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For job seekers, finding a job as quickly as possible is key, but this can be challenging. Manage your time, and make the process more efficient. Learn more!

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									How to Manage Your Time During a Job Search
We’ve all heard that “finding a job is a full-time job,” but what is the most
effective way to manage that time? For most job seekers, the goal is to find
the best job as quickly as possible, but it can be difficult to implement this
plan every day.

To make the most of valuable time, below are recommendations on
expediting the process so job seekers can stop searching and start

Make a plan
 Take some time to think about all the ways that you could
get hired, and brainstorm all the different avenues of finding a job. Include
a list of potential target companies to research, social media sites to use,
recruiters to contact, people who may know someone who is hiring, online
job boards, job fairs and networking and industry events.

Prioritize job search methods
 Evaluate which job search methods are
most important by thinking about what is more likely to lead you to the right
job. For example, the greatest number of prospects who might actually be
able to hire you will likely be at an industry event rather than at a job
seekers’ networking event.

Apply to the right positions
 Honestly assess your skills to determine the
best job postings to apply to. Jeffrey Greenberg, director of career services
at DeVry University in Philadelphia, recommends focusing on the job
postings where you have the right skills. Fight the urge to apply to any and
every job posting you find. Instead, target those that best align with your
qualifications, and focus on creating a good balance of quantity and quality
of your applications.

Focus on connecting with people
 Focus on networking with people
who are in your industry, and reach out to contacts at sensible times. Make
calls first thing in the morning or right at the end of the day, and save
online research for off hours. Don’t waste business hours online when you
could be reaching out to people.

Focus your activities
 Don’t get lured into watching TV or surfing the Net
when you are supposed to be working on your job search. Work with
purpose and intention, and be conscious of your goal in every activity you
do. Having clarity about what you need to accomplish will help you
maintain your focus.

Having said all that, we recognize that a job search can be emotionally
draining, so be sure to incorporate small things to lift your spirits. Take
some time to volunteer or talk to a friend. These small things will give you
momentum to push through and keep going until you find that great job.
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