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									                                                                      DISCIPLINE CODE

The Code Of Conduct

     This Policy Statement contains a description of the range of behaviors the school has defined as
     being inconsistent with the rules.
     This range of unacceptable misbehavior constitutes a hierarchy of seriousness, which falls into 3
     broad categories of behavior difficulties.
     The school recognizes that some behavior is trivial but undesirable, other behaviors as moderately
     serious; as well as other instances and displays of misbehavior as being very serious.
     It must be emphasized that repeated misbehavior would be treated significantly more serious than
     one– off instances.
     Any activity of any student that brings the school into disrepute will be immediately dealt with
     Rules can change from time to time.
     Both students and parents are encouraged to seek clarity with regards to their understanding of
     the rules and regulations if necessary.
     The rules apply at all times.

             1 – Undesirable behaviour

     Bad behaviors either verbal or non-verbal that is unpleasant and inappropriate.
     Students will be reminded that their behavior is inappropriate and in bad taste and will be
     requested to stop.
     If the undesirable behavior persists these students will be warned that their behavior is becoming
     unacceptable and will be treated as more serious thereby warranting an according response.
     Behaviors falling into this category include behaviors that make it difficult for other students to
     learn and teachers to teach effectively.

               2 – Unacceptable behaviour

     These are behaviors for which suspension or possible expulsion from school is likely.
     Such behavior is regarded as unacceptable because of the severity of a particular behavior or,
     because of the frequency of less serious yet unpardonable behavior.
     Conducts that fall into the category of unacceptable behavior:
     Endangering the lives or safety of others.
     The use of illegal substances.
     Vandalism and damage of property.
                                                                 DISCIPLINE CODE
 Level one: undesirable behavior

      1.1    Late coming
      1.2    Poor attendance
      1.3    Teasing
      1.4    Mocking
      1.5    Pushing
      1.6    Interrupting teacher
      1.7    Interrupting class
      1.8    Attention seeking
      1.9    Clowning about
      1.10   Interfering with or annoying others
      1.11   Telling tales/lying
      1.12   Avoiding work
      1.13   Wasting time
      1.14   Eating/drinking in class
      1.15   Being noisy
      1.16   Derogatory name calling
      1.17   Running in the Class and Corridors
      1.18   Spiting
      1.19   Arguing about everything
      1.20   Swearing/cursing/vulgarity
      1.21   Play fighting
      1.22   Uncooperativeness
      1.23   Disruptive in class
      1.24   Bringing toys/games to school
      1.25   Littering
      1.26   Bullying
      1.27   Isolated case of disregarding the school uniform.

  Level two: moderately serious behaviour

      This category also includes repeated Minor Misbehaviors.

2.1   Rudeness and verbal abuse
2.2   Physical abuse — fists blows, kicks, scratching etc.
                                                                          DISCIPLINE CODE
2.3    Disturbing and hindering the progress of others.
2.4    Refusal to follow instructions.
2.5    Arguing and swearing
2.6    The plagiarism, copying of information in homework, assignments and projects.
2.7    Bringing any stereo, tape decks, radio, CD players and music related accessories.
2.8    Disobeying the school sports rules.
2.9    Disregarding the feelings of others.
2.10   Displaying unsportsmanlike actions on the sports field.
2.11   Lying and tale telling on a regular basis.
2.12   Deceitful and dishonest behavior.
2.13   Not relaying information such as notices and letters to parents.
2.14   Continuously not meeting deadlines for homework, projects, assignments etc.
2.15   Avoiding classes and ―Bunking‖ lessons
2.16   Being disruptive and attention seeking in the classroom
2.17   Movement outside the classroom during lesson time without permission.
2.18   Using mobile phones in the classroom.
2.19   Bringing potentially harmful toys/objects/instruments to school.
2.20   Disregarding Library rules/procedures.
2.21   Consistently disregarding the school uniform regulations/dress code.
2.22   Student not conveying school notices and circulars to Parents on a regular basis.
2.23   Student identified as not completing or attempting homework on an occasional basis.
2.24   Not attending Assemblies.
2.25   Refusal to follow lab instructions.

Level three: very serious behaviour

       This includes Repeated Moderately Serious Behavior from Level Two

3.1    Brawling and attitudes/assault on any individual.
3.2    Refusal to follow instructions.
3.3    Physical, emotional, verbal or racial abuse.
3.4    Theft and dealing in stolen possessions.
3.5    Copying and plagiarizing in homework, tests and examinations.
3.6    Interfering with the possessions of others including contents of desks bags and pencil cases.
3.7    The operating of musical and music producing equipment.
3.8    Abusing school facilities and amenities including toilets, restrooms and showers.
                                                                          DISCIPLINE CODE
3.9      Compulsive lying, deceitful and dishonest behavior.
3.10     Graffiti.
3.11     Playing truant or absence without leave from school.
3.12     Disregard and disrespect for the property of students and teachers.
3.13     Damage to school property including building,
3.14     Vandalism of any property.
3.15     Possessing fireworks or any other explosive material.
3.16     Parent’s refusal to contact school after ignoring the fees deadlines.
3.17     Intentionally not conveying official correspondence to Parents/Guardians. Irresponsible loss of
         damage to school property e.g. Library books, textbooks.
3.18     Student identified by several teachers as not attempting or completing homework on a
      regular/frequent basis.

       Levels                   First Time                 Second Time                   Third time
  Level One                     Warning              Warning Letter to Parent         1-Day Suspension
  Level Two           Warning Letter to Parent          1-Day Suspension              3-Day Suspension
 Level Three              1-Day Suspension              1-Week Suspension           Expulsion from School



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