Procrastinators Guide to Doing Homework by donovantatehe


									                     Procrastinators Guide to Doing Homework
Before Starting
    Clean Your Room.
         A clean room is very important to doing homework. You can’t expect to concentrate on Plumbing in
         the depths of the intricate word problems while being distracted by dirty underwear on the floor, can
    Pay Your Bills.
         For a similar reason, unpaid bills will only serve to distract you from your homework. All bills
         should be paid before starting.
    Answer Your Mail
        Any unanswered letters or “thank you” notes that need to be sent will prey on your mind and cause
    Check for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
        Be sure you’re not missing anybody’s important date. It would be awful if you had to admit to aunty
        Harriet that you spend the afternoon on homework and forget her birthday!
    Check the TV Schedule and Set the VCR.
        Sure, watching television is anathema to homework. That’s why you should be sure to check the
        schedule and record any good programs you might otherwise miss. You don’t want to make
        homework the cause of feeling bad. By negative conditioning it might cause you to do less
    Call Your Friends.
         Call all your close friends before starting. Otherwise they might call you and interrupt your
         concentration. Besides, they might have some good ideas of things you might not have thought of to
         do before starting.
    Prepare a Snack.
        You don’t want an empty stomach to take your mind off your work.
Getting Started
    Clean off the work table.
         Do this carefully. Might be a good idea to polish it too. You want your work environment to be
    Get everything you need in front of you. Everything!
         Don’t forget anything. You might have to leave your seat to go after a sharp pencil and lose track of
         your thoughts. Be sure you have books, paper, reference materials, pencils (several). Do all this
         running around before you start.
    Organize your materials.
        Place everything you’re going to work on in the proper sequence. Make a list of he things you will
        do on the left side of a paper and the things you need on the right side. Be sure everything is placed
        in the right order on the table. Check and double-check. Make changes until you have it perfect.
    Make a Last Check of Everything.
        Take a close look at what you have. Be sure that everything you need is at hand. You don’t what to
        have to interrupt your concentration to get something that you forgot to put on your list.
            Whoops! No time left. Have to go to class!

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