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									    CzechTourism fam/press trip - Ukrajina - Lázně - 6. - 13. 10. 2010
    TOUROPERATOR            Kontakt              Pozice               E-mail                  Web

1   IRKOMPLEX        Nosulenko Iryna       ředitelka

2   EUROUNION        Vorobyova Olena       ředitelka

                                           Senior destination
3   TUI              Makiienko Anzhelika            

                                           Manager of
4   PAN UKRAINE      Grab Veronika                 
                                           European region
5   BOHEMIA SERVICE Makovetsky Vadym     ředitelka


1   NATALI          Pasichnyk Viktoria   novinářka

                                         General director
2   UTG             Slabinska Iana       Ukrainian Travel

3   MANDRY          Ivashchenko Mykola   novinář/fotograf

4   COMPANION       Bondarenko Iryna                                  
                                         Head of Marketing
5   MARIE CLAIRE   Viezhys Tetiana   Culture editor
                                                             Informace o firmě/médiu
The IRKOMPLEX travel agency was created in 2000 . Our address is: Universitetskaya str. 63, Donetsk 83048, Ukraine.
Licence of tour operator AB # 020378 07.04.2006 till 07.04.2011 .          The main directions of tourism are Czech Republic, Turkey and
The Irkomplex is the accredited travel agency in General Council of Czech Republic in Donetsk.JASON TRAVEL is our partner in Czech
The IRKOMPLEX travel agency was created in 2000 . Our address is: Universitetskaya str. 63, Donetsk 83048, Ukraine.
Travel Agency «Euro-union Bureau» exists with 29.11.2001 , License the State Tourism and Resorts to conduct the activities of tour number
329465 from 27.04.2007. The legal and actual address of the company: Donetsk, 83003, Illyicha Avenu, 89
The main activities - providing travel services for international inbound and outbound travel and domestic tourism. The main directions of the
company are European countries - France, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland. In recent years, special
attention is paid to the individual and health tourism.
 Enterprise in 2005 accredited by the Consulate General of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ukraine since 2007 accredited by the Consulate
General of the Czech Republic in Donetsk.

LLC "TTVK" originally had the name "Voyage Kiev and was founded in February 1997. June 7, 2003 started operating a network of travel
agencies "Galopom po Evropakh", which now has more than 80 offices in 35 cities of Ukraine.
An important event for "Voyage Kiev was the deal with TUI Russia & CIS, which was held on the 26 th of August 2009. Completion of the
transaction "Voyage Kiev with a joint venture of the international travel company TUI Travel and the Russian investment company, C-Group
Capital Management marked the beginning of a new stage in the development of the company.
Czech Republic is one of the promising directions of our company and with each new season, the number of potential tourists wishing to
visit Prague and other cities and resorts of the country is steadily increasing.As part of the development plan of the company at 2010 - 2011
year - in Czech Republic is among the priorities.At present, our company is accredited by the Czech Consulate under the title "Voyage Kiev”.

"AGENCY "PAN UKRAINE" ltd. was founded in 1994 and has been working on the tourist market of Ukraine for 15 years. Pan Ukraine has
branch offices in Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kharkov, Lugansk, Zaporojie, Simferopol, Odessa.The company offers a wide range of tourist
products and provides excellent services. Its scope of activity covers: outgoing tourism, incoming tourism, ticket sales, ordering and
operation of charter flights, incentive tourism. Pan Ukraine has 3 own hotels: "Puscha Lesnaya" near Kiev and 2 more in Crimea ("Kichkine"
in Yalta and "Magnolia" in Alushta).PAN UKRAINE is a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and an agent of sale of
air tickets of all around the world. We send tourists to more than 100 countries and have accredotation in all shengen consulates.Every year
we sent about 500 tourists to Czech Republic by air and cars to Prague, Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne.
"Bohemia Service" company has started its activity in Ukraine as a tour operator in 1998. Group and individual tours to Czech Republic
became the main directions of us. It was the period of basing our company, getting the experience, formatting the professional team and
partners. In due course we have realized the necessity of expansion our service’s list and geography of 5 tours we had, by tending to apply
another model of business.
We signed contracts with Ukrainian and foreign travel agencies, airline companies to provide our clients with quality products and the best
prices on the market. Today all the specialists in our company are good experienced in tourism business and in traveling all over the world.
Visiting different countries we collect all the impressions we’ve got in our common travel box. Our tour operator’s directions are based on the
firm knowledge that we know the product we are offering to our dear clients. We are sure in our possibility to provide the client with the
competent information about the resort, hotel and excursion route. Also we are sure in our foreign partners and this sureness is based on the
experience of long-team teamwork and personal acquaintance with them.
The most important for our company is the absolute reliability of the tour, organized with us, as we completely realize how pricelessness is
the short instant of the travel. The concept of “Bohemia Service” company – is not to offer tourism for the tourists but to offer traveling for the

Subscription circulation - 92 000 copies, so much constant readers NATALI
In 1997 the magazine”NATALI” has been recognized as the best edition of year.
In 1999 in national program “The Person of year-98 " NATALI magazine has received " Special reward " in a nomination " Magazine of year”
In 2000 by results of the Fourth national program " The Person of year-99" “NATALI” won the reward “Prometey-Prestige" in a nomination " a
Magazine of year”
In March, 2005 the magazine has received the award and the diploma " The Gold feather " as " The Best national project for women ".
On the First Ukrainian competition " The Cover of year 2005 " the magazine has won a nomination "Anniversary"
In March, 2006 the magazine has received " The Gold feather " as " The Best glossy edition for women in Ukraine "
The title holder " The National recognition ", the winner of numerous competitions, today has huge authority, and is extendind in all territory of
“NATALI” is stylish and vivid magazine. It tells about the most important spheres of women’s life, gives useful advices, informs on
fashionable novelties, moves to tears and causes a smile, learns how to be happy each minute.
Owner of romantic charm, the original style, the excellent taste, the magazine was and remains one of the best and most readable glossy
magazines in Ukrainian market.
Monthly full-color informational and analytical newspaper, providing its readers with information on all branches of the travel industry. The
subject of our attention are features of the development of domestic, inbound and outbound tourism, hotel industry, aviation industry, the
regulatory framework and market trends.
The newspaper was founded in 2004. Now published monthly in the 32-40 bands with a circulation of 32,000 copies, distributed in all regions
of Ukraine.
Ukrainian Travel Gazette is the ideological inspirer and organizer of the professional contest - Ukraine Travel Awards, promoting positive
experience of the tourist business to professional market players and fans of tourism.

MANDRY is the Ukrainian travel magazine, where you will find unknown corners of Ukraine, exotic countries, people, cultures, traditions,
prices of the trips, analyses of tourism market, interviews. Circulation - 25 000 copies. Language:Ukrainian. Magazine is distributed on: board
of all UM AIR, WINDROSE flights and distributed through the salons of beauty and restourants
Сompanion business weekly - no politics, just business. Published since 1998.
The magazine offers its readers in-depth analysis of successful practices of Ukrainian and international companies, publishes the most
compelling views on trends and innovations that can change national business environment. Сompanion weekly not only informs, but also
produces guidelines for business people who are interested in long-term development of their businesses and careers
Marie Claire is a fashion magazine with substance and character for a reader with a definite sense of style and point of view. Marie Claire is
uniquely positioned on the Ukrainian market as a fashion magazine with a soul. Its international perspective and thoughtful presentation offer
fashion and beauty with a fresh twist and features which are socially conscious. Marie Claire Ukraine is published by Hachette Filipacchi
Press LLC, under licence by Marie Claire France, since October, 2008. Circulation – 50 000/month. Target audience – women, 25-45 years.
Frequency – 12 times per year. Distribution – all over Ukraine.

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