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									Media Information 2011
A powerful mediA for business

Media Information 2011

A powerful media for business
Oils & Fats International Magazine
Oils & Fats International will continue to produce eight issues annually including two special
themed biofuels issues. The OFI portfolio has been serving the oils and fats industry since 1985,
offering publishing, events and online exposure to the industry. Data from our worldwide events
ensures the readership of the magazine is continuously updated with high-calibre industry
personnel making the breadth and quality of coverage unparalleled.

High quality                     Widest industry             Commercial &                  Industry support
editorial content                audience                    technical                     malaysian oil scientists’
with over 20 years’              Oils & Fats International   OFI covers all aspects        and Technologists’
knowledge, you can be            magazine is targeted at     of both commercial and        Association (mosTA);
assured the most important       the key industry decision   technical issues relating     federation of oils, seeds
industry issues are covered      makers with buying power    to the edible oils and fats   and fats Associations ltd
by a highly qualified            and has a high pass-on      industry, whether it is in    (fosfA); the indonesian
editorial team. Oils & Fats      readership, ensuring        an easily-read magazine       palm oil board (ipob) and
International magazine is        a wider global target       format or in conference       the margarine and Culinary
the official event publication   audience.                   proceedings.                  products Association
for all ofi events.                                                                        (mumsAd) in Turkey.
                                                      A Powerful Media for Business

Editor’s Comments

                                                                                                   A POWERFUL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS
oils and fats are a vital ingredient in people’s everyday lives and as the leading international
magazine devoted to this industry, OFI covers the latest issues in every step of the supply
chain – including crop cultivation, processing, trading, transport and shipping, technology,
legislation and consumer trends.

industry players need to have the latest news and developments at their fingertips on the
trends that will affect their business.

And OFI aims to provide this, with news, features and analysis on palm, soyabean oils
and other feedstocks; key market drivers such as prices, and sustainability concerns; and
focuses on topics like biofuels, biotechnology, oleochemicals and emerging markets in Asia,
latin America, the middle east and eastern europe;

OFI publishes eight issues a year, including two themed biofuel specials.

in addition, we will host two major industry events – OFI Middle East in March 2011 – and
OFI Turkey in Istanbul in 2012.

As organisers of these key industry shows, the OFI team will write previews and reviews, as
well as publishing show catalogue issues and show dailies at the events.

The OFI portfolio offers the ideal blend of publications and international exhibitions to help
your company develop new business.

with continual updating of our circulation, and bonus distributions at major industry shows
throughout the year, OFI has the winning formula for advertisers.

our aim is to keep our readers well informed and to give our advertisers maximum
exposure in our industry.

i look forward to meeting you either on my travels or at one our events, and wish you every
success in the year ahead.

best wishes

Serena Lim, Editor
T: +44 (0) 1737 855440

Media Information 2011

The OFI portfolio
In addition to a market-leading publication, the OFI portfolio offers a range
of media opportunities to satisfy your needs. Whether you want to promote
your products face-to-face or online, the OFI portfolio can provide exposure
across all these media around the world.

Special themed issues – Biofuels
The february and June 2011 issues of Oils & Fats
International will once again be special themed biofuels
issues. The exciting and sometimes controversial topic of
biofuels is generating great interest amongst the press and
the public. Oils & Fats International will continue this debate
with comments from the industry, updates on the latest
government and commercial projects, and detailed coverage
of technical innovations. reach this developing sector by
advertising in these bonus biofuels issues.

That way you can be sure you are kept up-to-date with the worldwide
issues affecting the oils and fats industry.

To subscribe, please contact our subscriptions department on Tel: +44 (0) 1737 855 032 /

bringing the ofi portfolio together with the
oils and fats industry is the website The
website is a platform that allows promotion of
forthcoming exhibitions and features within the
magazine. with over 15,000 visits per month, is an
additional media through which to advertise
your products.
                                                            A Powerful Media for Business

                                                                                                        THE OFI PORTFOLIO

 MIDDLE EAST 2011               TURKEY 2012                                       2012

InterContinental Citystars,    Hilton Hotel Convention             Kuala Lumpur Convention
Cairo, Egypt.                  Centre, Istanbul, Turkey.           Center, Malaysia.
12 – 13 April 2011             24 – 25 April 2012                  12 – 14 September 2012

ofi middle east 2011 is        ofi Turkey 2012 provides the        ofi Asia 2012 is returning to
an international trade fair    definitive business experience      Kuala lumpur, malaysia to
showcasing international       combining in a two day conference   showcase the latest equipment,
and regional suppliers of      and exhibition. Connecting          technologies and services in the
equipment and services from    europe and Asia, the Turkish oils   Asian edible oils and fats market.
the worldwide oils and fats    and fats market shows differing     The event is held in conjunction
marketplace together with      regional consumer preferences       with mosTA and incorporates
a cutting edge technical and   and promises growth in liquid and   the oils and fats international
commercial conference.         olive oils.                         Congress (ofiC).

In association with:           In association with:                In association with:

Media Information 2011

Understanding the industry
With a circulation in excess of 6,500 and an estimated net total readership
exceeding 32,500 for each issue, Oils & Fats International is directed at decision
makers, specifiers, buyers and buying influencers in the highly diversified and
globalised marketplace that makes up the international oils and fats industry.

The Oils & Fats International circulation has been developed by professional
researchers who have intensively studied the market this magazine serves. This
information, together with contacts collected at the high profile OFI events, ensures that
every issue of Oils & Fats International reaches decision makers within the industry.

Geographical Breakdown
	western europe                             20%     	middle east/Africa                           10%
	eastern europe                              4%     	oceania                                       1%
	north America                               6%     	south America                                13%
	Asia                                       46%

          6%                                 46%


                 13%                                  1%

Targeting Buyers
we specifically target buyers of a wide range of products and services
relating to the edible oils and fats industry in the following industry groups:

	Crushers                                           	major end-users in:
	processors, refiners and modifiers                   Food
                                                       including producers of butter, margarine,
	Traders, importers and exporters
                                                       edible oils, speciality fats, ice cream, biscuits,
	shipping, transportation, logistics and              snack foods, bakery products, mayonnaise
  storage operators and distributors                   and sauces.
	suppliers of plant, technology, equipment            Non Food
  and services                                         including producers of biofuels; soaps and
	laboratories and suppliers of analytical and         detergents; personal care, cosmetics and
  testing equipment and services                       pharmaceuticals; and oleochemicals.
	Commodity brokers and financiers
	renderers
                                                                                       A Powerful Media for Business

OFI 2011 Editorial Programme

Month                          Features                                               Bonus Circulation

JANUARY 2011                   • far east/Asia                                        • niop 2011 Annual Convention, Arizona, usA
(publication: 22 dec 2010)     • focus on China                                         (13-15 march 2011)
                               • palm oil/coconut oil/lauric oils                     • official event publication for price outlook
                               • ofi middle east 2011 preview                           Conference, Kuala lumpur, malaysia
                                                                                        (7-9 march 2011)

FEBRUARY 2011                  • Themed issue                                         • 6th Annual world biofuels markets, rotterdam,
biofuels issue                                                                          the netherlands (22-24 march 2011)
(publication: 11 feb 2011)

MARCH 2011                     •   olive oil                                          • official event publication for ofi middle east 2011,
(publication: 18 march 2011)   •   middle east                                          Cairo, egypt (12-13 April 2011)
                               •   oleochemicals/surfactants/detergents
                               •   ofi middle east 2011 show catalogue

MAY 2011                       •   south America                                      • 102nd AoCs Annual meeting, Cincinnati, ohio, usA
(publication: 15 April 2011)   •   margarine,spreads, butter, packaging                 (1-4 may 2011)
                               •   Commodity trading, finance and price forecasting
                               •   plant and equipment survey and wall chart
                               •   ofi middle east 2011 show review

JUNE 2011                      • Themed issue
biofuels issue
(publication: 10 June 2011)

JULY 2011                      •   Transport/logistics/storage
(publication: 22 July 2011)    •   renewable resources
                               •   instrumentation
                               •   eastern europe/baltic states/russia/ukraine

SEPTEMBER 2011                 •   speciality fats and oils                           • national renderers Association 78th Annual
(publication: 9 sept 2011)     •   rendering                                            Convention, Arizona, usA (18-21 october 2011)
                                                                                                                                               OFI 2011 EDITORIAL PROGRAMME

                               •   malaysia                                           • pipoC, Kuala lumpur, malaysia
                               •   sustainability                                       (15-17 november 2011)
                               •   plant and equipment round-up

NOVEMBER 2011                  •   Transport/logistics/storage
(publication: 14 oct 2011)     •   oilseeds
                               •   inspection/Testing
                               •   biodiesel
                               •   europe including scandinavia

JANUARY 2012                   •   palm oil/coconut oil/lauric oils                   • official event publication for price outlook
(publication: 21 dec 2011)     •   far east/Asia                                      • Conference, Kuala lumpur, malaysia (march 2012)
                               •   China                                              • niop 2012 Annual Convention, usA (march 2012)
                               •   ofi Turkey 2012 preview

Media Information 2011

Advertising Rates
Full page, 4 colour                                          Half page island, mono
x1                                               £4055       x1                                                   £1860
x4                                               £3842       x4                                                   £1696
x8                                               £3636       x8                                                   £1368

Full page, mono                                              Quarter page, 4 colour
x1                                               £2707       x1                                                   £1346
x4                                               £2372       x4                                                   £1244
x8                                               £2148       x8                                                   £1142

Half page, 4 colour                                          Quarter page, mono
x1                                               £2896       x1                                                   £1005
x4                                               £2792       x4                                                    £931
x8                                               £2708       x8                                                    £850

Half page, mono                                              Bound-in inserts
x1                                               £1584       2pp                                                  £2743
x4                                               £1491       4pp                                                  £3003
x8                                               £1336

Half page island, 4 colour                                   Loose inserts
x1                                               £3103       2pp                                                  £2430
x4                                               £2997       4pp                                                  £2618
x8                                               £2831
                                                             Spot colour                                           £434
                                                             Special colour (Pantone)                              £567

                      Payment can also be made in US Dollars or Euro’s at current exchange rates

Show Daily
With the OFI Shows becoming such                            What’s included in the Show Daily?
important industry events, a “Show Daily”
                                                            	Current and topical news from the region
will be available at the exhibitions.                       	Complete list of exhibitors and floor plan
                                                            	Conference programme
To ensure maximum exposure during the events
                                                            	what’s new at the show
we invite you to advertise in these special issues
                                                            	review of opening day (2nd day)
of the show daily. They will be distributed at the
                                                            	restaurant, bar and nightlife guide
events, and will be available each morning at
                                                            	And plenty more
participating hotels.
                                                            The publication size is 420mm x 297mm, full colour throughout.

                                                                                        Height      Width       Price
                                                                                        (mm)        (mm)         (£)
                                                            Quarter Page                  190         157        1770
                                                            Half Page Horizontal          190         265        2245
                                                            Full Page                     420         297        2860
                                                                                    A Powerful Media for Business

Mechanical data

                                                                                                                                      ADVERTISING RATES
Full page                                 Half page                                       Quarter page
Type area (mm)                            Vertical/portrait (mm)                          Vertical/portrait (mm)
265 deep x 185 wide                       265 deep x 87 wide                              128 deep x 87 wide
Trimmed area (mm)                         Horizontal/landscape (mm)                       Horizontal/landscape (mm)
297 deep x 210 wide                       128 deep x 185 wide                             61 deep x 185 wide
Bleed area (mm)                           Vertical/island (mm)
303 deep x 216 wide                       185 deep x 128 wide

                                          note: island advertisements placed on editorial pages will incur additional costs. please
                                          contact your sales/production contact for more details.

Acceptable formats
Adobe Photoshop Press Optimised pdf files are preferred.

(please check with your Quartz contact for the version in use)
•	QuarkXpress or Adobe illustrator.
  All images to be high resolution. Any fonts required can only be supplied
  to us if your license includes a remote user clause. otherwise our
  nearest match will be used.

•	Cd (indicate if pC or mac formatted).

•	please ask your sales/production contact for fTp login details.

Technical guidelines
Other sizes may be available on request.
Advertising rates refer to black plus one other process colour. Special
colours (ie Pantone colours) are available on request.
All prices are based on the publisher being supplied with advertisements
in one of the preferred formats. Any other materials may be subject to
further charges.
                                                                                                                                      MECHANICAL DATA

Cancellation: 8 weeks prior to publication date.

For information about other formats and for all other
enquiries, please contact:
Melanie Chiles, Production Manager
Tel:   +44 (0)1737 855336
Fax: +44 (0)1737 855327

Media Information 2011

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                                                                                          A Powerful Media for Business

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