urban Relics Consignment is now open
 3rd annual indoor yard Sale to Benefit the animals sponsored                       and accepting your consignments.
 by Mostly Mutts to benefit various animal rescues in their efforts
 to provide care and vetting to homeless animals in the Atlanta            Urban Relics is a unique eco-chic home furnishings consignment
 area. Shop for antiques, furniture, electronics, pet supplies, home     marketplace fusing classic with contemporary, old with new... wild with
 and garden décor, children’s clothing, games, toys, collectibles,        tame. From Urban to Relic we consign items to fit different decors.
 etc. Fridays & Saturdays: 9am-4pm. Sundays: 11am-4pm.                      We invite you stop in and receive your Urban Relics ‘revisit’ card.
 Climatized Self Storage, 42 Sycamore Lane, Woodstock. More                    Visit frequently and receive discounts on your purchases.
 info: 770-325-7387 or

april 1-3
 33rd annual Spring atlanta home Show with over 350 local
 home improvement companies exhibiting their latest in home
 remodeling products and services. Special area devoted to
 Universal Design and Aging in Place. Demonstrations and
 seminars every day. Friday-Saturday: 10am-6pm. Sunday:                        

 Noon-6pm. $10/adults. Free/children 12 & under/adults 65                  2986 Johnson Ferry Road Suite 124 • Marietta, Georgia 30062
 & older. Cobb Galleria Centre, Two Galleria Parkway, Atlanta.                                  770-587-3900
 More info: 770-798-1997.                                              EAST COBBER                                                       March 2011 27
  Pet of the Month: Bruce a/k/a Brucey                                                        Should your Pet Be
                      Submitted by Christy Smith
                                                                                              Our Pet of the Month?
                                                                                              Fill out the information on your pet and send it to:
                                                                                              EAST COBBER, P Box 672121, Marietta, GA 30006-0036
                                                                                              Please include a picture with your entry. Or email
                                                                                              description and a jpg to:

                                                                                              Pet’s Name: ________________________________________


                                                                                              Age & Gender:______________________________________

                                                                                              Favorite Food:_______________________________________

                                                                                              Favorite Person: _____________________________________

                                                                                              Best Trick:__________________________________________
 animal/Breed: Pitbull/Boxer
 age & Gender: 5-year-old male                                                                Turn Ons: __________________________________________
 Favorite Food: Pizza crust
                                                                                              Turn Offs: __________________________________________
 Favorite Person: Daddy
 Best Trick: Retrieving the newspaper                                                         Favorite Toy: ________________________________________
 Turn Ons: Squirrels
 Turn Offs: Thunderstorms                                                                     Last Seen: __________________________________________
 Favorite Toy: Camo Bone
                                                                                              What makes your dog so special: ______________________
 Last Seen: Chasing squirrels in the backyard
 what makes your pets special: His loyalty                                                    Owner’s Name: _____________________________________

      They steal ourhearts and become                                                                        Join the
      part of the family. At a time of loss,                                                              conversation!
                     give them the dignity they                                                      What do you want to
                                      deserve. We understand your                                     read about in the
                                      grief and are here to help                                       EAST COBBER?
                                                                                                          Tell us at
          24/7 Pet Creamation Services from your Home or Vet                                             East Cobber
 For more information, call now or visit our website to request a Guide to Planning Ahead.

28 March 2011                                                                        EAST COBBER                              
                             East Cobb “Angel” Finds Lost Dog
                                                          By Elizabeth Wentz

                                 How many people would                  Lisa Zambacca, a former East Cobb resident who handles
                            spend two weeks trekking through            public relations for Angels Among Us.
                            the woods in freezing temperatures,              Though several sightings were reported around area, it
                            searching morning and night, leav-          wasn’t until January 22 that Shaw was able to lure Erika into
                            ing food, baiting a trap and talking        a trap with food and then take her home. Following her dra-
                            to strangers in an attempt to find a        matic rescue, Erika was quickly adopted into a forever home.
                            stray dog they’d met only briefly?
                                                                             Angels Among Us was founded in 2009 by Valerie Weinberg
                                   That’s exactly what East Cobber      and LuAnn Farrell. Once rescued, each animal is spayed or neu-
                             Lara Shaw did in early January to          tered, given the proper vaccinations and brought back into good
                             save a dog named Erika when she            health before finding temporary shelter in a foster home or a per-
s Lara Shaw
                             escaped from her new foster home.          manent place to be loved. The medical care is paid for entirely by
Shaw is the event planner for Angels Among Us, (www.angel-              Angels Among Us and the organization relies on volunteers, dona- a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing dogs       tions and fundraisers for support. Animals are housed by a net-
and cats from high kill shelters in North Georgia and transition-       work of more than 120 foster homes throughout the metro area,
ing them into foster and forever homes.                                 and adoption events are done every other Saturday from 11am-
     “We pull animals from kill facilities so they don’t die,”          3pm in front of the fountain at the Avenue at East Cobb. Events
said Shaw.                                                                                                    are also held at The Forum
     Erika was a stray dog that the Angels staff rescued                                                      in Norcross on alternating
from a North Georgia kill shelter. Erika was initially transi-                                                Saturdays. The organization
tioned to Camp Woof in Norcross – a dog daycare facility                                                      has saved more than 720
that temporarily houses many of the Angels rescues. After                                                     animals in the last year.
the standard treatment of bathing and socializing Erika, she                                                      Angels Among Us
was taken on January 8 to the Angels Among Us bi-weekly                                                      is in need of East Cobb
adoption event at the Avenue at East Cobb to meet her new                                                    volunteers to help with
foster mother, an East Cobber who lives in Chimney Springs.                                                  animal transport, holding
                                                                                                             dogs during the adop-
    But, about an hour after Erika was welcomed into
                                                                                                             tion events, marketing,
her new foster home, she escaped into the neighborhood
                                                                                                             fundraising and to serve
and remained elusive for the next two weeks. Through the
                                                                                                             as foster families. For
January snowstorm and the days after, volunteers and resi-
                                                                                                             more ways to help, email
dents banded together to help find Erika.
     “The coming together of the East Cobb community dur-                                                    or visit their website at
ing the two weeks of Erika’s search was unbelievable,” said                                        

                DiD we MiSS yOuR LOCaTiON?
         The EAST COBBER is published eleven times a year and is available at 400+ drop-off points--local businesses, day care
          centers, medical offices, schools, churches—wherever East Cobb residents are. Are the East Cobbers in your business
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               Selected locations are highlighted on our website. increase the traffic to your business!
                     Call us now at 770-640-7070 or email us at
                                     Join our fast growing list of distribution sites.                                           EAST COBBER                                                   March 2011 29
                DiNiNG GuiDe

 3130 JOHNSON FERRY ROAD | MARIETTA | 770-640-1731                                             aMeRiCaN                                          BaGeLS
                                                                                 American Deli                                    Goldberg’s Bagel and Deli
                                                                                 2100 Roswell Road                                1062 Johnson Ferry Road
                                                                                 Marietta 30062                                   Marietta 30068
                                                                                 770-509-3800                                     Mon-Sun: 6am-5pm
 KIDS EAT FREE EVERYDAY: 4-10PM                                                  Bradley’s Bar & Grill
                                                                                                                                  New York style deli with great food and
                                                                                                                                  atmosphere! You can place your order online
    *ONE FREE KIDS MEAL OFF THE JUST FOR KIDS MENU                               4961 Lower Roswell Road
          PER ADULT ENTRÉE FOR KIDS UNDER 12                                                                                      and we also offer full catering service.
                                                                                 Marietta 30068
                                                                                 770-321-0108                                     Einstein Bros. Bagels
                                                                                 Mon.-Sat. 12pm-2am                               2014 Powers Ferry Road
                                                                                                                                  Atlanta 30339
                                                                                 Barker’s Red Hots
                                                                                 3000 Windy Hill Road
                                                                                 Marietta 30067                                   Einstein Bros. Bagels
                                                                                 770-272-0407                                     2960 Shallowford Road
                                                                                                                                  Marietta 30066
                                                                                 Brewsters Neighborhood Grille
                                                                                 3595 Canton Road
                                                                                 Marietta 30066                                   Einstein Bros. Bagels
                                                                                 770-591-1291                                     1275 Johnson Ferry Road
                                                                                                                                  Marietta 30068
                                                                                 Delkwood Grill                                   770-321-6060
                                                                                 2769 Delk Road
   SENIORS: BUY ONE ENTRÉE                                                       Marietta 30067                                   Panera Bread

 GET ONE FREE EVERYDAY 3- 6PM                                                    770-956-1313                                     2100 Roswell Road
                                                                                                                                  Marietta 30062
                    WITH 2 BEVERAGE PURCHASE                                     Copeland’s of New Orleans                        770-565-5570
                                                                                 > 3131 Cobb Parkway, Suite 200
                                                                                 Atlanta 30339                                       BReaKFaST & BRuNCh
                                          Does not include gratuity.             770-612-3311
                                          Expires: 04/01/11.
                                          Expires: 8/1/10.                       > 1142 Barrett Parkway                           J. Christopher’s
                                          Cannot be used with other offers.                                                       1205 Johnson Ferry Road
                                          Only valid at Johnson Ferry Rd.
                                                                                 Kennesaw 30144
                                          IHOP in Marietta                       770-919-9612                                     Marietta 30068
                                                                                 Marlow’s Tavern                                  7am-2pm
                                                                                 1311 Johnson Ferry Road                          Breakfast, brunch & lunch. An East Cobb
                                       A Cooking School                          Marietta 30068                                   original since 1997.
                                       for Kids & Adults               
                                                                                                                                  > 1275 Powers Ferry Road
                                                                                                                                     Marietta 30067
                                       O ering Birthday Parties,                 Monday-Thursday: 11:30am-12midnight                 770-953-0002
                                           Cooking Classes,                      Friday-Saturday: 11:30am-1am                     > 2700 Town Center Drive
                                         Scout Badge Classes,                    Sunday: 11am-12 midnight                            Kennesaw 30144
                                        Workshops, Summer &                      Marlow’s Tavern features the “best of the           678-213-2400

      $10 O
      $10 Off                               Holiday Camps                        best” in American tavern fare served in a
                                                                                 modern atmosphere. The menu offers a
                                       1 FREE Birthday Party Guest ($25 value)
                                                                                 diverse combination of classic dishes that
         Cooking Class
    Spring Break Mini-Camps                Expires 4.15.11. Present coupon                                                                          EAT
                                                                                 are updated and elevated to a gourmet level.
    Expires 12.31.09;Present coupon.
    Expires 4.15.11. present coupon.                                                                                                               EAST
                                                                                 Marlow’s Tavern provides a casual and
                                                                                 friendly gathering spot to enjoy a great night
                                                                                 on the town.

                                  Support our Local Resta , today!
                              Grab a Bite at an East Cobb

      TO aDveRTiSe yOuR ReSTauRaNT iN The eaST COBBeR CaLL 770-640-7070

30 March 2011                                                              EAST COBBER                                                   
                                                                                                DiNiNG GuiDe
         Fuji hana Celebrates
        10 years in east Cobb                                                      ChiNeSe                                  SaNDwiCheS
                                                                     Lee’s Golden Buddha #7                      Baldinos Giant Jersey Subs
                                            If you haven’t been      2524 Cobb Parkway                           80 Powers Ferry Road
                                                                     Smyrna 30080                                Marietta 30067
                                     to Fuji Hana in a while,        770-980-1800                                770-321-1177
                                     it’s time to go back.           Mon-Sun: 11am-10:30pm             
                                     The Japanese steak              Chinese, Malaysian, Thai & Korean           Hours: M-Sat 10:30am - 7pm
                                                                     cuisine. Dine-in or carry-out; delivery     All subs sliced to order - fresh bread
                                     and sushi restaurant            available. Consumer choice award for        baked daily.
                                     continues to combine            best Chinese restaurant from 1999-2004.
                                     delicious food with                                                                           Thai
                                                                                    CaJuN                        Curry Curry Thai Restaurant
  excellent service, creating a memorable experience for
                                                                     AJ’s Famous Seafood and PoBoys              4724 Lower Roswell Road
  customers of all ages.                                                                                         Marietta 30068
                                                                     2100 Roswell Road
       The restaurant is excited to be celebrating 10 years          Marietta 30062                              678-560-7809
                                                                     678-999-0767                                Monday-Friday lunch: 11am-2:30pm
  in East Cobb this month and in honor of its anniversary,                                                       Saturday-Sunday Lunch: 12-3:30pm
  Fuji Hana will now offer its hibachi menu at lunch dur-                   JaPaNeSe & Thai                      Monday-Thursday Dinner: 4-9:30pm Friday
  ing the week and on weekends. Their hibachi lunch                  Fuji Hana Steak, Sushi & Thai               Dinner: 4-10pm
  includes entrees like teriyaki chicken, filet mignon,              1255 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 1            Saturday Dinner 5-10pm
                                                                     Marietta 30068                              Sunday Dinner 5-9pm
  shrimp, scallops and salmon cooked on a hibachi grill                                                          Since opening in 2004, Curry Curry Thai
  and served with soup, salad, vegetables and rice. This                       Restaurant in Smyrna has been serving up
  new lunch offering provides an interesting option for a            Lunch: Mon-Fri: 11:30am-2:30pm.             the authentic, fragrantly aromatic national
                                                                     Sat-Sun: 12-3pm                             cuisine of their homeland. Top-quality rice
  business lunch or a post-church outing.                                                                        grown in Thailand, market fresh vegetables
                                                                     Dinner: Mon-Thur: 4:30-10pm.
        Since opening ten years ago, Fuji Hana specialized           Fri-Sat: 4:30-10:30pm.                      and hand-picked fresh spices blend together
                                                                     Sun: 4:30-9:30pm                            to bring a delicate balance between the five
  in traditional Japanese cuisine but has adapted its menu           A hibachi chef cooks right before your      taste senses: sweet, salty, spicy and sour,
  to fit the evolving tastes of its customers. The restaurant        eyes. A fun place to be for any occasion.   with a touch of bitter.
  offers an extensive sushi menu, with unique chef spe-
  cialties. Additionally, the chefs have added more seafood
  to the hibachi menu and incorporated Thai favorites.
       The cozy atmosphere and entertaining chefs are
  perfect for a night of celebration with friends and family
  members or a unique dinner for two. Patrons can choose
  to sit in the hibachi room, main dining room or sushi bar
       “We have been extremely fortunate to call East Cobb
  our home, and we have seen children grow up in our res-
  taurant,” says Daniel Wu, managing partner. “Young chil-
  dren used to come in with their parents and now they are
  bringing their girlfriends or boyfriends to dinner.”
       Even in a slow economy, Fuji Hana continues to
  offer its Monday and Tuesday night $1 sushi specials.
  “We’ve always offered quality food at reasonable prices,
  and we aren’t going to change that,” says Wu.
       To thank the area for 10 great years and to cel-
  ebrate its new lunch offering, Fuji Hana is offering a
  special promotion for local patrons. During March, bring
  in this issue of the East Cobber and receive a half price
  hibachi entrée with purchase of one hibachi entrée dur-
  ing lunch. Dinner patrons will receive a $10 give certifi-
  cate for future purchases if you spend $50.
       Fuji Hana is located at the Market Plaza shopping center
  at 1255 Johnson Ferry Rd., Marietta, GA 30068. For more
  information or reservations, visit
  or call 678-560-8071. Find us on Facebook: Fuji Hana
  Daniel for specials!
                     P A I D A DV E RT I S E M E NT                                           EAST COBBER                                                             March 2011 31
                    Consignment Sales Scheduled For March
March 4-5                                                              March 11-12
 Born again Blessings Consignment Sale benefiting the Hilda             NOwaMOM Tots to Tweens Spring/Summer Consignment Sale
 Cagle Foundation to help families in need. Children’s and              sponsored by Northwest Atlanta Mothers of Multiples. Clothing
 maternity clothing, shoes, toys, nursery items, baby equip-            (newborn to juniors), accessories, children’s furniture, car seats,
 ment, furniture and more. Cash or checks only. No credit cards.        strollers, play equipment, books, games, videos, DVDs – all
 Friday: 9am-7pm. Saturday: 9am-noon. New/first-time parents            high quality items. Friday: 1-8pm. Saturday: 8am-noon. NOWA-
 are invited to sign up for a special preview show March 3, 7pm.        MOM Club Members: Friday: 11am-8pm (strollers & children
 Cobb Civic Center, 548 South Marietta Parkway, Marietta.               under 15 after 1pm). Saturday: 8am-noon. Members of other
 More info:                                 multiples clubs with a copy of a current newsletter or member-
                                                                        ship card: Friday: 12-8pm (strollers & children under 15 after
                                                                        1pm). Saturday: 8am-noon. Sandy Plains Baptist Church, 2825
March 4-5                                                               Sandy Plains Road, Marietta. More info: sarahbliss110@yahoo.
 Kids’ Consignment Sale. Find high quality, gently used
                                                                        com or
 children’s Spring/Summer clothing (sizes 0-14), toys, baby
 equipment, furniture and more! Friday: 9am-4pm. Saturday:
 9am-noon. Thursday, March 3: 5-7pm for volunteers only.
 No strollers before 11am on Friday. Everything 30% off on              Mt. Bethel uMC’s Spring 2011 Children’s Consignment and
 Saturday. The Episcopal Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, 1795           Baked Goods Sale. 480 sellers consign quality children’s cloth-
 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. More info: 770-977-7473 or               ing, toys, books, furniture, maternity clothing, and more. Fabu-                                                  lous boutique and prom sections. All proceeds go to support
                                                                        local and global missions to benefit families and children of all
                                                                        ages. Friday: 9:30am-7pm (no children or strollers on the sales
March 10-12                                                             floor until 12pm). Shoppers’ nursery: 8:30am-12pm @ $4/
 all4Kids Children’s Consignment Sale with over 600 sellers.            hour per child or $8/hour per family. Mt. Bethel United Method-
 Hint: Bring a laundry basket with a long belt or rope tied to it to    ist Church, 4385 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta. More info:
 help carry all of your goodies while you shop as no baskets are        404-734-8616 or or www.mtbethelccs.
 provided. Adults who donate $5 Cash for Missions will be given         com.
 early admittance on opening morning at 8:30am. Thursday:
 9:30am-7pm. No strollers before 11am. Friday: 9am-7pm.
 Saturday: 9am-1pm (many items ½ off). Jim Miller Park, 2245           March 18-19
 Callaway Road, Marietta. More info: 770-528-8875 or
                                                                        all4Kids Children’s Consignment Sale with over 400 sellers.
                                                                        Hint: Bring a laundry basket with a long belt or rope tied to it
                                                                        to help carry all of your goodies while you shop as no baskets
                                                                        are provided. Adults who donate $5 Cash for Missions will be
March 10-12
                                                                        given early admittance on opening morning at 8:30am. Friday:
 Lil’ Lambs Closet Children’s Consignment Sale. Gently used
 seasonal baby and children’s clothing, maternity clothing, toys,       9:30am-7pm. No strollers before 11am. Saturday: 9am-1pm
 books, DVDs, car seats, high chairs, strollers, baby bedding,          (many items ½ off). Mt. Paran North Church of God, 1700
 nursery and children’s furniture, etc. Proceeds benefit church         Allgood Road, Marietta. More info: 770-578-9081 or
 ministries and community missions. Thursday Private Preview  
 Sale for workers and sellers starting at 2pm (with $5 admission
 fee) or 4pm. Thursday Public Preview Sale from 6-8pm (with
 $5 admission fee). Friday: 9am-7pm. Saturday: 9am-1pm.                March 25-26
 Many items half price on Saturday. First United Methodist              Tots2Teens upscale Kids Consignment event. Sell your name
 Church of Marietta, 56 Whitlock Avenue, Marietta. More info:           brand kids clothing, shop brand names and make some extra or 770-429-7800.                                     $$$. For your children’s safety, all appropriate items will have
                                                                        been tested for lead & phthalates by a specialist. Friday: 9am-
                                                                        6pm. Saturday: 9am-1pm (most items 50% off). Preview Sale
                                                                        Thursday, March 24, for volunteers, consigners, new moms &
                                                                        1st pregnancies and email and flier distributors – see web-
                                                                        site for times. King’s Market (Publix) Shopping Center, 1425
                                                                        Market Boulevard, Roswell. More info/to register to consign,
                                                                        volunteer, get on mailing list: or

                                                                       March 26
                                                                        Spring Sample Sale benefiting the Senior High Choir of Johnson
                                                                        Ferry Baptist Church. Shop for apparel, accessories, and gifts
                                                                        from 40 vendors, some from the Atlanta Apparel Mart. 9am-
                                                                        4pm. Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, 955 Johnson Ferry Road,
                                                                        Marietta. More info: 770-795-3224.

32 March 2011                                                  EAST COBBER                                  
     Recipe of the Month:
    Yucca with Mojo Sauce
               From the Seremba Family

    Yucca is a starchy root vegetable, similar to a

potato. It can be boiled, steamed or fried. It is
often served as a side dish in Cuban cuisine and
when boiled, is enjoyed with a garlicky lime sauce

called “mojo.”

2-3 pounds frozen yucca (fresh yucca can be used as
2 medium yellow onions, thinly sliced
10-12 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1/4 cup fresh lime juice (about 2 limes)
1/4 cup olive oil                                                  AND
1 tsp ground cumin
2 tbsp cup chopped fresh oregano leaves

Directions                                                         AROUND
In a large stock pot, bring 4 cups of salted water to a
boil. Add the yucca and cook until tender, about 20                EAST
minutes. Drain and place the yucca on a serving plat-
ter. In a small skillet, heat the olive oil over high heat.
Add the onions and garlic and saute them for about
1 minute–until just tender. Be sure the garlic and the       

                                                                       EAST COBBER
onions don’t start to brown. Season with salt and pep-
per. Pour the onions and garlic directly over the yucca.
Pour the lime juice on top and sprinkle with oregano.

  Do you have a family recipe handed down from gen-
  eration to generation? Or maybe a favorite dish that                      East Cobb’s
  always gets rave reviews from your family and friends?
  Well, the EAST COBBER wants to know about them.                       premier source for
  Show off your favorite recipes in our feature, ‘Recipe of
  the Month.’ Email them to, re:                local info since 1993
  “Recipe of the Month’. Please include your name and
  contact information with the recipe.                                    770-640-7070                                       EAST COBBER                    March 2011 33
      heaLTh & weLLNeSS
                                                                                wellStar Kennestone
                        aCuPuNCTuRe                                          imaging Center in east Cobb
acupuncture and wellness Center                                                 Offering the highest quality imaging with addition of
Dr. Li Hua Shu, TCMD – Licensed Acupuncturist                                   16-Slice CT, MRI and expanded Women’s Services
1000 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite A-130 • Marietta 30068
678-560-7978 •                                                                                   WellStar Kennestone Imaging
Monday-Friday 9am-6pm; Saturday 9am-4pm                                                                       Center in East Cobb believes in
19 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine treating                                                  life well-lived and offers East
pain management, respiratory system, emotional/mental health,                                                 Cobbers a quality choice for
nervous system, digestive system, smoking/weight loss, wrinkle                                                medical imaging services within
reduction, high blood pressure, and much more!                                                                the community.
                                                                                                              Conveniently located at 1070
                           aDDiCTiON                                                                       Woodlawn Drive, WellStar
                                                                                                           Kennestone Imaging Center in
New vision Service @ wellStar Cobb hospital                                                                East Cobb invites the community
3950 Austell Road • Austell 30106                                                                          to visit their state of the art facil-
770-739-4670                                                              s Steven Brantley, M.D.
                                                                             Quantum Radiology
                                                                                                           ity for most medical diagnostic
Hours: Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm. Saturday-Sunday: 8:30am-5pm.                                                imaging needs. The facility is
New Vision offers inpatient medical stabilization for adults who          accredited by the American College of Radiology assuring that
are experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or                highly trained technologists and physicians meet stringent quality
other drugs.                                                              standards. The friendly WellStar staff highly emphasizes profes-
                                                                          sionalism, compassionate care and patient satisfaction and is
            aNTi-aGiNG/PLaSTiC SuRGeRy                                    dedicated to uncompromising standards of excellence.

Cosmetic & Laser Specialists                                                  WellStar Kennestone Imaging Center in East Cobb is proud to
3365 Piedmont Road, NE, Ste. 1250 • Atlanta 30319                          offer state of the art Digital Mammography to provide the most
404-812-0211 •                               advanced electronic breast images, which are interpreted by
                                                                           Radiologists who are sub-specialized in mammography using the
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
                                                                           aid of precision, high-resolution monitors. Dr. Steven Brantley
Hormone replacement therapy, cosmetic surgery, laser proce-
                                                                           explains, “Digital technology assists in improving diagnosis and
dures, dermal fillers/BOTOX, esthetician services, weight loss and
                                                                           makes the interpretation of results and historical comparisons
                                                                           quicker and more accurate.” Breast MRIs will now also be
                                                                           offered at the East Cobb Imaging Center in adjunct to routine
                 ChRiSTiaN COuNSeLiNG                                      digital mammography screening for high-risk patients.
Judith Reichenbach, ed. S.                                                   Diagnostic imaging services provided at WellStar Kennestone
Licensed Professional Counselor                                            Imaging Center in East Cobb include:
770-597-9882                                                                 • CT Scan
Loving Christian counseling families/individuals. Conflict, grief,             Heart Screening (Calcium Score)
blended families, adolescent behavior, L. D., depression, body               • MRI
image, P .T.S.D, loneliness, marriage revitalization, illness, empty-        • Diagnostic Radiology Services
nest, fear, guilt, shame, anger, career coaching, high school/col-           • High definition ultrasound imaging
lege planning, or just need someone to talk to. Available eve-               • Diagnostic and Screening Digital Mammography
nings/weekends. In-home services available East Cobb area only.              • Breast MRI
                                                                             • DEXA Bone Densitometry
                      FiTNeSS CeNTeRS                                         WellStar is committed to providing the best technology to the
east Cobb Jazzercise                                                       community with a High-Field Short-Bore MRI 1.5 Tesla which has
Cathy Mobley                                                               expanded our women’s imaging services to include Breast MRI.
736 Johnson Ferry Road • Marietta 30068                                    This MRI System offers higher quality exams while providing patient
(in the Fountains of Olde Towne)                                           comfort with its open ended design. In addition, our 16-slice CT
770-971-4970 • •                   Scanner offers improved diagnostic accuracy with shorter scan
                                                                           times. WellStar Kennestone Imaging Center in East Cobb is now
Jazzercise is a 60-minute class incorporating cardio, strength, and
                                                                           also performing Heart Screenings for $99 or $149/couple.
stretch moves for a total body workout for all ages and fitness levels.
                                                                              Most insurance plans are accepted, and the helpful WellStar
Mt. Bethel uMC-CaC                                                         staff is happy to answer insurance related questions. Office hours
4385 Lower Roswell Road • Marietta 30068                                   are Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm. Extended hours
770-971-5280 •                                    Thursday until 6:30p.m. and Saturday 8:00am-12:00pm for
Mon-Thurs: 8:30am-5pm                                                      Mammography and MRI (non-contrast). Call 678-581-5900 to
Yoga, fitness classes, pilates, body sculpting, walking track,             schedule your imaging appointment with WellStar Kennestone
cardio equipment and weights.                                              Imaging Center in East Cobb.
                                                                           WellStar Kennestone Imaging Center in East Cobb
                             EAST COBBER                                   1070 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30068
                       Like Us On                                          770-793-9200
                                                                                                P A I D A DV E RT I S E M E NT

34 March 2011                                                     EAST COBBER                                          
                                                                                         heaLTh & weLLNeSS

                    FiTNeSS/weLLNeSS                                                          heaLTh FOOD STORe
Fitness attack                                                              Life Grocery
113 Holt Road • Marietta 30068                                              Lisa Maden, GM
770-851-3965 •                                                   1453 Roswell Road • Marietta 30062
Boot camp and personal training that is affordable, fun and                 770-977-9583 •
                                                                            Life Grocery and Café features a healthy selection of organic pro-
effective, using a variety of music and different types of cardio           duce, nutritious foods, extensive supplements serving those with
and strength training activities including boot camp drills, plyo-          health challenges and dietary needs.
metrics, kickboxing and yoga. Commit to getting in shape and
see changes in just a few weeks.                                                              MaSSaGe TheRaPiST
                   GeNeRaL DeNTiSTRy                                        Balance Touch Massage Therapy
                                                                            4994 Lower Roswell Road, Suite 25 • Marietta 30068
Ruth h. Clemans, DDS                                                        770-977-7778
Dr. Ruth Clemans                                                            Mon-Sat: 10am-9:30pm; Sun: 1-9pm.
3052 Shallowford Road, Suite 100 • Marietta 30062                           Natural healing specializing in pain relief and wellness. Swedish,
                                                                            deep tissue, shiatsu, Thai and hot stone massages. Reflexology
770-587-5655 •                                     and sports medicine.
Comprehensive dental care – close your eyes and wake up
smiling through IV sedation, cosmetic, restorative, dental                               MeDiCaL iMaGiNG SeRviCeS
implants, oral surgery, root canal therapy, periodontal care
and quality general dentistry – one location, one doctor –                  wellStar Kennestone imaging Center in east Cobb
all procedures!                                                             Lillian McCarthy, Office Manager
                                                                            1070 Woodlawn Drive, Ste. 100 • Marietta 30068
                                                                            770-793-9200 •
                         haiR SaLON                                         Mon-Fri: 8am-4:30pm. Extended hours Thursday until 6:30pm,
                                                                            Saturday 8am-12pm for Mammography and MRI (non-contrast).
Patrick Carmen NR.9 Salon                                                   WellStar Kennestone Imaging Center in East Cobb offers state of the
2520 East Piedmont Road, Suite K • Marietta 30066                           art imaging services which include Digital Mammography (Screening
678-427-8000 Tues- Sat                                                      and Diagnostic), CT Scan, Heart Screening, MRI, Ultrasound, DEXA
$35 Cut and Style intro for new clients                                     Bone Densitometry, and X-Ray.

                                 North Roberts Road Dental Group, P.C.

                                            Dr. Joe Morabit
                                                                                                              rabit. Dr. Morabit graduated
                                                                            Group, P.C. welcomes Dr. Joe Mo
                                              The North Roberts Road Dental                                     erience. He specializes in
                                                                              rgia and has over 22 years of exp
                                              from the Medical College of Geo
                                              the following dental care:                                                     erec Technology
                                                                                              tistry • Same-Day Crowns-C
                                                             • Comprehensive and Family Den           • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
                                                             • Cosmetic Dentistry

                                                                                             $69                       .00
                                                                                                     lar dental cleaning
                                                                          exam, x-rays, and regu
                                                                          (codes 00150, 00210,only. Expires 3/31/2011
                                                                          Offer valid with coupon

                                                                             North Roberts Road Dental Group
                                                                             1301 Shiloh Road, Suite 660
  Same Great Care; New Location                                              Kennesaw, GA 30144
  Most Insurance Plans Accepted • Care Credit Provider
  Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8-5                                          770-423-9699                                             EAST COBBER                                                      March 2011 35
        heaLTh & weLLNeSS

                                                                                                                   l   Diabetic Foot Care
                                                                                                                   l   Bunion Correction
                                                                                                                   l   Hammertoe Correction

                                    Podiatry Group                                                                 l

                                                                                                                       Toenail Fungus Treatment
                                                                                                                       Sports Performance
                                             My trainer knew I
                                      of Georgia the weight
                                           could lose

                                                                                                                       Sports/Recreational Injury
                                                                                                                       Ingrown Toenail Repair
                                                 long before I did.                                                l   Plantar Fasciitis
                                   Dr. Tammy K. Gephart                                                            l   Aesthetic Podiatry
                                   Podiatric Surgeon
                                                                                                                   l   Foot Facials


                                    147 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 4230, Marietta, GA 30068                                      404.806.3731

My trainer changed my idea of           FORGET THE FAD DIETS.
          My trainer can look.
  just how good I changed               FORGET THE GIMMICKS.
                                        Get results with a Fitness
             my idea of just how                     FORGET THE FAD DIETS. FORGET THE GIMMICKS.
                                        Together personal trainer.
             good 47 can look.                            Get results with a Fitness Together personal trainer.
                                         Call today and schedule a free
                                                         After and
                                         Fitness Evaluationputting on 20 pounds, the last thing I felt like doing was
                                       “I had been fluctuating in my But my trainer helped years. I finally and train steadily.
                                                         exercising. weight      the last 7 me
                                         Personal Training Session. for “eating right”start slow decidednot do        to
                                          Get a                   Call today and schedule a free Fitness
                                       something about it, because my idea of                  and exercise was
                                                           Her faith in looking me from getting discouraged. Most important,
                                       doing it. Completely tired of me kept in the mirror and seeing the weight I had put

                                       on I finally said “enough is enough.” While complaining to a friend about that
                                       mentioned a postcard he had received from Fitness Together. I calledthat I’ve
                                          Get a
                                       day and had an appointment set up the next day. With countless other failures in
                                                           she helped me make my own wellness a priority. And once it he
                                                           happened, the pounds really started coming off. Now that same
                                                                  and Personal Training Session.
                                           past I thought reached my ideal weight, lost over 70 lbs in just 8 months, but
                                       mytraining session to give this a try. Ishe wants to set some new goals. And I
                                                           I have
                                                           say, kept it off
                                       more importantly havebring it on. for over a year! The trainers at Fitness Together
                                             (a $70 Value) workouts fresh and fun, and now I look forward to my work-
                                       constantly keep the
                                          with mention of this
                                       outs. The knowledge they have given me will be with me for the rest of my life!”
                                                  session today and schedule a free Fitness
                                                                                     –Lynn B.
                                           (a 70 Value)Evaluation and Personal Training Session.
                                        Fitness Together East Cobb
                                        1255 Johnson Get a Rd, Suite 26
                                                               Ferry        Location Name
                                        East Cobb
                                        Market Plaza                        9092 Ridgeline Parkway
                                                                                    © 2009 Fitness Together

                                                                            Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
                                        1255 Johnson Ferry Rd, Ste
                                        Marietta, GA 30068 26
                                        Marietta, GA 30068
                                                           training session
                                        (770) 321-1347 Value)
                                                      (a $65                        Call 303.833.3333
                                                                                           PRIVATE TRAINING
                                        Call to get started
                                        Call 770.321.1347
                                                                                    to get started today
                                                                                                              GETS RESULTS
                                                          © 2009 Fitness Together
                                        today to get started

    Content + Community + Commerce =                                                                          EAST COBBER
   36 March 2011                                EAST COBBER                                                                 
      Neurosport Physical
      Therapy and Fitness                                                             Sign up today
    Center Keeps Performers                                                                     Year-round
        in the Spotlight                                                             Group Swim Lessons - ages 3-6
                                When physical therapist Carolyn                         Stroke School - ages 5-9
                             Lawson opened her East Cobb practice
                             in 1996, she was essentially a one                  Stroke School is the perfect stepping-stone
                             woman show. Fourteen years later,
                             Neurosport Physical Therapy and                       between swim lessons and swim team.
                             Fitness Center has grown to three loca-              Kids will learn all four competitive strokes.
                             tions throughout Atlanta: East Cobb,
                             Buckhead and Roswell; a fourth in
                             Manhattan and plans to open a fifth office
                             in Los Angeles. The secret to Lawson’s
                             success? Finding a niche that few other
                             physical therapy practices can fulfill. Or in
                             Lawson’s case, several niches.
     An outpatient orthopedics company, the therapists at
  Neurosport Physical Therapy offer patients much more than
  simple stretching routines. Every therapist has received post-
  graduate training in manual therapy and the techniques are
  incorporated into all therapy sessions. A physical therapy session
  typically lasts an hour. The patient will receive manual therapy,
  range of motion, soft tissue, therapeutic exercises, neuromuscu-
  lar re-education, modalities and a home exercise program.
     Treatment options include use of a laser light, ultrasound or
  underwater treadmill to address specific needs. Dry needling is
  another unique technique used at Neurosport PT. With dry nee-
  dling, a thin, blunt-tipped filament needle is inserted into a knot
  or “trigger point” area of a muscle, forcing the tissue to relax and
  providing immediate relief from pain.
    Neurosport PT is also one of only a select group of Georgia
  therapy practices to offer Active Release Techniques (ART).
  ART is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement
  based technique that treats problems associated with head-
  aches, back pain, carpal tunnel, shin splints, tennis elbow and
  other common sports injuries.
     In addition to serving as the exclusive therapist for the Atlanta
  Silverbacks men’s professional and women’s semi-professional
  soccer teams, Neurosport therapists work with performing arts
                                                                                  Beginner, Intermediate, and
  productions throughout Atlanta and the United States. The ther-
  apists are charged with keeping performers in strenuous roles
                                                                                 Advanced Groups now forming
  in top shape. In addition to regular work with the FOX and the                           Non-members welcome
  Alliance theatres, Neurosport therapists travel the country with
  Broadway troupes through the Neurotour program.                                           For more information,
     Every Neurosport therapist is licensed by the State of Georgia                    Please contact Christina Roberts
  and most hold doctorate degrees. They treat patients of all ages
  for a wide variety of movement-related injuries. Major insurances                          at 770.953.1100 or
  are accepted for all treatments except dry needling and ART.
  Neurosport PT also offers Pilates classes, massage therapy and            
  personal training sessions.
     Neurosport Physical Therapy’s East Cobb office is located
  at 1163 Johnson Ferry Road, Ste. 100, Marietta, GA 30068.
  For more information, call 770-321-0155, visit them online at or find them on Facebook.

                                                                                     135 Interstate North Parkway NW • Atlanta, GA 30339
                                                                                            770.953.1100 •

                      P A I D A DV E RT I S E M E NT                                                     EAST COBBER                                             March 2011 37
      heaLTh & weLLNeSS

                            MRi & CT                                                       PaRa MeDiCaL PiGMeNTaTiON
Marietta imaging Center                                                        Medical Micropigmentation Services
1197 Johnson Ferry Road • Marietta 30068                                       1229 Johnson Ferry Road • Marietta 30068
770-971-7284 •                                         770-873-2048 •
Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am–5pm; Sat: 8am-12noon.                                      Mon-Sat: 9am-5pm by appointment only
Full service imaging including CT, MRI-open and closed, MRA,                   I recreate women’s areolas after mastectomy. I do eyeliner, eye-
EEG, Nuclear Medicine, Fluoroscopy, X-Ray, Mammography,                        brows, lip liner, beauty marks. I add permanent color to people’s
Ultrasound and DEXA (bone density) exams. Same day appoint-                    faces and bodies.
ments available for most exams.
                                                                                                  PeRSONaL TRaiNiNG
               OCCuPaTiONaL TheRaPiST
                                                                               active workz Personal Training
east Cobb Shoulder, elbow & hand Therapy
Marge Krengel, OT, CHT                                                         ari Levine
3901 Roswell Road, Suite 100B • Marietta 30062                                 Old Towne Shopping Center, 736 Johnson Ferry Road, #A112 •
770-578-4334 •                                     Marietta 30068
Expert treatment provided by certified/licensed therapist to injuries          404-538-9975 •
or surgery of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. Conditioning and            Affordable, individualized personal training at a convenient East
exercises for sports or daily activities.                                      Cobb location. Get back on your personal path to fitness this
                                                                               spring with Active Workz Personal Training. Contact Ari Levine to
                       ORThODONTiST                                            get started now with 2 free training sessions.
aesthetic Orthodontic Care, PC                                                 Fitness Together east Cobb
Johanna B. Jenkins, DDS                                                        1255 Johnson Ferry Road, Suite 26 • Marietta 30068
4939 Lower Roswell Road • Marietta 30068                                       770-321-1347 •
770-671-0400 •                                           Mon-Fri: 6am-9pm. Sat: 6am-3pm (by appointment only).
Dr. Jenkins specializes in braces for adults and children featuring            Fitness Together is the industry’s leader in private, one-on-one
lingual, invisalign, clear and metal braces. We offer complimen-               personal training. We provide private personal training in your
tary consultations, accept insurance and have flexible payment                 own private suite as well as nutritional counseling, cardiovascular
plans. Visit us in our East Cobb office at Parkaire!                           prescription and assessment testing.

        Mitzi Rubin, M.D. is now in East Cobb
       WellStar Medical Group welcomes Mitzi Rubin, M.D., to our East Cobb
       office, conveniently located on Roswell Road. Dr. Rubin specializes in preventative
       medicine, diabetes management and weight management, as well as:
           • Acute Illness/Injuries                                • Immunizations
           • Adult, Child and Newborn Well Exams                   • Laboratory Services
           • Blood Pressure                                        • Obesity
           • Diabetes Management                                   • Preventative Medicine
           • Gynecological Exams                                   • Sports Physicals
           • High Cholesterol

        Dr. Rubin is accepting new patients and looks forward to meeting your needs
        for exceptional healthcare.

           To schedule an appointment,
           please call 770-973-2272.

   Mer c h a n ts stat i o n • 3 9 3 9 ro s well r oad • s uite 200 • M arietta, Ga 30062

38 March 2011                                                    EAST COBBER                                         
     williams Orthodontics Offers                                                     heaLTh & weLLNeSS
        the Latest innovations                                                               PhySiCaL TheRaPy
    in Treatment and Patient Care                                        Neurosport Physical Therapy
                                                                         1163 Johnson Ferry Road, Ste. 100 • Marietta 30068
                                                                         770-321-0155 •
                              Though braces and orthodontia are          Neurosport Physical Therapy offers a wide array of services,
                        still a rite of passage for many teens           tailored to the individual needs and goals of our patients. Our
                        and tweens, much of the stigma associ-           superior training, relationships with Atlanta’s premier orthopedic
                        ated with wearing braces has fallen by           doctors and neurosurgeons, and commitment to continuing
                        the wayside thanks to advancements in            education, training, and advancement set us apart.
                        technology. Gone are the days of mas-
                        sive headgear and braces that resemble                                     PODiaTRiST
                        Frankenstein’s stitches. In their place are      Podiatry Group of Georgia
  s Dr. Michael        slimmer styles in a wide range of colors,         147 Johnson Ferry Road, Ste. 4230 • Marietta 30068
     Williams          clear or tooth-colored ceramic braces             Mon-Fri: 8am-5pm; Sat: by appointment
                                                                         404-806-3731 •
  and even Invisalign products that are nearly impossible for            General and surgical podiatry, aesthetic podiatry, pediatrics,
  others to see.                                                         orthotics, and diabetic limb salvage. A full array of podiatric care
                                                                         of disorders of the foot and ankle including foot pain, sprains,
        Woodstock orthodontist Dr. Michael Williams offers               fractures, bunions, hammer toes, flat feet, ingrown toenails, nail
  all this and more in his Towne Lake office. He works with              fungus, arch pain, foot facials using medical grade products and
  patients of all ages, including adults, and offers the latest in       much more.
  orthodontic treatments and procedures. Williams Orthodontics
  first opened in 1997 and is a fully computerized digital office.
  Williams uses digital x-rays which expose patients to about
                                                                                                                         OPEN 7 DAYS
  90% less radiation than conventional x-rays.
       This is no sterile medical facility though. There is a                                                          • Vegetarian
  distinct emphasis on fun at Williams Orthodontics, where
  young patients and their siblings are treated to video                                                               • Gluten-Free
  games in the waiting room and a movie room for longer                                                                • Living Foods
  appointments. Regular contests and rewards for everything
  from good grades to sticking with their treatment schedule
  keep the atmosphere upbeat and decidedly festive.
       “We try to appeal to the kids and make it a fun place,”
  said Williams.
       Dr. Williams suggests that children have an initial
  orthodontic consultation around age seven, in accordance
  with the American Association of Orthodontics recommen-
  dation. Though kids may not begin treatment at that time,
  Dr. Williams said that early intervention is key to laying the
  foundation for successful treatment in the future. There is
  no charge for the initial consultation.
       “If we catch severe problems early on, we can limit
  treatment time in braces, limit pulling teeth and make
  treatment easier,” he said.
        A Woodstock resident, Dr. Williams is the current pres-
  ident of the Georgia Association of Orthodontists. He is cer-
  tified by the American Board of Orthodontics, a distinction
  that only about 25% of orthodontists hold. Dr. Williams
  and his wife have two children and are active with baseball
  around the East Cobb area.
                                     Williams Orthodontics is locat-
                               ed at 145 Towne Lake Parkway,
                               Suite 201, Woodstock, GA 30188.
                               For more information, call 770-
                               592-5554, visit their website at                          PLEASE
                               or find them on Facebook. Most                           RECYCLE
                               insurance plans are accepted and
                               payment plans are offered.
                                                                                       THIS PAPER

                                                                 EAST COBBER
                     P A I D A DV E RT I S E M E NT                                                                                                             March 2011 39
     heaLTh & weLLNeSS
                                                                          Beware Dog on Premises
      Register for Free                                                   May improve your health
                                                                                                          We have always known
    Walk Georgia Program                                                                             that interactions with beings
                                                                                                     that give unconditional love are
    The successful fitness program Walk Georgia is back and                                          a heartwarming experience.
                                                                                                     Modern medicine has found
residents are encouraged to participate and move more for                                            that people who own a pet live
healthier lives. Walk Georgia is a free eight-week program                                           longer than those without a
sponsored by University of Georgia/Cobb County Cooperative                                           furry roommate.
Extension. The program is designed to increase physical                                                   We are finding that animals
                                                                     are therapeutic for patients with a variety of diagnoses includ-
activity in a fun, community-oriented way. Participation is          ing dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism and anxiety disorders. We
available as an individual or in teams of four. Participants         also have found that animals can lower blood pressure, lift
                                                                     depression, and create a sense of well being.
can log exercise virtually at and the program
                                                                          So why is it so unusual to find an animal in a medical
translates activities, such as aerobics classes, walking the         office setting?
dog and a pick-up game of basketball, into “miles.” Through               Since opening my practice in November of 2009, Ricky,
the online map, participants can electronically chart a course       my golden retriever, has rarely missed a day of work. He is
as they “walk” across Georgia, learning interesting facts            always eager to jump in the car to begin his job duties even
                                                                     on days that I am not feeling the most exuberant. We get
about the counties visited. This will be the only Walk Georgia       to the office and all of the employees get a hearty greeting
program held this year. Online registration for the program is       complete with tail wagging and sniffing (of certain areas that
                                                                     don’t need further discussion for the sake of this article).
open Feb. 20-March 9. Actual recording of physical activity is
                                                                          It is then off to the start of a busy day. Patients are
March 6-April 30. For more information, visit        greeted as they come in the door. Their shocked expres-
or call Cobb Extension at 770-528-4090.                              sions are soon replaced by a smile. Ricky doesn’t move
                                                                     on until he has received acknowledgement in some form
                                                                     whether it be a “Hello” or a pat on the head.
                                                                          I share an office with a geriatric physical therapist and
                                                                     Ricky is always in high demand by the patrons riding the exer-
                                                                     cise bike. Patients in the waiting room get their greeting as well.
                                                                          Some of my Alzheimer’s patients show only Ricky their
                                                                     personalities as they lean over to kiss his nose. When I
                                                                     examine their back, the patient reaches out for Ricky giving
                                                                     me information on their mobility and pain without causing
                                                                     this patient discomfort. Some patients request him to be
                                                                     in the room while receiving an injection and he is always
                                                                     there to give a nuzzle or just to offer a wet nose to hold.
                                                                          He often lies on the floor napping while I am performing
                                                                     the patient’s electrodiagnostic study or placing Botox into a spas-
                                                                     tic neck muscle creating an aura of peace and tranquility. Often
                                                                     these procedures can make patients uptight but the room is
                                                                     soon filled with calm as Ricky is heard breathing deeply dream-
                                                                     ing doggy dreams and chasing rabbits with his cycling paws.
                                                                           It is as if too say, “I am so relaxed I am able to nap
                                                                     so there is no need for you to be nervous.” Nothing bad
                                                                     can happen in a room with a sleeping dog.
                                                                          So do not be surprised the next time you visit your phy-
                                                                     sician and you see a sign stating “DOG ON PREMISES.”
                                                                                         Dr. Barrack specializes in the non surgical
                                                                                    treatment of musculoskeletal disorders of the
                                                                                    spine, muscles, and joints. She has practiced
                                                                                    in the Marietta area since 1994 and recently
                                                                                    opened her practice, Barrack Spine and Joint
                                                                                    Medicine, in East Cobb. For more info, call
                                                                                    678-738-7601 or visit
                                                                                         P A I D A DV E RT I S E M E NT

40 March 2011                                               EAST COBBER                                         
                     Join the McCleskey-east Cobb County yMCa
                       for healthy Kids Day on Sunday, april 17

          eaST COBBeR                                                          As part of a nationwide effort to encourage kids to get
                                                                          moving, the McCleskey-East Cobb YMCA will host YMCA
      health & wellness expo                                              Healthy Kids Day, the nation’s largest health day for kids and
                                                                          families. YMCA Healthy Kids Day is filled with fun, engaging
              Part of                                                     and creative activities that foster healthy living, and is a part
      yMCa’s healthy Kids Day                                             of the YMCA’s larger efforts to help more kids and families
                                                                          become physically active. All activities are free and open to
    The EAST COBBER magazine is partnering with the                       the public.
YMCA by producing the EAST COBBER Health & Wellness                            YMCA Healthy Kids Day will kick off at 1:30 p.m. with
Expo to be held in conjunction with the Y’s Healthy Kids Day.             the Easter Egg Hunt. Thousands of eggs stuffed with prizes
     “The entire day is designed to celebrate healthy living              for kids ages 0-9 to find (be sure to arrive early). Following
and encourage kids and families to get excited about physi-               the hunt, families can enjoy inflatables, water games, Cobb
cal activity and play together, so the EAST COBBER wanted                 Smoke House and music. Resources will be available to
to introduce local health professionals to families seeking               help educate grown-ups about making healthy choices for
local resources to improve their health,” says Cynthia Rozzo,             their families every day.
Publisher of the EAST COBBER.                                                 “Keeping kids healthy is at the core of what the
    The EAST COBBER Health & Wellness Expo will feature:                  McCleskey-East Cobb YMCA stands for,” said Becky Shipley,
                                                                          Executive Director. “The word ‘exercise’ doesn’t sound very
 • Booths and exhibits from local health & wellness                       enjoyable to many people, especially kids, but getting them to
   professionals                                                          move more through play that requires physical activity is the
 • Free health screenings                                                 key to building healthy habits that last a lifetime. On YMCA
 • Seminars and workshops                                                 Healthy Kids Day, both kids and grown-ups will have the
                                                                          opportunity to get moving, to play and to have fun.”
 • Healthy Food Court with cooking demos and samples from
   area chefs
 • Ongoing exercise and fitness demonstrations                                           > <foodblog> <travelblog> <momblog> <schoolblog> <churc

                                                                                                  Check Out our
                                                                                                                                                  h blog > <shopping blog> <bizblog
                                                                 h blog > <shopping blog> <bizblog

 • “The Doctor is In” booth featuring private consultations
   with specialists
 • Book signings by local authors
 • Spa treatments
 • And more!
     Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to present your
                                                                                                   NEW blogs!
goods and services to over 500 health and fitness conscious
East Cobb families! Find out how you can be a part of this
exciting event. Call the EAST COBBER for exhibitor informa-
tion at 770-640-7070.
                                                                                            > <foodblog> <travelblog> <momblog> <schoolblog> <churc                                        EAST COBBER                                                                   March 2011 41
                                                                                         Zonings and Variances

      Call for Entries:                                                                       for March
                                                                                       The following is a list of zonings to be reviewed by the
                                                                                   Planning Commission on Tuesday, March 1, at 9am. The

                  EAST COBBER
                                                                                   Board of Commissioners will vote on these zonings Tuesday,
                                                                                   March 1, at 9am. These listings are provided by the East
                                                                                   Cobb Civic Association. For comments and final actions by
                                                                                   these organizations, please visit
                                                                                        Z-6: Mack & Abe, Inc., represented by Ibrahim (Abe) Jivani,

          Mother of the Year 2011                                                  requests a Rezoning from GC to NRC for a carwash, emissions
                                                                                   station, convenience store with fuel sales. Located at the east

               Essay Contest                                                       side of Johnson Ferry Road, south of Shallowford Road. Size of
                                                                                   tract: 1.42 acres. Current zoning: GC. Proposed use: Carwash,
                                                                                   Emissions Station, Convenience Store With Fuel Sales.
                                                                                       LUP-5: Michael Drewitz, represented by James Balli of
                                                                                   Sams, Larkin & Huff, requests a temporary land-use permit
                                                                                   (renewal) for the purpose of a photography studio. Located
                                                                                   on the north side of Robinson Road, west of Hidden Hollow
                                                                                   Drive. Size of tract: 0 .45 acres. Current zoning: R-20.
                                                                                   Proposed use: Photography Studio.
                                                                                       LUP-7: Dawn Jaeger, representing herself, requests
                                                                                   a change Temporary Land Use Permit for a Aesthetician.
                                                                                   Located at the south side of Mark Hall Drive, east of
                                                                                   Meadowind Lane. Size of tract: 2.42 acres. Current zoning:
                                                                                   R-20. Proposed use: Aesthetician.
                                                                                       There are no variances to be reviewed by the Board of
                                                                                   Zoning Appeals and Variances for East Cobb on Wednesday,
                                                                                   March 9, at 1pm.
                                                                                         This information was provided by the East Cobb Civic
                                                                                   Association. The East Cobb Civic Association meets the last
                                                                                   Wednesday of the month at 7pm. This month we will be
                                                                                   meeting at the East Cobb Government Center, 4400
                                                                                   Lower Roswell Rd., Marietta. All are welcome. More info:
       s elizabeth Jenkins                                                         Jill Flamm, 770-552-8206.
       Mother of the year 2010

   Nothing can quite compare to a Mother’s love and we want you to                                   Patrick Carmen
   nominate your mom for our annual EAST COBBER Mother of the Year
   contest. All EAST COBBER readers are encouraged to nominate a mother                                NR.9 Salon
   who either lives or works in East Cobb County to be this year’s EAST                                         Patrick Carmen
   COBBER Mother of the Year. In 200 words or less, explain why this                                      Master Stylist - Certified Colorist
                                                                                                     Stylists/Station Rental now Available
   woman should receive this honor. The Mother of the Year will appear on
   the front cover of the May edition of the EAST COBBER, participate in            Located at 2520 E. Piedmont Rd Marietta GA 30062, Suite K
                                                                                              Sprayberry Collection Shopping Center
   our annual Parade, and be eligible to receive gifts from local merchants.
                                                                                   Patrick enjoys creating “Hairstyles for Lifestyles”
   Mail your essay along with photo to: EAST COBBER, P.O. Box 672121,               If your hair isn’t becoming to you, you should be coming to me!
   Marietta, GA 30006-0036 or E-mail                       Bring this ad in for $35 hair cut and style for new clients.
                                                                                         CALL FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!
                Deadline: April 7, 2011                                                            678.427.8000
                                                                                          Across from LA fitness next to tiny stitches

42 March 2011                                                              EAST COBBER                                 
                          Sope Creek Fun Run Set For April 30
                                     The 26th annual Sope              administrators and teacher liaisons who volunteer their time
                                Creek Fun Run 5K and 1 Mile            and resources. Last year’s Fun Run was a huge success with
                                Fun Run is a family friendly           approximately 800 participants and 30 community sponsors
                                event that offers something for        which allowed Sope Creek to build brand new, safe, and much
                                every-one: from competitive run-       needed outdoor recreation equipment.
                                ners, to casual joggers and walk-          Sope Creek Foundation funds have been able to purchase:
                                ers, to enthusiastic supporters of
                                                                       • Interactive Smart Boards technology in every classroom
                                Sope Creek Elementary School
                                who are just looking to promote        • a new gym floor
                                and grow our community and             • teacher grants (reading programs for K and 2nd)
                                school. The Fun Run is the
                                                                       • online educational programs for K-3
major fundraising event sponsored by the Sope Creek Elementary
School Foundation, Inc. a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization orga-      • Electronic Imaging Equipment for our Art Room
nized in 1997 by parents of Sope Creek Elementary students.            • construction for Infirmary
Money raised goes directly to projects that give the students the
                                                                       • sponsored/facilitated after school programs
very best resources available.
                                                                       • provided monetary resources for Art Day
    Sope Creek Elementary will be holding their 26th annual Sope
Creek Foundation 5K and 1 Mile Fun Run on April 30, 2011.              • safety upgrades and replacement of playground equipment

     Sope Creek is reaching out to the community to come               • grading of back lot for student use
join in the fun--as a participant and/or a sponsor.                    • upgraded painting
      With money raised from this run, the Sope Creek                  • placed phone system school-wide in each classroom
Foundation is able to provide resources to enhance the school’s        • support of HET (Highly Effective Teacher) program.
ability to create a rich educational experience for all their
1300+ students. The Sope Creek Foundation, established in                   The Foundation is able to do ALL of this through the
1996, is a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization dedicated to            donations of families within Sope Creek Elementary school
supporting the mission and educational goals of Sope Creek             and partnerships with local businesses. If you are interested
Elementary School. The Foundation is governed by a Board of            in becoming a sponsor or would like to participate as a run-
Directors which includes parents, community leaders, school            ner, please visit:

“Social media offers new opportunities to activate brand enthusiasm.”
                                   –Stacy DeBroff, founDer anD ceo of MoM central

              EAST COBBER SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING is more than the online home of the EAST      our friendly and knowledgeable account executives at EAST
  COBBER magazine. We’re East Cobb County’s most popular             COBBER help you craft your marketing campaign. And
  website and the leader for community news and events--not just     save a bundle when you bundle...ask about it! Your EAST
  reporting on them but producing special events. At last count,     COBBER account executive will work with you at every
  we receive over 10,000+ page views per month. And we are           stage of the process.
  still growing! We have over 4,000+ unique monthly visitors that        EAST COBBER’s team of account executives are com-
  spend at least 2 minutes per visit. What does this mean to you?    mitted to their client’s most pressing marketing objective in
  It means more customers are viewing your ad and are more           these turbulent times: to deliver the best results from each
  likely to shop your place of business than your competition.       media dollar spent, whether through the pages of EAST
     Call the EAST COBBER when planning your promotional             COBBER magazine, on our website or at our exciting
  campaign. All media. All East Cobb County. All the time. Let       community events.

                       find us. friend us. follow us.                                    EAST                                           EAST COBBER                                               March 2011 43
       Lassiter Girls Swim & Dive Team Are State Champs

   s Lassiter high School’s Girls Swim and Dive Team won their fourth consecutive state
   championship. Congratulations to the girls, Coach Meeden, and Coach Mullen.

Spelling                               Wolf Scout Wins Pinewood Derby
Bee                                Blake hill, a wolf Scout in Pack 795, won first

Winner                             place at his pack’s Pinewood Derby last month.
                                   his car is shaped as a Rattlesnake. every year
Colin McMillen, a                  more than a million Cub Scouts and adult part-
fifth grade student                ners team up to participate in a Pinewood Derby®
at Timber Ridge                    where Cub Scouts design, carve, paint, weigh,
elementary School,                 refine, and race the car. The rules of the very
won the Cobb                       first race stated: “The Derby is run in heats—two
County Spelling Bee                to four cars starting by gravity from a standstill
at Kennesaw Mountain               on a track and run down a ramp to a finish line
high School.                       unaided. The track is an inclined ramp with wood
                                   strips down the center to guide the cars.”

44 March 2011                                EAST COBBER                      
       McCobb: Where Business
          Meets Efficiency                                                        Congratulations to our
                                           McCobb LLC takes
                                      care of the details for
                                                                               EAST COBBER
                                      East Cobb businesses.
                                      Whether you are look-
                                      ing for office space for a
                                                                                Facebook Freebie Winners
                                      small business, a sales                 Last January and February the following East Cobb resi-
                                      representative office for          dents won the following prizes by participating in our Facebook
                                      a large firm, or a virtual         Freebies Contest:
                                      office as an extension of
                                      an at-home enterprise,
                                      McCobb offers what you
                                      need when you need it.
                                      The company’s office
                                      suite concept allows you
                                      to focus on your prod-
                                      uct or industry while
      s Ann Chambers, Office Manager
                                      McCobb handles the
                                      rest. “We meet our cli-
     ents where their needs begin,” says Ann Chambers, office                 The Grier Family              Tracy Carter
     manager for McCobb.
           Located at 2265 Roswell Road, McCobb has 43                   1/7/11 - Michael Graham won two tickets to opening
     office suites ready to go at all times. These suites are              night of 39 STEPS at Theatre in the Square from
     available to rent for a day, month, or however long you               Theatre in the Square.
     want to remain a client. Chambers and her staff offer a
                                                                         1/14/11 - Susan McCoy won an evening for four at Cork &
     full-service solution for your business, including reception-
     ist services, administrative services, high-speed internet            Canvas in Roswell from Cork & Canvas. A $140 value.
     connectivity, telephones, voice mail, shipping services,            1/21/11 - Carla Oglesby won six tickets to Ringling Bros.
     catering, conference rooms, and a fully equipped kitch-               Barnum & Bailey Circus at Philips Arena.
     en. You just show up with a laptop and begin working
     immediately. According to Chambers, if your desk chair              1/28/11 - Robbi Fernandes won four tickets to see
     squeaks or if you don’t like the tea that’s available in              The Wizard of Oz at Cobb Energy Centre from
     the kitchen, the McCobb staff will fix the situation. The             Cobb Energy Centre.
     professional staff is interested in your success and your
                                                                         2/4/11 - arlene Cohen won 4 tickets to Puttin’ on the Ritz
     future. Office space varies in size so there is a price range
     for everyone.                                                         benefiting the Cobb County Humane Society (value $300).

          For those at-home businesses that don’t want to use            2/11/11 - amie Fann won 100 roses just in time for
     a personal address for mail or advertising, McCobb offers             Valentine’s Day from EAST COBBER.
     a virtual office that can include a telephone answering
                                                                         2/14/11 - Tracy Carter won a tattoo-style East Cobb t-shirt
     service, voice mail, prestigious mailing address, and con-
     ference room and meeting space. Chambers says that a                  from EAST COBBER.
     virtual package can cost a little as $35 per month.                 2/18/11 - Lady Grierr and her family won six tickets to
          A family business, McCobb LLC is owned by Sam                    Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus at Philips Arena.
     and Shirley McCollum, who began offering suites at this
                                                                         2/16/00 - Bobby Thomlinson won an I Heart East Cobb
     location in 1995. Current customers include chiroprac-
     tors, psychotherapists, CPAs, medical equipment repre-                t-shirt from EAST COBBER.
     sentatives, as well as representatives from many other                   Congratulations to our winners and many thanks to the
     industries. Limited office space is available while almost          local businesses that donated these fabulous Facebook free-
     unlimited virtual office space is available. For more infor-        bies. Be sure to “Fan” EAST COBBER and keep visiting the
     mation contact: Ann Chambers, 2265 Roswell Road,                    EAST COBBER Facebook page to see what great prizes we
     Suite 100, Marietta, GA 30026, 770/509-2200,                        are giving away! If you are a local business and would like                                          to donate a Facebook Freebie, contact the EAST COBBER at

                        PAID   ADVERTISEMENT

COBBER                                           EAST COBBER
                                                                                               March 2011 45
                   East Cobb Author Honored at State Capitol

                                                                      s Sophie,
                                                            CCOa,                elizabeth,
                                                    OveR TO                                 Charlotte
                                        iR ewORKS                     podium as                       and Jeffre
                             is book, F       of Georgia
                                                         .                      they are re                     y Stepako
                   resents h                                                                cognized b                    ff stand at
    sS  tepakoff p      vernor o  f the state                                                          y the Ga h
                                                                                                                  ouse of Re          the
               Deal, Go                                                                                                       presentati
    to Nathan                                                                                                                           ves.

     Veteran Hollywood television/film writer and noted Atlanta       the House and Senate, compliments of publisher St. Martin’s
author, Jeffrey Stepakoff, was honored at the Georgia State           Press. More than 150 political and business leaders, resi-
Capitol Thursday, Feb. 10, when the legislature passed a resolu-      dents and students from Toccoa and Stephens County partici-
tion officially declaring Feb. 10 “Toccoa-Stephens County (T-SC)      pated in the celebration.
Fireworks Over Toccoa Day.” Stepakoff’s novel, Fireworks Over              “I am so flattered that my work is being recognized by
Toccoa (St. Martin’s Press, April 2010), was published last year
                                                                      our state legislators,” said Stepakoff. “It is truly an honor.”
to national critical acclaim and is the inspiration behind the day-
long celebration coordinated by T-SC Chamber of Commerce.                  Stepakoff, a veteran Hollywood TV and film writer of
Gov. Nathan Deal, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle, executive branch offi-        such well-known series as “The Wonder Years,” “Sisters,”
cers, and legislators received signed copies of the novel, met the    Disney’s “Tarzan, ”Major Dad,” and “Dawson’s Creek” (where
author, and attended photo sessions.                                  he was also co-executive producer), returned to his home-
                                                                      town roots several years ago and is making a name for him-
     “A Fireworks over Toccoa Day inspired by this amazing
                                                                      self as the master of the “new love story.”
book is worthy of recognition by this body,” the House reso-
lution introduced by Rep. Michael Harden of Toccoa read.                   Stepakoff’s Fireworks Over Toccoa is a coming-of-age
State Sen. Jim Butterworth of Clarkesville introduced a simi-         love story set in the small North Georgia town of Toccoa dur-
lar resolution in the Senate.                                         ing World War II. The novel has been translated into four lan-
      Coordinated by the Toccoa-Stephens County Chamber of            guages and will be released in paperback on March 15.
Commerce, the day’s events featured a legislative orientation             His latest book, The Orchard, is also a love story that
and briefing, proclamations, lunch, and photo sessions with           focuses on two prevalent themes in today’s society: organic
state officials. Signed copies of Stepakoff’s Fireworks over          foods and sustainability. The novel is set in the small Georgia
Toccoa were placed on legislators’ chamber desks in both              town of Ellijay and is slated for publication July 5, 2011.

                15 BLOGS                                                                                                                 viD

    EASTCOB                                                     FaB FiNDS
    CheCK iT OuT NOw! SiGN uP F
46 March 2011                                                 EAST COBBER                                     
       First All Girl Team Wins Georgia State Robotics Title
                                                                          For the project portion of this years’ challenge, GENIUS
                                                                    developed the “Body Backward System”, a rearview camera and
                                                                    sensor system that attaches to the back of a wheelchair. The
                                                                    team was inspired by a personal friend with a genetic neuro-
                                                                    muscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy who has dif-
                                                                    ficulties seeing behind his chair when backing up. This system
                                                                    uses a camera, monitor, and sensors to get a clear view of what
                                                                    is behind the wheelchair. The monitor has night-vision capability
                                                                    and is positioned high on the chair facing downward, for visibil-
                                                                    ity for the person using the wheelchair and privacy of the people
                                                                    around. The team conducted fundraising activities for their
                                                                    project and have built a working prototype of the system. They
                                                                    are working with Dr. Stephen Sprigle from Georgia Tech’s Center
                                                                    for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access to install the
                                                                    camera portion of the system on their friend’s chair.
 s GeNiuS team members: Grayson McMichael, Keren Park,                   Explore the team’s website at for
 annika Garbers, amanda Pham, aidan Kedzierski and Sarah Tsai       information and videos about the team, their project, and robot.

       GENIUS (Girls Exploring New Ideas Using Science) won              FIRST LEGO League (FLL) is an international program for
                                                                    9- to 16-year-old children (9 to 14 in the U.S. and Canada)
 the 1st place Champion’s Award at the FIRST LEGO League
                                                                    created in a partnership between FIRST and The LEGO Group
 Georgia State Championship on Saturday, January 29, 2011.
                                                                    in 1998 to get children excited about science and technol-
 It is the first time an all girls team has won the Georgia State
                                                                    ogy – and teach them valuable employment and life skills.
 Championship. GENIUS will represent the state of Georgia
                                                                    Children work alongside adult mentors to design, build, and
 and the Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta at the FIRST LEGO
                                                                    program autonomous robots using LEGO MINDSTORMS®
 League World Festival in St. Louis from April 27-30, 2011.
                                                                    technologies and create an innovative solution to a problem
 Approximately 80 champion teams from the United States
                                                                    as part of their research project. After eight intense weeks,
 and around the world are invited to participate in this tour-      the competition season culminates at high-energy, sports-like
 nament. In the past, World Festival has taken place at the         tournaments. Like any other organized “sport,” teams also
 Georgia Dome and World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA USA          fundraise, create a team identity, and go on field trips.
 and EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL.
                                                                         Currently in its twelfth year, FIRST LEGO League antici-
      The Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta team, composed of six      pates its biggest season ever, with more than 170,000 chil-
 girls ages 11 - 13 from East Cobb, Roswell and Woodstock,          dren in more than 50 countries competing in hundreds of
 won first place awards for Robot Performance and first             Qualifying Tournaments and Championship Tournaments.
 place Champion’s Award at both the Regional Wheeler                Eighty-four teams will also have the opportunity to participate
 CircuitRunner Qualifier and the Southern Polytechnic State         at the FIRST LEGO League World Festival, to be held in con-
 University Super Regional tournaments on the way to their          junction with the FIRST Championship, April 27-30, 2011 at
 win at the state competition held at Georgia Tech .                the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis.

eOS                                                                                     FReeBieS

BER.COM                                         eveNTS
O R O u R w e e K Ly N e w S L e T T e R !                                         EAST COBBER                                               March 2011 47

  East Cobb Senior Center Activities Scheduled for March
     All Cobb residents age 55+ are invited to participate in activities at various senior centers throughout Cobb. The following
is a listing of activities scheduled at the East Cobb Senior Center located at 3332 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta 30066. Call the
East Cobb Senior Center at 770-509-4900 for reservations and/or more details.

Biography– Life Stories through Time: Eleanor Roosevelt              eat For Good health
wednesday, March 2                                                   Tuesday, March 8
10am - Noon                                                          10 – 11am
Cost: Free. Registration required.                                   Cost: Free. Registration required.
March is Women’s History Month and we are reflecting the             March is National Nutrition Month. East Cobb Senior Center
celebration with a documentary on one of the 20th century’s          has invited representatives from North Fulton Hospital and
most respected and admired figures, a humanitarian who               the foundation Therapy Center to discuss healthy food choices,
transformed the role of women in society and in the White            balancing the “yummy” with the sensible.
House, Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt was the archi-
tect behind the now well established tradition of the activist       History Corner- Pharaoh’s Lost Treasure
First Lady. A pioneer among presidential wives, she formed           wednesday, March 9
her own staff, held press conferences, and defined a female          10 – 11:30am
agenda beyond that of a homemaker.                                   Cost: Free. Registration required.
                                                                     In the third century B.C., Egypt’s King Ptolemy I Soter
Blood Pressure Screening                                             ordered the construction of a massive tower on the small
Thursday, March 3                                                    island of Pharos in Alexandria. This navigational landmark
Tuesday, March 15                                                    would later become one of the Seven Wonders of the World.
wednesday, March 23                                                  For several centuries the tower rated among the tallest man-
10am – 12pm                                                          made buildings in the world. Measuring approximately 400
                                                                     feet high, the structure originally designed as a navigations
                                                                     marker for shipping vessels eventually became a fully opera-
                                                                     tional lighthouse. In the fourteenth century two earthquakes
                                                                     severely damaged the great lighthouse with its majestic
                                                                     remains and it sank into Alexandria Harbor, where it lay for-
                                                                     gotten for hundreds of years. Join us via documentary on a
                                                                     search for the ruins of the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

                                                                     ice Cream and a Movie - Robin Hood
                                                                     Monday, March 14
                                                                     1 – 4pm
                                                                     Cost: $3/Cobb resident; $4 non-resident. Registration required.
                                                                     This version of the classic tale stars Russell Crowe, Max Von
                                                                     Sydow, Cate Blanchett, and William Hurt. From the battle fields
                                                                     of France as King Richard returns from the Holy Land to the bat-
                                                                     tles in England against injustice, we follow the exploits of Robin
                                                                     Hood, Friar Tuck, Marian, Will Scarlett and Prince John. Join us
                                                                     for the adventure, a little bit of love, ice cream and popcorn!

                                                                     Spring Techno Fair
                                         Come Visit                  Friday, March 18
                                                                     1 – 3pm
                                          Today!                     Cost: Free. Registration required.
                                                                     With the changing of the years come new, innovative gadgets
                                                                     and technologies that make life more interesting as well as
                                                                     fun. Learn about these new technological items: eBooks,
                                                                     IPads, Nintendo DS, the latest in GPS systems and cell
                                                                     phones, publishing on the internet.

48 March 2011                                             EAST COBBER                                    

 AARP Tax-Aide Program Helps Prepare Tax Forms for All
    By now everyone has wished you a Happy New Year. That
dream will begin for us all on April 19th. Once again, the AARP
Tax-Aide program is here to help you deal with your taxes with              aaRP Tax-aide
minimum trauma.
    Due to late changes in the tax laws, the IRS will not
                                                                     east Cobb Locations & Times
have all the new tax forms containing these changes until
mid to late February which still is well within the legal time-             Tuesdays:                         Windy Hill Senior Center
frame to file your taxes. For a complete list of the affected
                                                                           10am-2pm                           1885 Roswell Street SE,
forms, see the article published 12/23/10 on
                                                                                                              Smyrna 30080
     This Taxaide Program, conducted by IRS-trained tax
counselors, is presented on a first-come, first-served basis in                                               770-801-5320
a one-on-one session. It is a free and confidential service for
low and middle income taxpayers. Free electronic filing is                  Tuesdays:                         East Cobb Senior Center
available at all locations. Basic Federal and State forms will               12-4pm                           3332 Sandy Plains Road,
be filled out, i.e., 1040, A, B, D, misc, etc. Forms regarding
                                                                                                              Marietta 30066
rental property, small businesses or farms will not be pro-
cessed. If your tax form is relatively complex, it is suggested                                               770-509-4900
that you seek professional assistance. If you decide to visit a
Tax-Aide volunteer, be sure to bring:                                      Thursdays:                         East Cobb Library
> Copy of your entire 2009 tax return – all forms and sched-               1-4:30pm                           2051 Lower Roswell Road,
  ules. Call IRS 1-800-829-1040 for a copy if necessary.                                                      Marietta 30068
> Any W2, 1099, unemployment benefit forms for 2010                                                           770-509-2711
> Proof of tax paid for 2009
> Information supporting itemized deductions                                 Fridays:                         Marietta Central Library
> Social Security numbers for dependents or child care providers.            12-4pm                           266 Roswell Street SE,
     To request a Tax-Aide volunteer for shut-ins, homebound                                                  Marietta 30060
disabled persons, those in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted liv-                                            770-528-2320
ing facilities, etc., contact AARP at or phone

1-888-AARPNOW or call Mr. Bryan at 770-425-5906.


 Come see us at the following community events:                                                                                                                   CobbEr                                        Garden
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Tour PA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              GE 6
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                er Day
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Self Aw               Camps
                                                                                                                                                                                                    | Tak
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ards PA               PAGE
                                                                                                                                                                                                          e                                     GE 45               18 |
                                                                                                                                                                                                   April One                                          | STAR             Vacatio
                                                                                                                                                                                                         2008                                                Students            n Bible
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            16 |

         Social Media Lunch ‘n Learn: March 1

               healthy Kids Day: April 17
               Taste of east Cobb: May 7

          Be sure to pick up our latest issue!                                          Becomi
                                                                                              ng A
                                                                                               Comm ll Worker
                                                                                                    unity      PAG
                                                                                                          Calen E 10 | Be
                                                                                                               dar PAG      Green
                                                                                                                                                          ll, Mi
                                                                                                                                                      Owne chelle Fe
                                                                                                                                                             rs, Pa       is
                                                                                                                                                                    ce Ho and Ric
                                                                                                                                                                         mebu       ha
                                                                                                                                                                               ilders rd Feis
                                                                                                                      E 22
                                                                                                                           | Dinin and Clean
                                                                                                                                  g Dire      PAGE
                                                                                                                                        ctory      16 |
                                                                                                                                                        East Co
                                                                                                                                              PAGE               bb E-C

                                                             EAST COBBER
                                                                                                                                                   30 |
                                                                                                                                                        Biz Br
                                                                                                                                                                iefs PAGyclers PAGE
                                                                                                                                                                        E 44       42                                                                                                                                                                                     March 2011 49
           Golden “K” Kiwanis Clubs Tee It Up for the Kids
     Kiwanis is a Native American word that means “we              a foursome. Sponsorship opportunities vary and range from
trade” or “we share our talents,” and members of The               $125 to $1,000.
Marietta and Lost Mountain Golden “K” Kiwanis Clubs are                 Entries must be received by April 20 or before tournament
doing just that – working together to put on a success-            is full, whichever happens first. Early registration is encouraged
ful golf outing that will benefit local charities. The 16th        to insure a spot in the tournament. This tournament fills up
Annual Youth Charity Golf Tournament will be held on               early! Anyone who is interested in the Kiwanis Club’s golf tour-
Wednesday, April 27, at The Golf Club at Bradshaw Farm             nament should call Joe Burnett at 770-928-7141.
in Woodstock. Registration starts at 9:30am. Tee-off time
                                                                        Combined membership of the Marietta and Lost
will occur around noon. The $95 individual package cov-
                                                                   Mountain Golden “K” Kiwanis Clubs is over 200 members.
ers greens fees, golf cart, lunch, dinner and a gift bag. The
                                                                   Over 50,000 hours of community service were volunteered
price for a foursome is $380.
                                                                   last year. The Marietta GK Club meets Thursday at 10AM
     100% of proceeds benefit local youth organizations. Last      at the East Cobb Senior Center. The Lost Mountain GK Club
year, over $26,000 was raised for distribution to deserving        meets at the same time at the West Cobb Senior Center. The
youth charities and programs of the Kiwanis Foundation and         major focus of Kiwanis lies in the support and development of
two Golden “K” Clubs.                                              youth. They actively sponsor Circle K Clubs in colleges, Key
     Kiwanis members have been hard at work using their            Clubs in local high schools, Builders Clubs in middle schools,
connections and people skills to gain sponsors, secure             Terrific Kids, K-Kids Programs, and Silver Pen Writing
raffle and auction items, and to also find golfers who might       Contests in elementary schools. In addition, Kiwanians pro-
like to register to hit the links as an individual or as part of   vide mentoring and story-time reading at area schools.

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50 March 2011                                              EAST COBBER                                 
            Red Cross
     Calls for Blood Donors
                                                                            The Coach’s Corner
     The American Red Cross urges individuals to donate
blood as soon as possible. This winter’s snowy and icy
weather has triggered a blood supply shortage in metro                                   What is the first thought that
                                                                                     comes to your mind when someone in
Atlanta. Because hundreds of blood drivers were cancelled,
                                                                                     your company is going to give a talk
the supply is extremely low. Patients in our area are count-
                                                                                     about diversity? Is it differences in
ing on your help to be sure that blood is available when it is                       race, color, gender or culture? It is for
needed. Donors of all blood types are welcome, but there is                          most of us. Many workshops are given
an urgent need for type O negative, B negative and A nega-                           on how to embrace these differences
tive blood donors.                                                  s Pete allen     so that we are able to respect the dif-
                                                                                     ferences and get along with each other.
     Eligible blood donors must be at least 17 years of age,
                                                                         This provides a more productive and creative
weigh at least 110 pounds and be in general good health.
                                                                    workplace environment. Is it worthwhile to learn how
Donors with type O (positive and negative), B negative and A
                                                                    to be understanding and respectful of each other’s dif-
negative blood should consider an automated red cell dona-          ferences? I think you will agree, that’s a resounding
tion, a process in which only red cells are donated.                “YES”. Without this understanding, this could be an
    For more information or to schedule an appointment              underpinning cause of unnecessary conflict and unrest
                                                                    in your company, family, friends and associates which
to donate, call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE (448-3543) or visit
                                                                    can be very costly in many ways. Hundreds of thou-
                                                                    sands of dollars are spent on training each year. So
    If you can give blood, here are some convenient locations       let’s take a look at this and see how we can use diver-
to donate during the month of March through mid-April:              sity to our betterment.
    > March 7, 12-5pm                                                    The Webster’s definition of diverse is: differ-
                                                                    ent; unlike; various. First question to ask yourself
      WellStar Kennestone Hospital Atherton Place
                                                                    is: Where does diversity exist in your world? It’s way
      111 Tower Road, Marietta 30060
                                                                    more than color, race, gender and culture. To name
                                                                    a few more, religion, politics, thoughts, our values,
    > March 8, 10am-3pm                                             our personalities and habits. There are no two people
      Pope High School                                              alike. Diversity is everywhere – even within us. Just
      3001 Hembree Road, Marietta 30062                             recognizing it is a big start. If we were all alike, it
                                                                    would be a very boring world.
    > March 13, 1-6pm                                                     How do we embrace all of this diversity? We
      Casa Montessori School                                        need to realize that these differences can add to all
      150 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta 30067                         the beautiful colors that make up the tapestry of our
                                                                    life in our families, friends, workplace, community
                                                                    and country. This is where differences can create a
    > March 18, 9am-pm                                              beautiful harmony. It’s like an orchestra with many
      WellStar Kennestone Hospital                                  different instruments. By themselves they can only be
      677 Church Street, Marietta 30060                             so much. However, when they’re all put together, they
                                                                    can and do create beautiful harmony. Without the dif-
    > March 24, 2:30-7:30pm                                         ference there is no harmony.
      Rocky Mount Elementary School                                     Here’s an example: When you create a team to do
      2400 Rocky Mountain Road, Marietta 30066                      a project, get one person from each of the four basic
                                                                    personality and skills group. As you facilitate the dif-
                                                                    ferences of all, you will create harmony and end up
    > March 26, 8am-1pm
                                                                    with a better resolution.
      Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
                                                                         All the best to you!
      3155 Trickum Road, Marietta 30066
    > March 27, 8:30am-1:30pm                                            For a free ½ hour coaching, contact me at my web-
      Unity North Atlanta Church                                    site: or 770-977-2232.
      4255 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta 30066

                                                           EAST COBBER
                                                                                      P A I D A DV E RT I S E M E NT                                                                                                     March 2011 51
               CLuB CaLeNDaR
aaRP Chapter 2830. First Thursday of        Big Chicken Chorus. Every Monday               Cobb County Genealogical Society.            east Cobb Civic association. Last
each month. 1:30pm. East Cobb Senior        evening. 7:00pm. John Knox Presbyterian        Fourth Tuesday of the month. 7pm. Cobb       Wednesday of the month. 7pm. East
Center, 3332 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta.   Church, 505 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta.       County Central Library, 266 Roswell          Cobb Government Service Center, 4400
More info: Mary Johnson, 770-926-7881       Award-winning 50 voice, male, 4-part           Street, Marietta.                            Lower Roswell Road, Marietta. More info:
or                  a cappella harmony chorus. More info:                                                       Jill Flamm, 770-552-8206 or
                                            Frank, 770-587-1264,,          Cobb County Republican women. Fourth
american association of university                                                         Friday of the month. 11:30am. Hilton
women (aauw) of Cobb County. Second                                                        Atlanta/Marietta Conference Center,          east Cobb Civitans. Second and 4th
Tuesday of the month. 7pm. Mansour          Bridge Club. Four free lessons; $5                                                          Thursday of the month. 12-1pm. Parc
                                                                                           500 Powder Springs Street. More info:
Center, 995 Roswell Street, Marietta.       thereafter. Thursdays 7:30pm and                                                            at Piedmont, 999 Hood Road, Marietta.
                                                                                           770-785-2522 or
Does not meet in July & August. More        Sundays 2pm. Singles are welcome.                                                           More Info: Mary Karras, 770-514-3069
info: Bonnie Williams, 770-971-6130.        1809 Roswell Road, Marietta. More info:        Cobb Marietta Retired educators              or
                                            770-973-7717.                                  association. Last Wednesday of the month.
american Needlepoint Guild. Second                                                                                                      east Cobb Community Friends for
Tuesday of the month. 6:45pm. Cobb          Business Breakfast Networking of east          11:30am. Reservations required. Windy
                                                                                                                                        Children’s healthcare of atlanta. Third
Public Library, Mountain View Branch,       Cobb. Professional Referral Networking.        Hill Senior Center, 1885 Smyrna-Roswell      Tuesday of the month. 7:30pm. Meetings
3320 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta. More      Second Tuesday each month. 8:15-               Road, Smyrna. More info/Reservations:        are in members’ homes and vary each
info: 770-394-0065.                         9:30am. C’est Moi/Café Paris, 1100             Beth St. Jean, 770-998-8737 or               month. We work to benefit CHOA with
                                            Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA                           fund raisers and service projects. More
anne hathaway Garden Club. Third
                                            30068. More info: Ellen Kelly,                                                              info: Suzanne Strickland, 770-992-2882,
Wednesday of the month (except July and                                                    Cobb Photographic Society.
                                            404-713-2830 or                                                                             or Diane Ellwanger, 770-579-9510.
August). Marietta Educational Garden                                                       Photographers of all skill and ability
Center, 505 Kennesaw Avenue NW,                                                            levels are welcome. First and 3rd            east Cobb Democratic alliance. Third
Marietta. More info: Charlene Robinson,     Business Network international                 Monday of each month. 7-9pm. Marietta        Thursday of the month. 6pm - Social.
770-971-7786.                               (BNi). Tuesdays. 7:30-9am. BNI is an           Enrichment Center, American Business         7pm – Program. Rib Ranch, 2063 Canton
                                            international networking organization with     Center, Bldg. 700, Suite 702, 1395           Road, Marietta. More info: Tom Barksdale,
atlanta Metropolitan Council Navy
                                            chapters throughout the Atlanta area.          South Marietta Parkway, Marietta. More       770-715-1218 or
League. Second Tuesday of each
                                            My Friend’s Place, 1205 Johnson Ferry
month. 7pm. Navy Recruiting District                                                       info: or
                                            Road, Marietta. More info: Karley Barber,                                                   east Cobb Kiwanis Club. Every
HQ, 2400 Lake Park Drive, Suite 410,                                                                Wednesday evening. 7pm. Paradise
                                            770-977-2383 or
Smyrna. Membership open to all civilian                                                                                                 South of the Border, 3605 Sandy
and retired military with an interest       Children of The american Revolution            Cobb Regional Republican women. Third
                                                                                           Thursday, every other month. 6:30pm.         Plains Road, Marietta. More info:
in supporting our men and women of          (C.a.R.). Now forming a new Society                                                         Johnny Johnson, 770-977-2026 or
the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard,        serving the East Cobb, Vinings, Sandy          InfoMart, 1582 Terrell Mill Road,
                                                                                           Marietta. More info: Sandra Thompson,
Merchant Marines and associated youth       Springs, Buckhead, Roswell and all of Cobb
programs. More info: 678-234-2310 or        communities. All children ages 1-18 invited.   770-578-6646.                                east Cobb Lions Club. Second and 4th                     More info: B. Schilling, 770-643-1010.                                                      Tuesday of the month. 7pm. East Side
                                                                                           Colored Pencil Society of america.
                                                                                                                                        Baptist Church, 2450 Lower Roswell
atlanta world war ii Roundtable. Third      Cobb County Democratic Committee.              Atlanta District Chapter 107. First
                                                                                                                                        Road, Marietta. More info: Don Garrow,
Thursday (Sept-June) of the month.          Monthly breakfast 2nd Saturday each            Monday of the month. 7pm. North
11:30am. Petite Auberge Restaurant,         month. 9am. Piccadilly Caféteria, 536          DeKalb Cultural Center, 5339 Chamblee-
North Druid Hills Road @ LaVista Road,      Cobb Parkway SE, Marietta. More info:          Dunwoody Road, Room 2 (second floor in       east Cobb New horizons Band. Monday
Atlanta. More info: 770-928-4579 or         770-420-7133 or          the back), Dunwoody. More info: Nancy        mornings. Did you play a band instrument                                                                     Guerine, 678-354-3590.                       in high school and/or college? Would you
                                            Cobb County Gem & Mineral Society.
“aware & Conscious Birds” Book              Second Tuesday of the month. 7:30pm.                                                        like to play again? We accept all skill levels.
                                                                                           Dad 2 Dad. A stay-at-home dads group.        First Baptist Church of Marietta, 148
Club. Mondays. 7-8:30pm.                    East Cobb Government Service Center,
                                                                                           Every Tuesday and Thursday. 10:30am.         Church Street, Marietta. More info: George
Bikram Yoga Marietta, 80 Powers             4400 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta.
                                                                                           Various locations. More info: Richard        770-971-3430 or
Ferry Road, Marietta. More info:            More info: Mary Ingram, 770-427-1108, or            or Leo or Edna Morris, 770-445-9274.           Collins, 770-579-5445.
                                                                                                                                        east Cobb Open Networking. Professional                                                       Danc’n Singles. A square dance club.         Referral Networking. Every Friday. 7:30-
                                                                                           First and 3rd Saturday of the month.         9am. Capozzi’s NY Deli, 4285 Roswell
                                                                                           8-10:30am. FOP Lodge, 2350 Austell           Road (next to Michaels), Marietta. Free.
        Meet Your Future Clients,                                                          Road, Marietta. More info:
                                                                                                                                        More info: Tim Langley, 770-289-9711
             Customers and                                                                 Dog hikers of Georgia. Every Sunday.         east Cobb PowerCore Team. A business
          Business Associates                                                              10am. Various Locations. Non-dog
                                                                                           owners welcome. More info: Dr. Dan
                                                                                                                                        referral network. Every Thursday.
                                                                                                                                        7-8:30am. IHOP 3130 Johnson Ferry
                                                                                                                                        Road, Marietta. More info: Amy Caplan,
   Transforming East Cobb by                                                               Batchelor, 770-992-2362.
   developing business leaders                                                             Dudes ‘n Darlins Square Dance Club.
   through Networking and                                                                                                               east Cobb Rotary Club. Every
                                                                                           Dances on second and 4th Friday each         Wednesday. 7am. Indian Hills
   Education with an emphasis                                                              month. 8-10:30pm. Mountain View              Country Club, 4001 Clubland Drive,
   on Community.                                                                           Community Center, 3400 Sandy Plains          Marietta. More info: 770-789-0623 or
                                                                                           Road, Marietta. More info: Margaret,
   The ECBA meets monthly
   at The Hollycrest Hall,                                                                 or                    east Cobb viPs. A community group for
   2235 Sewell Mill Road, at                                                                                                            seniors. Fourth Monday of the month
                                                                                           east Cobb Bass Club. Visitors, boaters and   (except in May). 6pm. East Cobb United
   11:30am for lunch, networking                                                           non-boaters are welcome. First Tuesday       Methodist Church, 2325 Roswell Road,
   and a great speaker.                                                                    of each month. 7pm. Free admission.          Marietta. More info: 770-971-3643 or
                                                                                           Attendees pay for dinner. The Rib Ranch,
   Invite a guest to join you.                                                             2063 Canton Road, Marietta. More info:       east Cobb woodcarvers Club. Every
   For more information visit                                                              770-364-3036 or        Thursday. 9-11am. East Cobb Senior                                                                      east Cobb Business association. Luncheon
                                                                                                                                        Center, 3332 Sandy Plains Road,
                                                                                                                                        Marietta. More info: 770-645-0817.
                                                                                           and featured speaker. Third Tuesday each
                    ECBA Member Spotlight                                                  month. 11:30am-1pm. Hollycrest Hall,         Georgia Perennial Plant association.

       I East Cobb
                                                                                           2235 Sewell Mill Road, Marietta. More        Third Tuesday of the month. 7:30pm.
                                                                                           info: Susan Hampton, 404-218-6216,           Atlanta History Center, McElreath Hall,
                                                                                 , or               130 West Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta.
                                                                                                           More info:

52 March 2011                                                                  EAST COBBER                                                        
                                                                                                                        CLuB CaLeNDaR
Georgia vietnam veterans alliance.            Moms in Touch. Individual school groups      SaCS (Singles and Couples Social events).    Song of atlanta Show Chorus. Women’s
Third Thursday of the month. Social           meeting on various days & times. Praying     Weekly dancing for singles and couples.      four-part harmony chorus. Every Tuesday.
hour: 6pm. Meeting: 7pm. American             and encouraging our Cobb County              No membership fees, just friends making      7:30pm. St. John United Methodist
Legion Post, 921 Gresham Road,                teachers, staff and students. More info:     new friends. More info: Nancy Kuhn,          Church, 550 Mount Paran Road NW,
Marietta. More info: Bill Kalish,             Margie Crawford,                         Atlanta. Visitors welcome. More info:
770-298-9966.                                 or                                                          or
                                                                                           Shakespeare Reading Group. First and
Golden “K” Kiwanis Club. Every                Mothers and More, east Cobb Chapter          3rd Thursday of the month. 2-4 pm. 32
Thursday. 10am. East Cobb Senior                                                           N. Fairground Street, Marietta. More info:   Sope Creek Garden Club. First
                                              #270. Second Tuesday each month.
Center, 3332 Sandy Plains Road,                                                            Lynne Johnson, 770-591-3474.                 Wednesday of the month (Sept-June).
                                              7:30-9:30pm. St. Catherine’s Episcopal
Marietta. More info: Bill Vermeer,                                                                                                      10am. Locations vary. More info:
770-971-6579.                                 Church, 571 Holt Road, Marietta. Check                                                    Karin Guzy, 770-955-1303 or
                                              website as schedule may vary:                                                   
happy Tails Pet Therapy. Orientation for
prospective members 1st Thursday or
Saturday of the month. 10:30-11:30am.         National active and Retired Federal

                                                                                                         Tune In To 1160 AM, WCFO
Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, 4385            employees (NaRFe). First Wednesday of
Lower Roswell Road, Building F, Room          the month. 11:30am. Windy Hill Senior
F001, Marietta. Check dates:                  Center, 1885 Roswell Street, Smyrna.
770-740-8211 or       More info: 770-973-2834.                             The Strongest News Talk Lineup In Atlanta
international association of                  Newcomers Club of Cobb County. Third
administrative Professionals (iaaP)-Cobb      Tuesday each month. 10am. Various
County Chapter. Fourth Monday of the          social activities throughout the month for
month. 6:15pm. Meeting & dinner. Windy        those new to Cobb County or just looking
Hill - Marriott Hotel, Marietta. More info:   for new friends and activities.
Oleta Herron, 770-661-2876.
                                              John Knox Presbyterian Church,
Jewish war veterans, Bicentennial Post        505 Powers Ferry Road, Marietta.
976. Third Sunday of the month. 11am.         More info: 770-234-5068 or
Marriott Hotel, Perimeter Center. More
info: Fran Jacobson, 770-436-7456.
                                              North atlanta Business association.
Job Seekers Cobb County Chapter.              Every Thursday. 11:45am-1:30pm.
Business professionals volunteer to help      Piccadilly Cafe, Cobb Parkway. More info:
the unemployed. Speakers, networking,         Vic Anapolle, 770-971-3402.
job leads, workshops. 7-9am, Tuesdays,
followed by networking 9-10am. Varsity,       North Metro Mothers of Multiples Club.
2790 Town Center Drive, Kennesaw.             Third Monday of the month. 7:15pm.
Free. More info: 770-420-9808, ext. 470.      Harp Irish Pub, 1425 Market Blvd.,
Libertarian Party of Cobb County. First       Roswell. More info: 678-404-0034 or
Thursday of the month. 7:30pm. Council
Chamber at Marietta City Hall, 205 Lawrence   Northeast Cobb Business association.
Street, Marietta. More info:
Marietta Kiwanis Club. Every Thursday.
                                              Luncheon meeting 3rd Wednesday of each
                                              month. 11:30am-1pm. $15. Piedmont
                                                                                                               Listen LIVE on the web
12noon. Marietta Conference Center, 500
Powder Springs Street, Marietta. More
                                              Church, 570 Piedmont Road, Marietta.
                                              More info:                 
info: Bill Sidner, 770-579-4094.
                                              Northwest atlanta Mothers of Multiples
Marietta Lions Club. Second Thursday          (formerly Cobb Parents of Multiples),
of the month. 7pm. Marietta Conference        a parent’s club for families with or
Center, 500 Powder Springs Road,              expecting twins, triplets, quads, etc.
Marietta. More info: 770-565-8230.            Second Monday of each month (except
Marietta PFLaG. Fourth Sunday each            December). 7pm. North Metro Church,
month. 1-3pm. Newcomers are welcome.          2305 Barrett Parkway, Marietta. More
Pilgrimage United Church of Christ, 3755      info: 678-404-0034 or
Sandy Plains Road, Marietta. More info:
                                              Order Sons of italy in america Marietta
Marietta Rotary Club. Every Wednesday.        Lodge #2607. General membership
12noon. Marietta Conference Center, 500       meeting 2nd Monday each month. Pot Luck
Powder Springs Street, Marietta. More         Dinner (except June, July, August-dessert
info: Adele Grubbs, 770-424-8212 or           and fruit). 7-9pm. East Cobb Government                       Service Center, 4400 Lower Roswell Road,
Mint Julep Consignment Boutique. First        Marietta. More info: 770-928-9314 or
Thursday and 3rd Wednesday of the   
month. 7-9pm. East Cob Government
                                              Parents without Partners. Meeting
Center, 4400 Lower Roswell Road,
                                              times vary. More info: Angela Dixon,
Marietta. More info: 770-953-2882 or                           404-422-0768 or
                                              Peach State Depression Glass Collectors
                                                                                                  FRieND uS NOw aND
MOMS Club of Marietta North. First
Wednesday of the month. 10am.                 Club. Second Tuesday of the month.
                                              7pm. East Marietta Library, 2051 Lower
                                                                                                  wiN COOL STuFF. (ReaLLy)
Mountain View Library, 3320 Sandy
Plains Road, Marietta. More info:             Roswell Road, Marietta. More info: 770-
Marion Hegedes, 678-494-8887.                 368-9790.
Moms in Touch. East Side Elementary.          Polk Street Speakers Toastmasters. First
Every Monday. 10am. Meeting location
available on request. More info:
Movita Stallworth, 770-321-1783 or
                                              and 3rd Tuesday of the month. 7:30-
                                              9:00pm. St. James Episcopal Church,        Cobber
                                              161 Church Street, Marietta. More info:                                                                            EAST COBBER                                                                     March 2011 53
       aFFORDaBLe JuNK ReMOvaL                                        hOuSe FOR SaLe                                           PhOTOS/PORTRaiTS
    We are licensed professional junk removal spe-       SPACIOUS 4 bedroom 2 bath corporate owned                   Photo restoration and portrait drawings, excellent
cialists. We donate and recycle a large portion of    East Cobb. $108,900. Contact Pat Penn Property             gift, reasonable prices. 678-928-2313. Rafi.
junk removed. We take everything! 678-837-8426.       Details Realty. 404-246-5544.
                                                                                                                                   SeNiOR CaRe
             BLOGGeRS waNTeD                                           JuNK ReMOvaL                                  Visiting Helpers Home Healthcare provides
                                                          The trash troopers. We take anything. Call Dan         certified nursing assistants for quality personal
   Share your passion for news, sports, cooking,
                                                      for appointment and low prices. 678-910-9912.              care in the comfort of your own home. Up to 24
your faith or ??? by writing a blog for the EAST
                                                                    MaSSaGe TheRaPy                              hour care. Hygiene assistance, meal preparation,
COBBER. Email to
                                                                                                                 medication reminders, light housekeeping. Care
learn more.                                              Licensed professional mobile massage.
                                                                                                                 is supervised by registered nurses with extensive
                                                      Call Sorrel 404-421-7901 or visit www.heavenly-
             ChaiRLiFT FOR SaLe                                                                                  experience. 770-434-6231.
                                             GA MT005056
   Stairway chairlift for sale. No climbing stairs.
                                                                       PiaNO LeSSONS
New condition. 2 years old. New - $2,600.                                                                                       SPaNiSh LeSSONS
Selling - $1,800. Call 770-565-8874.                     Piano lessons in your home. I come to you.
                                                                                                                     Now in East Cobb! Spanish immersion classes for
                                                      Exciting and fun teacher with years of experience
                                                                                                                 children and adults. Small groups. 404-246-2140
    COMPuTeR & NeTwORK SeRviCeS                       throughout Cobb County. Annual recitals, refer-
   SOHOtech Computer and Network Services.            ences available upon request. Call Kris at 404-                TuTOR: STuDy SKiLLS wORKShOP
                                                      434-6681.                                    Organization, time management, homework,
Flat-rate Setup, Repair, Virus Removal. Onsite or
Free Pickup/Delivery. (678) 310-SOHO (7646).                    PiaNO & TheORy LeSSONS                           test-taking, motivation, memorization, ADHD skills
                                                                                                                 and more taught to improve your child’s success
             FuRNiTuRe RePaiR                             Nationally Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM). Doctor
                                                                                                                 in school. 770-642-7761.
                                                      of Music Arts in Piano Performance and Pedagogy.
    Danny Linton: Onsite, on time, furniture care,    24-years experience. Teach all ages. University &                              TuTORiNG
refinishing, repairs, touch up. 770-882-5132.         college levels. Please call Jessie at 678-719-2689 or          Help for the writing impaired! Homework,
       GuiTaR LeSSONS iN ROSweLL                      email to for an interview.            internet, or personal. Tutoring and editing. Visit
   By recording artist with 35 years of experience
teaching beginning through advanced levels. First                   PeRSONaL SeRviCe                                        TuTORiNG iN ROSweLL
lesson free. 770-559-1301. Mysterians9@                   Need things to get done? Part-time infant                  Experienced and certified public school teach-                                            care; Drive kids to after school activities or day         ers in Spanish, social studies and music. Free
                                                      camp & bring home; Run errands for seniors or              first assessment. 770-559-1301.
                 heLP waNTeD                          anyone needing things done. Shop, deliver, doc-  
   Kids Kuts Salon full service salon in East Cobb    tor’s appointments, etc. Personal chef services.
now hiring licensed GA stylist full time. Must        Also, pet care in your home when needed. Great                viRiTuaL COMPuTeR PROFeSSiONaL
have some clientele. 770-312-8431.                    references, non-smoker. Call Hope at 770-726-                 Virtual Computer Professional available.
                                                      7794 or 404-803-6933/cell.                                 Desktop publishing, spreadsheets, PowerPoint,
                                                                                                                 transcription. 770-565-8874.

    Get in touch with all of east cobb county throuGh east cobber classifieds
    PlACIng A ClASSIfIed Ad IS eASy: You may pay for ads using Visa or Mastercard. Please include your credit card account number and expiration date in
    your correspondence with us. Make check or money order payable to EAST COBBER.
    RAteS: only $1.00 per word with a 10-word minimum. Box numbers, phone numbers, zip codes, or website addresses count as one word.
    By MAIl: Mail your ad, telephone number, complete mailing address and payment (credit card number, check or money order) to EAST COBBER Classifieds,
    P Box 672121, Marietta, GA 30006. Do not send cash. Payment by check or money order must accompany copy.
    deAdlIneS: All classifieds must be received by the 15th of the month prior to the next issue date.
    POlICIeS: EAST COBBER reserves the right to censor, re-classify, edit or reject any classified advertisement not meeting the standards of acceptance of

  Here’s my ad to be run in the _______________________________________________ issue(s)                               EAST COBBER
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54 March 2011                                                        EAST COBBER                                                     
          The 11th Annual EAST COBBER Camp Guide!

          To get in the 2011 Annual Summer Camp Guide which will be featured in the April issue
                                Mail or FAX your completed listing form to:
                                                           EAST COBBER
                                                        Camp Listings Editor
                                                          P Box 672121
                                                    Marietta, GA 30006-0036
                                                        Fax: 770-559-3185
          All listings are subject to editor’s discretion. Every attempt will be made to include all camp listings submitted.
                                Advertiser’s listings are guaranteed. Form due date: March 15, 2011.

  Camp Name(s): ______________________________________________ Organization/Owner: ________________________________

  Age Group:_______________________________________________________ Camp Fee:_________________________________________

  Camp Dates: ____________________________________________________ Time: ______________________________________________

  Camp Name(s): ______________________________________________ Organization/Owner: ________________________________

  Age Group:_______________________________________________________ Camp Fee:_________________________________________

  Camp Dates: ____________________________________________________ Time: ______________________________________________

  Contact name: _______________________________________________ Title: _________________________________________

  Website address: _____________________________________________ Email address: _________________________________

  Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________________

  City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________________________________________________________

  Telephone: __________________________________________________ Fax: __________________________________________

  	       			Contact me about advertising in the 11th Annual Summer Camp Guide.
                               Call 770-640-7070 for additional information.
                                     SUBMISSION DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2011                                        EAST COBBER                                                     March 2011 55
            SuPPORT GROuPS
a.a./al-anon/al-anon Beginners/ala-      Compassionate Friends for grieving       emotions anonymous, a fellowship            Networking Group. Open to everyone.
teen. Every Monday. 8pm. Covenant        parents, grandparents, and siblings.     of people who come together to work         Second and 4th Wednesday of the month.
Presbyterian Church, 2281 Canton         First Tuesday of the month. 7 pm.        toward recovery from emotional              6:30-7:30pm. First Baptist Church
Road, Marietta. More info: 770-973-      First Baptist Church, 148 Church         difficulties and discover a new way         Smyrna, 1275 Church Street SE, Smyrna.
5347 or              Street, Marietta. More info: Kathy       of life. Tuesdays and Fridays, 7pm.         More info: 770-435-3231 or Peggy, 770-
                                         Kelcourse, 770-579-3512 or 404-          Roswell United Methodist Church,            955-3896 or
al-anon. For family and friends of       539-4287. Email: kathzkel@yahoo.         614 Mimosa Boulevard, Building C,
alcoholics and other substance abus-     com or tcfmarietta.kathy@hotmail.        Roswell. More info: 404-735-9739.           Overeaters anonymous. A support
ers. Thursdays. 7:30-8:30pm. John-       com;                                                            group for those who suffer from the need to
son Ferry Baptist Church, Room 345,                                               Families of Children under Stress (FO-      compulsively overeat. Monday-Wednesday-
955 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta.        Depression/Bipolar Support Group.        CuS). FOCUS is there to help – to listen    Friday. 10am. St. Ann’s Catholic Church,
                                         First and 3rd Thursday of the month.     and cry, to inform and educate, and to      4905 Roswell Road, Marietta. More info:
More info: 770-587-0483.                                                                                                      Betsy: 404-226-4931.
                                         7-8:30pm. Johnson Ferry Baptist          offer programs for the families and the
alzheimer’s & Caregivers Support         Church, Room 306, 955 Johnson            child with special needs. Usually meets     Parents of Prodigals. For parents of
Group. Second Thursday of the month.     Ferry Road, Marietta. More info: 770-    the last Thursday of the month during       struggling teens and young adults.
7pm. Sunrise Assisted Living, 1551       794-2978.                                school year. 10am. Chick-Fil-A, 1201        Second and 4th Thursday. 7-8:30pm.
Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. More                                                Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. More          Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Loft A,
                                         Depression Support Group. For those      info/to confirm meeting date: Angie,
info: Christa McLain, 770-509-2914.      who suffer from depression and the                                                   3rd Floor, 955 Johnson Ferry Road,
                                                                                  770-234-9111,,           Marietta. More info: Fair Brocard,
autism Spectrum Support Group of         people who love them. First and 3rd      or
Cobb County. Supporting parents          Thursday of the month. 7-8:30pm.                                                     770-612-1197 or www.prodigalchild-
                                         Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, 955        Family Caregiver & alzheimer’s    
with information and resources as
well as social connections. Third        Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. More       Support Group. First Monday of each         Parkinson’s Disease Support Group.
                                         info: 770-794-2978.                      month at 10:30am. Open to individu-         For persons with Parkinson’s disease
Thursday of each month during
                                                                                  als who are assisting an aging loved        and their caregivers. Second Sunday
school year. 9:30-11:30am. Mt.           Divorce Care. 13-week session,           one both inside and outside of the
Bethel United Methodist Church,          August and January. Wednesdays.                                                      each month. 4pm. Roswell United
                                                                                  home. Call in advance for free care         Methodist Church, 814 Mimosa Bou-
4385 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta.       6:30-8pm. Johnson Ferry Baptist          for your loved one during meeting.
More info:               Church, Room 311, 955 Johnson                                                        levard, Bldg. A, Roswell. More info:
                                                                                  Mt. Bethel Community Center, 4608           Robin Cleveland, 678-819-3915.
                                         Ferry Road, Marietta. More info:         Lower Roswell Road, Marietta. More
Babywearing Group. Koalamommas,          Kitty, 770-794-2978.
North Atlanta’s resource for help,                                                info: Aloha to Aging, 678-439-1177.         Sexual assault Support Group. Mon-
support, and information about baby      Divorce Care for Kids. 13-week ses-                                                  days. 7pm. YWCA of Northwest Geor-
                                                                                  Grandparents Raising Grandchildren          gia, 48 Henderson Street, Marietta.
carriers of all kinds. Meets monthly.    sion, August and January. Wednes-        Support Group. Second and 4th Tues-
Meeting dates/time vary. More info:      days. 6:30-8pm. Johnson Ferry                                                        More info: 770-427-2902.
                                                                                  day. 7:15pm. Special guest speaker.
Jennifer Worrell, 770-516-4192 or        Baptist Church, Room 328, 955            Transfiguration Church, Room 102,           St. andrew uMC Sisters of Support           Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. More       1815 Blackwell Road, Marietta. More         (SOS) Breast Cancer Support Group.
                                         info: Kitty, 770-794-2978.               info: Jeannie, 770-919-9275.                Ongoing support and comfort for breast
Bereavement Support. First and                                                                                                cancer survivors and patients undergo-
                                         Diabetes Support Group offered by        Grief Share.13-week session, August
3rd Wednesday of the month. 5pm.         WellStar Health System. Second                                                       ing treatment. Programs, speakers, art
Counseling Room in Parish Office, St.                                             and January. Mondays. 7-9pm. John-          therapy and fellowship. Childcare upon
                                         Tuesday of the month. 6:30–8pm.          son Ferry Baptist Church, Room 306,
Ann’s Catholic Church, 4905 Roswell      McLaren Mill Office Park, 531 Rose-                                                  request. First and 3rd Thursday of each
Road, Marietta. More info: 770-552-                                               955 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta.           month. 7pm. St. Andrew United Meth-
                                         lane Street, Suite 100, Marietta.        More info: Kitty, 770-794-2978.
6400, ext. 6020.                         No registration required. More info:                                                 odist Church, Building B Community
Cancer Support Group. Second and         770-793-7818.                            Grief Support Group. For those deal-        Room, 3455 Canton Road, Marietta.
                                                                                  ing with the grief of losing an aging       More info: Sandy Klingler, 770-926-
4th Monday of the month. 7-8:30pm.       Domestic violence Support Groups.        loved one. First Monday of each             3488.
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Room       Sessions in English and Spanish.
301, 955 Johnson Ferry Road, Mari-                                                month. 2:30pm. Mt. Bethel Com-              Survivors of Child Sexual abuse Sup-
                                         Wednesdays. 6:45-8:15pm. Child-          munity Center, 4608 Lower Roswell
etta. More info: 770-794-2978.           care available for children 6 weeks to                                               port Groups. First and 3rd Tuesday
                                                                                  Road, Marietta. More info: Aloha to         of the month. 7-8pm. Johnson Ferry
                                         12 years. Children over 12 may at-       Aging, 678-439-1177.
Cancer Support Group for patients,       tend and learn childcare skills. More                                                Baptist Church, Room 334, 955 John-
families and friends who are learning    info: 770-427-3390.                      Loneliness Bereavement Support              son Ferry Road, Marietta. More info:
to live with a diagnosis of cancer.                                               Group. Every Tuesday. 12 noon.              Tom Scales, 678-578-4888 or www.
Second Wednesday of the month. 7         east Cobb Satellite of ChaDD (Chil-      Pilgrimage United Church of Christ,
pm. LaSalette Hall, St. Ann’s Catholic   dren & adults w/attention-Deficit/hy-    3755 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta.
Church, 4905 Roswell Road, Marietta.     peractivity Disorder) Parent Support                                                 Treasures in heaven. For women who
                                                                                  More info: 770-423-5959.                    have lost children through miscarriage,
More info: 770-552-6400, ext. 6104.      Group. First Tuesday or Thursday of
                                         the month. 7-9pm. East Cobb Gov-         Marietta Moms. For all kinds of             ectopic pregnancy stillbirth, or neonatal
Codependents anonymous. Mondays &        ernment Services Center, 4400 Lower      moms - new to the area, looking for         death. Fourth Monday of the month.
Thursdays. 7:30-8:45pm. Unity North      Roswell Road, Marietta. More info:       new friends, or just needing support.       7-8:30pm. Johnson Ferry Baptist
Church, 4225 Sandy Plains Road,          Movita, 770-321-1783, east-cobb@         Daily events for babies, toddlers and       Church, 955 Johnson Ferry Road,
Marietta. More info: 770-578-6368., or         older kids. More info: 770-956-0318         Marietta. More info: 770-794-2978.
                                                                                  or 678-357-3661 or
                                                                                                visions anew women’s Divorce
                                                                                                                              Support Group. First Thursday and 3rd
                                                                                  Mothers Circle Group. Are you a             Wednesday of the month. 7-9 pm. East
 how To Get your Support Group Listed:                                            mother raising Jewish children but you
                                                                                  are not Jewish? Free education and
                                                                                                                              Cobb Government Center, 4400 Lower
                                                                                                                              Roswell Road, Marietta. More info:
  Help us help others by letting the East Cobb community know                     support through a 16-week course.           770-953-2882.
                                                                                  Groups are held in Marietta, Intown
    about your support group meetings. Please include name of                     and North Fulton. More info: Suzette        widowed helping Others. Gatherings
                                                                                  Cohen,         for social, practical support and new
   group, days you meet, how often, what time, location of your                   or                friendships during this time of adjust-
    meeting – be sure to include street addresses, contact name                                                               ment. First and 3rd Wednesday of the
                                                                                  Mothers of PreSchoolers(MOPS).              month. 6pm. La Salette Hall, St. Ann’s
   and phone number. If you have a website, be sure to include                    Wednesdays. 6:15-7:15pm. A place            Catholic Church, 4905 Roswell Road,
                                                                                  where moms can come to build friend-        Marietta. More info: 70-552-6400,
  that, too! Support Group listings must be received by the 15th                  ships and receive mothering support,        ext. 6019, or 770-977-8438.
                                                                                  practical help and spiritual hope. Child-
 of the month. Submit items to:                     care provided. Mt. Zion United
               Listings are free to non-profit groups.                            Methodist Church, 1770 Johnson Ferry
                                                                                  Road, Marietta. More info: 770-971-
                                                                                  1465 or

56 March 2011                                                         EAST COBBER                                                     
   Hello, baby.
     This is one lucky kid. She may not know it yet, but
     WellStar is one of the region’s best places to be born.
     At WellStar, she can stay in the same room with her
     mom – from her very first minutes until she’s ready
     to go home. And if she needs extra special attention,
     she’ll have the neonatal intensive care units at
     WellStar Cobb and Kennestone Hospitals.

     From the moment her family came to WellStar,
     she was in good hands. Her mom took classes
     at one of the world’s largest Lamaze programs.
     No wonder nearly 12,000 of her new friends will
     be born this year at WellStar Cobb, Douglas and
     Kennestone hospitals.

     Want to say “hello” to WellStar? Call 770-956-STAR
     to find a physician or schedule a tour of our
     birthing centers.

     We believe every baby deserves a grand entrance.

      770-956-STAR H

The vision of WellStar Health System is to deliver world-class healthcare through our hospitals, physicians and services.
Our not-for-profit health system, includes Cobb, Douglas, Kennestone, Paulding and Windy Hill hospitals; WellStar Medical Group;
Urgent Care Centers; Health Place; Homecare; Hospice; Atherton Place; Paulding Nursing Center; and WellStar Foundation. For more
information, call 770-956-STAR or visit

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