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					                                                                                  Seth Claycomb
                                                                                    Martin Briner
                                                            2nd Semester English, Freshman Year

                                          The Necklace
                                            Page 541
Check Your Comprehension:
1. She says she is upset because she doesn’t have a nice enough dress for the occasion.
2. When Madame Loisel loses the necklace she manages to lose her triumph.
3. She grows old and hard and rough and haggard.

Critical Thinking:
1. I do not think the author wants us to sympathize with Madame Loisel in the beginning
because he makes her sound picky and finicky and unappreciative.
2. She values looks and very superficial things whereas her husband values money and
appreciates money and less superficial things.
3. Madame Loisel changes during the story because she realizes the true value of work and
money, and realizes what she has to do to make amends for what she did. Losing the necklace
causes her to change.
4. It is the definition of wealth and beauty to her.
5. The end of the story is ironic and surprising because she realizes she really didn’t have to
work that hard, and that all the work was basically for nothing.

                                           The Harvest
                                            Page 545
Check Your Comprehension:
1. He took a walk by himself through the grove and fields every afternoon.
2. He was hiding the money that he had earned, or that he had some buried treasure of some
3. That Don does it because it feels good and he likes the feeling of it.

Critical Thinking:
1. “The earth also shared that feeling.”
2. They are very curious and aren’t very trusting.
3. He likes nature and is understanding and curious.
4. It means that you don’t really appreciate something until it’s gone.
                             Build Vocabulary and Build Grammar Skills
                                             Page 546
Build Vocabulary:
    1. B Eject
    2. A Trajectory
    3. C Projectile

   1.   Astutely: (a) cleverly
   2.   Resplendent: (a) beautiful
   3.   Profoundly: (b) deeply
   4.   Déclassé: (b) lowered in social status
   5.   Harrowed: (c) plowed
   6.   Disheveled: (b) messy

Build Grammar Skills:
    1. “Dancing all night”
    2. “Desperately”
    3. “confounding”
    4. “ sifting the soil”

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