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									                               Caucasian Mummies Mystify Chinese
                                           Page 112

                                    Check Your Comprehension
1. The remarkable thing about the mummies appearances is that they are Caucasian, and in almost
perfect shape, meaning they look like they were just buried yesterday.
2. Somewhere in Europe.
3. A. 1978       B. No
4. DNA.

                                            Critical Thinking
1. Historians used to think the Chinese culture evolved by itself in isolation from other places, but
knowing that there were so many Europeans buried there changes their view, making them think that
maybe China did have some outside contact and all their ideas weren't really their own.
2. The Ice Man's discovery got much more news coverage because it was discovered in a place where
we had many more social ties, and it didn't negatively affect anyone's reputation.
3. The discovery of the mummies really hurt their reputation because they supposedly didn't have any
outside contact to base their inventions and evolution on.

                                          Build Vocabulary
1. Geneticists
2. Linguists
3. Archaeologists
                                  Using The Word Bank: Synonyms
1. (B) Beliefs
2. (A) Dried
3. (C) Scientist
4. (A) Dominating
5. (A) Enslavement
6. (B) Settle

                                       Build Grammar Skills
1. Cannot be rewritten, already correct.
2. Hundreds of archaeologists visited the excavation sites.
3. Victor Mair saw a mummified family when touring China.
4. A Stanford scientist analyzed the mummies' DNA.
                                         Old Man of the Temple
                                               Page 182

                                        Check Your Comprehension
1. Doss seems to see an old man that the narrator cannot see, and starts seeing stuff and hallucinating,
and ultimately becomes possessed.
2. The narrator tell the ghost that is taking over Doss that he is dead.
3. The narrator sends the ghost away with his wife.

                                              Critical Thinking
1. Doss is seeing someone the narrator cannot see, and the temples have been abandoned for centuries.
2. He is freaked out at first, but soon learns to play along.
3. He is suspicious because the old man is saying stuff about a king who, as far as the narrator knows,
has never existed.
4. His reason because he really played the situation perfectly by reasoning it out.
5. It added a little bit of backup, because it showed the readers that there actually has been knocking,
and it wasn't just Doss playing funny.

                                          Build Vocabulary
1. the trait of extreme cruelty
2. the quality of being strict
3. The state of being very giving
4. The state of being individually unique
                                   Using The Word Bank : Synonyms
1. (C) Moderation
2. (B) Crooked
3. (A) Actually
4. (B) Endurance
5. (A) Essential
6. (B) Risk

                                          Build Grammar Skills
1. He stooped, wiped the beads of sweat off his forehead, and hobbled along towards the temple.
2. He drove the car smoothly, seldom swore at passers-by, and exhibited perfect judgment.
3. I dug the earth, burnt every brick, and put them one upon another, all single-handed.

1. The old man came out of the temple, looked in all directions, and began to walk.
2. I was sitting in the back seat of the car, listening to the hum of the motor, and dozing off.
3. I saw an old man run in front of the car, but didn't see where he went.

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