Guide to Successful 4-H Meetings

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					                       Guide to Successful 4-H Meetings

Set The Climate
It takes more than a comfortable room to set the climate for a fun, successful 4-H club meeting.
Physical arrangements such as lighting, temperature, and equipment are important factors.
However, the 4-H members, parents, and visitors should feel welcome.
        Ideas: Greet people as they enter the room
                Play Mood Music
                Put up posters or thought provoking quotes
                Provide display, exhibits, or hands on experiments

Measure Your Time
     Pre-meeting Activities – 5-15 minutes
     Business Meeting – 15-20 minutes
     Educational Program – 30-60 minutes
     Recreation/Social Activities – 15-20 minutes

Pre-meeting Activities
       Pre-meeting activities can bridge the gap between the time members begin arriving and
the time the actual meeting begins.
       Activities Mixers
                    Word games

Business Meeting
       A club’s business session should be democracy in action. It may be the member’s first or
only experience with parliamentary procedure. During 4-H club meetings members learn to
express themselves in a group, listen to the views of others, use votes to reach decisions, and
abide by majority rules.
       Sample Business Agenda
              Call to Order
              Pledge of Allegiance
              Roll Call
              Introduction of visitors
              Read and approve minutes
              Treasurer’s report
              Committee reports
              Unfinished business
              New business
              4-H Pledge and Adjournment
Educational Program
       The most important part of a meeting is the educational program. Members benefit by
learning new ideas on subjects, speaking skills, how to organize discussions, and lifelong skills.
       How People Learn
               Hear and See…50%

Recreation/Social Activities
      Recreation should be a part of every meeting. Recreation helps members continue the
atmosphere of fun and interest as well as getting to know one another.
      Ideas Small group games
              Active Sports

Mix in Praise and Recognition
For a 4-H meeting to be successful, the meeting must provide a vehicle for individual growth
and achievement. During the meetings, it is imperative that opportunities are provided for
success. Tell members how much you enjoy working with them and look for positive points
about their personality and what they contribute to 4-H. Encourage them in their failures and
applaud their successes.

Involve Others
People care about what they are a part of. As you work to make 4-H club meetings fun, the most
important step to insuring a strong 4-H club is involving 4-H members, parents, and community
leaders. Make the 4-H club you are working with not YOURS but OURS. The 4-H members in
the club need a sense of sharing in the club’s objectives and activities.

By consciously striving to “Make the Best Better”, your 4-H meetings can be fun and

Taken from “Guide To Successful 4-H Meetings” by Janet E. Fox, Extension 4-H Youth Development Specialist,
Southeast Research and Extension Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln