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									            Creating High Performance Teams Will Maximize Your Profits

We have all heard of CEO’s attributing the success of their company to dedicated employees and self
motivated staff. But is every employee self motivated and dedicated to the growth of the company?
Certainly not! It takes all types of employees to make a company and that includes the cynics, the
worrywarts, and the un-motivated. So how do companies manage to improve company performance

Because of the economic slump, there’s a huge strain on employees and their relationship with the
management. Counting enduring pay freezes, and job cuts, employees have had to put up with a lot.
This easily leads to disgruntled employees and depression, and so, affects employee performance.

In order for companies to prosper, it’s very important that a positive relationship is maintained between
management and staff. A positive relationship helps not only to attract but also keep talented
employees. It also helps companies to avoid costly in-house disputes at bay. For a business to succeed,
it’s important that employees are creatively involved in many decision making processes. Managements
that engage their employees through positive efforts will be building high performance teams.

There are several ways for companies to engage their employees. While a majority of them
communicate through newsletters, some communicate through social media sites like Twitter, Facebook
or even blogs. The Chief Executive Officer has to transform himself into the Chief Engagement Officer.
His primary job is to build a network of staff members that participate in the growth of the company,
and help it to maximize profits.

Companies also stay connected with their staff through surveys and opinion polls. But the results of
these surveys and polls are often kept under wraps. A company that’s serious about its intentions in
increasing employee interaction should seriously consider sharing these reports with their staff, so that
concrete steps are taken to improve employee satisfaction. In fact employee engagement has a
tremendous impact on the short and long term goals of the company. On the contrary, dissatisfaction
could easily lead to a negative atmosphere, and affect the employee’s relationship with customers.
While communication is an important aspect of employee engagement, it’s also important that there
exists a good mechanism to engage with staff. But more importantly there should be a genuine interest
in the senior level executive to connect with his staff and treat them with dignity and respect. Things
like good pay, decent retirement pensions, and equal opportunities to grow with the company are steps
that assure your staff that you intend to treat them fairly and with respect.

Resource Box: Reid Warrick, has written several articles to help companies maximize profits by
creating high performance teams, and employee performance evaluation.

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