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					                          AN EASY GUIDE TO CHILDCARE
1. Childcare Vouchers from Accor (registered & unregistered care)
   Part of your salary is converted to childcare vouchers every month. Up to £216.67 per
    month (£50 per week) is N.I and tax exempt which means savings of up to £1066 per
    annum, depending on your tax and National Insurance Contributions.

   If your childcare is more than £216.67 per month you can still pay for it all with vouchers
    but you can only make your individual savings on this amount

   You must be on the payroll for T&W/SCPCT or RJAH/S&T Hospital to use the scheme.
    This means that both partners can take advantage of their savings up to the maximum of
    £216.67 each if they both work for either the Shropshire Trusts or any other employer
    who offers Childcare Vouchers

   Those who earn under £8,500 pa may not be able to benefit, but it is worth checking this
    out with Accor Services. If you find you are not eligible for vouchers then you may be
    able to take advantage of the local subsidy (see below)

   GP Practices need to set up their own SLA‟s to join and self-employed GP‟s cannot
    benefit due to Inland Revenue regulations. The SLA can be amended from the one in
    place within the Trusts, contact the PCT WLB Co-ordinator for further details

   Vouchers can be used in conjunction with the local NHS subsidy but NOT with the TEC

2. TEC Scheme (registered childcare only)
   Childcare places are offered to staff as a non-taxable benefit with any of the following
    Earlyworld Nurseries, Peter Pan Enterprises, Ercall Day Nursery, Daisy Chain Daycare
    (which includes the Acorns, Shelton) and NuNu Nursery
    The Work Life Balance Co-ordinators are looking to extend the scheme to the
    North and South of the county

   The cost of childcare is “top-sliced” from the salary resulting in the staff member paying
    less Tax, NI and pension contributions.

   The scheme is open to all staff employed by the county‟s NHS Trusts.

   You cannot claim the local subsidy with the TEC Scheme

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3. Local NHS Subsidy (registered childcare only)
This is a taxable benefit available to employees of Shropshire PCT‟s and Acute Hospital
Trusts, a claim must be submitted to your Trust‟s WLB Co-ordinator which is then paid
through salary.

From April 2005 the subsidy will be simplified. All childcare will be paid at a flat rate of 15%
of the total provided receipts or other proof is provided
~   This benefit can be used with childcare vouchers but NOT with the TEC scheme

4. Local Authority Early Years Education Grant
Entitles parents of 3 & 4 year olds in all of Shropshire to 5 free 2.5 hour sessions per week.
Payable from the next full term after the child is 3. This may vary from county to county so if
your childcare is not in Shropshire check with your local authority

5. Child Tax Credit
All parents of children up to 16 (19 if in full time secondary education) are entitled to claim
this via the Inland Revenue provided their combined income is less than £56,000

6. Childcare Tax Credit
Up to 70% of childcare costs may be payable to low income families who are eligible to claim
Working/Disabled Tax Credit

7. Child Benefit
        Child benefit is a tax free benefit, which all parents are entitled to. This benefit is
         paid to either the mother or the person responsible for the care of the child.

        It is paid for each child from birth and until they are at least sixteen years old.

        Claim forms are available from Jobcentre Plus, your local Benefits Agency or the
         Post Office.

        When you send off your form you will need to send your child‟s original birth
         certificate, which is posted back to you once your claim has been processed.

        You must start claiming this benefit within three months of your baby‟s birth otherwise
         you will loose some of the benefit.

        Please note that rates of benefits change every year. You can find your current rates
         in leaflet GL23, Social Security Benefits Rates.

8. Childcare costs for Nursing & Midwifery students (registered childcare)
   From Sept 2004, students in receipt of an NHS Bursary can apply if their children are
    under aged 15 or under (17 or under for children with special educational needs)

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   85%
    costs are payable up to £5,967 for 1 child & £8,840 for 2 or more. This is not subject to
    tax but will be means tested

   This cannot be claimed with the childcare element of Working Tax Credit or for any free
    early-years education paid for by the local council

   If you are an existing bursary student the NHS Pensions Agency Student Grants Unit will
    send you an application. New students will receive a form as part of their application

9. Education Maintenance Allowance for 16 year olds
   If your child is over 16 and decides to do an educational or vocational course for more
    than 12 hours per week, they may be eligible to claim up to £30 per week.

   The Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA) is a means tested benefit, which will be
    payable to young people who turn 16 between 1st September 2003 and 31st August 2004
    (and may also be available to some 17 year olds in particular areas of the country).

   To qualify, your child must live in a household with an income of less than £30,000 per
    year and they must be undertaking an academic or vocational course for more than 12
    hours each week.

   The EMA will not affect any other benefits that the family may get because it is paid on
    top of any other support provided by the Government. It is also not affected by any
    earnings that your child may receive from a part-time job.

   A bonus payment of £100 may also be available if your child continues with their course
    and makes good progress with their learning.

   The EMA will be available for 2-3 years depending on how long your child needs to
    complete their studies and payments will be made directly to your child's bank account.
    Therefore, please ensure your child has their own bank account.

   This allowance will be available from September 2004. For more information and an
    application form please contact:

        Your local Connexions Service  0800 252 972
        The FREE helpline for young people and parents:  0808 1016 219
        Visit the information website: www.ema.dfes.gov.uk

Family Fund Grant
   The family fund grant is available to support families with severely disabled or seriously
    ill children.

   Families can apply for a grant to help them enjoy an „ordinary life‟ whilst caring for their
    child. For example, you can get help towards the cost of a much needed family holiday,
    bedding, play equipment related to the child‟s special needs or a washing machine

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   including the warranty to cover all repairs. The Grant is only available for things that are
    not the responsibility of a statutory agency.

   To qualify you must be a lower income family either in receipt of benefits or earning less
    than £23,000 a year and the child or young person‟s disability or illness must be
    considered as “severe”.

   You can either apply online at www.familyfund.org.uk or contact 0845 130 4542
    (minicom users 01904 658085(, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm for further details.

                            What are your childcare options?
A day nursery
 - Usually open all day. Trained staff. Registered by the Office for Standards in Education
Local on-site nursery facilities available to NHS staff are:
Ercall Day Nursery Telford Hospital site
Acorns Nursery, Shelton Hospital site, Shrewsbury
Peter Pan Nursery, RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry
Earlyworld Ltd, Shrewsbury and Telford

A childminder
- A self-employed childcarer working in their own home who may offer more flexible hours to
suit your needs. Registered and inspected by Ofsted

A playgroup or pre-school
- offering part or full-time care and trained staff. Registered by Ofsted.

A nursery school or nursery class
- open at variable times usually during school hours. Trained staff. Registered by Ofsted

After School clubs and holiday playschemes
- fit around school hours for school age children. Trained playworkers. Registered by

A nanny
- someone you employ yourself to look after your child. Sometimes trained but not
registered - so make sure you take up references.

               For an update to details for any of the above, contact your
                           Work-Life Balance Co-ordinator:
                                    Laura Kavanagh

                                     01952 641222 ext 4410/4825

                              or the Children's Information Service:

          Shropshire: 01743 254400                     Telford and Wrekin: 01952 202088

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