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Axacore Celebrates 15th Anniversary


More than 160 lenders through various distribution channels rely on the firm’s ‘unparalleled’ document management solution

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									Axacore Celebrates 15th Anniversary

More than 160 lenders through various distribution channels rely on the firm’s ‘unparalleled’
document management solution

San Diego, CA, March 02, 2011 --( Axacore Inc., a privately held provider of document
imaging, fax and messaging solutions that are supported by high-performance web servers and browser
interfaces, is celebrating its 15th year of setting the standard in document imaging for the mortgage

“Since 1996, we have devoted ourselves to developing robust Electronic Document Management (EDM)
systems, and that focus led us to create XDOC and FaxAgent to support our clients,” said Steve DeBlasio,
National Sales Manager at Axacore. “By focusing on one area, and not trying to provide everything to
everyone, we have developed unparalleled technology.”

More than 1,000 organizations rely on the company's solutions because they are time-tested, proven
technologies that generate efficiencies, reduce costs, save time and help to ensure compliance with

“The technology is flexible and customizable and that made integrating them with our workflow
straightforward,” said Bill Burke, Senior Vice President at WR Starkey Mortgage,LLP. “It has reduced
our overhead and made our employees more efficient, reduced our costs, and helped us generate a return
on investment within a short period of time.”

XDOC and FaxAgent ensure that organizations reach their goals through improved processes that replace
expensive paper-based processes with much less expensive document management that enhances
processes and reduces expenses.

“We are able to demonstrate the time and money that XDOC and FaxAgent save for clients, and that's
why we have emerged as the industry standard,” said DeBlasio. “Many changes have taken place in the
mortgage industry. One thing that did not change is the need for efficiencies. We provide the tools needed
to reach optimal efficiency. That's what accounts for our longevity in the mortgage business.”

About Axacore

Axacore, based in San Diego, is a provider of powerful electronic document management systems that
offer the flexibility of paper at a fraction of the cost. XDOC and FaxAgent offer lenders a flexible,
customizable platform that reduces overhead, speeds the loan origination process, and continues to
produce efficiencies throughout the life of the loan. The technology enables loan originators, processors
and closers to simultaneously view and monitor the status of files, determine if documents are missing, or
if additional information is required to close the loan, thus reducing turn times by days. Electronic
Investor delivery eliminates the time and expense of traditional delivery methods. Axacore, through
various distribution channels, has licensed their software to over 160 lenders that have realized these

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benefits. Find more about Axacore at


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Contact Information:
Steve DeBlasio
(858) 427-4301

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