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Internet Marketing Strategies for Doctors by zqp23730


Internet Marketing Strategies for Doctors document sample

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									                                                     Saturday Sessions - May 19                                      Sunday Sessions - May 20                                                       Monday Sessions - May 21
   River Rally                         A                         B                             C                      D                         E                       F                            G                         H                           I
     Tracks                   9:45am - 11:45am            1:30pm - 3:00pm             3:30pm - 5:00pm         8:30am - 10:00am       10:30am - 11:45am         8:30am - 10:00am               10:30 - 11:45am         1:30pm - 3:00pm              3:30pm - 5:00pm
                                      1A                         1B                           1C                     1D                        1E                      1F                           1G                        1H                           1I
1 Water, Energy & Climate
         Change              Water, Energy & the                                     Watergy: Municipal         Water Supply                                    Integrated Water                                     Options for Keeping         Healthy Forests,
                                                          Water Efficiency                                                                Water Re-Use                                         Hydro Options
                             Climate Challenge                                       Water & Wastewater          Blueprint                                        Management                                             Rivers Cool            Watersheds, Climate
                                      2A                         2B                           2C                     2D1                       2E                                     2F                                      2H                           2I
 2 Restoring Cold-Water                                 Fish Passage Design,                                   Creative Funding      Office Hours: Dam                                                               Estuary Restoration
                            Fluvial Geomorphology                                     Instream Channel                                                             Upslope Management: Mitigating and                                           Restoring Marshes,
        Streams                                             Planning and                                             2D2            Doctors & Restoration                                                            Permitting Design &
                               and Restoration                                           Restoration                                                                    Decommissioning Roads                                                 Lagoons & River Outlets
                                                             Assessment                                         Dam Removal               Projects                                                                        Planning
                                      3A                         3B                           3C                                   3D                                  3F                           3G                        3H                          3I1
   3 Watershed Health
                            Watershed Assessment Listening to Watersheds: Assessing the Health of                                                             Measuring Aquatic            Going Spatial: GIS For   Yukon River & Climate                 3I2
      Assessment                                                                                                    Understanding Watershed Data
                                   Basics            Culture & Science         Aquatic Life                                                                  Conservation Success                Everyone                 Change              Watershed Assessment
                                     4A1                         4B                          4C1                                   4D1                                 4F1                          4G                        4H                           4I
                            Water Quality Standards      Discharge Permits          Antidegredation Policy       Introduction to Stormwater Permiting        Using the Safe Drinking
 4 Implementing Federal            (Basic)                (NPDES Basic)                    (Basic)                    Programs: Basic & Applied                     Water Act                Drinking Water
                                                                                                                                                                                            Protection in Your       Closing Toxic Mixing      Application of Tribal
    Water Quality Laws               4A2                        4B2                          4C2                                   4D2                                 4F2
                                                                                                                                                                                           Watershed - Making it       Zones Loophole         Water Quality Standards
                            Citizen Enforcement of Treated Wastewater and            What's Going on with     Getting Federal Agencies to Comply with the    Examples & Impacts of                Work
                                NPDES Permits               You                           Antideg?                         Clean Water Act                     Pollution Trading
                                      5A                         5B                           5C                     5D                        5E                                     5F                                      5H                           5I
 5 Rivers & Community
                                                        GIS, People and the                                   Fighting Toxics in          Redeveloping          Community Health Assessment: How Many               Risk Assessment in the Fertilizers, Irrigation and
         Health             Hazardous Waste Sites                                       Mapping Tools
                                                           Environment                                        Your Community            Contaminated Sites             Cancers Are Too Many?                            Columbia River               Health
                                      6A                         6B                           6C                                   6D                                  6F                           6G                        6H                           6I
     6 Education &
    Communications               Educating for         Outreach Tips that won't New Tricks for Old Dogs:                                                                                   Integrating K-12 Water      Young People in             Education / Comm.
                                                                                                               Media Training: Basic Skills and Strategy      Educating Legislators
                                 Sustainability            Break the Bank          Reaching Adults                                                                                          Protection Curriculum     Community Action                 Programs
                                     7A1                         7B                          7C1                                   7D1                                 7F1                         7G1                       7H1                          7I1
                                                                                     Cultural and Spiritual                                                                                                          Campaigns to Build            Using the Wild and
                                                                                                                      Indigenous Waters Network                                         Watershed Plan Builder
                                                                                       Values of Water                                                                                                               Your Organization             Scenic Rivers Act
 7 Organizing Strategies        Cross Cultural          Watershed Decision-                  7C2                                   7D2                          Internet Tools for                 7G2                       7H2                          7I2
                                Communication           Making & Consensus                                                                                   Watershed Management                                        Water Trusts
                                                                                      Class 5 Mediation         State and National Strategies to Protect                                     Campaigning to a                                 Leading Change in Your
                                                                                         Scenarios                         Instream Flows                                                    National Audience                                     Organization
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Implementation Plan
                                     8A1                                       8B1                                   8D                        8E                      8F1                         8G1                                       8H1
                                                       Foundation Grants: Easy Money or Management                                                             Organizing a House          Write Your Fundraising
                             Creative FUN-draising                                                                                                                                                                                 Membership Basics
                                                                         Mayhem?                                                                                      Party                        Plan
     8 Fundraising                   8A2                        8B2                          8C2                                                                       8F2                         8G2                                       8H2

                             Overcoming Fears of          Introduction to            The ABC's of Monthly                                                     E-Strategy for your       Creative Partnerships to      Building Reserves, Endowments and Capital
                                                                                                               Funders' Forum       Funders' Office Hours
                                Major Donors           Workplace Fundraising               Giving                                                             Watershed Nonprofit         Maximize Revenues           Campaigns: Building Assets for Sustainability

                                      9A                                       9B                                                                                      9F                           9G                        9H                           9I
      9 Starting Up           ABC's of Financial                                                                                                              Successful Volunteer           Marketing & Public       Meeting Facilitation    What the Heck is a Blog?
                                                                       Board University
                                Management                                                                                                                         Programs                      Relations                  Skills               Free Web Tools
                                     10A                                       10B                                                 10D                                 10F                         10G                       10H                          10I
   10 Leading Strong
     Organizations            How to Make Your                                                                                                               Relationships Make it or                                                         Defining Success Using
                                                                 Coalitions and Collaborations                 Individual Coaching & Mentoring Sessions                                      Avoiding Burnout         Strategic Planning
                              Group Sustainable                                                                                                                      Break it                                                                   Community Values

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