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~[2027] fols. 1v-233v: al-Shaybani      : al-Jami' al-saghir
        , revised version with commentary by Umar Ibn Abd
al-Aziz Ibn Maza                  , called Jami' al-Sadr
al-Shahid            . -This still unedited version is based
on the redaction by Abu Tahir Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Ibn
Sufyan al-Dabbas                          (Ms.: al-Dayyas
) al-Baghdadi      , who died about 340/951. - On al-Shaybani
(died 189/805) and his work on Hanafite applied law in the
commented revision by Ibn Maza (died 536/1141) ? GAS I 428
no. V e. Our Ms. mentions as author the name "Husam al-a'imma
Burhan al-Din Imam al-Haramayn                       "
(fol.1v2); as a comparison with Ms. Berlin 4437 shows,
however, the text is composed by Ibn Maza. Sezgin (GAS I 429
j) mentions " Burhan al-Din Imam al-Haramayn" - according to
him "most probably" from the 6th/12th century - as author of
                                  -Jami' al-saghir and refers
to a Ms. in the Zahiriya      (Damascus). This reference is
incorrect, however, and the source mentioned by Sezgin does
not confirm it. The entry in Sezgin is apparently based on a
misunderstanding and should be dropped, as it appears to be
the work by Ibn Maza. This work is mentioned in the new
catalogue of the Zahiriya as no. 8291: the Ms. has a
different beginning and is attributed to "Husam al-Din Umar
Ibn Abd al-Aziz Ibn Umar Ibn Maza al-Bukhari
                   ; s. Fahras makhtutat dar al-kutub
al-Zahiriya                      , al-Fiqh al-hanafi
II, ed. Muhammad Muti' al-Hafiz            (Damascus
1401/1980), p.245. Our Ms. contains numerous empty spaces; as
a comparison with Ms. Berlin 4437 shows, they had been
assigned for a later addition of the chapter-headings. -Ms.
15. -77 folios; 14,5×20,3 cm; 23 lines. Small naskhi, tending
to nasta'liq. The text is written within a red frame;
chapter-headings are written in red ink and single words are
overlined in red. Original black cloth binding with dark
brown leather spine; in addition the corners of the covers
are pasted with leather. Owners' remarks on fols. 1r, 5r and
77, some in Turkish. Hand of the 10th/16th century. -

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