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					                      THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO

                           REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL
                           Recycling and Waste Transfer
                            DATE: February 20, 2009

Revision 2: 2007.07
2009-02-10                    Recycling and Waste Transfer


   1.1.   The University of Western Ontario (Western), the third largest university in Ontario, has
          a full and part-time enrollment of more than 33,329 graduate and undergraduate students
          and includes affiliate University Colleges. The Western campus covers 487 hectares and
          is located about 4 km north of the centre of London. There are approximately 3200 Full-
          Time Staff and Faculty. An additional 5,000 Part-Time Staff and Faculty represent
          approximately 3,800 Full-Time equivalents.

   1.2.      Western's web site is

   1.3.   This Request for Proposal (RFP) is being issued on behalf of Western’s Physical
          Plant which services Western’s infrastructure. Western’s is committed to diverting
          and recycling useful materials and in reducing the consumption of resources and
          energy. The Physical Plant has been given the task of developing and managing
          Western sustainability program. This Green initiative has been expanding over the
          years and now includes glass, newspaper, fine paper, cardboard, mixed plastic,
          aluminum and organics collection.

   1.4.   The mix of new and aging buildings at Western and construction projects results in
          additional requirements for the transport, processing and recycling of furniture and
          construction materials to facilities other than the traditional waste landfill sites.

   1.5.   Currently, cardboard and organics are picked up at assigned loading docks by
          contracted service providers. The remainder of the recycled materials are collected by
          Western staff and transferred to a central recycling area for separation into 30 yard
          bins prior to pick up by contracted service providers.


 2.1.      Proponents are invited to submit proposals on Recycling and Waste Transfer
          Services as required by the Physical Plant department. 2008-2009 Spend at Western
          is estimated to be $ 200,000 +. The Annual 2008-2009 Spend figures are furnished for
          Proponents to assess the total annual base value of the contract. Western cannot
          guarantee the purchase volumes/values indicated in this RFP.

   2.2    For the 2008-2009 calendar year it is estimated that Western will have collected the
           following quantities:

                              Co-mingled (PET 1&2)                  202 tons
                              Paper Products                        229 tons
                              Cardboard                             186 tons

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2009-02-10                     Recycling and Waste Transfer
                               Organics                                 228 tons

   2.2     If it is economically feasible, Western’s may expand the current program to emulate
           the City of London’s recycling pickup program and shall include:

           Paper: paper products: boxboard (i.e. cereal, detergent, cracker and tissue boxes);
           cardboard (i.e. clean pizza boxes, packing boxes); catalogues, magazines, newspaper,
           phone books, egg cartons and miscellaneous paper products such as flyers, envelopes
           and writing paper.

           Co-mingled: rigid food, beverage and liquid containers, milk & juice cartons, drink
           boxes, aluminum and steel containers, empty paint cans, aluminum foil and pie plates,
           glass bottles and jars and plastic bottles and tubs with the number 1, 2, 4 and 5 on the
           bottom of the container.
   2.2     The successful proponent shall be required to provide the necessary equipment to handle
           the campus recycling program: a compactor for paper, 30 yard bins or other suitable
           transfer systems and cardboard gay-lords on a trailer. Sizes of bins are detailed in
           Appendix B Pricing Worksheet.

   2.3     Western’s recycling program is determined by Western’s academic year, with
           approximately 35 weeks when students are on campus and a summer period with usage
           dropping dramatically.

   2.4     Western is looking for the successful Proponent to suggest/or identify alternative
           methods that would provide greater efficiencies and/or cost savings initiatives that would
           benefit Western.


   3.1. Interested Proponents must provide their primary contact email address to Helga Alcorn,
        telephone: 519-661-2111 ext 84590, fax number 519-661-3772 and email address immediately upon receipt of the bid documents.

   3.2. All communications regarding this Request for Proposal (RFP) must be directed to Helga
        Alcorn in writing or via e- mail. Violation of this directive will result in the disqualification
        of the Proponent from the RFP process.

   3.3. Two (2) hard copy (s) and one electronic copy(a CD or DVD medium) in (Word, Excel or
        PDF) format must be submitted and enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the name and
        address of the Proponent clearly marked on the outside of the envelope and the RFP
        information as follows: “UWORFP03-0934 – Recycling and Waste Transfer”.

   3.4. Proposals will be received by Western no later than 12:00 Noon March 27, 2009 as
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2009-02-10                   Recycling and Waste Transfer
        indicated by the stamp clock in Suite 6100 (Financial Services Department) Services
        Support Building

              Mailing and Delivery Address:

                 University of Western Ontario
                 Purchasing Department
                 Support Services Building
                 Suite 6100
                 Support Services Building
                 1393 Western Road
                 London Ont.,
                 N6G 1G9
                 Attention: Helga Alcorn

   3.5. Proposals received after the closing time and date will be returned unopened to the sender.
        Proposals submitted by facsimile or e-mail will not be accepted.

   3.6. Proponents must acquaint themselves with the terms and conditions of this document and
        respond to all sections of the RFP by indicating the reference number for each section and
        clearly identify, by clause, any exceptions (i.e. Section 4.01 Agreed). Failure to do so will
        be deemed that all the terms and conditions have been accepted by your organization.
        Submitting your organization’s standard terms and conditions will not be acceptable to
        fulfill this requirement.

   3.7. Western reserves the right to choose the Proponent which offers the best Value for the
        services being requested in this RFP.

   3.8. Questions pertaining to this RFP must be received no later than 5 business days prior to
        closing time and date.

   3.9. All questions and answers during the RFP period will be communicated by email with the
        primary contacts as well as posted on under this
        document. Responses to questions will be distributed to all Proponents, through the
        Proponent’s primary contact via e-mail, in a timely fashion.

   3.10. No amendments or change to proposals will be accepted after the closing date and time.

   3.11. Submissions must be prepared in accordance with the conditions outlined in this and any
         associated documents. Failure to comply may result in the disqualification of the proposal.

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2009-02-10                       Recycling and Waste Transfer

   4.1. Western is not responsible for any expenses incurred by Proponent(s) in preparing and
        submitting a response to this RFP

   4.2. Proponents may not use Western’s name or markings for any external marketing purposes
        without the express written permission from Western.

   4.3. Unit prices will govern where arithmetical errors may occur in the extension of prices.
        Where it appears a major mistake in calculation has been made, Western shall consider the
        intent of the Proponent and may accept the proposal for consideration and subsequent

   4.4. Proposal pricing shall be irrevocable for ninety (90) days following the closing date of the

   4.5. Western intends to issue purchase order(s) to the Proponent(s) whose submission offers the
        best value to Western.

   4.6.     The lowest cost Proposal or any other Proposal may not necessarily be accepted.

   4.7.      Western is not under any obligation to award a contract and reserves the right to
             terminate the Request for Proposal process prior to award and to withdraw from
             discussions with any or all of the Proponents who have responded, without liability being
             incurred by Western for any expense or cost incurred by the Proponent(s).

  4.8.     The successful Proponent(s) will be notified of their award and will be required to provide

         4.8.1. Proof, from the Broker, of commercial liability insurance of at least $2 million per
                occurrence and The University of Western Ontario its Board of Governors,
                trustees, officers, employees and agents named as Additional Insureds. Such
                provision shall apply in proportion to and to the extent of the negligent acts or
                omissions of the non-University party or any person or persons under the non-
                University parties’ direct supervision and control. The liability insurance should
                include personal injury and property damage, non-owned automobile liability,
                owners and contractors’ protective coverage and contractual liability coverage.

         Provide thirty (30) days advance written notice to the Western of any
                  modification, change, or cancellation of any of the insurance coverage,

         4.8.2.    Proof, from the Broker, of automobile liability insurance with coverage of at least
                  $ 2 million per occurrence for liability arising at law for damages caused by
                  reason of bodily injury (including death) or damage to property by employees or

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2009-02-10                   Recycling and Waste Transfer
              sub contractors.

      4.8.3. A current Certificate of Clearance from The Workplace Safety and Insurance
             Board (WSIB) or equivalent.

      4.8.4. Provide information, such as company policy, relating to construction safety

   4.9.    All workers on Western property must be covered by WSIB for the duration of the
           contract and that a Certificate of Clearance is maintained in good standing throughout
           the contract by the successful Proponent(s). A current certificate must accompany
           your RFP submission.

   4.10.    All equipment operators shall have a valid Ontario Drivers License in good standing
           classified for the operation of the vehicles related to this contract.

   4.11. The successful Proponent shall be licensed to operate as per the Ministry of
         Environment and Energy. Current certificates of Approval applicable to all contracted
         operations must accompany this RFP.

   4.12    All equipment used in conjunction with the work related to this contract must meet all
           C.S.A, Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Environment and Energy
           guidelines and legislation.

   4.13     The successful proponent shall in the performance of the Contract comply with all
           applicable Federal, Provincial and Local Laws, Ordinances and Regulations.

   4.14    The successful proponent is responsible for ensuring that the operators take all
           necessary precautions to ensure the continuous safety of the University staff and

   4.15    Western reserves the right to request proof of coverage of the aforementioned
           requirements at any time throughout the term of the contract.

   4.16    The successful Proponent(s) shall not assign or sub contract any portion of its contract
           without the written consent of Western. Proponents must identify in their submission
           if they will be sub contracting out any portion of this RFP contract and identify the

     4.17 Western reserves the following rights:

      4.17.1 To open submissions privately,
      4.17.2 To reject any or all submissions received,
      4.17.3 To, in its sole discretion, request clarification and/or further information from one or
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2009-02-10                   Recycling and Waste Transfer
              more Proponents after closing without becoming obligated to offer the same
             opportunity to all Proponents,
      4.17.4 To request proof of WSIB coverage at any time throughout the term of the contract,
      4.17.5 To waive irregularities and/or minor non-compliance by any Proponent(s) with the
             requirements of this Request for Proposal. An irregularity and/or minor non-
             compliance effects form, rather than substance, does not effect price, quality, quantity
             or delivery of the bid, and if corrected the Proponent(s) would not gain an unfair
             advantage over competitors.

   4.18   All submissions must be signed by an authorized company representative (refer to
          Appendix A).

    4.19 Any terms or conditions, which cannot be fulfilled, should be clearly stated in your

   4.20    All the terms and conditions stated in this bid document are deemed to be accepted by
          the Proponent and incorporated into the Proponent’s proposal submission. The complete
          submission document and any attachments shall become part of any contract entered into
          between the successful Proponent(s) and Western.

   4.21   Any conflict in the wording of the successful Proponent(s)’ invoice and/or sales
          agreement and the wording of the terms and conditions of this proposal, shall be
          resolved in favour of Western and shall be deemed to be incorporated into the
          Proponent(s)’ invoice and/or sales agreement.

   4.22 The laws of the Province of Ontario shall govern in any dispute the may arise as a
        result of the successful Proponent’s submission and the subsequent contract awarded
        to the successful Proponent(s).

   4.23 If the successful Proponent(s) fails to carry out the agreement satisfactorily in accordance
         with the terms, Western will, by giving written notice, specify the default(s) requiring
         remedy. In the event that the specified default(s) is/are not remedied within 30 working
         days from giving such notice, Western reserves the right to terminate the agreement

   4.24   All plans, materials and electronic or digital files paid for by Western or its Associated
          Companies are the property of Western or its Associated Companies.

   4.25   The Proponent(s) shall treat the contract and all documents, drawings, specifications and
          information connected with this Request for Proposal as confidential and shall not
          disclose any information or documents acquired by it or its employees, agents or sub-
          contractors to any third parties, nor use, or copy the information, except as required to
          perform the Proponent(s) obligations in fulfilling the terms of this contract.

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2009-02-10                     Recycling and Waste Transfer

   4.26   The successful Proponent(s) shall indemnify and hold harmless Western, its directors,
          employees, students and agents from and against all actions, suits, claims, causes of
          action, demands, penalties, fines, costs and expenses including legal fees or other
          proceedings of any kind or nature directly or indirectly arising out of performance of the
          Work or Supply of Goods, including but not limited to personal injuries to anyone,
          breach or alleged breach of intellectual property laws, environmental non-compliance,
          product liability or property damage.

   4.27    The successful Proponent(s) must be registered in Ontario for the collection and
           remittance of GST from the sale of goods and services.

   4.28    The acceptance of the successful Proponent’s bid and the subsequent award of the
           contract contemplated by this bid document is subject to Western’s internal approval
           processes, approval of external funding and /or budgets


   5.1    Proponents are to provide three relevant customer references, including contact name,
          role, telephone number / email address and description of completed contract(s). The
          contract(s) should be of a similar scope and size as identified in this RFP document and
          from a Higher Educational/Research institution similar to Western.

   5.2     Observed contraventions of this contract, Western standards or provincial regulations
           will result in a written report detailing the violation. This report becomes a permanent
           entry in the Proponent’s performance file. The frequency and severity of these violations
           will be considered in future RFPs.

   5.3     Proponents must provide details in this submission, of any sub-contracting of the
           recycling operations. Western’s contract will only be with the successful Proponent(s).

   5.4    The successful Proponent(s) assumes all risks of injury to persons including death and/or
          damage to property resulting from any action or operation under the Contract and/or in
          connection with the work, except for such injury to persons including death, and/or
          damage to property caused due to the negligence of the Western, and undertakes to
          defend, indemnify and hold the Western harmless against all such alleged injury or

   5.5    The successful Proponent(s) shall notify Western in writing of all such injuries to persons
           or damage to property within 24 hours of the occurrence. This is to be mailed in
           triplicate to the Western.

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2009-02-10                   Recycling and Waste Transfer
   5.6    The successful Proponent and Subcontractors and/or Suppliers will be responsible for
          loss of equipment or materials supplied by successful Proponent or Subcontractor or
          turned over to successful Proponent by Western.


   6.1    Western is interested in participating with the successful Proponent in any initiatives
          that are mutually beneficial and can give Western strategic or economic advantages in
          the areas of administration, research or teaching. Initiatives that would benefit the
          student and graduate populations would also be valued. Bidders should provide any
          evidence of previous "partnering" arrangements where they have collaborated on
          mutually beneficial initiatives with clients providing them with strategic or economic
          value beyond the narrow scope of the supply arrangement.


   7.1      The number of bins/weights stated in Section 2.1 and Appendix B of this RFP is
          provided as guidelines to the Proponents. Western reserves the right to increase or
          decrease weight quantities, bin requirements and does not guarantee bins/weights.

   7.2    Proponents must include in their submission the maximum allowable contamination for
          all materials and appropriate action to be taken to correct contamination and other
          associated costs.

   7.3    The successful Proponent assumes all risk, hazards and conditions with connection with
          the performance of their duties as per the RFP and the Contract.

   7.4    Any breakdowns that result in the loss of vehicle operating fluids shall be cleaned up
          immediately by the successful Proponent. If the quantity of the fluid represents an
          environmental contamination, as per the Ministry of Environment and Energy, it shall be
          contained, and the Supervisor of Grounds maintenance Services shall be advised
          immediately. If unable to reach the Supervisor, the Proponent is to contact the Western
          Police Department at 661- 3300

   7.4    The successful proponent shall contact the Western Police Department at 663-3000 and
          jurisdictional authorities regarding any accident involving the successful Proponent, sub-
          contractor, University or public/personal injury and/or property damage arising from the
          Proponents operation of their equipment.

   7.5    The successful Proponent shall not substitute any of the equipment during the course of
          this contract without prior approval of Western. This refers to the 20, 30, 40 yard bins,
          composting bins, and trailer supply.

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2009-02-10                  Recycling and Waste Transfer
   7.6 All equipment must meet legislated standards and externally bear a mark or label
          approved by the Standards Council of Canada or equivalent. (i.e. ULC, CSA, FDA).

   7.7    Material Safety Data sheets (MSDS) and appropriate labels must accompany all
          hazardous products as defined under the Hazardous Products legislation and provincial
          WHIMIS legislation.

   7.8    Proponents must provide a weigh inventory and include the inventory with a monthly
          statement of all materials originating from Western to be mailed to Supervisor of
          Grounds Maintenance and Waste Management Services, Services Support Building.

   7.9    All residences locations have noise restrictions as per the City of London bylaws. No
          pickups will be permitted prior to 7.30 AM unless advised otherwise.

   7.10   Front lift or manual loading of cardboard is permitted beginning at 6AM at main campus

   7.11   All docks are accessible during the day.

   7.12   Organic containers must be on wheels and must be cleaned before delivery to Western.

   7.13   Proponents must include specific details about the composting operations that will be
          utilized during this contract including location of the organics operation, volume of
          organics produced last year and acceptable materials for composting.

   7.14   Proponents are to include previous educational or promotional events that they have
          participated in. Involvement with student residences and other departments in promoting
          the recycling program will be a requirement of the successful Proponent.

   7.15   The successful Proponent must be able to provide a twenty four (24) hour turnaround
          service for full bin removals as requested. Failure to meet the twenty four (24) hour
          timeframe will result a nonperformance penalty charged to the successful Proponent
          which shall equal the cost of the requested service.

   7.16   The Supervisor of Grounds Maintenance and Waste Management Services will be the
          successful Proponent’s primary contact at Western.

   7.17    The Supervisor of Grounds Maintenance and Waste Management Services and the
          successful Proponent will establish an acceptable means of communicating service
          requests (i.e. fax, email, telephone).

   7.18   The Supervisor of Grounds Maintenance and Waste Management Services and the
          successful Proponent will meet to discuss an implementation timeline prior to the start of

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2009-02-10                     Recycling and Waste Transfer
          this contract.

   7.19    Proponents are to provide the name of the individual responsible for handling the
           Western account and the individual that Western will contact to escalate unresolved
           complaints. Response to this question should be input into Appendix B Information


   8.1    Western is looking for a rebate program (payable on a monthly basis) that would be
          applicable when the value of the goods recycled represents a positive return. Credits
          for material generating revenue will be based on the following calculation:
          Fair Market Value based on C.S.R., The Price Sheet or O.B.N. (Proponents must
          identify which method is being used to calculate Fair Market Value and the date of
          the Fair Market Value) minus processing fees and all handling costs at Proponents
          facility. Proponents are to input their proposed rebate into the Recycle Material
          Credit section in Appendix B Pricing Worksheet.

   8.2    Bin transfer fee for co-mingled materials in 30 yard bins must be priced separately
          from processing fees but is to be included in the credit statement (material credit
          minus the number of bins processed for that credit period as per Appendix B Pricing

   8.3     Office waste paper processing fees are to include trailer on site, transfer trailer,
           containers used for transportation and all processing fees.

   8.4    Pricing must be in Canadian dollars and must include all costs associated with the
          services provided. Proponents must complete Appendix B Pricing Worksheet as

   8.5    Prices must be guaranteed for duration of the contract.

   8.6    Western would like to take advantage of any promotions, rebates, incentives, discounts,
          price decreases or new technologies that become available during the term of the
          contract. Proponents should state their policy related to future pricing and technology

   8.7    The successful Proponent(s) guarantees that all pricing offered and agreed to in this
          contract is (are) as low or lower than any being paid to date by any institution in Canada,
          including the Federal Government, for goods identical on this contract and sold by the
          successful Proponent(s) during 2009 year. Should the successful Proponent(s) offer to
          sell goods identical to those on the contract to any institution in Canada at a lower price
          than those being paid for by Western; the successful Proponent(s) will adjust all prices
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2009-02-10                  Recycling and Waste Transfer
          for goods covered by this contract to the lower prices being offered elsewhere.


   9.1     Payment terms are net 30 days. Please specify in your proposal any payment terms
           that may differ e.g. 2% 10 days.

   9.2     Western will not consider any prepayment terms. Western will issue a purchase order
           for specific work and the successful Proponent(s) will invoice against these purchase
           orders once services are rendered.

   9.3     Where applicable, PST and GST must be shown as separate lines on all invoices.

   9.4     All packages, packing slips, correspondence, reports, customs documentation, and
           freight bills must quote the Western purchase order.

   9.5     All invoices must quote the Western purchase order number. Failure to include the
           purchase order number will result in invoices being returned and delays in payments.

   9.6     Invoices maybe accumulated, consolidated and presented for payment using a
           Western approved Electronic Tally Sheet.


   10.1    The contract shall run for a three year term from May 1 2008 to April 30 2011 with the
           option to renew the contract for an additional two year term.

   10.2    Pricing shall remain firm for the first three years of the contract.

   10.3     Any price increase in the subsequent term shall be limited to the CPI and must be
           communicated in writing sixty (60) days prior to the price increase to the Supervisor of
           Grounds Maintenance and Waste Management Services.


   11.1   An open forum question and answer session will be held on March 10th 2009, at the rear
          of the Services Support Building, 1393 Western Road at 1.30 PM. Proponents will meet
          in the 1st floor foyer and have up to two (2) representatives present. No notes of the
          meeting will be subsequently distributed.

   11.2     Following evaluation of all submissions, Western may conduct site visits and/or may
           require a presentation from the Proponents. Proponents will be given sufficient time and

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  2009-02-10                   Recycling and Waste Transfer
            an agenda to prepare for this presentation.

        11.3   Western reserves the right, at its sole discretion to request clarification and/or further
               information from one or more Proponents prior to award without becoming obligated to
               offer the same opportunity to all Proponents.


        12.1        The following criteria will be used to evaluate the proposals submitted:

           12.1.1   Best value including pricing etc.                                    50%
           12.1.2   Ability to meet Specifications & Service                             30%
           12.1.3   Other – quality of response, references.                             10 %
           12.1.4   Site visit/presentations                                             10%

12.1. Western reserves the right to enter into negotiations prior to award with the Proponent(s) who
      offers the best overall value to them. During such negotiations, the scope of may be refined,
      responsibilities will be designated, implementation issues clarified and the final terms and
      conditions of any contract will be determined.

12.2. If negotiations with the selected Proponent are unsuccessful, Western reserves the right in
      its sole discretion to enter into negotiations with any other Proponent(s).

12.3.     The successful Proponent(s) awarded the contract will be contacted by telephone. The RFP
          status   and final     award decision will            be posted on WEsternBuys

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2009-02-10                    Recycling and Waste Transfer
                                        Appendix A


SUBMITTED BY (Company):               ________________________________________

Name:                        _________________________________________

Address:                     _________________________________________



Telephone:                   _________________________________________

Facsimile:                   _________________________________________

Email:                       _________________________________________

I/We the undersigned are duly authorized to execute this Proposal on behalf of:

               Name of Prospective Supplier

               Authorized Signature



Dated at the
                      City / Province

This            Day of ____________, 2009.

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