National Inter-Primary School Table Tennis Championships 2009

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					National Inter-Primary School Table Tennis Championships 2009

Schools are reminded of the following:

Dates of Championship

   1   Team:          30 June 2:009 to 22 July 2009
       Individuals:   15 July 2009 to 16 July 2009

Registration for new team

   1   Schools are allowed to submit a fresh team of players for each division.
   2   A new registration form, attached with copies of the players’ EZ-link cards, is to
       be submitted on 30 June 2009 before the start of the Championship.

Umpire Fees

   1   Schools have to pay for their own umpires up till Quarter Finals. Umpire fees are
       $15 per Team Match for each school.
   2   Schools are to prepare their own payment vouchers for umpires.
   3   Umpire fees for the Individuals will be borne by SPSSC.


   1   Buses are not allowed to enter the school.
   2   All players are to alight from and board the buses at the school gate.
   3   Supporters driving are to park their cars in the public car park outside the school.


   1   Due to space constraint, schools are advised to limit one parent to a player.
   2   Schools are to issue parents identification / authorisation passes with the school
   3   Convening school reserves the right to turn away parents without said passes.
   4   Teachers-in-charge are to ensure that supporters and players display appropriate
       behavior at all times and are appropriately attired.


   1   Players are to bring along their EZ-link cards for identification.
   2   For their well-being, players are required to bring along their thermometers.
   3   Fixtures and results for both Team and Individual Championships are accessible
       from Chongfu website.