The ABCs by leader6


									                                 The ABC's
                          for a Successful Year at
                        Russell Boulevard Elementary

Arrangements-Morning Arrivals and Afternoon Departures-
Classes begin at 8:50 each morning. Your child should arrive at school between 8:30 am and
8:45 am. Early arrivals are greatly discouraged as supervision is not available.
The circle drive and the street in front of Russell will be available for buses only between
8:15 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.
       Before school procedures: Students may enter the building after 8:30 a.m.
 Enter the parking lot on College Park (Rollins Road entrance is blocked)
 Proceed at a slow and safe speed as you enter and leave.
 ALL vehicles must form a single line. NO DOUBLE LINES OR PARKING is allowed.
 Drop your child off in front of the canopy not by the crosswalk.

Walkers and car/van riders are dismissed at 3:40 pm. and bus students at 3:45 pm.
Only buses can park in the circle drive and in the street in front of the school.
The circle drive and the street in front of Russell will be available for buses only between 3:00
p.m and 4:00 p.m. Students may not be dropped off in the drive even if the drive is empty.
All bus students exit the building through the front doors while walkers and parent pickups exit
out the Canopy doors. Parent pickup and daycare van students will wait in the gym to be called
to the canopy when their ride arrives.
        After school procedures: Students exit building at 3:40 p.m.
 Enter the parking lot on College Park ---Vehicles may not block traffic on either College
    Park or Rollins Road if the parking lot line is full. No left turn can be made into the
    parking lot if you are traveling southbound from Rollins Rd. Parents may form a line
    traveling northbound on College Park into the parking lot. There is still a south and
    northbound traveling lane alongside this waiting line into the lot (see diagram below).
 Park in a space or in the street if you are going to enter the building for any reason.
 If you do not wish to enter the parking lot, park on the street and walk to the West Canopy.
    (Do not signal for your child to walk to your vehicle or through the grass to meet you.)
    Parents pick up their children at the Canopy. A staff member will call into the gym for your
    child to come out and meet you. Students whose parents are not at the Canopy by 3:45 will
    return to the gym to wait to be called.
At no time, busy or not, should anyone double park in the lanes while waiting to pickup
children and totally block the drives in the parking lot or park at the curbs and enter the
building. This is the most likely way someone could be hurt. There will be staff members to
assist and direct during pickup time.

Assignment Notebooks-
Students in third and fifth grade are to purchase an assignment book at the beginning of the
school year. The cost is $3.00 and they are available at Sneak Peek and through the office.
Fourth grade students will use a teacher made assignment notebook. Teachers will instruct
students on how to fill out the notebooks and they will routinely check assignment books during
the first trimester.

Attendance (absences and appointments)-
 Students checking in after 8:50 a.m. are considered tardy. Attendance is affected if students are
checked out before 3:40 p.m. or who are tardy. The goal of every Columbia Public School
student is 95% attendance. This allows for students to be absent for a little less than nine days.
When a student is absent, parents should call the school after 8:00 a.m. to explain the absence.
 Students should bring a note to the classroom teacher if he or she has an appointment for which
he or she must leave early during school hours. Parents check out the child through the office,
receive a check out pass, and go to the classroom to pick up their child for the appointment. This
allows your child to stay in the classroom as long as possible for instructional purposes.
Bell Schedule-
Arrival        8:45 First bell for children to go to their classrooms
               8:50 Attendance bell-When a student arrives after 8:50, an adult must
                        come into the office and fill out the attendance sheet. Students are
                        marked tardy which will affect their attendance record.
                       Instruction begins at 8:50.
Dismissal      3:40 Walkers, parent pickups and daycare van riders are dismissed to the gym
               3:45 Adventure Club students are dismissed to the cafeteria
                        Grades PreK-5 bus students are dismissed through the front doors as the
                        buses arrive

Behavior Expectations
     Long Version
     1. I have the Right to be safe and the Responsibility to act in a safe manner and use all
         equipment safely.
     2. I have the Right to be respected and the Responsibility to respect others.
     3. I have the Right to learn and the Responsibility to come to school prepared to learn, do
         my best, and to behave so others can learn.
     4. I have the Right to a positive self-esteem and the Responsibility to have an ―I-can‖
     5. I have the Right to make choices and the Responsibility to follow through and face the
          consequences of my choices.
     Short Version:
     1. I am safe.
     2. I am respectful.
     3. I am a learner.
     4. I try
     5. I make good choices.
All behavior expectations revolve around our 5 Rights and Responsibilities. These are the
basis of every classroom’s behavior plan. All children are expected to know and behave

according to these 5 expectations. Each child will recite the shortened version the first few
months of school. Students in Grades 3-5 also recite the longer version.
Teachers also read the expectations for various areas of the building by reading from our school
behavior matrix. Students are given feedback when making good choices at school. Class and
school wide celebrations are held when students reach behavior goals.
See the section on discipline for information about consequences for misbehavior.

Bicycles and Scooters-
Only those children in the third grade and above will be allowed to ride bicycles and scooters to
and from school, unless the parent accompanies the younger child each day. Students should
park and lock up their bicycles in the bike rack immediately upon arrival at school. As students
enter the school grounds (the sidewalks) they are to get off and carry the scooter. Safety is the
important factor.

Birthday Treats-
      We recognize birthdays at Russell by presenting students with birthday ribbons and by
       posting student names outside the cafeteria.
      Do not send treats and/or favors to school for parties.
      Party invitations may not be given out at school.
      If you choose to send florist items, they will be held until the end of the day at the office
       and then given to the child to take home.

Russell will be serving breakfast beginning the first day of school. Breakfast is served from 8:25-
8:45. Menus will vary from day to day, but dry cereal will be available daily for those children
who prefer this menu item. The cost will be $1.00 or $.30 for reduced breakfast.

Bus transportation-
Concerns and questions about buses are directed to First Student at 474-9473. Russell guidelines
for bus discipline is at the end of this handbook

Calendar- see back of this handbook
Cameras for Security Purposes-
Our school has security cameras throughout the building. These cameras allow for increased
safety and security for our students, staff, and property in our building.

Charges for school meals-
The CPS charge policy is as follows:
             1. The student punches in his or her 5 digit student number to access their
                 account and puts the charge on the student’s lunch account.
             2. Only three charges will be permitted per student. After the third charge, the
                 child will be given a peanut butter sandwich and carton of milk for two days.
             3. After the charges and sandwich and milk steps, the student will be sent to the
                 office if they continue to try to charge.
             4. The cashier will handle the charges and collecting of charges. However, after
                 a charge is 30 days delinquent, a list will be given to the principal for some
                 assistance in collecting.

Classroom and School Visitation-
We encourage you to visit your child's classroom. The procedure for parents to follow is to call
24 hours ahead so we can inform you of class schedules. This is in accordance with CPS district
policy- Section CF- School Building Administration. PLEASE COME TO THE OFFICE
FIRST, regardless of the nature of your visit. You must check in at the office to obtain a visitor
sticker. This procedure is most important for the safety of our students and insures the least
amount of interruption in the classroom.

Students, especially in grades 4-5 have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular clubs and
activities. Students may choose only one activity in which to participate during the day. These
would include activities such as: RAPP, Tech Assistant, Safety Patrol or Tutoring. The only
exception would be if the student chose to tutor during recesses or join the Recycling Club-gr 5.
In the past, we have many before/ after school clubs/activities, which include: Russell Choir-gr.
4 and 5, Broadcast Club-gr. 5, Diversity Club-gr. 3-5, Student Council-gr. 3-5, RAPP-gr. 4 and 5
(duties during the school day and meetings after school), Chess Club and Russell Production
Company-gr. 4 and 5. Information about these activities and clubs will be sent home throughout
the year.

Cool Tools-
Weekly social skills lessons are taught to all students. We call our lessons ―Cool Tools‖.
Students are expected to know and give examples of how to follow the lesson of the week.
Examples of the skills taught and practiced include: Using self control, playing/learning
cooperatively, use polite language, following directions the first time, be a friend, etc. Your
child should be able to tell you the lesson of the week and how they use those skills at school and

All behavior expectations revolve around the 5 Rights and Responsibilities. These are the
basis of every classroom’s behavior plan. All children are expected to know and behave
according to these 5 expectations. Each child will recite the shortened version the first few
weeks of school to one of the principals or their teacher. Students in grades 3-5 recite the
longer version. (See flow chart on the next page)

Every effort is made to create an orderly school environment, which allows good teaching and
learning. With everyone working together, this will be accomplished. As children develop, they
are continuing to learn to make good choices. First and foremost, we expect the child to own
their problem and be problem solvers with adults available to assist them. Our goal is to have a
positive learning environment in all of our classrooms. On occasion a child may need to be
removed from their group or classroom to give him/her a chance to think about their behavior
and begin to problem solve. All teachers will have a safe seat available in their classroom for
cool down and regrouping. All teachers will also have a buddy teacher, which allows a child to
problem solve without the involvement of the office. Children are expected to later discuss the
problem and their solution with the involved adult.
Fighting is inappropriate and will result in parent notification and student suspension. The
suspension could be either an in-school (ISS) or out-of-school (OSS) suspension depending on
the severity and occurrence of the offense. You will be notified of any serious or persistent
problems with your child. Children with chronic behavior problems, which result in over 5
office visits, may be enrolled in a social skills class and have more involved consequences.

Parents will be asked to participate with the child and school in developing a behavior
plan. Continued chronic behavior incidences over 10 office visits could result in out-of-
school suspensions.
Columbia Public Schools also follow the guidelines of the Missouri Safe Schools Act. The
purpose of this act is to ensure that school is a safe place for students and employees. It is
important to know that this law means that no drugs, no weapons, and no malicious physical
contact will be tolerated in school, on school grounds, or on school buses. If weapons are
brought to school by students, mandatory suspensions and/or long-term expulsion are
consequences. Specifics about this act and consequences for children are included in the district
Student Handbook.
We stress fight-free behaviors and the use of RAPP (Russell Answers Problems Peacefully).
      We encourage our children to talk out their problems with each other or use our RAPP
         program (peer mediators).
      Instances of ―hands-on‖ behavior are not being respectful to each other. These include
         pushing, tapping, shoving, tickling, grabbing, hitting with gloves, hats and any other
         forms of physical mischief.
     Inappropriate Language/Verbal Aggression Fighting/Physical Aggression
     Overt defiance/insubordination/work refusal Harassment/tease/taunt/bullying
     Disruption                                         Theft/Lying/Cheating
     Property Damage/Vandalism                          Possession of Weapons

Dress and Appearance-
General style of dress and appearance (haircuts, cleanliness, manners, behavior, etc.) should be
in keeping with gentleman and ladies grouped together in a learning environment.
As parents, you have been concerned in the past about your child's appearance. You have always
taken the responsibility to see that he or she dressed appropriately. You've made the distinction
between backyard and school clothing. We hope parents will continue to take an active part in
the selection of school clothes.
All students may wear clothes you consider appropriate so long as they do not disturb the
educational atmosphere of the school. (By disturb, we mean any type of outfit that would draw
an unusual amount of attention or comment from other students or staff.)
Short-shorts, cropped tops, halter tops, tie tops at the neck, saggy pants or shorts, boy’s
tank shirts are examples of clothing that are not appropriate for school. Use of hair dye is
also not permitted even on holidays or special occasions.

Early Dismissal for Heat-
In the event we have hot weather after school starts, we have plans made to dismiss early rather
than dismissing school completely. The dismissal time for Russell would be approximately
12:00. Elementary students from non air-conditioned buildings will go home first (this is
Russell). So, it is imperative that emergency cards are submitted and completely filled out with
release plans on the back!! Local radio stations will be informed of early dismissals. Tune in!

Early Student Pickup-
Parents are asked to send a note to their child’s teacher if they are leaving early for the day. This
allows the teacher to gather any papers ahead of time to assist your child to leave as quickly and
quietly as possible without disturbing the lesson. Parents may not request that their child
come to the office to meet them for early checkout. This allows your child to remain in the
classroom as long as possible to learn. Children who come to the office to wait often worry

when parents run late. This will reduce your child’s anxiety and minimize office congestion.
Parents must check out their child in the office and take an early pickup slip to the classroom.

In the case of an emergency or accident involving your child you will be notified immediately.
Please notify us if there are any changes on the Family Card or Health Form on which you
provided emergency information. If you have an emergency and need to get in touch with your
child please call our office at 214-3650.
If there is weather or a community emergency, please follow the guidelines outlined below:
       Know that your child will be held in a safe spot at school.
       Don’t call at the time of the emergency. We will be busy making sure that your child is
       We regularly practice for all types of weather emergencies and disasters, so your
           children are well prepared and know what to do. Staff and students regularly practice
           procedures for fire, severe weather, earthquake, and emergency lockdown procedures.
           Russell School works with a safety agency, approved by the district, to develop
           procedures for keeping students and staff safe.
       If you feel that you must come to school during an emergency, please report to the office
           area and you will be directed to a safe area in which to wait for your child.
       If you feel that you must check your child out at that moment, only your own child will
           be released to you after you sign them out.
       If you feel that you must join your child’s group, remember that the teacher is
           responsible for the children and his/her job is to maintain a safe and calm environment.
           If you cannot remain calm, please do not ask to join the group.

Family Card-
Please fill this out and return it to school immediately. It lets us know how to contact you!
Please call if your phone number changes throughout the year.

Field Trips-
All classes go on field trips throughout the school year. The purpose of field trips is to further
student learning. Parents are sometimes asked to help chaperon to maintain safe and appropriate
sizes of groups to maximize the learning experience. There are limited numbers of parents
needed for field trips so not all parents who kindly volunteer will be asked to chaperon. Specific
guidelines for parents on field trips will be attached to permission slips if parents are needed to
supervise. Your signature on the back of the family card gives permission for your child to attend
local, in-town field trips. Out-of-town field trips REQUIRE a signed parent slip.

Fitness Activities-
Russell is one of four schools involved in the city PedNet grant for improving the physical
fitness of our families and staff. Our PTA sponsors a monthly fitness activity in the evenings
and a monthly morning walk before school from the ARC. These activities are open to all family
members and have included dancing, skating, jumping rope, yoga, walking, biking, etc. Fitness
challenges occur throughout the year. Come join us in the fun!!

Guidance and Counseling-
Our guidance counselors are available to help children, parents, and teachers. Children in grades
K-3 receive development lessons each week emphasizing self, problem solving, peer
interactions, and decision-making skills. District requirements include a lesson containing a

video and discussion on sexual and physical abuse. A detailed letter will be sent to families early
in the fall regarding this lesson. Please call 214-3652 to communicate with our counselors.

Students are not permitted to chew gum freely in school. Students may chew gum in their
classroom at the discretion of their teacher for special occasions. Gum is NOT to be chewed in
the halls, gym, playground, or on the buses.

Children in the building may NOT wear hats. We ask that adults also model this behavior.

Head Lice-
Students are NOT to share hats, combs, earmuffs, etc. with other students. This reduces the
spread of head lice in our building. A child with head lice will be sent home immediately along
with a note to the parents indicating the procedures to use for the head lice treatment. Upon
returning to our building, the child will be rechecked. Parents of all the students in that class will
also receive a note, requesting parents to check their child for head lice as a precaution.

Health -(also look in Illness/Emergencies and Medicine)
You should have received a Health and Custody form, fill it out and promptly return it to school.
Occasionally your child may suffer from a virus, cold, or flu. If your child should become ill
while in school, you will be notified. We ask for your discretion on sending your children to
school if he/she is ill. Our nurse’s number is 214-3643 or 214-3654.
Special Health Concerns
It is important for parents to inform the school nurse of special health conditions, which may be a
concern or necessitate emergency care. Examples of special health conditions are: a hearing
loss, allergies, asthma, diabetes, and seizure disorders.
Immunizations are required by Missouri Law for students to be enrolled in and attend school
(MO State Law 19 CSR 20-28,010; sections 167.181, 192.006.1, and 210.003)
The parent or guardian of each student must furnish the school satisfactory evidence of
immunization in the form of a statement, certificate, or record from a physician or other health
facility or a statement of medical or religious exemption from immunizations. The nurse should
be informed of immunizations a student receives after enrollment in order to maintain current
and accurate information on the student’s health record as required by state law.
Health Screenings
Vision and Hearing-During the fall school semester and throughout the year as needed, vision
and hearing screening exams will be conducted on the following students:
       Grades- Kindergarten, first, third, and fifth
       New to Columbia Public Schools
       Referrals for a vision or hearing concern
       Referred for special educational testing
If a vision or hearing concern is detected, the student’s parent or guardian would be notified.
The exams are screening exams and not meant to be diagnostic. If a parent/guardian suspects
their child has a vision or hearing problem, a specialist should be consulted.
Spinal Screening Exams
During the months of February, March, and April Spinal Screening exams will be offered to the
following students in Columbia Public Schools:
       All 5th, 6th, and 7th grade girls

Students who were enrolled during a previous school year will be denied attendance for the
current school year if not in compliance with Missouri immunization law.

Home School Communicator (HSC)-
Our Home School Communicator is Tammy Redden who works Monday, Wednesday, and
Friday at Russell Blvd. She can be reached on Tuesday and Thursday at Rockbridge
Elementary. The role of HSC at Russell is make home visits or phone calls to encourage
communication among the families and staff about Russell students, inform parents about
chronic absenteeism or tardies, observe children to interpret their problem, and refer families to
community agencies when a need is indicated.

Homework Guidelines-
Regular, daily reading at home is understood to be most important in developing literacy skills
at all levels; therefore, students should be read to or read each night. General guidelines for
the amount of time spent on additional homework are listed below:
Preschool:                       10-15 minutes         3rd and 4th grade   30-40 minutes
Kindergarten and 1st grade 10-20 minutes               5th grade           40-60 minutes
2nd grade                         20-30 minutes

Illness and Emergencies-
In cases of serious injury or illness, the school nurse will be notified immediately. The
Emergency Medical Service (phone 911) may also be called. The nurse, designated school
personnel and/or emergency medical personnel will care for the student and the parents will be
contacted as soon as possible. If this proves impossible, the student will be cared for as directed
For minor illness or injury, school personnel trained in first aid will care for students. To
decrease the spread of potential communicable diseases, students exhibiting symptoms of
impending illness will be sent home from school. The sickroom facilities at Russell are
extremely limited. Therefore, you should make it a point to see that we have all pertinent
information relative to sending your child home for illness and injuries. Please make sure we
have your correct phone number. Factors considered before sending students home are the effect
of symptoms on their ability to be productive at school and/or a temperature of 100 degrees or
Students may NOT come to school if during the previous 24 hours they exhibit any of the
following symptoms: 1) a temperature of 100 or greater, 2) vomiting or diarrhea, 3) an
unusual or unexplained rash, 4) persistent cough or 5) ongoing symptoms of discomfort or
immobility from an injury.

Included in this folder is a student insurance envelope. Please read it carefully and note that this
school policy is not all-inclusive. If you want to enroll your child please do so by dropping the
pamphlet in the mail.

Lunch and Recess—
Students get a combined 65 minutes for lunch and recesses. Your child’s teacher has a copy of
the schedule.

Hot lunches are served daily. Children may purchase the regular lunch, salad bar, or sack lunch.
The cost for either of these is $1.50 (or $.40 reduced). Children may also purchase extra milk
and ice cream (Grades 1-5 only) for $0.40. An automated lunch system allows parents to send a
check or cash to the office to deposit any amount in their child’s account. Forms are available in
the office. Make checks payable to Columbia Public Schools. Students use their five-digit
student number to access their account and parents can decide if their children may or may not
purchase ala carte items.
Parents may eat lunch with their children; however, space is limited. We do have picnic tables
available by the parking lot.
Adult lunches cost $2.25. Through a direct certification process in Columbia, our food service
office received a list of all students receiving food stamps or Aid to Families with Dependent
Children. All of these students should have received a letter, which states that they do not have
to complete an application this year for Free/Reduced lunches. All students who do not receive
food stamps or AFDC who wish to receive free or reduced lunch must complete an application.
Applications are available in our office and the administration office. Prepaid applications are
available; it must be completed by the 15th of the month prior to when you want to start.

Map-See the attached floor plan for Russell school.
Medicine (Prescriptions)-
Medication Policy-Medication administered through the school office to students will be by a
registered professional nurse or qualified designated school personnel trained and supervised by
the registered professional nurse. The nurse will not authorize administration of medication
amounts exceeding the recommended daily dosage listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference
(PDR). Staff members other than those designated by the school nurse are NOT to provide
medication to students under any circumstances. Only medication prescribed by a physician or
other health professional licensed by a state regulatory body as an authorized prescriber will be
stored and administered through the school office. If any non-prescription/over the counter
medication is to be administered through the school office, a written order by a licensed
prescriber is required. Written, individual and standing orders for medication administration
must be renewed annually by the authorized prescriber.

Medication to be administered through the school office must be delivered to school by a
parent/guardian or designated adult.

One month’s supply of a student’s medication will be allowed to be stored at school.

No medication will be kept in the school office unless it meets established guidelines for
administering medication. Students cannot store medication in the school office or in a teacher’s
desk to be taken on their own. Elementary students are NOT allowed to carry any
medication without a written request from a physician or authorized prescriber. A copy of
this request will be filed in the medication notebook located in the main school office.
Medications carried by students by written request, must be in a properly labeled pharmaceutical
bottle or container, labeled by the manufacturer. Students are NOT to share medication.

Medications to be administered at school as prescribed by a physician or authorized prescriber
must have a pharmaceutical label to be accepted at school. The medicine label must include:

1. The student’s name
     2. Current date
     3. Name of medication with specific instructions regarding administration of prescribed or
        over-the-counter medications.
     4. Specific dosage and time
     5. Name of physician or authorized prescriber

A nurse will administer injectable medications. If a nurse is not in the building the 911
Emergency Medical System will be activated. The exception to this is the use of an Epi-Pen for
a severe allergic reaction resulting in anaphylaxis. In this case, a designated unlicensed
personnel trained by a school nurse may administer an Epi-Pen.

Parents/guardians must complete, for each medication to be administered, the appropriate
CPS medication administration form and return the form(s) to the school nurse. Copies of
the required medication forms are available from the school nurse or the school office.

Mission Statement-
                  Believe, Achieve and Succeed for Life

                                          Vision Statement
We, the Russell Blvd. Elementary School Community envision:
         A positive school environment
         Leadership that provides communication and support, placing student learning first
         Curriculum and instruction aligned to standards that reflect the skills needed for success
         in society
         A community of students, parents, teachers, and administrators that use best practices to
         ensure all at Russell are life-long learners
         A school with meaningful community relationships that is the foundation for all learning
         Technology being used to enhance all instruction
It is this vision that will define and sustain excellence at Russell Blvd. Elementary School.

Ongoing Communication-
Please look for the green monthly newsletter from the school office entitled the Russell Review.
It will include notes about school happenings and programs. Good communication is one of
Russell's goals-please help us do this by making appointments when the need arises to see your
child's teacher or one of the principals.

Parent-Teacher Conferences-
Columbia Public Schools student progress reports will be issued three times a year (trimester
system). Parent-teacher conferences are held after the first and second progress reports are
completed. First trimester conferences are November 15th in the evening and November 16th in
the morning. Second trimester conferences are February 28th in the evening and February 29th
in the morning.

Personal Property and Lost and Found-
Personal property such as cell phones, radios, CD players, handheld video games, & cameras are
not to be brought to school. Animals are not to be brought to school without teacher and
principal approval.

To help reduce the amount of lost articles, it is strongly recommended that your child's name be
printed with a permanent ink on school supplies, on the inside of coats, hats, boots, gloves, and
all other personal property. Please check the lost and found containers regularly. They are
located down the front hallway.

Physical Edcation-
Students in grades K-2 participate in physical education classes for three one half hour periods
for physical education/health. Students in grades 3-5 participate in two one half hour PE
classes. Students are expected to wear tennis shoes in physical education classes.
The focus of PE classes is to actively participate, consequently, attendance and involvement is
necessary for success. Written excuses from parents will be honored for two consecutive class
periods. Additional days for nonparticipation will require a doctor’s excuse. The doctor’s
excuse should include the dates of inactivity or any limitations the student requires. It may be
necessary on occasions for the student to provide a ―re-entry‖ note from the doctor.

We are fortunate to participate in the Partners In Education program.

Playground Expectations-
General Do’s                                                                  Specific Don’ts______
1. Be safe and use equipment safely                                 1. Do not throw anything except
2. Follow adult’s directions                                        2. Do not jump from apparatus or
3. Demonstrate fair play                                            3. Do not play chase or tag

4. Keep hands, feet, & other objects under                          4. Do not roll or play down the hill
5. Take turns                                                       5. No football or softball, no toys
                                                                       can be used
6. Leave nature outside                                             6. Students are not to exclude others
                                                                       from games
7. Follow game rules & 4 square rules                               7. Do not kick playground balls

8. Stay within marked lines & away from windows 8. Do not play in the snow

How to use the equipment
-Slides: Use the steps and slide down on their bottom one at a time, head first, no walking up the
slides or jumping off the slides
-Swings: Students are not to roll up, twist or throw swings over the bars (this weakens the links
and are a safety concern) and no jumping out of the swings
-Bars and rings: No standing on bars. Hang by hands and swing on bigger bars, no backward
flips or sitting, then flipping. Flip over on stomach only.
-Four Square: play by school rules
         The ball must be hit underhand.
         The ball does not need to be hit above the knees.
         If the ball hits the middle lines, the person who hit it is out.
         If the ball hits the outside lines, the ball is good and play continues
         The judge is the 2nd person in line-only they can call redo’s.
         Stay in your own square.
         Leave the square without complaining when you are out.

        Wrong things to do in four square:
              Interference
              Too soft or hard of a serve
              Rolling the ball off the hands rather than a hit
              Yelling at the judge or other players.
        Illegal Hits:
                 Side arm, overhand, one handed hits, hit high and under the ball
                 Hands in a wedge shape (Pac Man), ball bounces, is caught, bounces and
                 is hit (Bus Stop)
                 Putting a spin on the ball (Screw Driver)
                 Taking the ball and smashing it down (Cherry Bomb)
      Illegal Games:
                 Poison, King’s Corner, Mouse in the Cupboard, Mouse Trap, Typewriter,
                 Around the World, Tea Party (only passing to friends), Teaming (trying to
                 get one person out)
-Basketball: 10 students at the most with others waiting to come in after each point is scored,
3rd grade students and younger should only play drills
-Playground balls: balls are to be placed and not thrown into the container, balls are only to be
handled with hands and not kicked on the blacktop (students can be hit in the face, windows
broken and/or balls land on the roof)
Pride Assemblies-
Trimester Pride Assemblies are held for students in grades K-5. At that time, learning is
celebrated, students recognized, perfect attendance acknowledged, and school traditions
celebrated. Parents are always welcome to attend.

Progress Reports
Trimester progress reports are given to students in grades K-5 (in late November, late February,
and the last day of school). Parent-teacher conferences are also held on November 15th & 16th
and February 28th and 29th. There is also a midterm report that will be completed for each child
and sent home approximately half way into each trimester (mid-October, January, and April)
except first trimester in kindergarten. All parents will receive individual communication six
times during the school year describing their child’s academic performance.

The Russell PTA is very active, and your participation in it is greatly encouraged. The PTA
executive officers for the 2007-2008 school year are:

President                Amanda Dart                        Secretary                  Tammy Phillips
President Elect          Jen Haggas                         Treasurer                  Aaron Brooks

If you have additional questions or concerns at any time please call your child's teacher (voice
mail for teachers can be accessed by following the prompts on the phone system), Mrs. Gardner
(assistant principal), or Dr. Schumacher (principal) at 214-3650. We want to hear from you,
both positive and negative.

Russell Answers Problems Peacefully is a student led mediation program whereby students help
each other work out their problems and conflicts. We encourage all children to use peaceful
methods in dealing with conflicts. This program encourages children to be thinkers and problem
solvers. Please encourage your child's participation with RAPP

Release of Information-
The Columbia Public Schools system operates under the procedure of not making student
information available unless permission is granted by parents, or as is provided in Section 438 of
the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended by S.J. Resolution 40; 20
U.S. code 1232g. There is certain directory-type information, however, that the district may
provide the general public. This information includes student's name; parent's name; address;
telephone number; age; grade level; participation in officially recognized activities and sports,
including audiovisual or photographic records; weight and height of members of athletic teams;
degrees, honors, and awards received; most recent previous school attended; and photographs,
including photographs of regular schools activities that do not disclose specific academic
information about the child and/or would not be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy.
Consent for Release of Information to CPS personnel or from CPS personnel to outside agencies
is available in the office. Both sides must be filled out and are good for one year from the date of
the forms. This form allows outside agencies to communicate with Russell staff members
concerning educational concerns about Russell students.

A parent's written excuse for a child to stay in from recess will be honored for three days. If a
child must be excused for more than three days, a doctor's excuse will be required. Please don't'
send notes requesting children to remain in during recess because it's "too cold". Students are
not allowed to stay in their rooms unless the building is having indoor recess. In rare, isolated
cases, special school projects may be worked on in the classroom during the recess period, but
then only with permission of the teacher involved. During the winter months, frequent checks
are made concerning temperature and wind velocity to determine the length of recess periods.

Safety Patrol-
Our school safety patrol is sponsored by A.A.A. Selected and responsible fourth and fifth grade
students will be on duty by the first week of school to aid school traffic safety. You, as a parent,
can help this program immensely by encouraging respect for the student safety patrol and our
safety regulations. Parents, please use crosswalks to model safety for all children.
Safety patrol members will be on duty for fifteen minutes prior to the start of school (safety
patrol members leave their posts at 8:45 –first bell) and fifteen minutes after school is dismissed.

School Cancellations-
Cancellation of school, due to weather or other conditions, will be broadcast on your local radio

Snack time may be provided for students each day. Please check with your child’s teacher. The
children will be allowed to have a short snack/break. If your child would like to have a snack
please pack it in their lunch. This snack is meant to be a supplement not a substitute for
breakfast or lunch. We understand that not all children will need a snack. Remember: keep it
nutritious, quick and simple, no utensils should be required. Students eat the snack they brought,
unless a class shares a group snack.

Staff-                                                KINDERGARTEN
                                                         SHARON HORTON
PRINCIPAL                                                LINDA MOORE
   ED SCHUMACHER                                         JASMINE RUSTEMEYER
ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL                                      DEBBIE SHAW
   RUTH GARDNER                                       1ST GRADE
HOME SCHOOL COMMUNICATOR                                 MAGGIE DRENNAN
   TAMMY REDDEN                                          CRYSTAL GLASCO
                                                         GEANINE GOODSON
                                                         KIM SPILLER

2ND GRADE                                            MEDIA SPECIALIST
    CONNIE GEHRINGER                                    KRIS DETMER
    MEG GIBSON                                          GINA BROADUS-MEDIA CLERK
    JULIE INTVELD                                    FELLOWS MENTOR
    PATTY SHEEHAN                                       KIM EULISS
3 GRADE                                              PHYSICAL.EDUCATION
    SUSAN CRAIG                                         JANICE PHELPS
    JULIE DUNN                                          TOM WHELIHAN
    TERESA HORRELL                                   SCHOOL NURSE
    KELLY ZAMARRIPA                                  TANYA THOMPSON
4TH GRADE                                            SCHOOL PSY. EXAMINER
    GINA JOHANNING                                      MOLLY STEBBINS
     MARCIA SPRIGG                                   SCIENCE
     JESSICA VARGAS                                  CAREY NAHLER
5TH GRADE                                            SPECIAL EDUCATION
     BETHANY ELLEBRACHT                                 SHANNA ALEXANDER, SPEECH
     JENNY HOWARD                                       BONNIE CONLEY, LD
     STEVE WEEKS                                        SUE KUDA, LD
    CHRSITY WOHLBOLD                                    KIM CORNELIUS, LD
PRESCHOOL PROGRAM                                       JOANNE HOLSTE
    CARLA LEWIS                                         DENISE LASLEY, SPEECH
    BECKY JOHNSTONE-AIDE                             VOCAL MUSIC
ART                                                     ED HANSON
    CARY TAYLOR                                      SECRETARIES
COUNSELORS                                              MARY LAMBERSON, MAIN
    LISA FORTNER                                        MARY SHIFLEY
    CANDANCE MEYER                                      TERRY FETTERLY
    SARA RUTTER                                         JOLENE CLEVELAND-HEAD
    MARI POLITTE                                         ROD HERRON-HEAD
MATH COACH                                               SHU BEASLEY
  JENIFER SMITH                                          TERRY WILKERSON

Student Council-
The Student Council will be made up of one representative from each third, fourth, and fifth
grade classes.
The Student Council shall have the power to:
   -    Help all students appreciate and maintain the appearance of the school.
   -    Help new students become acquainted with Russell Blvd. Elementary School.
  -    Investigate and discuss questions referred to it by the principal and other members of the

Telephone- (voice 214-3650 and fax 214-3651)
Students may not use the office phone for personal calls except in an emergency and only with
staff permission. A child will be allowed to receive a phone call only in the case of an
emergency. Voice mail is now available for all staff. Voice mail extensions can be obtained by
following the prompts on the phone system. Voice mail messages can be left day or evening.
Teachers will check their voice mail daily. School phone numbers are listed below.

214-3650       Main Number
214-3651       Fax
214-3652       Counselor

Toys and Gadgets-
Toys and gadgets are not to be brought to school. This includes toy key chains on backpacks,
balls, bats, games, collector’s cards, etc. These items distract from learning as well as become
lost, broken or stolen from your child.

       SCHOOL COLORS - Green and White         SCHOOL MASCOT - Raven
       SCHOOL PRIDE – Morning Meetings (Mondays), Trimester pride assemblies.
                     On Fridays we wear our school colors or shirts!
       SCHOOL SONG - please see the page at the end of this handbook for our song

First Student Inc. provides transportation for students who live one mile away from school.
They also provide transportation on school sponsored field trips. If you have questions and
comments about transportation please call First Student at 474-9473. Please refer to the district
Student Handbook for specifics on the bus discipline procedures and the Russell Guidelines for
School Bus Discipline at the end of this handbook.

Volunteers-call 214-3650 to volunteer!
50 reasons to VOLUNTEER at Russell Boulevard Elementary School:
I like people-It's fun-I feel needed-Make new friends-Learn new skills-I like to help-Give back to
the community-Keeps me busy-Be with friends-Gives my life meaning-Enjoy caring-Like to
share myself-Challenging-It's good experience-Share skills-Being there for others-to participate-
Get out of the house-Help those in need-Fulfilling-Right thing to do-Feels good-Social activities-
Sets good example-To help others-Be a friend-Good Community service-Brings out my good
side-It makes a difference-Enjoy others-Satisfying-I've got the time-Feel good about others-
Understand Needs-Much more entertaining than TV-Gives me strength-Makes people feel
special-Develops compassion-Valuable time-Ran out of housework-I want to-Shows my best
side-Volunteers are beautiful-I learn about myself-I learn about my child's school-To have a
great time!

What to bring-
Student supply lists are available at the office and the Russell website.

X-tended Day-
After school and before school child the UMC Adventure Club provides care. This is a program
designed primarily to provide care for children of working parents; however any child may
participate. The program will care for children in K-5 from 7:00-8:30 a.m. and 3:45-6:00 p.m.
on all days in which school is in session. To enroll or for more information call 884-2582.

Year book-
A yearbook is sold each spring. Please look for a flyer in the spring to order yours!

You, the parents, are very important to us and we want you to be as informed as possible on all
aspects of your child's education. It is our hope that you will find this guide insightful and
helpful. A monthly newsletter keeps you informed about the Russell School happenings and
celebrations. Your comments are always welcome.

Sleep is a necessary ingredient for your child if he/she is to participate fully in the day-to-day
activities and lessons provided for them at school. Your child will be asked to participate in all
activities throughout the day, which can be difficult without a good night's rest!

            RUSSELL SCHOOL SONG---Proud to Be ―Russell‖
                      We are proud to be Russell Ravens,
                      We are proud of who we are.
                      Responsible, kind, friendly, caring,
                      Qualities to take you far.

                      We are proud to be Russell Ravens,
                      We’re the best that we can be.
                      Respectful, nice, ―fight-free‖, sharing
                      That’s the Russell Family.

         CHORUS:      We’re Russell, we’re Russell.
                      We sing it strong and loud.
                      We’re Russell, we’re Russell.
                      We sing because we’re proud.

                      Author: Mr. Ed Hanson, Russell Boulevard Elementary Music Teacher, 1997

                      RUSSELL STUDENT PLEDGE
"As a Russell Student, I promise to learn each day, to respect others and school rules, to be
 responsible for myself and to take a stand for what is right and fair."

                                              -written by the 1994-95 Russell Student Council


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