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Lutz 2010
                            Poetry of Anne Bradstreet
The problem with colonial / Puritan literature is that it is so sparse and hard to come by
(fiction, at least). One of the few sources we have of Puritan verse is Anne Bradstreet.
To understand her and how she represents Puritan life and doctrines, you are to form
groups and teach one of six different Bradstreet poems to the class. To do so, you will do
the following over the next few days:

1. Make notes in your group and be ready to utilize the Smartboard to address the
     [I will call up the text on the Smartboard for you to note during your
     In your margins, define any words that are antiquated or may be particularly
        difficult for your students and define the author’s purpose.
     Explain how the author’s purpose is developed through tone and four (4) other
        literary / rhetorical devices of your choice.
     Note any rhetorical shifts and explain their functions.
     Explain how this represents colonial / Puritan attitudes

2. You will then have 12 minutes to present your lesson to the class.
    As a group, provide one simple, SHORT exercise that the class can actively
      engage in to help them understand the author’s purpose (e.g., take a bite of an
      apple (sensory), recall a specific memory (emotional), describe an object in the
      room without using the name of it (use of details), respond to a prompt, etc.)
    Introduce the poem to the class, using your visual as a guide.

Each student will get a copy of each text and must take notes during the presentations.

Each of you will draw a card to determine which poem to respond to. You will then
complete a timed writing for 50 points, and you may use any notes you developed.
AP Lang and Comp
Mr. Lutz

                   Anne Bradstreet Presentation Rubric

Student name_______________________________

Individual participation on Day I (close reading)          / 15

Individual participation on Day II (presentation)          / 25

Audience participation during presentations                / 10

Group accuracy / depth of info (CIA)                       / 35
Definitions                        /7
Author’s purpose                   /7
Tone + 4 other devices             /7
Rhetorical shifts & function       /7
Representation of attitude         /7

Group adherence to format proscribed for lesson            / 15
Short                              /5
Actively engaging                  /5
Connection to the author’s purpose /5

(Bonus for redeeming entertainment value)                  /5

                                        Total ____/ 100…____/50