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					           Data Flow Diagram
                          Level 0


                                                                      Login name
                                          Entering of student
                                                                     and password
                               Login          information
                                                                   Sent through email
                                            for registration

      Loading of test pages

                    ONLINE TESTING SYSTEM

                                             Retrieval of tables from database

                              Request for viewing and
                                storing of questions


                                                                                        Page 1
                                                           Data Flow Diagram
                                                                           Level 1

                                                        Entering of student information.

                                                    Login information
                                                      sent through
                                                                                                             Storing student registration information.

                                                                           1. User registration              Login ID and password generated.

                                                                                                  Verification of password.                  1. DATABASE

                           Login information entered.

                                                                                                                      Loading of exam pages
                                                                         2. Attempting the exam
                                                                                                                         from database.

                                                                                                                   Query for generating
                                                                                Loading                                questions.
                                                                                                                              Picking up of random
              Test pages                                                         page.

                                                                        3. Random generation of
                                                                               questions                                           Verify answers and
                                                                                                                                    Update scores.

Result page
                                                                        4. Checking of answers                                                           Retrieves

                                                                           Result calculation.

                                                                           5. Viewing of result
                                                                                                                                                         Query for result.

                                                                                                                                                     Page 1
                                                     Data Flow Diagram
                                                           Level 1 (Continued)

                                                                                              New Questions.

                                                                                      New Subject.

                                                                Subject ID entered.
                                                         Viewing of Q & As
                                                            per subject.

                                           Student ID.
                                                                                                   Query for
                                                                                              student information.
                                                                                                                                1. DATABASE
                                                                                                      Query for
                                Student                                                          questions retrieval.
                          information displayed.
                                                                                                     Query for results.

                    Request for results.

                    Result table viewed.

                                                                                                              Store Subject/Questions.
Question    ID
   ID    entered.



                                                                                                                                   Page 1
                            Entity Relationship Diagram

   Student name                Student ID                                            Subject ID

                                                  Student ID

    Date of Birth

        NIC                  STUDENT                 m:n                             SUBJECT

   Phone number

                                                  Subject ID

                                                                                              Subject name
Matric/O level results

FSC/A level results

                            RESULT                                                   QUESTION

            Result ID                                             Question ID

        Marks per subject                                          Questions

           Total marks                                         Options for answers

           Accepted for
                                                                 Correct answer

            Subject ID                                             Subject ID

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                              CLASS DIAGRAM

The students enroll or register themselves for the test and also get the generated “Login
ID” which is used for taking the test.
       STIMULUS: The input is username, age, gender, address, contact number, email
       address and NIC number.
       RESPONSE: The output is the ID for the student.

The user enters the screen from the link and selects one of the test options. Two test
options will appear on the screen “Sample test” and “Actual test”. The user selects one
option by clicking on the required option.
      STIMULUS: Click on any one of the test options.
       RESPONSE: The output is the test sheet containing questions.
There could be two conditions.
    1. A user selects sample test.
    2. A user selects actual test.

When a user takes the actual test, he verifies him/her self first by entering his login id
generated by the system at the end of the user registration.

       STIMULUS: The input is the login id and the user’s email address.
       RESPONSE: The output is the access of user to exams sheets.

There could be two conditions.
    1. A user having login id.
    2. A user without login id.

This module will generate the result sheet after the test.

   STIMULUS: The input is answers entered by the students during their test.
   RESPONSE: The output is the score sheet

                        *                              1
                                Stores information
       Candidate                                               Administrator

                        1                              *
                                  Design test
     Administrator                                             Test Organizer
                          *                                    1

   Candidate                                                                        Test

                              *                                    1
                                      Shows result
   Candidate                                                                        System

                          1                                        1
                                      View/Access data
   Administrator                                                                    System

                          CONCEPTUAL CLASS CATEGORY

               Conceptual Class Category                                             Examples

                 business transactions                                 Number of Students, Payment, Quick data
Guideline: These are critical (they involve money), so start                        access/results
                    with transactions.

                    transaction items                                             Online Test Item
 Guideline: Transactions often come with related items, so
                   consider these next.

product or service related to a transaction or transaction                              Item
                         line item                                                   Test, result
  Guideline: Transactions are for something (a product or
              service). Consider these next.

           where is the transaction recorded?                                          System
                  Guideline: Important.
roles of people or organizations related to the transaction;           Candidate, Administrator, System, HOD,
                    actors in the use case                               Test Organizer, Test activity system
Guideline: We usually need to know about the parties involved
                       in a transaction.


              Conceptual Class Category                                          Examples

 noteworthy events, often with a time or place we       Payment
 need to remember

 physical objects                                       Test, System
 Guideline: This is especially relevant when creating
 device-control software, or simulations.

 descriptions of things

 catalogs                                               SystemCatalog
 Guideline: Descriptions are often in a catalog.

 containers of things (physical or information)         System

 things in a container                                  Item Square Candidates

 other collaborating systems                            CreditAuthorizationSystem

 records of finance, work, contracts, legal matters     Receipt, MaintenanceLog

 financial instruments                                  Cash, Check

 schedules, manuals, documents that are regularly       YearlyPriceChangeList
 referred to in order to perform work                   Yearly number of students list
 Sequence Diagram
    For Student

STUDENT                                  SYSTEM

          Send login information

                                         Re-enter uptil three times


STUDENT                                     SYSTEM

          Questions subject wise



            Last question viewed


             Result displayed
Sequence Diagram
For Administrator

ADMINISTRAT                       SYSTEM

              Add new subject

                Add new Q&A

              Delete new Q&A

              View existing Q&A

          View selected student

                View results

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