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									      Account creation in Commission Junction (CJ)

Follow the steps described below, in order they are mentioned, to
become a member of CJ

     Click on the below Link for creating an account in CJ,


  Step 1 of 2
     Publisher Application sign up page will appear. Here you are the publisher.
     Select Language as English, select your country (India in our case), and
      Select functional currency as USD, if your are registering from India.

     Click on NEXT.
     A Warning Pop up window will appear. CLOSE that window.
Step 2 of 2
   Check the following checkboxes:

    1. Service Agreement
    2. Code of Conduct
    3. Privacy Policy
    4. Age Certification
    5. Certification of Authority

   Site Information:
       1.   Next it asks for Website or Newsletter name. We assume that at
            this point of time you are not having a website of your own. Enter any
            name in this field for newsletter. For example, you could enter
            something like: Online Promotion or Top 100 Stores on the internet, or
            Reviews of the Best Flower Shops Online, etc. You got the idea?
            Simply give a name, which signifies the name of the promotional
            campaign you will be carrying
       2.   In Website URL give your website Address or your Blog Address.
       3.   Leave the "describe your website" field as blank.
       4.   Next it asks for Website category. Select one, which you feel, is
            appropriate. You will have to select one to complete your registration.
       5.   Current monthly unique visitors.
       6.   Next it asks for promotional methods. You can select search engine
            Marketing and Email Marketing.
       7.   Next field asks "Does your website offer incentives...". It means if you
            are having your own website then click on “YES” else click on “NO”.
       8.   Next field asks  “Description of your incentive/special program”. Here you
            type the information related to your advertisement that you are promoting.
            Please type following Lines in your own language do not copy

            “Promotion through forums, message boards, blog comment areas,
    classified advertisement services, Search Engine”

   Contact Information

    Here you fill your information such as name, phone no.,e-mail ID etc.
       Company Information

   Give Organization name (or your name),Phone as your Mobile or landline number.
   Leave Organization Fax, Tax ID and Tax Classification, VAT Number as blank, if
   you reside outside US.

       Payment Information
           1.   Select "Check" (Cheque), if you are from India.
           2.   Give Payee’s name as the name on which will receive the Cheque.
           3.   Then enter the characters as shown in the box.
       At last click on Accept Term.

                  Congratulations you are done!!!!!!!!

       CJ will send you an email regarding login information. If not found in your
        inbox, check for the same in your junk or bulk mail folder.
       You will get your password in the email and a W-8BEN tax form.
       This tax form is necessary to fill up and send to CJ by email or fax but don't
        send it now. Allow your account in CJ to reach at least 100$ first. You can
        later write us a email at or can consult any tax
        advisor to get this form filled up.

                                   Tax Information

This is the information related to Tax. You have to follow the following procedure when
your balance reaches to 100$. By hat time it is not necessary for you to do this.
For Tax information, follow the following procedure,
First open your account in Commission Junction.

   1.   Click on Account.
   2.   Click on Edit in Tax information.
3.   Enter your password (CJ password).Then click on OK.

4.   A new window wills open. As you are not from US so first click on Certificate
     of No United State Activated listed in Non-US persons.
5.   Give your name in signature field. Make sure your name must match the contact
     name .You can see this name in Account also. Then click on Submit button.

6.   Now see the Tax information. There you will see the Certification Date. Now
     again click on Edit in Tax information.
7.   Enter your password (CJ password).Then click on OK.

8.   A new window will open. Now click on W-8BEN Certificate of Foreign
     Status Of Beneficial Owner for United Tax States Tax Withholding listed in
     Non-US persons.
   9.  A form is opened. Please fill that form. Only give him information where it is
       marked as *. Then click on Submit Form button.
   10. This completes your Tax procedure.

             Procedure for changing your personal information

You can change your name, address password etc.
Go to Account tab,
   1. If you want to change your personal information then click on Edit button on
   2. For changing information related to payment then click on Edit button in Payment
   3. Likewise you can change your tax information
   4. For changing password, click on edit button in User setting.

                             Forgot password in CJ?

   1.   If in case you have forgotten your password, then click on Login Help in
        commission Junction Window.
2. Now give your CJ’s email ID.And then click on Go.

   2.   Your new password is sent to your gmail account.

                                  Payment Status

In Commission Junction your minimum payout is $100.When your income reaches to
$100 then you will get the check from CJ.You will receive this check monthly.But if
your amount is less then $100 then you will not receive the check in that month.But that
amount is carried forwarded in next month’s amount.And whenever your amount reaches
to $100 you will receive the check in that month.Your current month’s check will be
dispatched on 20th of next month by CJ.
This check is in US Dollars. You can deposit this check in any bank.Here your 1%
conversion tax will be deducted.


In case you find any query while working then please e-mail us your query at

        !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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