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                      Maria Levens, Director
Department of Human Development, Education and Culture, Executive
               Secretariat for Integral Development

                        CEPCIDI Meeting
                Washington, D.C., March 30, 2010

 I)     The Role of the OAS in Higher Education
 II)    Academic Scholarships
 III)   Professional Development Scholarships
 IV)    Leo S. Rowe Fund – Interest-Free Student Loans
 V)     Educational Portal of the Americas
 VI)    New Activities

                                      Background: Artwork of Argentinean OAS fellow Federico
                                      Augusto Martino who received an OAS scholarship to study
                                      at the Corcoran School of Art in 1963.
        The Department of
        Human Development,
        Education and Culture
Maria Levens -Director

Lesley Zark
        Director, Office of Scholarships,
        Training and Capacity-Strengthening
Lenore Garcia
        Director, Office of Education and
Cecilia Martins
        Chief, Office of the Educational      Artwork of Chilean OAS fellow Rodolfo Opazo
        Portal of the Americas                Bernales who received an OAS scholarship to
Lina Sevillano                                study at the Pratt Graphic Art Center in 1961.
        Technical Secretary, Leo S. Rowe
        Pan-American Fund Committee
Fifth Summit of the Americas – Port of Spain

 Declaration of Commitment, Article 38

 “Recognizing that education is a lifelong process that promotes social inclusion
 and democratic citizenship and allows people to contribute fully to the
 development of society, we will give high priority to improving and expanding …
 access to tertiary, technical –vocational and adult education.”
 “We intend to increase the tertiary education participation rate to a minimum of
 40 per cent by 2020 and urge countries which have already made considerable
 advances in this area to exchange best practices that will support the efforts of
 other countries to achieve this target…”
2009 World Conference on Higher Education

From the Final Communiqué:
“The Current economic downturn may be widening the gap in access and quality
between developed and developing countries, presenting additional challenges to
countries where access is
already restricted.”

“At no time in history has it
been more important to
invest in higher education as
a major force in building an
inclusive     and     diverse
knowledge society and to
advance             research,
innovation and creativity”
                                The UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education closed on 8 July 2009 with a
                                call to governments to increase investment in higher education, encourage
                                diversity and strengthen regional cooperation to serve societal needs.
Tertiary Education Enrolment Rates

    The total enrolment in tertiary education regardless of age, expressed as a percentage of the
     population in the five-year age group following on from the secondary school leaving age.

                                             Source: UNESCO EFA Global Monitoring Report 2010
Tools for Expanding Access to Higher Education

   Scholarships for Academic Studies
   Scholarships for Professional
   Development Training
   Interest-Free Educational Loans for
   Studies in the U.S.
   Low Cost, Accessible Learning and
   Knowledge Transfer through ICTs

   OAS Consortium of Universities

   Partnerships for Education and Training   Artwork of Bolivian OAS fellow
                                             Alfredo Da Silva who received an
   Regional Conferences                      OAS scholarship to study at the Pratt
                                             Graphic Art Center in 1962.
   Emergency Programs
Scholarships for Academic Studies

                Graduate Studies                            Undergraduate Studies (SPECAF)

        51 years of OAS Scholarships                          27 years of OAS Scholarships
        21,200 Scholarships Granted                            1,258 Scholarships Granted

  Amílcar Meléndez of Panama is pursuing his graduate     The work of Remond Mangoensemito of Suriname.
  studies in Chile with an OAS fellowship, where he had   Remond pursued his studies at the Edna Manley
  the chance to meet President Bachelet in 2009.          College in Jamaica with an OAS scholarship in 2004.
Scholarships for Academic Studies

   The Impact of Scholarships for Academic Study

   •      Leaders produced in a wide range of fields, specializations and
          economic sectors.
   •      Currently of particular importance to small Latin American
          Countries and the Caribbean
   •      Multiplier effect as scholars return with credentials needed for
          university-level teaching.
   •      Strengthening institutions means strengthening the human
          capacity of those who manage them
   •      5 decades of return on investment.

                        AG/RES. 2495 (XXXIX-O/09)
Reaffirms “the contribution of the scholarship programs of the OAS to the
training of leaders, academics, researchers, and professionals in the
Hemisphere working in the public and private sector.”
Statements of Impact – Academic Studies

“…Upon successful completion and my return to Saint
Lucia I was promoted to the post of Executive Director of
the main general hospital, a post which was previously
held by a non-national.”

Clotilda Fevrier (St. Lucia) OAS Fellow 2002
Executive Director of the Victoria Hospital, Castries
                                                                      Clotilda Fevrier & Victoria Hospital

                                         “Thanks to the OAS Scholarship, I was able to take a variety of
                                         postgraduate courses in Boston and Worcester…One of the
                                         most interesting courses that I took was “Library Automation”
                                         at Simmons College. This course led me to the design of
                                         library applications that now serve as the base for a series of
                                         systems in use in the Central American region.”

                                         Dr. Grete Pasch (Guatemala) OAS Fellow 1987
                                         Director, Academic Information Resources,
  Dr. Pasch (center) receives national
  award for best website for her new
                                         Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatamala
     library website design in 2005
Statements of Impact – Academic Studies

“…I was accepted to University but was unable to secure funding
until I was awarded an OAS scholarship … I have since taken up the
position of Director with our Telecommunications Regulator where I
continue to serve my country and the region working alongside
regional and international institutions…”

Apollo Knights (St. Vincent and the Grenadines) OAS Fellow 1995
Director, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission

                                          “…My OAS fellowship provided me the opportunity to reside
                                          in Venezuela and collaborate with outstanding professionals
                                          ... This experience sharpened my ability to manage and
                                          conduct business across borders and cultures…Thank you
                                          again for this opportunity to reflect after 25 years on an
                                          opportunity that changed my life.”

    Dr. Magid lectures to students at     Dr. Bruce R. Magid (USA ) OAS Fellow 1976
 Brandeis International Business School   Dean, International Business School of Brandeis University
Statements of Impact – Academic Studies

“…With the support of the OAS, I was able to enroll in the early
1960s in the Faculty of Economics of the Universidad Nacional
Autónoma de México (UNAM)…I still remember the names of
the distinguished professors who influenced my career…”

Ambassador Jean Casimir (Haiti ) OAS Fellow 1961
Perm. Representative to the USA and the OAS from 1991-96

                              “…My ex-students total several thousand and are today
                              professors, businesspeople, public functionaries, and among
                              these a current Latin American president...None of this would
                              have taken place were it not for the scholarship granted by the
                              OAS for me to undertake my doctoral studies in the United

                              Dr. Guillermo S. Edelberg (Argentina) OAS Fellow 1959
                              Professor Emeritus, INCAE Business School
OAS Scholarship Alumni Meetings

        Jamaica 2008         Chile 2009   Costa Rica 2009

        Paraguay 1968        Chile 1968   El Salvador 1968
OAS Scholarship Alumni Networks

                                  Current OAS Fellows in Chile
                                     Facebook Group 2010

      Nicaraguan Ex-Fellows
       Newsletter late 60s
OAS Consortium of Universities
ARGENTINA                                           •Escuela Superior de Administración Pública-ESAP   JAMAICA                                              PERU
•Universidad Austral de Argentina                   •Universidad de la Sabana                          •University of the West Indies, Mona Campus          •Universidad Nacional del Centro del Perú
•Universidad Blas Pascal                            •Universidad Santo Tomás                           •University College of the Caribbean                 •Universidad de San Martín de Porres
•Universidad de Buenos Aires                        •Universidad Javeriana                             •University of Technology                            •Universidad ESAN
•Universidad Nacional de Cordoba                    •Universidad Nacional de Colombia                  MEXICO                                               •Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia
•Universidad Nacional de San Martín                 •Universidad del Rosario                           •Centro Interamericano de Estudios de Seguridad      •Universidad de Piura
•Universidad Torcuato di Tella                      •Universidad de Antioquia                          Social                                               TRINIDAD & TOBAGO
•Universidad Tres de Febrero                        COSTA RICA                                         •Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de     •University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus
•Universidad Nacional de la Plata                   •Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y     Monterrey                                            UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
BARBADOS                                            Enseñanza (CATIE)                                  •Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de     •American University - School of International
•University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus    •INCAE                                             Monterrey, Universidad Virtual                       Services
BOLIVIA                                             •Universidad Interamericana de Costa Rica (UICR)   •Universidad Veracruzana                             •Duke University - Nicholas School of the
•Universidad Tecnológica Privada de Santa Cruz      •Universidad Latina                                •Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León                  Environment, the Terry Sanford Institute of Public
BRASIL                                              •Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica (UNA)          •Universidad de Monterrey                            Policy and Duke Center for International Development
•Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP)        •Universidad Nacional Estatal a Distancia          •Universidad Regiomontana                            •Florida Institute of Technology
•Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)             •University for Peace (UPEACE)                     •Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en •Florida State University
CANADA                                              •Universidad de Costa Rica                         Antropología Social - CIESAS                         •Hamline University
•Carleton University                                DOMINICAN REPUBLIC                                 •Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados - •Illinois Institute of Technology
•Niagara College                                    •Universidad Iberoamericana                        CIMAV                                                •Juniata College
•Saint Mary's University                            •Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago               •Instituto Panamericano de Alta Dirección de Empresa •Lafayette College
•York University                                    ECUADOR                                            •IPADE                                               •Loyola College, Maryland
•Universite Laval                                   •Organización Latinoamericana de Energía           •Universidad Anáhuac                                 •Midwestern State University
•Algoma University                                  •Universidad del Pacífico                          PANAMA                                               •New Mexico State University
•Quest University Canada                            GRENADA                                            •Universidad de Panamá                               •Princeton University - The Woodrow Wilson School
•Athabasca University                               •St. George's University                           •Universidad Católica Santa María la Antigua         •Rochester Institute of Technology
•Université Du Québec á Montréal                                                                       •Universidad Especializada de las Américas           •State University of New York- SUNY at Albany, SUNY
•University of Western Ontario                                                                                                                              at Buffalo, SUNY at Stony Brook, SUNY at Binghamton
CHILE                                                                                                                                                       •The New York Film Academy
•Ministerio de Planificación y Cooperación y la                                                                                                             •Troy University
Agencia de Cooperación Internacional de Chile                                                                                                               •Tulane University
•Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile                                                                                                                   •University of Arizona
•Universidad Alberto Hurtado                                                                                                                                •University of Miami
•Universidad Austral de Chile
•Universidad Católica de Valparaíso                                                        The OAS Consortium                                               •University of Mississippi
                                                                                                                                                            •University of New Mexico
•Universidad de Chile                                                                                                                                       •University of Rochester
•Universidad de Concepción                                                                                                                                  •University of South Florida
•Universidad de Santiago de Chile                                                                                                                           •University of Texas at Dallas
•Universidad de Talca
•Universidad Mayor                                                                       115 Agreements with                                                •University of Texas at Arlington
                                                                                                                                                            •Wake Forest University
•Universidad Técnica Federico Santa Maria                                                                                                                   •University of the District of Columbia
•Universidad Bío-Bío
                                                                                        Academic Institutions in                                            •George Washington University
                                                                                                                                                            •Walden University
•Universidad de los Andes                                                                 18 Member States                                                  •United Nations University
                                                                                                                                                            •University of Denver – Josef Korbel School of
•Universidad ICESI                                                                                                                                          International Services
•Universidad Pedagógica Nacional                                                                                                                            URUGUAY
•Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia                                                                                                           •Universidad ORT de Uruguay
Professional Development Scholarships

   Program of Cooperation with Course Offering
Institutions in Member States and Observer States.

     Over 30,000 Scholarships for Professional
   Development have been awarded since 1962.

                                                     • Short-Term Training
                                                     • Courses closely-related to CIDI
                                                     Priority Areas

                                                 Above: Tourism course at the Inter-American
                                                 Center for Tourism Training in Mexico, 1975
                                                 Left: Conflict Analysis and Resolution Building
                                                 Capacity for Democratic Change in the Americas
                                                 at George Mason University in the USA,2009
Professional Development Scholarships

“We learned about the experiences in microfinance around the
world. Actually, for the Ecuadorian government it is a priority to
invest in the rural and poor areas, with credits and technical
assistance to develop micro enterprises based on the community.
In this context the knowledge that I gained is going to be an
excellent tool to push the projects in which the National
Microfinance Program is working on now.”
-Diana Valeria Gallegos
Course: Community-Based Micro-Finance and Income Generation
Management for Poverty Alleviation in Thailand, 2009

 “In September of 2005, I attended a USTTI course entitled ‘Wireless Rural Telephony’ in California
 conducted by TELEMOBILE. I am presently working in the Service Delivery department for Belize
 Telemedia Ltd. One of our responsibilities is to install and maintain rural telephone in Belize. Before
 attending this course I had a limited background in Rural Telephony. This course has helped me to
 gain knowledge and to be more effective in this area of my job. I am now able to confidently provide
 assistance to field technician in problem solving and to make necessary decision in the provision of
 telephone service to remote area in Belize.”
 - Clifton Gladden, Supervisor Western Zone, Belize Telemedia Ltd
 Course: Wireless Rural Telephony in the USA, 2005
Resources Leveraged through Partnerships

               External Contributions for Scholarships & Training

               Academic                        Professional Development

   Contributions of OAS Consortium         Contributions      of    Professional
   Partners during three (3) Academic      Development Training Offering
   Cycles (2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10):     Institutions over four (4) years:
     Total $2,721,000 (approximate)          Total $3,590,000 (approximate)

                     Partnerships for Education and Training

                284 total scholarships contributed since 2007:
                          Total $2,995,000 (approximate)
Partnerships for Education and Training

            Alliances with Governments and Educational Institutions

                 •OAS – Instituto Empresa Scholarships, Spain
                  •OAS – Oxford University Scholarships, UK
             •OAS – INCAE Business School Scholarships, Costa Rica
       •OAS – Argentine National Scientific and Technical Research Council
                            Scholarships, Argentina
            •OAS – Universidad de los Andes Scholarships, Colombia
           •OAS – Tec de Monterrey – CRUSA Scholarships Costa Rica
                  •OAS – Fulbright Teacher Mobility Program
                          •OAS – China Scholarships
                         •OAS – Thailand Scholarships
Leo S. Rowe Fund – Student Loan Program

    Grants interest-free loans to Latin America
    and Caribbean citizens to help them cover
     studies or research in the United States.

                  Launched in 1948

   • Thousands of Interest-Free Loans Granted

   • Trusted source of supplementary
   educational financing for studies in the US

“My studies in the US opened several
opportunities in my career. I am very grateful for
the financial aid the Rowe Fund granted
me. Thank you.”
                                                     The Financial Guide for Higher
E. Santalla from Bolivia                             Education in the Americas,
Masters in Law, University of San Francisco          developed and distributed in 2009
Educational Portal of the Americas

 Information and Communication Technologies
      for Training and Knowledge Transfer

Over 17,000 professionals trained through the
        Virtual Classroom since 2002

   Third Summit of the Americas, Quebec City
     Connectivity Agenda for the Americas:

  “We are conscious of the disparities in cost
  and access to technology within and
  between our countries…”

  “…We are also committed to mobilizing and
  sharing human resources to strengthen our      The Educational Portal of the Americas,
                                                 www.educoas.org also hosts scholarships
  capacities for applying information and
                                                 announcements and the electronic
  communications technologies to human           application mechanism of the DHDEC.
Technical Cooperation and Support Services

   More than just online courses
     An Integrated Approach to
      Knowledge Transfer and

 Providing made-to-order e-learning and
 knowledge transfer consulting services and
 cooperation to:
 • Academic Institutions
 • Regional Organizations
 • OAS Departments and Affiliates
Developing Virtual Education that Works

   Educational Portal of the
      Americas Training

 • Reaches people directly
 • 40% of participants reside
 outside of major cities
 • Low cost, high quality training
 • Content relevant to core OAS
 •Jointly developed with
 respected partners

                                     The model used in the development of online courses offered
                                     through the Virtual Classroom of the Educational Portal of the
                                     Americas to ensure high quality and high impact virtual training.
Developing Virtual Education that Works

“Working with the Educational Portal of the Americas has been a very satisfactory
experience for the Trust. On one hand, it has allowed for the dissemination of the content
of our programs to a greater number of beneficiaries, taking advantage of the virtual
classroom. On the other hand, it has opened the doors to a new world of opportunities for
the expansion of our programs which we had not originally contemplated through the
development of content and closer access to students through the Portal.”
Dario Soto
Director, Trust for the Americas
Partners - Academic Institutions
• Working with institutions to
develop effective online training

• Working alongside institutions
to help them to develop
institutional capacity for virtual
education projects

• Helping to establish connections
between institutions in the region
for mutual support in virtual
education projects
Partners - Regional Organizations and Institutions
           Co-development of virtual course
                 hosted by the portal

                                               IICA Course on Agro-eco-tourism for small
                                               and medium sized business owners.

                            Technical and
                         pedagogical support

 The Educational Portal of the Americas
 is a trusted partner for the
 development of virtual education
                                               UNDP Course on Corporate Social Responsibility
 projects of our regional partners.
Partners - Technical Areas of the OAS

                                            Virtual Community
                                            of the Summits of
            Voter Registries Course         the Americas
             developed with DECO

          Internal OAS Partners of the Educational Portal of the Americas
La Educ@cion Virtual Magazine

                                                                 Disseminating lessons learned
                                                                 for Education in the Americas

                                                                        Re-launched in 2009

                                                                 •Book Reviews

“This magazine is an excellent idea. You can read about experiences, opinions, ideas and presentations of
experts in the field of education. This leads to reflection on the teaching and learning process, the quality of
education and the requirements presented by the information and communication of a globalized world.
These are new resources to be incorporated in to the educational system of the region. My congratulations
for this brilliant idea, the material will widen the debate regarding our future generations.”
Alfredo Trottman B., Panamá
Multilateral Initiative in Educ@tion
for Human Development

 Technical and                                                  Knowledge
                  Higher       Multilateral    Information &
  Vocational                                                   Management
                 Education     Programing     Communication
    Training                                                   and Transfer
Upcoming Activities

   Caribbean Conference on Higher Education
   Hosted in Cooperation with UNESCO
   Paramaribo, Suriname April 11-13, 2010
   • explore opportunities for regional academic cooperation
   • discuss the role of higher education in Caribbean

   Emergency program for Higher
   Education Support in Haiti

   • Preventing the abandonment of learning in the wake of
   a disaster
   • Part of a regional initiative for concerted and effective
   cooperation aimed at assisting Haiti in rebuilding its
   Higher Education system.
The Department of Human Development, Education and Culture
Committed to Developing Human Potential for the Americas

     •Providing Access for Individuals to Higher Education
         •Promoting Solidarity among Member States
       •Innovating in Technology-Supported Education
   •Working with Hundreds of Academic Partner Institutions
   •Developing Human Potential for 50 Years and Counting

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