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                   Table Of Contents

Chapter 1:
The Basics and Background

Chapter 2:
What You Need To Start

Chapter 3:
What Pulls In Revenue

Chapter 4:
Personal Skills Required

Chapter 5:
How To Give A Great Session

Life Coaching is an on-going partnership that helps people acquire satisfying
results in their personal and professional lives. Through the action of coaching,
people heighten their learning, better their performance, and heighten their
quality of life.

Starting with the persons wants, coaching utilizes reporting, researching, and a
uniform dedication to move the people forward. Coaching speeds up the persons'
progress by supplying better focus and awareness of choice. Coaching centers on
where people are today and what they're willing to do to get where they wish to be

Life Coaching is all about helping individuals get from where they are in their life
to where they wish to get to. If everybody is being truthful with themselves, I
think we may all do with improving a region or two of our lives. However why
don’t individuals do anything about it?

Everybody recognizes what to do in life to become more successful but they don’t
do what they recognize. It’s a Life Coach’s job to help individuals get what they
wish in life in by busting down the roadblocks that individuals impose on

         Empower Others Through Personal Development

Become a life coach and empower others to be the best they can

    Chapter 1:
The Basics and Background


This chapter is dissimilar to all of the rest as I've gathered all of
    the questions that I asked on a regular basis with reference
       to really how to get to be a coach and I've put them all

                         The Foundation

Is it like therapy, counseling or psychological science? Not truly,
although coaching does draw from an array of subject areas. First of
all, coaching is frequently more concerned about results instead of
interpreting or processing. Therefore there's a firm focus on action –
simply how I like it!

Second, coaching tends to center on the future instead of the past:
"let's not linger over your tale about why you're like this. Tell me what
you wish today!

Life coaching is occasionally said to be appropriate for individuals
who are at or higher up than "base line", instead of beneath "base
line”. People will often have many areas of their life which are going
well, and one or two regions which they'd like to be a great deal

What sorts of individuals become coaches?
Individuals who wish to contribute; individuals devoted to personal
growth; individuals treasuring freedom and independence in a career.

What's the life-style like? May I work from home?
This is the major draw for a lot of life coaches. Determine your own
hours, and work from a home base - making a huge difference in
individual’s lives! –it’s amazing! You may work Monday, Tuesday and
Thursday, from 9am to 5pm, walking about your house or garden
with a headset and cordless telephone. You might have people locally,
from around your country, or even around the globe. You'll likely

network strongly inside a coaching community, and from now on
subtract the cost of all your personal development classes and books
on your income tax return! Since all you require is a telephone and a
computer, a few coaches likewise take working vacations.

How much do coaches charge?
The big question! For stock individual coaching, it appears to be
around £100-£300 per month in the United Kingdom, and $200-
$600 in the United States. Executive coaching and corporate
coaching ante up more; group coaching commonly much less per

May I make a living at it, and how long will this take?
Yep - a lot of coaches now support themselves utilizing coaching
solely. While we guesstimate to a higher degree than 95% of coaches
still have to supplement their revenue utilizing additional means, this
is mostly ascribable to the fact that the line of work is so new, with a
lot of fresh coaches being schooled. As an approximate guide, it would
be fair to aim to fully support yourself financially from coaching after
one to three years of coaching. However, it can be done in less than
six months! Its one thing recognizing how to coach, it’s a different
recognizing how to get paying customers!

What sort of clients would I have?
Depends upon who you target! To begin with - acquaintances, friends,
and strangers (not loved ones). Ladies and men. From youngsters to
seniors. Pros, creative sorts, small business proprietors, employees,
executives, corporations, sales individuals, prisoners, Christians,
yachting enthusiasts.

Do I have what it requires to be a life coach?

It's been stated that every individual on the planet has a group of
individuals who may learn from them - never mind how much you
understand or how adept you are. If you delight making a
contribution, then you've what it requires to be a coach.

What do I have to have to be a successful coach?
Here are the 4 components go into producing a successful life coach:
a) Who you are
To evolve your practice, evolve yourself. As you grow your awareness,
get your needs forgathered, and regulate your life to one you love (or
love the one you have!), you'll pull in more and more people. They'll
want a piece of what you have got.

b) Methods
Over time, and with particular coach schooling and/or mentoring
from a coach who's where you wish to be, you'll learn methods which
are helpful in moving a person forward (e.g. Hearing, challenging,
answerability, questioning, and production).

c) Experience
Loads of coaching hours will help both a) and b) above - you'll grow
as an individual, and rehearse and develop coaching methods.

d) Business Tools.
Maybe the most crucial here is marketing - even if you're an over-the-
top coach, you'll need a few marketing skills. E.g. discovering your
niche, placing yourself, marketing avenues, selling.

Ought I have a coach?
Sure. A mentor coach may help you ward off many pitfalls, and coach
more effectively. You'll likewise learn from the client side what works

effectively and what does not. Plus, your coach might be able to help
you establish your business, based on what has or hasn't worked out
for them. And son have I learned some lessons in this!

And, it's difficult to truly mean it when you tell individuals life
coaching is good and they ought to try it unless you have your own.
Bearing your own personal success stories from being coached is a
good motivator to share the construct of coaching and invite
individuals to be coached.

What qualifications or schooling do I require?
Presently, you don't require any qualifications or schooling. Coaches
may still make a living without any qualification. But, as rivalry step-
ups and public awareness develops, this may change and then again it
may not!

How would I acquire my beginning clients?
Life coaches commonly begin with friends and acquaintances -
frequently offering free or very affordable coaching. It's a win-win -
they acquire coaching and an opportunity to discuss themselves and
their life; you acquire training.

You may then build up to additional marketing processes, like
referrals, ads, mailing, coalitions, oral presentation, Net, and
promotion. A few approaches will suit you; some will not.

Would I do this on a full time basis?
Coaches tend to wait till they've say ten - twenty people and perhaps a
few 1000 pounds per month income before stopping their day job.
A lot of coaches do half-time work or run a different business to bring
in additional income and/or keep things truly interesting.

                                 - 10 -
What about ordinances?
There’s no formal body that regulates the industry as yet. So there are
really good coaches out there and some that are atrocious. What I'd
say though is that clients won't stay with a life coach who's anything
less than fantabulous when they're paying for it!

                                 - 11 -
  Chapter 2:
What You Need To Start

         - 12 -

What you'll require to begin a business and the expenditures
                     involved with this.

                            - 13 -
                   Things To Get You Going

Welcome to Chapter 2!

I hope you're enjoying the book. In this chapter we're going to
consider the costs involved in setting up on your own. This list is
pretty accurate some of the prices may vary depending upon where
you are!

All right, here goes!

1. Choose a name!
Is it going to be “Jo Blows Life Coaching”? Or are you going to begin a
brand identity like “Becoming A Success”. You are able to either
utilize your name or a company name – not much in it truly. It all
hinges on your personal style and what you're comfiest with.

2. Company establishment
Whether you're beginning on a part time foundation or not, I
advocate that you form a discriminate Limited Liability Company
(Ltd). This way, everything is apart from your day job and your home
and personal effects are kept entirely apart from your runnings of
your business. It places your brain at rest that you won't lose the
home if somebody sues you!!! Don’t go to an accountant to arrange
your company – they'll charge you £300+ for the privilege! Rather, I
advocate that you do what I did! I went through a broker and they did
it for me for merely £79! My company name was set up inside forty-
eight hours!

3. Letter paper

                                 - 14 -
You'll require business cards and letter head paper at least. You may
likewise wish to put a pamphlet together of your services. The cost for
letter paper isn't high and it pays to get professionally planned and
printed letter paper.

4. Phone
Seeing as you'll be spending much your time on the telephone it pays
to acquire an additional line put into your home and to a room where
you'll work from. Your personal calls may be detached from your
business calls. Get a fresh telephone number before you order the
letter paper! Monetary value? Telephone with answering machine -
£30-£100. Another Line – installation charge + £10-£20 monthly
line rental.

5. PC
You'll need a Net presence or at very least be able to receive e-mails
from people from your e-mail address on your letter paper. An
adequate PC costs around £700+. You'll need a printer likewise. Shop
around for an adequate ISP. These may cost anything from free of
charge to £30 per month if you're utilizing some of the broadband
technologies. Shop around for some great deals.

6. An Net presence – site
A site will be your show window that you are able to direct individuals
to or indeed promote online about your services. It pays to have a well
configured site as the beginning impressions of the web site will be
the prospect’s beginning impression of you!

When designing your web site imagine:
· What material do I wish to tell the visitor?
· What services do I provide?

                                  - 15 -
· Does the customer know what the next steps are?

7. Net payments
How are you going to gather up money from people? Cash? Checks?
What about charge cards? Remember that a few of your services are
going to be in the 100s of pounds so individuals might wish to slap
your fees on their charge card.

8. E-zine technology
To kickoff you might wish to send them out manually. But once it gets
past around fifty or so it takes forever and a day to do. Cost of scheme
£12 per month or so.

9. Insurance
You have to acquire insurance! You have to get “Home business
insurance” which includes gear, illness, jury service and theft and so
forth. Monetary value - £25 per month. I likewise propose that you
take out “professional liability insurance” this covers you just in case
somebody sues you for anything you have stated, breach of copyright
and so forth. Monetary value - £30 per month.

10. Ads
I could write an entire book on publicizing your service. But, as far as
expenditures are concerned, you are able to advertise online utilizing
several different services. Check into several resources to get a flavor
of what it's all about. Likewise, additional ways to advertise are:
· Direct mail
· Oral presentation
· Composing articles
· Magazines
· Newspapers

                                  - 16 -
· Networking

So there you have it!

Your job is to take a look over what I've written and begin to map out
a plan of how and what you'd need to do to begin your company.
Consider names? When you're going to do it? What support do you
require? Develop a rough plan at this point and see how you feel.

                          Chapter 3:
                        What Pulls In Revenue

                                 - 17 -
- 18 -

This time we're going to consider the revenue streams of a Life
        Coach. Now I'm not stating that you have to do all of
        these, but they'll provide you a great idea of how you
         are able to make income as a life coach. I’ve worked
       with virtually scores of Life Coaches to evolve a product
       mix that will make them some income and I have to say
        as it presently stands personal coaching alone counts
         for approximately twenty-five percent of my entire

                             - 19 -

And so what does that mean? Well, that means that seventy-five
percent of my revenue is derived from additional sources other than
personal coaching – study this lesson before you begin your business!
1 to 1 personal coaching, by month by e-mail, by the phone and in
person 1 to 1 executive/business coaching very lucrative deals
available for big bucks!

Group coaching, by calendar month in classroom surroundings.
Charge between £5 - £20 for three hours and get between ten - thirty
individuals in attendance

Lead your own TeleClasses.
A teleclass is group coaching on the phone. Utilizing a conference
telephone you schedule a call with multi- individuals at once. You
don’t have to purchase any gear for this. Check into
www.meetingphone.com to see how it works.

License your platform/IP (intellectual property).
If you're a natural ideas individual why not come forward with your
own products and services and sell it to others?

Mentor additional coaches.
You’ll likely not be prepared for this just yet! I make a lot of income
out of this as I'm a popular mentor and trainer of individuals who
wish to become a life coach and already accomplished coaches. You
have to be able to acquire results though to make this pay off.

Deliver keynotes/lectures.

                                  - 20 -
Either get paid for your oral communication or utilize it as a way to
develop contacts and become better recognized in front of groups.
You commonly pick up a little business from each lecture or talk that
you give.

Sell/provide assessments.
I haven’t adopted this so far however some coaches are making 1000s
by selling assessments online.

Author/sell a book.
An obvious one! Has to be established though and print suitable.

Author/sell an e-book.
Good way to make passive income. Pick out a subject that individuals
want, author it and sell it on the web!

Lead local seminars/workshops.
Either book a meeting room in a hotel (may be pricey) or in your local
college or schoolhouse and run a seminar.

Set up a specialized training company or program.
Gobs of revenue to be had in training!

Begin an unrelated company utilizing what you learned as a coach
Turn a concern into a lucrative project – practice what you preach!

Assemble a portal/membership web site.
There are no geographic limits. I make income from around the world
when I sleep! (In your domain of knowledge/expertness)

Those above are the most popular, here are a few more:

                                 - 21 -
     Produce/sell audiotapes, CDs
     arrange a coaching school
     Keep your present job
     Carry advertisements in your e-zine
     Become a resident authority to other coaches in your domain of
      expertise – charge a fee for advice and so forth
     Become a coach to those from your former/current industry
     Host a TV or local/national radio show
     Work for a bigger coaching establishment/school
     Acquire a half-time 'traditional' job
     School coaches in your domain of specialty
     Produce an affiliate plan for your products or services
     Become an affiliate and market items from your web site
      (including Amazon.com, software systems, etc.)
     Write a editorial for a paper
     Compose a paid e-zine/newsletter
     Instruct a webinar type class
     Author/sell an ecourse
     Produce software
     JVS with other coaches
     Adult education workshops
     Author articles
     Tee shirts, notepads, etc.

Hopefully I've given you food for thought on how you are able to
bring in revenue. All you have to decide is what and when depending
on your experience, resources and support structure.

                                - 22 -
  Chapter 4:
Personal Skills Required

          - 23 -

There are certain things that you need personally to be a good
                  life coach to someone else.

                             - 24 -

The most significant tool that you require to become a life coach is the
power to go into your client’s heart. Nearly all coach training stops at
discovering how to comprehend what individuals say. You have to get
to be a life coach who thinks like your clients think if you wish to
become a well known coach.

You need to be able to view the world from your client’s aspect. When
you do this, you'll ascertain what makes that individual unique and
fearless, and what keeps them from achieving their goals. When you
enter your client’s domain, you'll understand how to lead them.

A different crucial tool that you require to become a life coach is great
listening skills, which is something nearly all coach training only pays
lip service to. However it’s not simply listening to your clients’ words;
it’s about listening for the changes and transformations that will
happen as a result of your coaching. I see the faces of people, as they
someone who knows they can make it to the top. And I likewise heard
it in their voices.

A few individuals are more demonstrative than other people, and a
few are so pernicious that you may miss it. In any event, it’s a really
crucial tool you'll require to become a life coach who may identify
when people are engaged in the process, and when you may need to
modify your approach to take them to the following level. You can’t
get the hang of this skill in coach training; you'll have to practice it
with each client you coach.

The final crucial tool that I became aware of from my coach training
was the mightiness of a peer group. People watch one another, and

                                  - 25 -
are empowered by the success they see in other people. They likewise
feel encouraged to know that everybody bettered with every attempt.
They learn from one another. There is no whining or hollering, just
everybody trying to do their fullest and assist those around them.

And so if you acquire nothing else out of coach training, make certain
you help your clients discover an empowering peer group before they
get back into their world.

                                 - 26 -
    Chapter 5:
How To Give A Great Session

           - 27 -

As coaches we understand that coaching is a really mighty and
       successful service. As a matter of fact coaching is
 demonstrating to be among the most effective techniques of
    growth, training and development available. Studies in
  organizations have demonstrated that coaching programs
  have accomplished between 500 and 700 % ROI. These are
  impressive numbers by any measure and address the good
       value to be experienced in working with a coach.

                            - 28 -
                              The How

Understandably there's something really powerful happening in
coaching relationships. All the same coaching is so new, and so few
individuals have really discovered its power and applications, that
many coaches fight to fill their practice. This is intended to assist
coaches reveal the might of coaching to more clients and thus
generate more happy clients.

In the early phases of your coaching business, before you've
formulated a niche and marketing technique to pull in large numbers
of qualified clients, your ability to deliver a good sample session is a
vital factor in constructing a successful coaching practice.

As most expectations have never worked with a coach, don’t
comprehend coaching, and likely are not even seeking a coach, a
sample session is frequently your best way of acquainting them with
the process, showing them experience of the Advantages, letting them
see the potential pay back, and therefore moving them to a place
where they'd wish to work with you.

For a minute, place yourself in the position of your likely client.
They might be nervous.
They might not understand or trust you so far.
They might not understand what the Advantages of coaching will be.
They might be worried about expenditures.

These are all concerns that have to be addressed and overpowered for
anybody to choose to carry on with coaching. The try out session is
your chief chance to address these legitimate fears and offset them
with something of better value.

                                  - 29 -
After a long time of experimentation, I provide a rough formula
outlining a few of the cardinal elements that will help you deliver
mighty sample sessions. As a warning note, remember coaching is
most potent when it's fluid, natural, and unscripted. So don't attempt
to impose these steps in a mechanical way. Regard them as guidelines
that you are able to by nature weave into the conversation where
appropriate and when the chance exhibits itself.

Take your candidate deep (Coach on Something significant):
Occasionally when you engage a candidate in a sample session and
ask them what they wish to work at, they'll answer with some surface
topic. They may state, "I have to organize my garage." Reply by
verifying you both may certainly spend time on that, then ask if they
may have something a bit more crucial—maybe a dream, challenge, or
shift they wish to make—for which they'd like a little coaching. Even if
you're successful in assisting them organize the garage, it won't be
viewed as an significant enough advantage to justify hiring you as a
coach. But, if you are able to help them make a discovery on a dream
or some huge challenge they're facing, the candidate will more totally
appreciate the value of coaching.

Take them out into the future tense:
Let's suppose an individual wants coaching on a huge goal or
aspiration. Ask: "If you're truly successful with this, where will you be
in XYZ weeks?” (You wish them to produce and experience a really
clear vision of the most successful result.)

Discover the meaning:
When a candidate has identified where they'd be if the coaching was
enormously successful, research the meaning of that goal. "What is
crucial about this goal to you?" or "What will accomplishing this goal

                                  - 30 -
provide you?" (You're starting to move them out of their ideas about
the goal—which have a poor shelf life—into the more potent domain
of the meaning and emotions affiliated with the goal.)

Research and substantiate the emotions:
When you've a candidate in touch with his most sought after
outcome, carry on researching the emotional pay back. "What will you
be experiencing when you recognize your aspiration has come true?"
Ideally, you wish the candidate to see, touch, savor or otherwise
substantiate the emotional pay back. Once again you're constructing
the prospect's emotional association to the goal; this emotion will fuel
the activities required to overpower all the obstacles in the way. (Of
course, there will be spots - maybe a business client who isn’t
comfortable in talking about emotions with you so far - where you
may wisely decide not to explore the emotions affiliated with a goal.)

Coach the individual, not simply the conditions:
Remember the most potent work you'll do is in coaching the
candidate, not the state of affairs. So don't forget to research who the
candidate wishes to be—the characters they have to bring forth—to
accomplish the desired result. For instance if the prospect wishes to
get into a leadership position in their vocation, research what
leadership characters they have to bring out or build up to become the
best imaginable leader. And where possible, coach the candidate to a
place where they feel and physically substantiate these characters. If
you get your candidates to this place, nothing will contain them.

Discover the pay back:
Discover what would it be worth to your candidate if they were
successful in accomplishing their sought after result. “So if you do
discover an occupation that you love, (double your sales, lower your

                                 - 31 -
tension, better your health, and so forth.) What would it be worth to
you?” The reply to this question might or might not be financial, but
as long as the candidate associates with or reflects on the value or
importance of the shifts they may make with coaching, they'll be far
more likely not to resent paying for your services.

Bring the candidate back to the present tense and into action:
When the candidate has seen and experienced the result they wish,
and experienced the affiliated meaning and emotions, bring them
back to the present tense and polish off the sample session by
enquiring: "So what is the following—or beginning—step forward?"
(Towards the grand dream or result they've described). Coach the
individual to break off one physical beginning step and establish a
little accountability, so the step gets conducted.

Invite the business and a referral:
When you've taken a candidate through a muscular sample session,
you and they will have a feel of whether there's a fit. From your view,
you merely have to confirm you'd wish to work with this candidate
(and that they may afford to hire you). You are able to state, in your
own words, with 100% integrity and genuineness, "that's a mighty
vision you have for your future. If you're serious about gaining it, I'd
love to be your coach." Or you may state something like this, "I truly
enjoyed coaching you. If you wish some support in accomplishing
your aspiration, I'd love to be your coach."

Discover a way to point out that knowledge and purpose alone doesn't
translate into altering behavior. (Otherwise everybody would be
maintaining their January 1 Resolutions.) Everyone has had the same
experience of desiring to change, but never appearing to get around to
it. The format of coaching lets the focus, answerability and growth

                                  - 32 -
essential to make changes occur and stick. If you are able to get this
point across, you'll get your portion of enthusiastic clients.

                                  - 33 -
                          Wrapping Up

Life and Business Coaches understand that any plan without action
and dedication remains an aspiration. (That's why so many
Resolutions end in failure.) Intent alone doesn't alter behavior and
seldom translates into sustainable change. All the same when you
formulate a vision for your life and career that's in direct alliance with
who you are, and what you most wish to accomplish in this life, you
get inspired. And inspiration, matched with the correct support and
answerability, changes everything.

                                  - 34 -