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									        British Thoracic Society

        Summer Meeting 2010




Thursday 24th and Friday 25th June 2010

    University Place, Oxford Road,
        Manchester, M13 9PL


Information for exhibitors                         2-5

   Exhibition timings                             2
   Shell scheme contractors                       2
   Electrical contractors                         3
   Furniture contractors                          3
   Flooring                                       3
   Floral and plant displays                      3
   Accommodation agency                           3
   Useful contact numbers                         4
   Parking                                        4
   Unloading                                      4
   Deliveries                                     4
   Storage                                        5
   Stand personnel                                5
   Attendance at scientific sessions              5
   Security/name badges                           5
   Catering                                       5
   Internet access                                5
   Venue information                              5
   Distribution of leaflets                       5

Conditions for exhibitors                          6-7

Loose forms for return (by 28 May 2010, unless noted otherwise)

   Security/name badges
   Stand nameboard & basic electrics
   Shell scheme extras order form
   Electrical extras order form

Other information

   Floor plan of the exhibition area
   Access schedule
   Location and access maps
   University Place Exhibitors Code of Practice
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                                      INFORMATION FOR EXHIBITORS

Exhibition timings

Wednesday 23 June:              8.00am to 8.00pm                 Access for official shell scheme
                                                                 and electrical contractors only

                                12.00pm to 8.00pm                Access for exhibition build up

Thursday 24 June:               8.30am to 5.00pm                 Exhibition open

Friday 25 June:                 8.00am to 2.30pm                 Exhibition open

                                3.00pm to 6.00pm                 Breakdown exhibition

In the interests of safety, please ensure that the above build up and break down times are strictly adhered
to. Displays must be complete by 8.30am on Thursday 24 June and, to comply with health and safety
policy, displays must not be dismantled until the sessions in the three lecture theatres have finished at
3.30pm on Friday 25 June. However, it may be possible for some exhibits to be removed after 2.30pm if
this is done silently and with due consideration to potential hazards. Dismantling of exhibition stands prior
to 3.30pm on Friday 25 June is at the sole discretion of the conference organiser on the day. The Society’s
tenancy expires at 6.00pm on Friday 25 June and all exhibits must be removed before this time. It is the
responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that any contractors working on their behalf are aware of these

Shell scheme

All stands will be built with shell scheme, and exhibitors may then build their own stands within the shell
scheme frame. Walls are butt jointed panelling 2.44m high and 50mm thick, pre-finished in light grey nylon
loop material. Panel ends are finished with matching blue pilasters. Fascias are 300mm deep and 50mm
thick, pre-finished both sides in blue Velcro compatible fabric, maximum length 5m without support.
Corner sites have 2 walls and 2 fascias supported by 25mm pole finished in matching blue.

Also included are company name boards to the front and side fascia boards, where appropriate. The exact
company name should be completed on the enclosed form and returned by 28 May 2010. Additional items
may be ordered direct from the contractor using the enclosed form.

Formula Exhibitions Ltd
Unit G9
Elvington Industrial Estate              Tel: 01904 608 855
Elvington                                Fax: 01904 608 822
York, YO41 4AR                           Email: formula@btconnect.com
                                         Web: www.formulaexhibitions.com
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Electrical contractors

A 13amp electrical socket and one 1 metre track complete with 2 x 100watt spotlights are included in the
price of your stand. Additional items may be ordered direct from the contractor using the enclosed form.

Havills Exhibitions Ltd
Unit 1, Woodland Road                     Tel: 01803 314 000
Woodland Trading Estate                   Fax: 01803 311 910
Torquay, TQ2 7AT                          Email: irena@havillexhibitions.co.uk
                                          Web: www.havillexhibitions.co.uk

Furniture contractors

The venue does not supply furniture for exhibitors free of charge. Please order direct from the appointed
contractor via the Europa website.

Brochure: www.europainternational.com/images/europabrochure.pdf

Europa International
Europa House                              Tel: 020 8676 0062
Meaford Way                               Fax: 020 8676 9976
London, SE20 8RA                          Email: sales@europainternational.com
                                          Web: www.europaninternational.com


The floor in The Drum, Restaurant and foyer areas is a grey composite material. Carpet may be ordered via
Europa International but only low-tack carpet tape or similar may be used to adhere carpet to the floor.

Floral and plant displays

The following florist is able to provide floral and plant displays for stands, either to purchase or hire. Please
contact Designer Flowers by Rodgers Ltd for details and prices or visit their website below:

Designer Flowers by Rodgers Ltd
'Nelrose'                                 Tel: 0161 861 0524 or 0845 129 7018
Princess Road                             Fax: 0161 860 7298
Manchester                                Email: sales@flowers-uk.co.uk
M20 2LT                                   Website: www.flowers-uk.co.uk


The Society has appointed ConferCare at the University of Manchester to assist in booking hotel
accommodation. They have special rates at local hotels and will be happy to arrange accommodation for

ConferCare                                Tel: 0161 306 4068
                                          Fax: 0161 306 4070
                                          Email: mcc.reg@manchester.ac.uk
                                          Web: www.meeting.co.uk/confercare/bts
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Useful contact numbers

British Thoracic Society                Tel:             01277 373797
Conference Manager                      Mobile:          07961 538 856
Cathryn Stokes:                         Fax:             as telephone or via 020 7831 8776
                                        Email:           cathryn.s@btinternet.com

British Thoracic Society                Tel:             020 7831 8778
Delegate administration                 Fax:             020 7831 8766
Joan Thompson:                          Email:           joan.thompson@brit-thoracic.org.uk

University Place                        Tel:             0161 306 4066
Conference office                       Fax:             0161 306 4090
Jane Pinder:                            Email:           jane.pinder@manchester.ac.uk

BTS Registration Desk                   Tel:             0161 306 4098
(24 & 25 June only)


A public chargeable multi-storey car park is located close by on Booth Street West. The postcode for Sat
Navs is M13 9PL. Please visit the website for directions and further information:

Loading and unloading on set up and break down days

In an attempt to make access easier and quicker for all exhibitors, a schedule for unloading and loading has
been drawn up and is included in this pack. Wherever possible, it would be helpful if exhibitors would
arrive at the allocated times but please contact the conference manager if the times given are not
convenient. During build up times on Wednesday 23 June and break down on Friday 25 June exhibitors and
contractors should enter via Booth Street East (next to the multi-storey car park). On reaching the gate,
advise staff that the delivery is for University Place and you will be directed accordingly. Please note that
unloading time will be limited and that all vehicles must be moved to the public car park as soon as they
have been unloaded.


As there are limited storage facilities at the venue, deliveries will only be accepted between Tuesday 22
June and Friday 25 June (between 0900 and 1600). Due to offloading restrictions, pallets cannot be
accepted. Porters are not available to offload boxes and instructions to this effect must be given to the
carrying company. All deliveries must be addressed as follows:

          BTS Summer Meeting 24/25 June
          Company name and stand number
          Building Manager
          University Place
          The University of Manchester
          Oxford Road
          Manchester M13 9PL
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There are no storage facilities at the Venue for either goods or empty packing boxes. Arrangements should
be made via a freight handling company.

Stand personnel

A maximum of ten exhibition personnel in total per stand is included in the stand rate and names must be
supplied to the Organiser on the enclosed form by 28 May 2010. All other company personnel must
register and pay the delegate fee.

Attendance at scientific sessions

The stand rate includes catering for four stand personnel per day and admission to the Conference
Scientific Sessions. However, the enclosed form must be completed and returned in advance. Other
personnel wishing to attend the sessions must register and pay in advance.

Security/name badges

All participants are required to wear a lapel badge at all times during the build up, open times and break
down of the event. Please complete and return the enclosed name badge form by 28 May 2010, to include
all stand personnel and all contractors.

Catering for stand personnel

The stand rate also includes coffee, lunch and tea on both days of the event for four stand personnel.
Lunch for exhibitors will be available 30 minutes before the published lunch times.

Catering from exhibition stands

If you wish to provide catering from your stand for delegates, this can be ordered direct via the University
Conference Office, as follows:

Conference office                   Tel:   0161 306 4066
                                    Email: jane.pinder@manchester.ac.uk

Internet access

Wireless Internet access is available at University Place free of charge. However, a username and password
will need to be requested from BTS staff at the registration desks on site.

Venue information

Please see the enclosed leaflet from University Place – “Exhibitors Code of Practice”.

Distribution of leaflets

BTS reminds all exhibitors that literature may not be placed on tables, or elsewhere, in the conference
centre without prior approval by the Society.
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                                                    CONDITIONS FOR EXHIBITORS

1         Definition

In the Conditions the term ‘Organiser’ shall be deemed to           requirements that the Organiser may impose in relation to
mean the British Thoracic Society. ‘Venue’ refers to                dealing with that substance or article are complied with.
University Place Manchester.      ‘Exhibitor’ includes all
employees or agents of such, and the term ‘Exhibition’ shall        8         Safety
be deemed to mean the British Thoracic Society Summer
Meeting 2010.                                                       All exhibits must be properly protected so as to avoid danger
                                                                    to any person or persons attending the exhibition. The
2         Charges for space                                         Organiser shall be indemnified by the Exhibitor against any
                                                                    claim or action on account of any injury or damage being
Space charges are indicated on the Exhibition Stand Plan.           caused or occasioned by any exhibit to any person or
These include the cost of shell scheme erected by the               persons whatsoever.
exhibition contractor, one 13-amp electrical socket, two
spotlights, name board with stand number, general security          9         Insurance liability
and general cleaning. Also included is admission for four
exhibitor personnel to the scientific sessions including lunch.     The Organiser and the Venue will not be responsible for the
Should shell scheme or electrical contractors’ charges              safety of any exhibit or property of any exhibitor, or any
increase significantly, the Organiser reserves the right to         other person, for the loss or damage of, or destruction to
increase the charges for space accordingly.                         same, by theft, or fire, or any other cause whatsoever, or for
                                                                    any loss or damage whatsoever sustained by the Exhibitor by
3         Confirmation of space                                     reason of any defect in the building caused by, without
                                                                    prejudice to its generality, fire, flood, tempest, riot, civil
The Exhibitor must complete, sign and return the stand              commotion, explosion of any kind, strike, lockout, labour
reservation form, whereupon the Organiser will confirm              difficulties, war, shortage of materials, interruption of
acceptance of the reservation.                                      transport, water, electricity, gas or other services, and the
                                                                    need to execute urgent repairs to the Venue. Nor for any
4         Payment of space                                          loss or damage occasioned, if by reason of the happenings of
                                                                    any such event the opening of the exhibition is prevented or
Full payment must be received by 29 April 2010. Failure to          postponed, or delayed or abandoned, or the building
pay in full by this date may result in cancellation of the          becomes wholly or partially unavailable for the holding of
stand.                                                              the exhibition. The Exhibitor agrees and undertakes to
                                                                    insure in their full replacement value the contents of their
5         Revision of stand plan                                    stand and all associated ancillary equipment and materials,
                                                                    and to effect public liability insurance.
If necessary, the Organiser reserves the right to alter the
layout of the stand plan and to transfer a company to an
appropriate alternative site.                                       10        Postponement or abandonment

6         Exhibition timetable                                      In no event shall the Exhibitor have any claim for damages of
                                                                    any kind against the Organiser or the Venue in the respect of
The Exhibition timetable as detailed in the Information for         any loss or damage consequential upon the prevention,
Exhibitors must be adhered to. Exhibition stands must be            postponement or abandonment of the Exhibition, but
staffed at all times the Exhibition is open.                        reason for the happening of any of the events referred to in
                                                                    Condition 9 or of the Exhibition building becoming wholly or
7         Fire risks                                                partially unavailable for the holding of the Exhibition for
                                                                    reasons beyond the Organiser’s control. The Organiser shall
The Exhibitor must adhere to all fire and safety regulations        be entitled to retain such part of all sums paid by the
at the Venue. Aisles and fire exits must be kept clear at all       Exhibitor as the Organiser considers necessary, if, in the
times.                                                              opinion of the Organiser rearrangement or postponement of
                                                                    the Exhibition, or by substitution of another hall, or building,
All materials used for the interior of stands must be               or any other reasonable manner, the Exhibition can be
thoroughly fire-proofed to the satisfaction of the Venue’s          carried through, the contract for space shall be binding upon
fire advisor and failure to do so may result in the removal of      the parties, except as to size and position of stands, as to
all offending fittings. Plastics should not be used in the          which any modification, substitution, or rearrangement they
construction of stands without special permission of the            consider necessary shall be determined by the Organiser.

The Exhibitor must notify the Organiser if they propose to                                                       Continued over ...
bring into the venue any substance or article which might
potentially be hazardous and shall ensure that any
11        Security                                                                                                        Page 7

A general security patrol will be provided by the Venue but it    and generally to a standard acceptable to the Organiser.
will not be responsible for Exhibitors’ equipment/material if     The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the removal from the
lost or damaged. Exhibitors are strongly advised to insure        Venue and storage of all crates and empty cartons not
against loss or damage to any articles of value. All Exhibitors   required for the duration of the Exhibition.
and their contractors must wear the lapel badge issued to
them at all times throughout the Event.                           16        Admission

12        Advertising                                             The Organiser reserves the right to refuse admission to any
                                                                  person or persons to the Exhibition without assigning any
The Exhibitor may not distribute advertising and printed          reason. All visitors to the Exhibition must be registered and
material from their stand in the neighbourhood of entrances       fully paid participants at the Exhibition, whose names have
and exits, nor in such a manner as to cause annoyance to          been notified to the Organisers at least three working days
other Exhibitors. In the event of complaints the matter shall     prior to the Exhibition.
be referred to the Organiser for their decision. Exhibits or
other devices that emit sound must be operated and                17        Right of rejection
controlled so that there is no disturbance to other
Exhibitors.                                                       Exhibits are admitted to the Exhibition and shall remain
                                                                  there solely on strict compliance with these conditions. The
13        Photography                                             Organiser reserves the right to prohibit in whole or in part
                                                                  and reject any Exhibitor or their representative in the case of
The Organiser reserves all photographic rights for the            failure to comply with the Conditions. There shall be no
Exhibition.                                                       return of payment if the Organiser deems such rejection or
                                                                  prohibition necessary.
14        Exhibition services
                                                                  18        Amendment of conditions
The Organiser undertakes to make all reasonable attempts
to provide necessary services for the smoother operation of       The Organiser reserves the right to alter, add to, or amend
the Exhibition but accepts no responsibility for breakdown        any of these Conditions. Should any question arise, whether
or failure of such services.                                      provided for in these Conditions or not, the decision of the
                                                                  Organiser shall be final. No alteration, addition, amendment
15        Cleaning and storage                                    or waiver to or of these Conditions shall operate to release
                                                                  any Exhibitor from their contract. The description headings
The Exhibitor shall accept full responsibility for keeping        to these Conditions are merely for reference and do not
his/her stand and the surrounding area free from rubbish          form part of the contract between the parties.


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